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CS-426…the SHORTer version


Short and Curvy?

We have the perfect corset for you!

426S black frontHello OC Blog Readers! Are you in love with our CS-426? Have all the right curves to pull it off? But then, damn! Thwarted by your not-quite-long-enough torso?! Pop the champagne cork because we have a brand new corset here at Orchard Corset-the CS-426 Short. This amazing beauty has all the same dramatic flare,  curve and 24 steel bones of our traditional 426-with less length. (And we expect this on the shelf by mid-December!) It’s here! Click for the CS 426 SHORT

We shaved about 2.5 inches from the center busk and princess seam-under center of breast to hip, your “seated” torso length (thank you, Lucy, for that term). But only about 1.5″ from the back. The waist to top spread is 6-7″ and waist to bottom is about 11″.  We even included 6 garter tabs!  Here is how the length measurements compare:

426 vs 426 s graphic.

I have side by side photos below to show how the standard vs short 426 fits on Brittney. I really like the look and feel of the 426 short. I have the length (just) for the standard CS-426, but prefer the shorter length as it doesn’t push the girls up to my chin and it is easier to sit and move around in. Amy tried it on and found it to be the most comfortable of all our corsets! Like most new corset introductions-we will have this in black satin first black & white satin, black cotton, black leather and now black brocade we will add other fabrics and colors as we see a demand. We would love to hear from those of you who order one below in the comments! I will update this blog as soon as it becomes available to buy 🙂

cs 426 combo blog


For even more information on the CS 426SHORT, check out our video blog!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Suzanne

    Hello. I am also wondering which corset will be right for me? I am considering the 426Short in a 26. My msmts are 34-29-43. I like the idea of a longline as I have a pooch I want to conceal and in trying on a corset in a store that specialized in them, I liked the way a long line worked for me, but did not like how it dug in when I sat. I am 5.0″ and 145#

  • AmberN

    Hi! I am wondering which corset will work best for me? Right now I want one that I can wear underneath clothes/dresses to get a curvy silhouette, without the corset showing through or poking out in places. I am a first time buyer and I love the shape of the CS-426 underbust; I just don’t know if short/long or mesh/satin would be best, or If I should go with a simple mesh CS-201 to eliminate discomfort. I have a 27 inch waist (24.5 squished), height: 5′ 10″, UB: 30″, UH: 33.5″, torso length: 11″. Which sizing/corsets would you recommend? Thanks a lot! Xx

    • AmberN

      That measurement from yesterday was after eating a bit, so remeasuring I got a 26 inch waist measurement 🙂

      • Brittney Loveall-Talley

        Hi Amber! I would recommend a size 22 in the 411 or the 345 would work for those measurements. 🙂 I think the 426 would be too wide in the hip for you to have a good fit, but that the 411 and 345 would work well for you. I like satin and mesh best, but this blog might help you to choose which fabric to go with. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

  • Vikki

    Hi i would love to see if this is suitable for me I would like to me able to wear it under my clothes unless there is a better one to recommend,

    My measurements are
    UB 30″
    Waist 28″
    UH 36″
    Height 5″2′
    Torso 10-10.5″
    Any help would be really appreciated

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Vikki! Sure thing 🙂 I would go with a size 24 in the short 426 if you are squishy, or a size 24 in the 411 & the 201 if you are more firm. I hope that helps. Please let us know if we can help with anything else. Have a nice day!

  • A

    Hi, all corsets look amazingly beautiful! I would like a corset to achieve a tiny waist with round hips. I was wondering which corset would be the best for getting rid of belly fat?? I hope you could give me an advice, cant wait to start waist training. 🙂

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Anna, we’d love to help you find the perfect corset. Please visit our Corset Sizing page on the website. Once you have your measurements you can send those via email, call our Sizing Experts or visit with us on chat and we will make some recommendations for you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Tammy

    Ho OC, I noticed that the front busks are noticeably slanted (not in a perfect perpendicular line to the bottom of the corset) and the corset itself looks skewed from the center in the picture of the 426 short. The asymmetry does not look attractive, and I wonder if it’s healthy, as I imagine the structure would be applying skewed pressute to the body. What are your thoughts?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Tammy!

      Thank you for pointing that out, we actually took those photos down and replaced them with better shots 🙂 Those other corsets must have had an issue because they should definitely not be crooked like that. I do not think it would be harmful for the wearer, but I agree that it’s not aesthetically pleasing by any means. Have a great day!

  • Tammy

    Hi OC, my measurements are: 39″ bust, 32″ underbust, 29″ waist, and 36″ hips. I’ve been wearing the CS 426 short in 24″ for a couple of days, and it’s been closing pretty fast and pretty comfortably. The underbust closed almost immediately, while the hips are still a little flared out. At the moment I’m sitting down comfortably laced at 26.5″ on the inside of the corset. I just ordered the more supple leather version of CS 426 short in 22″, hoping that the hips will fit better. Would you recommend the 411 for my figure? And is any particular fabric thinner than others–and therefore better for stealthing? Thank you!! 🙂

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Tammy! With the measurements you’ve shared and your experience so far with the CS 426short I do think that you could wear the same style in leather in a size 22. I think you might also like the CS 411 in a size 24 if you want to try another style. As for fabric choices in all of our corsets we have a great Corset 101 Blog that gives you some comparisons. We highly recommend the satin for stealthing but the mesh is a nice thin layer as well. Happy corseting and be sure to let us know if we can help with any other questions!

  • Keri

    Hello there!
    My name is Keri and I live in the Netherlands and obviously am looking for a corset.
    The reason is for posture mainly. I have terrible posture and it was recommended to me by a physical therapist to get some aid maybe through a corset.
    I was wondering if this corset is suitable for this purpose.
    I was also wondering how invisible it is under everyday wear (tshirt both tight and loose)
    If its not suitable, any ideas on where i should be looking?
    Thank you so much

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Keri! Absolutely! If you are healthy to wear a corset, many people find that a corset can help to improve posture, alleviate back pain and an assortment of other things. I would give it a try. Take your measurements and get back to us and we will be able to help with recommending a size and style for you. Thanks!

  • inkhoarder

    Hi there!

    I was wondering if this style would work for me. My measurements are these:

    28.5″ underbust
    25.5/26″ waist
    34.5″ upper hip
    10.5″ torso

    It’d be my first corset, and I’m not quite sure if I should buy this, or the longline 426!

  • Riley

    Hi, I was wondering if you think this style could work for me. My measurements are
    29.5″ underbust
    28″ waist
    About 35 to 36″ upper hip
    And about 10″ torso
    I’m afraid it might end up being too gappy at the top and bottom. I spoke to someone about sizing already and they recommended this in a 22 to try and avoid some of the gapping but I don’t know if that’s starting too small. A second opinion would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Riley!

      Thank you for being so thoughtful about your decision for your corset purchase. It is true that a corset too small is not recommended. The panels and boning on the corset are designed to lay at certain places on the body-so if you corset is way too small then the corset will not lay right on you. Also, bones will twist and warp (and sometimes pop right through). I don’t think your “squish” factor is great enough to warrant the size 22. I do believe that with some waist training in a 411 or 201 you will likely increase your waist to hip ratio and be able to wear the 426short at that time. I hope this is helpful and of course the decision is yours entirely! Thanks again for thinking through your purchase. We love our well informed customers!

  • taylornicole

    Hi there! I am very new to corsets and am looking to purchase my first one soon. I am extremely interested in the cs-426 short but am not sure how well my hips would fill it out. My measurements are:

    Waist: 34.5-35
    UH: 46

    Would this be a good corset for me? If so should I order a 28 or a 30?
    If not I am also interested in the cs-411, would that be a better fit for me?

    Thank you for your time! 🙂

    – Taylor

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Taylor! Welcome to corseting! 😀
      A size 28 in the short 426 with hipties or the 201 would be great fits for your figure. I don’t think that the 411 has quite enough room in the hip for you to be super comfortable, but you can always give it a try. If you decide to give the 411 a try I would still get a size 28 🙂

      I hope that helps!

  • Maria Andrade

    HI I have a concern about the sizing for this and was wondering what I can do about this, I have a torso length of 11.25″ and I ordered the 426 short at the suggestion that it would best work for me but it leaves about an inch of gap in the front which is unflattering since it allows my belly to stick through and bulge out. I measure 32″ inches around and lace down to about 28″ with two more to go but that little bulge kills me. I tried adding in the extra 3 inches from your long line 426 but that seems way too long and big of a difference to be of any comfort while sitting down. It will seriously dig into my “area” if you know what I mean. My question is, how would you approach this issue and if anybody has had this issue, what do you recommend? I love these corsets but the length issue is really bothering me. Please help!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Maria! I am happy to help you out with that! Is your torso length measured while sitting or standing? That can make a big difference in recommending corsets. We like to see at least 11″ while sitting down to wear the longline 426, if you can clear that length you should be able to comfortably wear it over the short 426 style; here is our blog that helps to check for that. This trick from Lucy can also help quite a lot with the lower belly area as well. Let us know about your torso length, if you can pass the sit test the longline 426 style should be a good option for you. Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I have alot of hip and am more squishy below natural waist all the way down over hips. My measurements
    Ub 41
    waist 38
    Uh 48
    torso 10
    about 5’4″
    Will the 426 work with such big hips or should I do the 345 so my hips can just pop out the bottom of the corset? Is my torso long enough for the longline, I like that it dips low in the front middle but not sure I can sit in it?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Jennifer! I think that a size 32 if you’re more firm or a size 30 if you’re more squishy in the short 426 with hipties will be the best option for your figure, you could also wear the 201 as well. The 345 & 305 (from your additional comment) won’t have enough hip room for you to be comfortable. We have a video that shows how to determine if you’re squishy or firm as well. Your torso isn’t quite long enough for the longline 426 style, but I think that you’ll have a longline look with the short 426 as it measures 10.5″ long and your torso is 10″ long.
      Let us know if you have any other questions! Happy corseting!

  • Emma

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to get the cs-426 shirt but I’m not sure if I have enough hip to fill it out or if The hip spring will eventually flatten. I really don’t want to get the cs-411 because if the back bulge it will cause. Please help! My measurements are
    Torso:12 1/2
    Thank you!

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Emma! Thanks for your inquiry. I understand your concerns with the back bulge issue. You have a nice long torso and can certainly wear a longline corset comfortably. However you are correct that the CS-426 may have a bit too much hip spring for your figure. I would recommend a size 28 in our 345 longline style which is 13 inches in back as opposed to the 411 at 10.5 inches in back. If you really like the 411 you could also consider adding the Vedette 941 to conceal any back bulge.

  • Melany

    Hello! I’m planning to order my first corset; however, I still debating on which style should I order. I would love to try the cs 426 short, because I believe the long version will be too long for me. I’m concerned I don’t have enought hip spring to fit the cs 426. Do you think it would fit me or which style would you recommended.

    My mesuarements
    UB 31
    Waist 28
    Hip 32
    Torso 10

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Melany! We are excited about your first corset purchase and happy to help you come to a style and size decision. Based on your measurements we would suggest a size 22 in our 411, 201 and 301 styles. Although the 426 short would likely be a comfortable length, the hip spring would leave you with some gap at the bottom of the corset. The 411 is just a 1/2 inch shorter in front than the 426 short but constructed with a little smaller hip spring and a fabulous silhouette!

  • Latisha

    I would love to have these curves but my measurements don’t match up. I’m looking to buy my first corset for waist training/back support and found that the 411 has been recommended for ladies around my measurements.
    Mine are:
    · Underbust: 34
    · Waist: 33/34 depending on the day
    · Upper hip: 41
    ·Torso: 8 I believe (too much pooch for accuracy)
    I still have some squish left over from two pregnancies

    • Amy Lewis

      A CS 411 in a size 28 should work for you, although strictly speaking if your torso is 8 inches it would be too long. However, since you’re unsure about your accuracy, I’m going to guess that maybe it is a little longer.

        • Janet

          Hello I am trying to buy a corset but not sure if I should get the Short cs 426 or cs 426 . I got some belly from a c-section I will really that belly get better.
          33 UB, 33 waist and 40 hips, 10.5″ torso and I am 5’1 please let me know which one should I buy.

          • Brittney Loveall-Talley

            Hi Janet, I’m happy to help you out with that! Based off of the measurements you sent I suggest that you go with a size 26 in the short 426, 301 or the 201 style. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Happy corseting!

  • Spencer

    I have been looking into buying a corset for almost 6 months now. I am thinking about buying either 426 long or short. My torso is about 10.5″, the reason i was looking at the longline is because i thought that it would tuck love handles. Can the short( considering my torso length)also cover the love handles. I don’t have too much really, but they are there.
    If not, can you please recommend which corset to get .

    Waist: 28, Under-bust: 30, high hip: 38 ( i hope i measured that right)

    Thank you

    • Amy Lewis

      I think that the CS 426 will be too long for you, Spencer (when sitting the bottom edge of the corset would hit the tops of your thighs). With a 10.5″ torso length I would suggest the CS 426 short. If you are very squishy go with a size 22 and if you are more firm go with a size 24. Check out this blog if you want some help deciding if you are squishy or firm there is a video at the bottom that makes it very clear.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Fabiola,

      I think a size 22 would work well in that corset for you! Those are very similar to my own measurements and that is the size I wear 🙂 (except you have more curve at the upper hip-so should fit you even better!)

  • Christina

    Hi! I recently received my first corset, the CS-426 short. I love that it hits all of the problem areas and enhances my curves. I have discovered, however, that I am not quite as hippy as I previously thought (or would like) so the hip spring is pretty big on me and does not lay flat (I am still in the seasoning process). I did see in a video that said it’s ok to lace it more in a bow shape to get the hip spring to lay flat and that my body will adjust to the corset. As I said I love the corset and would eventually love to fill out the hip spring…is that possible from waist training?

    Thank you!

      • Christina

        Thanks Amy!

        I have a 30 inch waist and 40 inch hips. I am a little squishy so I feel as though maybe the distribution will fill it out but I am not 100% sure. Its pretty big on the hips right now. I love the curve it gives me. I just cannot wear it under any clothes yet because the bottom does not lay flat.


  • Crystal K

    Hey guys! I’m fairly new to corseting but I’m already hooked and looking ofor but my second corset from you after on 2 short months. The cs 301 was my first corset and initially I loved it (i still do) because I have a short torso. However, the more I lace down, the more back fat bulge I’m getting since the 301 doesn’t come up high on my back. I’m thinking about getting the cs426 short to get rid of the back fat problem but I’m not sure if I’m curvy enough for it. My measurements are UB37 W33 UH41 T10.5. Would the 426 short work for me in a size 28??

  • beth45

    Hi there! So I fell in love with the 426 as soon as I saw it but I’m afraid I don’t have the lenght to pull it out, my measurements are:


    I’ve thought that maybe I can order the 426 Short instead, but i’m not sure it it will fit me well and what size should I order. What corset would you recommend me?
    Thank you!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Beth! The CS 426 would likely be too long for you. You are right on the edge of having enough hip for the 426 Short. I think it will work for you in a size 22, but the bottom will close faster than the top so you’ll have a bit of a ‘V’ shape in your laces. The CS 411, CS 345 and CS 201 would also work for you in a size 22.

  • Amy

    Hi! So I ordered the 426 Short in black cotton and I am not quite sure if I made the right decision or not. My torso length is between 9-10″ long. I have a 38″ underbust, 38″ waist, and 50″ upper hip (with a bit of tummy), but I’m noticing that the bottom of my corset still flairs out a bit and I can definitely stick my thumbs under the corset with ease.

    I ordered the 426 short in a size 30 for waist training and am nowhere near getting it closed all the way. I am wondering if over time and after breaking it in (I just got the corset today) will the ability to be able to tighten it more get rid of the hip gaps? Or did I just choose the wrong corset? It looks perfect everywhere except for the hips. Thanks!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Amy, you’ll find that the gapping at the bottom will go away with seasoning. Based on your measurements you have the hips to fill it out, I’m guessing by the 3rd or 4th day you won’t even notice the gapping anymore. The cotton does take a little longer to season than satin, so it could take a couple of extra days, but you should be fine. Please let me know what you think after a week. 😉

  • dianna22

    I don’t know if I have enough hip for the 426 short and I’m not sure If I even have enough curve for one aside from my mommy tummy and my love handles..
    I measure..
    UH: 41.5
    W: 43
    UH: 45
    T: 10.5

    I did order a 426 in cotton a while ago.. When I got it I noticed the hip spring was way too big (not sure if the love handles have anything to do with that) and it was a tad too long for me..

  • Sabrina

    I’m debating between the cs 426 short vs the cs 345. Both corsets are beautiful and the shape it gives is amazing. My concern with the cs 426 short is where it will be at my hips. I don’t know if it would be able to close properly when lacing. I’m afraid the back would look like /\. I’m pear shaped as well.

    My concern with the cs 345 is the tip at the bottom. I don’t want the tip to dig into my thigh when I’m sitting down. The same thing goes for the back since it is longer than the cs 411.

    UB: 30
    Waist: 30
    Upper Hip: 40
    Torso: 10

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sabrina,

      You have done your homework! You will see an “A” at that back in the short (but not the 345 depending on where that hits you). We do have a 426 short with hip ties expected to be on the shelf in about 10 days. The hip ties will allow another 5-6 inches at the bottom edge of your corset. It is currently available in our traditional 426 longline.

  • Maria Andrade

    Hi good afternoon! I had a question. I am 5’1 and have a torso length of 13″ from the front, 11.75″ on the side, and 13.25″ from the back, would you recommend the regular cs 426 or the short 426? I tried the “sitting down” test but that was slightly inconclusive.This will be my first corset and wish to get the right one 🙂

  • Ashley Nicole.

    I hope I’m not the only one, but I sooo hope beyond hope that you guys make a 426 Long. Like, longer than the normal 426. Even the regular 426 is not long enough for me. I’m all torso.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Ashley, unfortunately with a very long torso you may need to look into a custom corset. At this time we don’t have plans for anything longer than our original 426. Sorry!

  • Elizabeth

    I’m wanting to purchase my very first corset for waist training and I was recommended on here for the 426 but I’m worried it will be just long enough to be uncomfortable, but Im also worried that the 426 short would create too many rolls on top and bottom? I’m UB 36″ W 37″ and UH 46″

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Elizabeth,

      The short 426 comes up nearly as high in the back as our traditional 426 and if you don’t have the length for the 426-this should hit you low enough to avoid any below the corset bulging. A size 30 should work nicely for you in that style. If not, you are only out the cost to ship it back to us!

  • Laurie M

    Hi! I have an approximately 11.5 inch torso with an under bust of 38, waist 41, and upper hip of 46. I am very squishy so I wonder if the 426 could work for me? With the sit test, I don’t know if the longline would work, especially since I have a desk job. What do you recommend? Thanks!! 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Laurie,

      I think the 426 will work in a size 34 (maybe even a 32 with your length and “squishability”)-and the short version might be much more comfy sitting at a desk all day!

  • Lenora B.

    I just received my CS-426(short) size 26!!! I love it! I tried another brand corset for waist training and it dug into my thighs, I am glad I found Orchard Corset! I ordered the satin one, because the cotton one wasn’t available in my size…I am glad I did the satin one is beautiful. I can’t to season and break this one in… I hope this one will be made in leather.

  • Vessa M.

    I’m new to corseting, and I have an 11.5 inch torso length from the front (measurements are 35 bust, 29 waist, and 36 hip), am I more suited for the 426 or 426 short?

  • MyssTinkee

    I just received my cs-426 short yesterday & I am so excited! This is my very 1st corset & I have been doing a lot of research & found that Orchard Corsets are the best. I purchased a size 26 as my natural waist size is a 32, under bust is a 31 & hips are at a 42. I am a newbie to waist training but alone with my diet & excursive I am looking forward to having a great bikini summer this year!

  • Angelique

    I just received my CS-426 short in black cotton, size 22. I am 5’1″ and have good curve to my hips and honestly I have been looking for an underbust corset to fit me correctly for almost 3 years now! This is finally THE ONE! I have a very short torso and even the shortest corsets don’t fit me correctly. They don’t cover enough in the back and create that “back fat” spillover, or they don’t flatten the tummy and give a horrible silhouette. I originally purchased the CS-411 in cotton, size 22 and I thought that one really fit well, better than any others I tried, but THEN I saw they were making the CS-426 in a short style and I had to try it, since I knew it would fit my curvy hips better. It fits like a glove. Just perfectly in the underbust and in the hips. And, I’m able to close it tighter than my size 22 CS-411 because of the extra room in the underbust and hips. NOW to my very important question…PLEASE PLEASE consider making the CS-426 short in black leather!! If you get enough interest, will it be available in leather? I do hope so. I’m currently waiting for the black satin to come back in my size and I’ll be getting that one too. I’m selling all my other corsets because this is finally the one for me! 🙂 Thanks again.

  • Cassandra

    I’m going to order one next week when I get back in town I work out of town allot and I would hate to miss the delivery. also I was looking at your 345 I love the style I plan on ordering one of these as well but I was wondering if the 345 will be available at a level 3 and if you do custom 345 at a level 3

    • Amy Lewis

      We consider the 345 a level 2/3 silhouette and no, I’m sorry but we don’t do custom corsets. If you send your underbust, waist and upper hip measurements to, our sizing experts can let you know if the 345 is right for you or if another style might work better.

  • Leah

    Hello! I’ve been eyeing your corsets for a while now, and have never worn one (from anywhere) before. Always loved the look of the 426 but my torso isn’t long enough for one. When I heard of the 426 short, I almost immediately bought one because I was so excited. It hasn’t arrived yet, and I know for certain I won’t regret my purchase, but I’m wondering if it will fit alright? I’m on the fluffier side at 5’4″ with a 38″ underbust, 37″ waist, and 46″ upper hip. I ordered a size 32 black silk CS-426 short. Thank you! c:

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Leah,

      I think that will work for you. If you find it closes up all the way (or close) upon your initial wearing..then I recommend down-sizing to a 30. I would have recommended a 30 straight off with your measurements if not for your fuller upper hip :). You will likely see a bit of an “A” shape to your laces. Be diligent about seasoning your corset and you should be OK.

  • Sam Thayer Gagne

    I Love this corset!! I want it in many many more colors and fabrics. I thought it was going to be too much curve at first but once seasoned it fits like a glove, one day I put it on and Taadaaa perfection! Any timeline on more?? Thanks

  • Jessica Chbat

    Hello Cheri,
    I am looking to buy my first corset for waist training, and was considering the 426 short but not sure if it’ll be the right fit. I am a 32 underbust, 34 waist and 37 hip, and torso length 10. I want a longer corset ( not the 301) in order to try and avoir back buldges and lower tummy buldges, but not sure which style would suit me best. I was hesitating between the 305, 345, 411 and this one. Any tips? And what size should i pick ?

  • Chanel

    Hi! I’m looking to buy my first corset for waist training and posture help, and the CS-426 Short is my favorite by far (I’m not quite long enough for the regular 426). I’m 5’3″, and I measure 30″ waist, 34″ underbust, and 40″ upper hip (if I measured in the right place for that). I’ve always had a smallish waist and bigger hips, and I like it that way. Would this corset work for me? I’m thinking I’d need either a 26 or 24, and I saw that neither of those are currently in stock. Will they be restocked anytime soon? Thank you so much!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chanel,

      We should have those back in stock (and have available in cotton now as well). I think a size 24 will be great in that corset for you. You may have a bit of an “A” shape to your laces (again-depending on where you took that measurement for your upperhip) but that will be fine as long as you season properly.

      • Chanel

        Thank you so much, Cheri! Another quick question for you: I’m changing my eating habits to try to get in better shape (trying to drop a bit of the weight I gained in college), and most likely starting a great workout routine as well, so I should be dropping some weight/inches soon. The size 24 should be okay for that for awhile, yes? At what point would you recommend sizing down?

        • Cheri Dudek

          Yes it should! You will need to lose several inches off our waist before sizing down to a 22 (and your fuller hip necessitates that as well). Once you have the corset fully closed and are able to wear for extended periods of time like that-you can size down to a 22 🙂

  • Diana

    Hi there! I have a 34″ underbust, 31″ natural waist, and a 42″ upper hip measurement (at the iliac crest), with a 10.5″ length torso from my underbust (measured at the center of my breast) to my iliac crest line and a total height of 4 feet 11″. This would be my first corset and I want it for waist training, because I want to give my shape a more defined look but I also want it for back support (I work in an office environment where I sit most of the day and I have developed a bit of back pain from not sitting right). I initially wanted to buy a CS-411, because there was no chance I had the length for the CS-426 but now I am confused. Would this be a better corset for my body or should I just get the 411?

  • Jak

    So it looks like the cs 426 short is not high enough in the back to get rid of the back bulge issue that the cs 411 has. Will there ever be a corset that does deal with the back bulge problem of the cs 411 but that does not have the front busk bowing issue of the cs 345?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jak,

      The 426 short comes up higher than the 411 (but not as high as the longline 426). Only time will tell if we develop or modify an existing corset for that! We love the feedback we get from our customers 🙂

  • Jellix

    Hi ladies!! I’m super excited for this newer version because, although I’m 5’8″, it’s all leg and no torso (seriously, it’s like boobs..bellybutton!). Anywho, I have and love my 305 and my 411 but I find that, when I lace up perfectly parallel, both gap a bit at the top while neither has quite enough flare at the bottom. One of the comments above said this corset has even more curve at the top and that makes me nervous. I’m UB-36″, W-34″, UH-44″ and my 30″ satin 305 I can almost completely close. My cotton 411 (it has less than 20 hours of seasoning in so far) has about 1.5-2″ before closing. Do you think the shortie 426 will work for me and would I still get a 30 or should I try the 28 and not lace it as tight?

  • Elizabeth

    I have a 33″ underbust, 32″ natural waist, and a 38″ upper hip measurement (at the iliac crest). What size would I wear in this?

  • Veronica

    What is the difference between this and the 411? I have the regular 426 but it’s super uncomfortable for me to sit in and it pushes my breasts up way too much and so I’m looking for an alternative that a bit shorter. I was thinking of buying the 411 and then I got an email for the new 426 short but now in confused on which one to get!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Veronica,

      The 411 has a straighter top and bottom edge. The 426 short has 24 bones (411 has 16 and fewer panels). The 426 short curves over the hip for shorter torsos and is curvier at the top and bottom edge than the 411. It comes up a little higher in the back as well (similar to our standard 426)

  • Mary june aller

    Im working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and I really want to have the Cs 426 short…. Do you ship here? How much it will cost?

    • Cheri Dudek

      We ship just about everywhere Mary June, and offer several options for international shipping so the price will depend on the options you choose. That corset will be available in just a very short while (under an hour)

  • Jess

    yes! cant wait til this comes out in black cotton! I have the regular 426 in black cotton but I really cannot stealth or wear it out unless I want my chest to be up in mine and everyone else’s face, and sitting while driving is super hard. Yet I’m fluffy and majorly hippy so something smaller like a waspie wouldn’t work for me. Looking forward to another OC purchase!

  • Mandie

    I hope we can see a side-by-side with the 345, too! I am too short for the 426 but actually like the push-up oomph it gives up-top for costuming. I’m not sure whether the 345 or 426 short comes up higher in the front…

  • Suzanne Forbes

    Hi Cheri!
    Well shoot, I have to say I’m disappointed that you guys took all that length off the bottom when you went shorter. I also have the height, barely, for a 426, but like many shorter-torso ladies I would have loved a 426 that was an inch shorter on top. But just on top is where most of us need it- cutting off so much length on the bottom loses the lovely hipspring of the design.

    However, as always so many much love to you guys for always experimenting and always trying to serve your customer even better. You’re amazing!

  • nicolE

    Hi there! I was wondering if possible if you could start including more models of different shapes and sizes? While I love seeing them on Cheri it’s very tough to picture what I may look like in your corsets as I am very short and super hippy and more on the “fluffy” side

We love to hear from you!

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