Wear-It Wednesday

Wear-It Wednesday! January 14

Julie-hockeyWoot! It’s our first Wear-It Wednesday of 2015, and who better to kick us off for this year than gorgeous Julie, head of our fabulous customer service department! So, in addition to being very stylish, the nicest, most thoughtful person on the planet, AND super smart, Julie also happens to be quite adventurous and she decided to start playing hockey just about a year ago! She scored her very first goal in a tournament back in November! Woohoo, Julie!

julie-426-pinstirpe-wear-it-wendesday-front-full-When she’s NOT playing hockey or just being her generally amazing self, Julie is also quite stylish…here’s a little ensemble that she put together that’s a perfect look for the office. Her blouse is from Target and was $29.99. The corset is our CS 426 in pinstripe ($84) and her black skirt was only $19 from Old Navy. That lovely coat is Steve Madden from Macy’s and was $150 and the shoes are also from Macy’s, $80.

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