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OC Featured Team Member – Austin

You see them in our pictures and videos, but who are they…those lucky guys & gals that work at Orchard Corset? Here’s your chance to get to know them just a little bit better, or possibly become very confused by them…you’ll understand when you see the questions.

Austin's Portal inspired pumpkin....suffice it to say, he's a fan. ;)
Austin’s Portal inspired pumpkin….suffice it to say, he’s a fan. 😉

This week you finally get to meet one of the men (yes there are a few!) that work in our Orchard Corset headquarters! Austin is an IT Guru and all-around Boy Genius. He’s been working here for over 3 years and he and our other IT Overlord, Josh, keep the wheels turning on our store and spend hours each day (seriously) coming up with ways to make your shopping experience on, easy and problem free. He is also oddly hilarious and won our OC Pumpkin Carving contest with this awesome Portal inspired pumpkin.

Austin & SkylarWhat’s your favorite corset?

I don’t wear them, but the CS-426 is by far one of the coolest styles we have.

What’s your favorite indoor activity?


Can you juggle?

For a short period of time.

Can you impersonate anyone famous?

*gets very animated* Yeah! Oh Yeah! Barrack Obama, Liam Neeson and Bane. *Does a spot-on Bane impression*

Austin at workHow tall is the tallest person you know?

I’ve met people taller than me, but I don’t know anyone taller than me. (Note: Austin is 6’7”).

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?


Favorite Doctor and why?

Eleven, obviously; His patience.

If you were to become a famous singer, what would your debut album be called?


Austin in the prop shopMovie villain you would elect for president? Why?

Bane; There would be no nonsense.

What’s your favorite thing about working at OC?

The people. And, the freedom to improve and innovate.

Hiya! I'm the Marketing Director here at Orchard Corset, which is pretty much the best place ever to work! (like you hadn't already guessed THAT!) I live in beautiful Washington state with a husband a few animals and some kiddos in the mix. I prefer margaritas (on the rocks with salt) but a mojito will do in a pinch!

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