Wear-It Wednesday

Wear-It Wednesday! March 11

Welcome to our Wear-It Wednesday series! Wondering what you can wear with your corset? We’ll break down an entire outfit, head to toe, that one of our ladies from Orchard Corset is wearing. We’ll let you know where she bought each item how much she paid for it.

Dead Girl Superstar, photo by JP Portrait Studio
Brittney aka Dead Girl Superstar with the jammer star!

Ermahgerd it’s Brittney…again! I’m going to run out of things to tell you about her, but what can I say is, she’s gorgeous and she wears all this cute stuff, so, HELLO, we take pictures of her! Here’s another fun fact about Brittney….didja know….her derby name is….Dead Girl Superstar, DGS for short, which is what I still call her. Trying to imagine what this little cutie would look like as a derby girl? There’s no need because I’m going to put her lovely mug in her derby finery right here! Kudos to JP Portrait Studio who did ALL our derby pics back in the day!

Brittney-426-short-lilic-wearable-wendesday-closeup-shotThis time Brittney is in a sweet little office inspired outfit. Her cardigan is from Too Fast Clothing, $20 (on sale! she says). The little black dress was $10 at Ross. She is wearing some of our Berkshire 1361 stockings, $9 as well as our Crepe Suzette garter belt which is $16. Her shoes are from Iron Fist Clothing, $55 and the earrings are Buddha Jewelry Organics $55. She got them from local store, Integrity Piercing. She tops the whole thing off with our gorgeous, Limited Edition CS 426 Short in Lilac which is $69. (the sizes in this are getting pretty scarce so if you’re thinking about this corset buy it sooner rather than later!)

Brittney-426-short-lilic-wearable-wendesday-full-shotWondering which of our corset styles will work for you? Take your measurements then head over to our corset sizing page and send them to our sizing experts. They will get back to you with a size and style of corset that will work for you based on your measurements!

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