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Crafty Cosplay: How to Paint Your Way Into a Unique Steampunk Corset


On the hunt for the perfect Steampunk Corset?

DIY in as little as 10 minutes!

"Edwina Scissorhands"
“Edwina Scissorhands”

Hello OC Blog Readers! Would you believe the “Edward Scissorhands” on the left is really our own lovely Alma? And would also believe that she is wearing a CS-305 black leather corset-painted silver?! Leanna discovered a quick and easy way to turn an ordinary leather corset (not that there is anything “ordinary” about our leather corsets) into an extraordinary piece of art!

All you need is an some metallic finish craft paint (can be found in any craft store) and a couple of soft cotton rags or cloths (cloth diapers work great!).  Remove the laces from the corset and lay out your two halves on some plastic. Leanna  recommends wearing rubber gloves to keep your skin paint free.  Once you have all your supplies gathered you are ready to create a stunning steampunk corset.

Use one piece of cloth to dip into the jar of paint and rub in metallic paintcircular motions over a corset panel. Use the clean cloth to wipe away any excess and create any particular design or texture. The paint dries very fast so you need to work quickly in one localized area (like a corset panel-depending on the size of your corset).  I have attached a quick video clip of Leanna “painting” a brown leather CS-301 (steampunk paint video). The paint does not impact the suppleness of the leather-which really surprised me!

steampunk paint accents sharpieLeanna also dabbled with some fun Sharpie colors for a more customizable look to your steampunk dream corset.  This is a (clearance) CS-305 brown leather with a little champagne colored metallic paint and metallic Sharpie marker designs. Again-this craftiness does not impact the suppleness of the lambskin leather. Think about the endless possibilities! We will have a blog out soon about using fabric dye on white satin corsets for that perfect color to accent your (non-steampunk) special occasion or cosplay needs!  We would love to see pics from our customers on any OC corset customizations-please share on our social media 🙂


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