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Corset DIY: How to Dye Your Steel Boned Corset

Need a Corset for a Special Occasion?

Why not dye your own?

renee dyed 305
CS-305 White Satin dyed Turquoise

Hello OC Blog Readers! We get asked all the time if steel boned corsets can by dyed to a custom color (especially when we still offered custom dye on many other products). We had always told folks no, as we dyed our garments in a washing machine and you cannot throw a steel boned corset in a washing machine (as it won’t end well for your corset).

Then we had a customer order a white satin CS-426 for her wedding and dyed it turquoise for her Dr. Seuss themed wedding! She said it turned out beautiful and worked like a charm. She used a spray fabric dye available at any craft stores (or online). Leanna has tried this a couple of times with some of our white satin corsets so that we could share this process and allow others to customize their corsets for special occasions.

In this video Leanna shows how she spray dyes a white satin CS-305 to a bright turquoise. She learned a few tips along the way!

1. Do not dye the inside of the garment (We found after the video that dyeing the inside can cause bleeding, so disregard that step in the video)

2. Make sure you have enough plastic (or whatever disposable surface you are using to lay the corset down to dye) to lay out both halves at once.

3. You will want to spray each piece twice (allowing to dry between each application).

4. You can either cover the loops and pins or simply wipe them clean before they dry.

There you have it! We would to hear from any of our readers who may have tried this already-and sent pictures to our social media šŸ™‚



Look at what one of our amazing OC Blog readers did with spray dye and our Zebra striped 511! Way to go Linda, it looks fantastic!

CS 511 Steel Boned Corset treated with Simply Spray Dye

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