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The Day I Almost Cut My Shapewear Off

I love my Rago 9357. It is the rare sexy piece of shapewear, I feel more confident whenever I wear it and it smoothes my bumps out without flattening my, uhm… assets.

My Rago and I on a much happier day!

In the world of corseting and waist training you should always listen to your body. That holds true for most everything in life I think. Let me tell you a story about that time I didn’t listen to my body…

I wanted to wear a body-con dress one day and I knew that my Rago 9357 would be the perfect undergarment for the (unforgiving) dress. Getting into a high compression piece of shapewear is never easy but this particular morning seemed to be extra difficult. Something in me said “Brittney, not a good day… pick a different outfit” but I was determined to wear that outfit and that meant the Rago was going to be a part of my day as well. After a very frustrating, and highly unflattering, few minutes of wiggling, jumping and sweating my way into the girdle I was finally in. I did a check in the mirror and was reminded why I love this girdle so much. I hooked my stockings to the garters and slipped on my dress, yea… I love this shapewear- no lumps, bumps or rolls in sight.

Doubling down with my Rago under my pink CS-411

A little while later, I decided that the dress was just too short for my workday and that I should change into something a little less risqué. Typically, getting out of this undergarment is a cinch compared to how difficult it can be to get it on. This is about the time that everything went wrong. My beloved Rago turned against me and decided to roll up to my breasts. Trying to pull it down did nothing but break my nails and wedge it even further up. My breasts are too big to get the Rago over so I had no choice but to try and peel it back down my body. By this time I was laying on my bed trying desperately to wiggle out of it to no avail. My husband was already gone for the day so I was on my own. Frustration, pain (you try having that much compression stuck on your breasts) and anger that my makeup would sweat off were the things that were running through my mind as I lay on my bed half naked and 100% stuck. I decided that the only way to fix the problem would be to CUT myself out of it. Yes, I love this girdle, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I can love another one just as much. I waddled out of my bedroom to try and find a pair of scissors; mind you every step shifted the girdle into an even more uncomfortable position. As I came out of the hallway I realized that all of the blinds in my house were wide open and I live on an incredibly busy street with pedestrians, bicyclists, small children; more eyes than I feel entirely comfortable with seeing me in such a vulnerable situation. So… back into my bedroom I went. Another difficult 10 minutes (which felt like hours) I had finally worked the 9357 off of me and threw it in my closet. I was sweaty, bruised and my mascara didn’t make it through the ordeal.

Needless to say, I have no shame so I told everyone at work my misfortune that morning with the straight jacket shapewear and now here I am telling all of you as well. The moral of the story is- Always listen to your body.

And… just maybe, keep a pair of scissors on your vanity in case you decide to ignore that little voice in your head.

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