Wear-It Wednesday

Wear-It Wednesday! December 31

It’s New Year’s Eve and we’ve got a VERY special Wear-It Wednesday for our blog family today! We aren’t ALWAYS all about corsets, waist training, sizing and shapewear around here…. As many of you know we like to have some fun too!

Today was decreed PAJAMA DAY at Orchard Corset Headquarters, so we present to you….the OC peeps in PJs! And since this IS Wear-It Wednesday, when people know where they got their pajamas, we’ll let YOU know too!

Amy in Marketing
Amy, Marketing – jammy pants from Old Navy and the sweatshirt is at least 15 years old
Desiree, Customer Service – PJs from Old Navy
Erin, Shipping – pajamas from Target
Cheri, Operations – PJs were a Christmas gift from her momma
Leanna, Owner, – jammies were a gift
Jasmine, Marketing – PJ’s belong to her sister Alma
Amber, Customer Service – jammies part gift and part from Old Navy
Caylyn, Shipping – pants from Maurices and robe from Macy’s
Jen, Shipping – PJs were a gift from Costco and her friend is Max
Jessica, Shipping – Old Navy clearance (and her bump!)
Carolyn, Inventory Control – pajamas were a gift
Nick,Marketing – booo, no jammies
Brittney, Customer Service – pajamas from Target
Austin, IT- PJs from Costco and Jinx.com
Renee, Marketing – amazing Hello Kitty jammies from JCPenney’s























































Wishing you all a fabulous 2015!

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