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Corset Q & A #8: When can I size down my corset?

In our Corset Q & A series we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Orchard Corset.

This week’s burning question….”When can I size down my corset?” We KNOW that all you waist trainers and dieters out there really want to order the next size down in your corset. BUT doing it too early can be a little disappointing when you get your new, smaller corset! Not to mention uncomfortable. 😉 Your corset should FULLY CLOSE before you consider a smaller size.

One other item to note. Even if your corset does close, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you HAVE TO size down. If you aren’t waist training (working toward a semi-permanent reduction of your waist), then feel free to stick with your very comfortable, seasoned corset until you’ve worn holes in it…..and yes, that part was a JOKE, peoples! (actually if you have one of our corsets that is so well-loved and worn that you have worn it out, we’d love to see it!)

So there you have it! As tempting as it is…don’t size down too early, your body will thank you!

Let us know in the comments if there is a question you’d like to see us answer!


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  • Riley

    Hello Ive been wearing a 22″ corset from orchard corsets for about a year I’ve been able to fully close it completely for about 3 months Im thinking of buying a new corset now
    Also my natural waist is a 26″. I’m trying to waist train to get it to at least a 24″ or 23″or smaller
    Would a 18″ be too much
    Or should I get a 20″
    Also Im very active and have abs lol
    I just want to have the curvy shape in my waist that exercise can’t give you lol

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Riley,

      Congratulations! I think an 18 would be too much…you will be surprised at how much smaller the size 20 is (especially as it is unseasoned and your 22 is well seasoned).

      • Adah

        I have the same measurements as the user above except I’m interested in the mesh corset cs-201. Is the 18″ still too small if I get the corset in mesh since I heard the mesh is not as tight as cotton.

        I currently wear 22″ cotton cs-411 with a fully closed back quite comfortably. It’s well-season since I had it for over a year.

        • Brittney Loveall-Talley

          Hi Adah! I think a size 18 is too small, I suggest that you start with a size 20 (even in the mesh). When you have fully closed the size 20, then move down to a size 18. Let us know if I can answer anything else for you. Take care!

  • Karen

    How far can I size down at a time? Right now I’m wearing a 28″ all the way closed, and my natural waist is still measuring at 32″. Could I move down to a 24″ ?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Karen- We don’t ever suggest moving down more than one size at a time (unless your corset was too big to begin with). I probably would have suggested that you start with a 26 rather than a 28, but I’m still afraid that a 24 at this point (with your natural waist measurement at 32″) would be a bit too small. That would be an 8″ reduction which is quite a lot when you start at 32″ (larger women can go down 8″ fairly easily, but a 32″ waist doesn’t put you in that range). My advice would be to go down to a 26.

  • Elizabeth

    Great post! What I’d really like to know is, how do I know when a corset has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced? Preferably WITHOUT waiting for there to be holes in it haha!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Elizabeth, you’re actually not too far off with your comment about the holes! 😉 The boning in our corsets is steel, so the structure of the corset itself is not going to give out. Basically when the fabric starts to show signs of wear its probably time to start looking for your next purchase. Eventually (with a LOT of wear) the fabric may weaken to the point that the boning may break through, and then its definitely time for a new corset.

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