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OC Featured Team Member – Julie

You see them in our pictures and videos, but who are they…those lucky guys & gals that work at Orchard Corset? Here’s your chance to get to know them just a little bit better, or possibly become very confused by them…you’ll understand when you see the questions.

Julie in the CS 331Julie is this week’s featured team member. She has been with Orchard Corset for 10 months now and is our Director of Customer Service. To be honest there really aren’t enough synonyms for ‘fabulous’ to do her justice!

What’s your favorite corset?


Who’s your favorite celebrity with the same first or last name as you?

Julie Andrews, because I love that she sings. The world would be a better place if we just broke out in song sometimes.

Julie in 411 Red Satin CorsetCan you do any magic tricks?


Favorite lyric from a song?

Just around the bend, my huckleberry friend

Pirates or ninjas? Why?

Pirates. Because, Johnny Depp.

What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

The bus. I haven’t been on one since middle school, but I remember it being traumatic. *laughs*

Julie in gray cotton CS 426 underbust corsetWhat’s your favorite thing about working at OC?

The people The place is great, but the people are amazing!

Hiya! I'm the Marketing Director here at Orchard Corset, which is pretty much the best place ever to work! (like you hadn't already guessed THAT!) I live in beautiful Washington state with a husband a few animals and some kiddos in the mix. I prefer margaritas (on the rocks with salt) but a mojito will do in a pinch!

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