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You Asked ’em, We Answered

Questions to Orchard Corset’s First Live Q and A
Twitter Session!

Oh…and the Answers Too!

questions-answersOn Wednesday, August 20th, several members of our wonderful Orchard Corset family joined four of our fabulous, OC staffers for our first Twitter Q and A session. Lots of great questions were asked, a few awesome corsets were given away and much fun was had.

@orchardcorset: We’re LIVE for our first @orchardcorset #qanda!! Tweet your questions for the next hr & we’ll answer them! Use #ocqna #askallthequestions

Q: Does the cs-345 corset fit most body styles or is it like the cs-426 corset, where it only fits longer torsos?
A:  it’s the best of both worlds. Shorter and less hip spring. But some length in the front and same underbust cut.

Q: What made you want to start making corsets?
A: We don’t-we design them and they are made for us by skilled craftsman (and women) in Pakistan.

Q: Would you consider making a “longline” for short torsos? Like 11″ or 12″? The 345 is still too long 🙁
A: We have a prototype of our cs-426 in a shorter version on its way as we tweet! Very similar lines to our classic 426.

Q: Do you guys ever plan to get more corsets in with prints/patterns?
A: Check our Limited Edition Corsets for our latest fun colors and fabrics!

Q: timid about the mesh corset you guys have, I sort of worry that it’ll squish my fat strangely. Thoughts?
A: We haven’t noticed or received any feedback about that so you should be good. It’s a fabulous corset!

Q: Could you wear the mesh (mini wasp and the other sizes coming out) without a liner underneath? A: You can, but you still face the sweat and body oil issue, we still recommend a liner with our #cs201 (& upcoming mesh)

Q: what is your best selling corset style and size?
A: the #cs426 black satin size 24!

twitter q and aQ: what is it like being an employee at OC?
A: (Renee) It’s a dream come true! It’s such a fun team, products & customers. Everyday is different!
A: (Sky) Amazing! I love what I do and the people I work with. I get to be myself- wild, fashion forward, and creative!

Q: who wears the most corsets at work or do you all wear them on the job?
A: It’s either Skylar or Renee. The other ladies do too, but they (R&S) are the most active corset wearers.

Q: how do you make such quality products?
A: We have high quality control standards from our manufacturers-and they back up their work! We run efficiently and are…

Q: How do you guys sit around all those corsets all day without going crazy?
A: We don’t really. We have access to them & receive a great discount (plus, we get to test the new ones for R&D).

Q: Are you guys gonna be doing more things on twitter now? A: lol! We are definitely working on expanding our Social Media team so we can cover our platforms more consistently.

Q: Is there any news on a new over bust corset for fuller busts?
A: we released it earlier this month! Its called the #cs530 and it is AMAZING!! Super comfy and very *ahem* roomy.

Q: Are you going to do a more gothic-style corset with fancier clasps?
A: We have added the #cs-345 with buckles and are looking into some new steampunk styles in the future.

Tess wearing our CS-411
Tess wearing our CS-411

Q: How did you guys team up with such great models like Tess Holliday? I love her!
A: internet research. They either find us or we find them and if we’re interested, we start a relationship.

Q: How do usually come up with ideas for photo shoots?
A: The marketing team does a lot of brainstorming & pop culture research. We have some super fun stuff in the works..

Q: How was the move? Is it a dream come true?
A: Exhausting but SO worth it! Everything is so organized and we have more space than we know what to do with!

Q: If you had to pick your favourite corset that has EVER been carried by your company, which would you pick?
A: (renee) We had a black/green brocade overbust I’ve had for years and still wear to this day. A: (Skylar) Leopard print #cs511. Hands down! Love love love! I feel so pin up in it and I can wear it with anything!

Q: Do you get any celeb customers? If so, any favorites? A: We do, but for privacy, we can’t divulge that information. Sorry!
A: (but we did provide many corsets to a particular material girl we cannot name)

Q: The people who make your corsets (in Pakistan), are they paid fair wages…? I would hope yes!
A: The stitchers and crafts people are highly skilled and therefore earn about 3 times the minimum wage (and get free lunch)…

Q: Which model is your favorite corset to wear and why?
A: (renee) the #cs201 or the leather #cs411 are by far my most popular I own.
A: (Sky) its a toss up between my #cs426 and my #cs411! I use my 426 for photo shoots & my 411 is my go to waist training corset.

Q: What is it like working with Lucy from Lucy’s Corsets. SHE is Awesome!
A: Lucy Lucy's Corsetrywas so incredible and SO smart. We were a little starstuck. We had a blast and look forward to her next visit!

Q: You mentioned in one of your videos about a collaboration with Lucy on a level 4 corset. How is that going?
Q: How are the collaboration between @Orchardcorset and Lucy’s Corsets coming along? A: Yes! I should have the second version of that prototype in my hands very soon (like next week). We are super excited!…

Q: Do you guys have something up your sleeves for upcoming contests? I missed out on the trip.
Q: do you have any future plans for vip visits or tweetups?
A: Nothing on the books yet…our new house isn’t quite ready for company!

Q: Would you ever consider running a design contest among customers?
A: hmmmm….interesting idea. We hadn’t really thought about that, but we will now!

Q: I’m new to corsets and corseting. Can corsets help out with back pain and poor posture due to a large chest size?
A: Definitely! Many of our customers find relieve with back pain with corseting!

Q: What is the most challenging thing you guys face working at OC?
A: Its hard to get any real work done because we have so much fun! Seriously!

Q: How have the Bra sales been going @orchardcorset? Will you be getting more styles or sticking with a limited selection for now?
A: Great! The #affinitas brand is amazing for all of us hard to fit women. We hope to add more styles as we have time to…

Q: Do you guys have plans on some holiday prints?
A: no plans for holiday prints BUT we do have some holiday surprises coming up! Stay tuned!

Q: What is the Boss like? goofball
A: (Skylar) hysterical! Jeff is so much fun to be around! I’ve learned so much from him! Friend, mentor, goofball!
A: (renee) kindest, fairest, most generous PUN LOVING person Ive met. He is the reason our c.s. standards are so high
A: (Cheri) They are the most amazing people EVER! Have allowed me to really grow into my own and discover many latent…[talents I didn’t know I had. And, more about bacon that I ever did before].

Q: Do you guys dream about corsets? Lol
A: we all do! lol But often it’s nightmares on not doing things right for you all!

Q: who is one person you guys want to work with in the future?
A: (amy) @adamlevine …I’d LOVE to corset that guy!
A: (renee) I would love to get @stevienicks in one of our corsets!
A: (Skylar) @masuimimax I would LOVE to work with her. Gorgeous and super talented!
A: (Cheri) @adamaofficial What can I say…we go WAAAY back 🙂

Q: What is it like living in Wenatchee?
A: (Cheri) One of the most beautiful places-hiking, rafting, skiing…EVERYTHING! And over 300 days of sunshine-with a REAL…
A: (Skylar) beautiful but small- I’m from Miami. Its nice to live in a tight knit community, everyone knows EVERYONE!
A: (renee) a bit small so not much nightlife, but you make your own fun. And, it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Q: I know the market probably isn’t huge but will you carry Men’s Corsets? (Speaking of @adamlevine)
A: We actually are looking into that. The 305 works alright, but isn’t very long. I have a prototype, but need some…

IMG_0354Q: Cheri seems so fun but about her business…what do u guys think? Did I nail it?
A: She is SOOOO fun (though she goes to bed too early)! We all do pretty good at having fun but getting things done

Q: If you could use ONE word to describe your job, what would it be?
A: (Skylar) Tight…. both literally and metaphorically! haha
A: (amy) #BestJobEvah!

Q: What was your FAVOURITE photoshoot ever? 🙂
A: (Skylar) The candy land shoot was my favorite! So colorful-candy for days. I was cleaning glitter off me for a week.

Q: have any of you tried making your own corset by hand?
A: (Skylar) I’m learning how…and working up the courage. I’m not that good yet! I end up frustrated and eating ice cream.

renee betty tinaQ: how do you find your models? I’d kill to model I corset!
A: The local girls are employees (who just happen to be BEAUTIFUL!). The others we’ve approached or they’ve approached us. 

Q: How do you choose sizes 4 your models in photos? Corsets that are within the 4-inch reduction range, more or less?
A: (Sky) its up to each model and what they wear. I personally do about a 6-8 inch reduction but thats normal for me.

Q: Can we hear a compliment you’d give to the last person (that you work with) that you talked to? 🙂 
A: (renee) I talked to the amazing @ChicagoChicBlog today. She is absolutely beautiful! And, her blog is well written.
A: (Skylar) I just helped a gal named Brittany with her #cs201 and she is a PEACH! I also helped my momma… bias!

Q: What do y’all think is the “next step” in corsetry?
Q: (Elaborating on my last question) What do y’all think is the corsets of the future will be like? 
A: Corsets becoming more mainstream.

Q: Would you ever do a Edwardian-esque photo shoot?
A: It’s always an option. And, a great idea!

Q: The hour is almost over already! I hope this becomes a regular thing! (No question)
A: I think we can make that happen!

Danielle-school-girl-411-white-with-chalkboardQ: Any final thoughts before we’re done for tonight?
(Skylar) I have so many! Mostly just thank you, everyone! We wouldn’t be who/what we are without you all!
A: (renee) You guys are the best! I love seeing the #facebook posts, #Instagram pics & #tweets. Loved reading these?


Missed participating this time? Don’t worry! We had so much fun we’ll have another Q and A session soon.

Hi! I'm Renee and I'm the Social Media Manger at Orchard Corset (which is perfect, as I'm a complete social media junkie in my personal life). I've been a fan of Orchard Corset for years and joined the team in March 2014. I recently decided to step my game up from casual tight lacer to waist trainer. I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm a little bit geek girl, a little bit fashionista. I'm two cats into my crazy cat lady starter kit, one of which is named Bruce Wayne. I'm known to burst into song at any given moment and own a vast, amazing shoe collection.


  • LatexJessica

    Well, you kind of mentioned you might need a guy to model a corset for you, oh, never mind…I’m a cross dresser, I’m tall, 6′ 2″, I want one of your corsets to hold in my tummy, I’m looking at the CS-426, because it’s a long line corset, since I’m tall, I think this would work for me, I also like the CS-305, because it has an extra clasp (busk) on it, does this really matter. Any thoughts on what you think might work, also a size 32 is what I need.

  • Duda

    I have some questions regarding waist training and would appreciate it very much if you could help me with that. I apologize in advance for bothering you but I can’t think of anyone better than you to help me so, here it goes…

    1) First of all, I have 3 goals I’d like to achieve through waist training, one is obviously to reduce my waist size, another is to reduce my rib cage circumference and the other is to create an hourglass figure but I have no idea where I should start…from what I read you need different corsets to do each of these. It’d be a great help if you could give me some advice on which to try first and the type of corset needed to get the job done.

    2) I usually have a 25″ inch waist (it looks more or less like the 6th picture but a tiny bit bigger because I tend to get bloated: but I’m aiming for a 20″ so that I can look like this:
    In your honest opinion, how many years would that take if I start at 18yo?

    3) My waist is 25” but my rib cage is 27.5” so even though I’m not as thin as I’d like to be, I look anorexic because my ribs show all the time. I’d like to reduce my rib cage by at least 2.5″ but more if possible.
    By how much can I realistically reduce it and how many years would that take? Is it possible to ever get it to “match” my waist size like:
    waist- 20”;
    rib cage -24″

    Thank you so much in advance

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Duda,

      We don’t recommend any waist training before the age of 18-as your body is still changing. It takes several years of dedicated waist training to bring in your ribs for most women (some less than others). You will need a longline corset and depending on your measurements and torso length may be in custom corset territory. We are strong advocates of safe and sane corseting and would encourage you to be slow and careful in your quest.

  • Tamara

    Excited about the new additions- The shorter 426, new flower print 411 (just ordered in green) and the expected wasp ( i hope won’t be too long for me)

    I looove Orchard Corsets! you guys do a great job feeding my addiction 🙂

  • Gwendolyn Howard

    Iwould like . To get some help w/my waits line i need a corset, that can help me get watis down , can U introduce me to something like this.I need help around my waist,please give me some directions how to get my waist down.thank you

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