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Corset Q & A Episode 27: Orchard Corset Staff, What Is Your Favorite Corset & Why?


In our Corset Q & A series we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Orchard Corset.

What is your favorite corset to wear and why?

It’s time for another trip through the warehouse to find out which corsets our Orchard Corset Staff likes to wear and why. That’s yours truly up first in the video and I love the CS 201 in mesh. I like it because it is pretty curvy and gives me plenty of room for my rib cage at the top. I found it to be very comfortable the very first time I wore it and it required very little time to season because it fit so well from the start. We’ve gotten a few questions about whether this corset is appropriate for waist training or not, so I plan to spend some time waist training in it to put the questions to rest. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for the results!

Denise, who works in shipping loves the CS 411. She is obviously very comfortable in it, and everyone loves the way it looks on her. She also likes that it comes in a LOT of colors…currently we have EIGHT colors of this one in satin alone, PLUS there are more in cotton and then the pinstripe!

Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series!

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