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Top 5 Corsets for the Week of January 25-31, 2015

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first…should you buy a corset because it is the best seller for the week? No, most definitely NOT! When you are deciding which corset to purchase it should be based on your measurements and your body type and should be the corset that will fit YOU! If you are at all confused about what style & size corset you need, please get in touch with one of our sizing experts.

The CS 426 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton
The CS 426 Underbust Corset in Black Cotton

With all that said, though, we thought that some of you might like to know which corsets happened to be flying off the shelves last week! Here are our top five most popular corsets for the week ending January 31.

  1. CS 426 in Black Cotton
  2. CS 411 in Black Cotton
  3. CS 426 in Black Satin
  4. CS 345 in Black Cotton
  5. CS 426 SHORT in Black Satin

We have to admit that we’ve been stunned by the popularity of the cotton corsets in general. Do any of these surprise you?


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  • Ask4amanda

    I really want to try the cs-426 in cotton as my first corset. I think my torso will fit it. My underbust is 37, waist 36, hips 43. What size do you recommend?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Amanda,

      I think a 426 (or the new 426 short if you are concerned about length) in a size 30-unless you are really squishy than you might find you size down to a 28 in that corset.

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