Corset Q & A Series

Corset Q & A #1: Where does the fat go?

In our Corset Q & A series we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Orchard Corset.  Today’s question….Where does all that extra waist fat go when I’m wearing a corset? As Cheri explains in the above video, your squishier parts get pushed both up and down to help fill out the area below your bust and above your hips. That’s how women that don’t always naturally have an hourglass figure can achieve one with the help of a steel boned corset!

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  • Annie

    Hi everyone, I’d like to suggest people read some comments before asking the same question for the 15th time. It’s annoying to readers, and you’ll get a faster response by finding someone who had the same question.

  • noor

    hey there my name is noor , i have a problem with that body fat going everywhere except my bust area, i have a small waist line but huge lower body that is equal to my upper one, just that small bust thing thats disturbing me, i was wondering if a waist trainer could help me gain more fat in the bust area

    • Amy Lewis

      Waist training won’t make you “gain fat” in any particular area. When you’re wearing a corset, your fat does get pushed away from the tighter areas of the corset (the waist) to the areas that might have a little more space (the underbust and upperhip area), but that isn’t a permanent situation.

      Using a corset with a contoured underbust, like the CS 345 or CS 426 can add some lift to your bustline, giving the look of a larger bust. A bra booster can have the same effect.

  • erika a

    Hi =)

    i wear a waist clincher but I feel like I look pregnant with it on. I weigh 135lbs and have a small pouch. I love how the clincher looks and tightens from my waist but feels really lose from the lower portion. Id there anything I can do or suggestions on a different trainer? Thank You =)

  • Octavia

    I am a 42″ chest, 35″ waist and 43″ hips…. I would like to waist train to a 30″ waist but I do not want my upper body to get any larger; more preferably my hips. Any suggestions?

  • Bryana

    Hi, my name is Bryana… I have been wearing this corrset waist trainer for about 6 months on and off not regularly. Ive also been working out and taking lots of vitamins, including Fish Oil with Omega which I read would help me gain weight. Im not sure what did it but my breast size has increased drasticly. If it is the corset that did this how can I make it go the opposite way, in order to get the hour glass? I am tiny, not a lot of water weight to push but i do of some… and my waist hasnt even gone in much at all.

  • petite and curvy

    I’m a little confused where does your weight go if you gain a few pounds while waist training for an extended period of time? If it’s not going to your waist does it just distribute throughout the rest of your body?

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Kiara! We wish we could tell you where weight gain will be distributed but that certainly differs for everyone. We find that the distribution can be in the waist and in fact affect the fit of a corset. Waist training cannot ensure that weight gain will not impact the waistline.

  • Kristen

    I just had a breast reduction, I am interested in trying waist training, but have heard the fat will be redistributed to not only my hips and butt, but also my breasts, which is the last thing I would want to do. IS there a possibility my breasts will getting bigger if I undertake waist training. I certainly can appreciate that weight gain will result in bigger breasts, but can waist training redistribute fat to my breasts?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Kristen! I’ve never heard of that happening, waist training works by pulling in your lower two floating ribs and while you are wearing the corset it redistributes your soft tissue up and down. But, I don’t think it’s possible for the squish to go up so far as your breasts. It *will* make them look larger while you are wearing it though, just by comparison and because it will push everything up. Hope that helps!

  • Laura


    I have recently bought a waist trainer and I find that it bulges at the top from the back fat, I was wondering if this is okay or if I need another size?
    Will the fat go away?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Laura! This is pretty normal. When you cinch in your waist, your soft tissue will need to redistribute somewhere. If you’d like to send over your complete measurements, we can make sure that you are in the right size and style for your body. Sometimes if you tighten your corset before it’s been seasoned it won’t want to smooth out your soft tissue as nicely as it could though. You can also pair your corset with something like our Vedette bra booster, this is a favorite around the OC office for a nice and smooth look!

  • Melissa

    I purchased a wasit trainer that’s made for normal sized torso (not a longer torso) since km only 5’1. When wearing it in the proper area the trainer is really pushing my back fat up and over the top of the trainer. It looks horrible. Will wearing the trainer keep my back fat stuck up there or will it return to its normal place. I would love for it to fit into the trainer but I’ve already spent too much money on these trainers I didn’t want to have to buy another one for a longer torso. Or should I switch on aND off wearing it lower on the hips some days and higher up my back other days?

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Melissa! I’m sorry you are experiencing the back bulge with your waist trainer. If you could share with us your measurements and what item you purchased we may be able to help with some solutions. I’m not sure if you have a corset or a shapewear piece but with a corset you definitely want the placement to be aligned with your natural waist. How about you send our customer care staff an email at so we can get a better idea of how to help? You might also like to check out our Vedette 941 Bra Booster which we love for smoothing that back bulging. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Shamila

    Which corset would be ideal to hide my upper belly without having hanging back fat. Is it available in muscat. Oman.

    • Mary Brewer

      Hello! We have some amazing sizing experts that would be happy to help you with some corset style options that address your concerns. We encourage you to watch our sizing video and contact us by phone or submit your measurements in email with the sizing chart. Thank you!

  • Danny

    Hi, I’m Danny I use to weight 92 pounds and I decided to gain some weight (gained 22 pounds) it all sat on my belly! I was born with a unknown sub type of muscular dystrophy, it’s hard gaining weight. How do I lose the belly fat without losing any weight? Would a waist trainer work for me? Please and thank you!!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Danny! That’s a big question… there isn’t a way to know how you will lose the belly without actually losing the weight that you worked to gain. A corset will aid you in reducing your natural waistline measurement over time, this is called waist training. Shapewear will help you to look slimmer and smooth out any lumps and bumps that you may have but it won’t actually affect the shape of your body after you take it off. I think that you may find this blog helpful.

  • Hope Williams

    I use a waist trainer and it fits well but it doesn’t cover all of my back fat and I’m worried it’s going to make my upper back fat worse. I refuse to buy another one though… I work out and waist train and I’m thinking after a while the back fat will just melt away but I just want to be sure that waist training won’t make my back fat worse since it pushes it up?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Hope,

      The dreaded back bulge we sometimes get from any tight fitting garment will cease as soon as you remove the garment :). I imagine if you are diligent in your efforts you will see that bulge shrink! Of course I find even my skin tends to “bulge” a little if I have the top edge of the corset really tight (in the 411). The 426 short rides high enough to avoid that for me (but that does not mean it will for everyone)

  • Danielle

    When I am waist training can I use 2 different corset styles interchangeably? For example, wear the CS 301 one day and the CS 411 the next?

  • Gabriellel

    Hi. Ive been using a cs 301 to waist train since i have a short torso. I am close to closing it and lost some weight due to a better fitness plan but i still have a chubby pouch poking out from the bottom. How do i fix this?

    • Amy Lewis

      I’d suggest trying our CS 201 as your next corset, it is still shorter than our 411, but comes down lower in the front. Keep up that new fitness plan too, it will help as well! You could also try this tip from Lucy Corsetry ( I know that she mentions that it works best with a longline, but if your torso is very short, it might work for you!)

    • Amy Lewis

      No, chelly. For women that are a little ‘squishy’ around the middle, the excess get pushed into the wider areas of the corset, so up toward your underbust and toward your upper hip.

  • Princess

    So, the fat will redistribute somewhere else like the butt, boobs, etc, since i have belly fat and while wearing the corset, it can push the fat into those places, when i work out to lose weight, will the fat stay in those places?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      No, the fat will not stay redistributed when you take your corset off, and it only gets redistributed toward the top and bottom of the corset, basically filling in any gapping that you might have. Sorry, you can’t push it into your boobs and bum… 😉

      • Princess

        okay, what about gaining weight while waist training? where is the fat likely to go? i read somewhere that if you wear a corset in the long run and gain weight, it will go to your hips and thighs…is this true? I know this girl who wore a corset for a very long time and she wanted to gain weight, so she gained weight using apetamin and the fat went to her thighs, butt and boobs, now she has like an unrealistic waist. keep in mind that she is 17 and she started around 14 or and also, what are the benefits of me doing this waist training now that im 16 and losing weight at the same time?

        • Amy Lewis

          We don’t suggest you start waist training until you are done growing, and at 16 you probably still have some growing to do. To answer your other questions, though, the corset will not effect where the fat goes if you gain weight while wearing a corset. You will carry the extra weight in all the usual places that you would when you gain weight (which typically means all the places you DON’T want it to go!).

  • Chrystal

    So when wearing a corset where does all that back fat go? I haven’t seen any pics showing the back. It seems as if some of us heavier women would have a roll above the corset…

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Chrystal, back fat does get pushed up a bit when wearing a corset. However we do have a few corsets that were designed with a higher back to help alleviate the problem. Our CS 345, 426, 426 Short and 426 with hip ties all have a very high back which will help reduce the bulge at the top of the back of the corset.

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