My Waist Training Journey

In Your Words! Monique G’s Waist Training Journey

For those readers that may have arrived here somewhat unfamiliar with the concept of waist training, it is a form of body modification. We like to make the comparison to wearing braces to straighten your teeth. By continually applying pressure to your lower ribs and waist you can achieve a shift in both that will eventually give the you an hourglass shape when you are not wearing a corset. However after you’ve achieved your desired waistline, just like wearing your retainer after having your braces removed, you’ll have to continue with some “maintenance corseting” to retain the hourglass shape you worked so hard for. Latex cinchers and plastic boned fashion corsets aren’t appropriate for waist training as they are NOT able to apply the required pressure to the appropriate areas.

Monique uncorseted before starting waist training and what she looks like now

This week’s featured waist trainer is Monique G! Thanks, Monique for sharing your waist training journey with us! Be sure to check out the other waist trainers in our My Waist Training Journey series!

How long have you been waist training?

4-5 months

How many days/week and hours/day do you wear your corset?

I wear my corset everyday, as long as I feel well, from 6-12 hours a day.

What was the measurement of your uncorseted waist when you started and what is it now?

I started with a 25inch waist and now am happily sporting a 22.5inch waist on days where I am not bloated.

Monique in her CS 201, beginning waist training and now

What is your favorite corset to wear for waist training?

My favorite corset that I train in would have to be my CS 201 in mesh. It is lightweight, perfect for warm days or sleep,and seasoned very quickly.

What was your biggest waist training challenge?

My biggest challenge when waist training, or when I first started was knowing when I over tightened my corset. I had such a hard time figuring out if it was to loose or too tight until I figured out that if you pull your laces slow you’ll eventually feel your body push back against the corset, and that’s when you should stop and tie off. After that it has been smooth sailing.

What advice do you have for someone just getting started waist training?

Do your research! it is so important that you become well informed on what it is you are doing. There will be people at one time or another who will challenge you about wearing corsets, and the best thing you can do to counter these people, is to come at them with facts, rational thinking, and of course a smile.

Do you typically stealth corset or do you wear your corsets over your clothes?

It really depends on the day and the outfit, on whether or not I stealth my corset. I have found on cooler days in my cs201 it is better to stealth because my corset and liner give me the extra padding needed to brave the cold weather. While on warmer or days where I am in a hurry I just throw on my corset and I am ready to go.

What do you like to wear when you are corseted?

Monique likes wearing high waisted shorts and pants to accentuate her waist

I love wearing high waisted shorts and bell bottoms. The corset really helps emphasize a tiny waist when I am wearing the latter. I also really love to wear wrap dresses while corseted. You can never go wrong when you pair a corset with anything high waisted, vintage, or nips at the waist.

Have you changed your diet & exercise habits while waist training? i.e. are you losing weight while you are waist training?

I haven’t changed either my diet or exercise, When I go out to eat corseted I like to loosen my corset to get that extra food intake.

What has been your favorite part of corseting & waist training?

My favorite part about corseting is being able to close that corset little by little, until one day it is shut. That flush of pride knowing I did it the right way and disciplined myself to wear my corset everyday, there is nothing better than that.

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