Waist Training 101: How Long Before I See Results?

Want to train your waist? What is the “average” time?

THE OC Waist Training FAQ (Video Blog)

We’ve got even more information about waist trainers and waist training on our Waist Training 101: Everything You Need To Know article!

Hello OC Blog Readers and waist trainers! This must be one of our most challenging FAQ’s asked of our Customer Care Team. It seems everyone wants a finite timeline to waist training success. Anyone who has ever entered into a long-term commitment knows the path is different for each us.

If you pay for gym membership-would you expect the trainers to know when you will achieve your fitness goals? Of course not! The act of buying a gym membership doesn’t guarantee anything. How many hours a week will you work out? Will you adapt healthier eating habits? How rigorous will your workouts be? How consistent will your workouts be? Will your family genetics help or hinder your progress?

mesh 201 black crop

No waist training

You can see how quickly each of these variables will affect your individual timeline. The same is true for waist training. How many hours a day will you wear your corset (this can range from just a few hours to up to 23 hours per day)? How many days each week? Do you plan to incorporate diet and/or exercise into your waist training regiment (as opposed to just the body modification aspect of waist training)? Will your genetics help or hinder your progress? I do not waist train, per se, but I wear corsets with some regularity at work (and for special occasions)

Wool Skirt and blouse

Sarah Chrisman-serious waist trainer

In short, there is no “average” time it takes to see results. We hear from customers who lose an inch the first week (out of their corset), I would not consider this typical, but it happens often enough to not be a fluke. Others find it takes weeks to notice even a small difference outside of their corset. Everyone notices their amazing new figure in a corset, but most who engage in waist training are looking for changes once the corset comes off. It is important to remember that even once you reach your goal, maintenance waist training is necessary to keep your new curves (for most people anyway-I had one gal comment on a blog that she has not corseted in two years and still has her modified waist-but that certainly is NOT the norm).

Waist training is not a sprint. It takes time and dedication to achieve lasting results-like all good things in life!

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  1. Ashley

    The caption under Sarah’s picture has get last name misspelled. Her last name is Chrisman, not Christman. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. Jace West

    I’m 15, is it dangerous to wear a waist trainer? I want to add more of a curve to my figure. Will wearing a waist trainer push the fat down to my hips? I’m around a size 10 in women’s for my waist and thighs, what would be a natural curve size?

    1. Absolutely! There are some consideration to be aware of though. You don’t want to lace quite as tightly as you would normally when you’re sleeping since our stomachs expand for digestion while we are sleeping, normally. Cotton or mesh will be the most comfortable to sleep in. I suggest trying a nap in your corset before you try sleeping in your corset all night. Sleeping on your side is the most comfortable in my opinion in a corset. And be sure to keep your lumbar curve supported too, a rolled up towel would do the trick. A corset is pretty straight at the lower back which is totally fine while we are sitting and standing, but laying down is a different story. We also have a blog on sleeping in your corset too!

  3. Rai

    The picture in the blog shows a black mesh corset with a picture saying no waist training. Does that mean the mesh corsets are unsuitable for waist training? Or does the model not have it cinched in enough to produce the tightness needed for proper training?

    1. Wow! That is confusing! No, Rai it does not. It just means that I do not waist train (which means it is not laced as tightly) as opposed to Skylar and the Straight-laced Dame. Julie (the other gal pictured does not engage in waist training either). However we do wear corsets, and the more I wear them the more I can comfortably cinch down. We will edit that to be less confusing! Thank you!

      1. Rai

        Thanks Cheri. So do you all have a idea of a standard “minimum reduction” in order to see some improvement? Otherwise some lacers may lace up 1/4″ below normal size and expect long term results. I understand everyone is different, but giving a idea of what’s needed to see any results may prove itself immensely helpful

        1. Again, it is more about your overall dedication to waist training. You should never lace down so far as be in any pain or real discomfort. You will need to spend many hours, daily in your corset to really see results. Most women find the more time the dedicate the sooner they have results.

  4. Stephanie harding

    I’m not severely over weight but I could lose a few pounds Let’s say I’m about 10 pounds overweight. When I put my corset on its not long enough which creates a weird shape and it causes back fat that I didn’t know I had to sag over the top. Is this normal? Is it possible it’s too small and that’s why it’s causing back fat? I see women that are heavier then me wear them and look great and I look Terribe 🙁

  5. Jennifer

    I love my corset! Got compliments the very first day. I’m on day 3 tomorrow of wearing it pretty much all day and I went from a size 32 to 30!!! I’m extremely happy!!!

  6. Danielle Ashley

    Are all of your corsets tie back? Is that the only type that works for waist training? Or do the corsets with the clips on the back (like a bra) work as well? I was looking at a corset that has three levels of hooks, each making it tighter, but I wasn’t sure if that would “train” as well or give results at all?

      1. Danielle Ashley

        I totally understand now. So a clincher is mainly to help you look good under your clothes… Doesn’t really help your waist get smaller per say. I am 23″ in my waist… Would just like a little more curvature… Maybe like a 19 or 20?? I am 5’9″ and have a very long torso… No “fluff” on or around my stomach… What do you suggest to give me a little more curve? Also, from the research I’ve done, does waist training push in your ribs which in turn, makes your breasts sag or droop?

        1. Hi Danielle,

          I have not heard of corsets making your breasts sag or droop (while in your corset-quite the opposite occurs). It takes many years of dedication and waist training to train in the lower ribs-which for most of us sit well below our breasts.

          And you are correct between the cincher and the corset. What we really need are your underbust, waist and upper hip measurements to be sure we get you in the corset best suited for your body. You will probably end up in a size 18 or 20 (depending on your other measurements). Here is a link to help with that http://www.orchardcorset.com/corset-sizing/

        1. Hi Jaylynn! You can absolutely sleep in your corset! Some people find that it’s the best way for them to get a long, uninterrupted stretch of time for their waist training. We even have a blog about it that you might find really helpful. Hope that helps!

          1. So I’m 5″2 and about 113lbs. and I’m really dedicated to do corseting and I actually started a couple days ago but I do have one dilemma. Since I’m so small everything seems so big on me.

            Do you ladies perhaps have a corset in stock that you would fit mainly around the middle of me? I’ve seen plenty of pictures when women with little corsets on that target the middle just around their hips but I’m having a hard time finding one for myself.


  7. Dayna

    I have a very large waist with a large muffin top. Which interferes with the way my pants fit. Do I need to lose the belly fat before I can waist train?

  8. Cristina Sanchez

    Hi! i want to get an underbust, but i fidget with my bra band a lot so i guess i need one that won’t interfere with it and one that also hides/molds a small muffin top. i was looking at the cs-411 and the cs-305. i am kinda squishy so im worried that the fat might go either above or below the corset as back fat/muffin top. (can i wear the cotton corsets with nothing underneath them? or would i have to always wear a tank top under?)
    Thank you for making awesome corsets that arent super expensive!

    1. Hi Christina, I’ll need your measurements before I can suggest a style for you. The 411 is definitely curvier than the 305, so the style that would be best for you depends on your measurements. Have a look at our blog for getting the the right measurements to help you. http://orchardcorsetblog.com/2013/06/02/corset-101-video-blog-how-to-measure-for-a-steel-boned-corset/

      We do suggest wearing a cami or tank under all corsets as it keeps them clean for a longer period.

  9. nina

    Hi! I’m 18 and my waist is 23″, so I’m pretty tiny already, I’d just like to try and have some sort of curves and not just be a stick XD would I be considered too small to waist train? Idk…Scarlett O’Hara made an 18″ waist look like fun 😀

  10. There was no reply option under your last reply to me, so I had to start a new thread. I asked if you’d missed my reply.

    >>Cheri Dudek
    September 5, 2014 at 6:46 AM
    It’s highly possible! The comments all come through together (so too much space between them or it lands between some other replies!) If you could fill me in I will see what I can do!<>I wish I could snap my fingers and make the loose skin vanish, but I’m starting an exercise program to try to tone up what’s left.

    I watched the video, and I think I did the measurements right?
    Bust: 41″ (Looking for UB corset, though)
    Underbust: 36″
    Smallest part of waist (on me, located directly under my ribcage): 32.5″
    (I’m 5’9″, but most of it is leg; I’m short-waisted. From the bottom of my ribcage on the side to where I can feel my hipbone is maybe 4-5″?)
    Is the space between the two my natural waist?? (where the loose skin lives to torment me): 34.5-35″
    Hips: 39-40″

    I hope I did it right. I measured each area a few times to make sure I was getting consistent results.<<


  11. Sydney

    I just lost 100lbs (yay!), and hate the extra “squishy bits” (as mentioned above). I’ve been using mass market shapewear, along with a mass market waist cincher. I want something that’s going to get rid of this extra stuff once and for all and make my midsection look like it’s supposed to, instead of having leftovers. As it is, I usually double up the shapewear and sometimes use the waist cincher to get myself to not look so oddly proportioned. I’m dedicated to fixing this issue of mine. What would you recommend as a starter? I finally have a bit of a waist showing. I want the full deal. I’d wear it 23hrs a day, if necessary. Every bit of research I did said your corsets were the best. I’m excited to get started. I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Sydney,

      Congratulations! Our corsets will definitely give you the curves you are looking for…just remember that a corset will not rid you of the loose skin you now have from weight loss. You should over time tighten some of that up…but surely not all of it. Your measurements will help determine which style and size is best for you 🙂

      1. I received the 22″ corset from the store in NYC two weeks ago. (pardon me, i don’t know corset lingo: The top parts in the the back are already touching, and I have an inch left for the remainder of the corset to touch in the back. That being said, did they give me to large of a corset? I am using it for waist training. It is rather snug, but unbearable. Should I be in a smaller corset?

        1. Hi Lindsey,

          What corset style did you get? I find usually women are sized down too much when they visit the NY store! And what are your measurements (underbust, waist, and upper hip)

      2. I wish I could snap my fingers and make the loose skin vanish, but I’m starting an exercise program to try to tone up what’s left.

        I watched the video, and I think I did the measurements right?
        Bust: 41″ (Looking for UB corset, though)
        Underbust: 36″
        Smallest part of waist (on me, located directly under my ribcage): 32.5″
        (I’m 5’9″, but most of it is leg; I’m short-waisted. From the bottom of my ribcage on the side to where I can feel my hipbone is maybe 4-5″?)
        Is the space between the two my natural waist?? (where the loose skin lives to torment me): 34.5-35″
        Hips: 39-40″

        I hope I did it right. I measured each area a few times to make sure I was getting consistent results.

          1. It’s highly possible! The comments all come through together (so too much space between them or it lands between some other replies!) If you could fill me in I will see what I can do!

  12. Lisa

    Hi, I’m so glad I ran into this site. My wedding is in October and I have a deep plunge with modesty lace, strapless dress. I’m a curvy girl and need help in the tummy department. I’m going to order my corset this weekend after doing my measurements. Going for the CS-426 since I’m long enough. I’m getting in the satin. Will that be smooth enough under a lace wedding dress which is lined? The wedding dress also has a corset back. Another question about cinchers. What is the difference between the Vedette 103 vs. 403 vs. 409. I’m going to buy a cincher as well for everyday use, and for if I want something smoother under a lighter material dress. Thanks!

    1. First to the Vedette-the 403 has a zippered front panel that lays over the hook and eye. I do not have a 409?.

      As for the corset-the 426 comes up high between the breasts-so depending on your plunging neck line that may not work (and it sits high in the back as well). The 411 might be easier to hide.

          1. Lisa

            I went to the website and emailed re: direction for the 411 bc I was going to try to order right away. They suggested a 30 or 28 if I’m super squishy. They also stated that according to my measurements, I am not the right shape for the 426 at all and would need to do the 345 in a size 30 or 28 if i am “squishy”. Does that sound reasonable to you? I’m about to purchase 2 corsets (411 and either the 345 or 426, and 2 cinchers 403 and 103), so just want to be sure so I don’t have to exchange. Thanks!

          2. It’s the wider hip of 43″ (what we want is upper hip…so if that is your full hip that will change things). I think a 28 would be way too small. The reason the 426 will be a tough fit is your smaller underbust (there is a 7″ difference between the waist and the underbust of the 426). With a 35, 37 and 43 a size 30 should work well in the 411 and 345

      1. Thanks, I meant the 103/109 vs. 403 vs. 939 (not 409). Sorry for the confusion. I will definitely be getting the 411 for my gown. I was interested in one of the other three for everyday wear. Thanks!

        1. The 109 is a one piece pull on garment (the 103 wraps and fastens around just the abdomen). The 403 is very similar to the 103..with no outer layer to cover the rubber latex. The 939 has no rubber latex, just spandex and is slightly less firm than those products with rubber latex

  13. Heidi

    I would like to start waist training (the proper way) and Im assuming the proper way of doing so is getting measured for the right corset. I read that a corset cincher would be best for a short torso? (please correct me if I am wrong) but I would like to be measured. Do you have any recommendations ? Also, I went on your website and seen that orchard corset is in NYC I was wondering if you guys do measurements so I can swing by?

      1. Heidi

        Thank you Cheri, your response was so helpful that I decided to just purchase my corset online at orchard corset. I appreciate it.

  14. Kristen

    Hey I have a question. My body measurements are 43-36-46 and I ordered the 345 in a size 32. Would that be a good size or I should had ordered smaller for waist training?

    1. Hi Kristen,

      Are those your full bust and full hip. or your underbust and upper hip? That would make a difference between ordering the 30 and the 32-as would how soft vs squishy you are.

          1. Kristen

            Okay so how would I go about exchanging it for a smaller size? I will be recieving the package tomorrow.

  15. Kathryn

    I am 46 and my youngest child is 8 years old. Have I waited too long to start waist training. I am not really overweight, it’s just a tiny waist was my trademark 10 years ago and now it’s not……so I thought I might give it a shot unless I’m too old to see significant results. Any thoughts?

  16. Great Blog Cheri!
    You are right it is different for everyone, however as you have pointed out before, it really doesn’t take long for your body to reshape your “squishy” bits. For example, I bought two OC corsets CS-426 and cs-411 and a waist cincher after my first round of weight loss. I had never corseted before, but I noticed a wonderful difference in curvature right after seasoning my corset a few days. I started with a gap just past the full panel width, and wore corsets daily for at least a few hours. I gave up on the waist cincher which was too uncomfortable for me. It only took two months before I could almost close it, about a 1″ gap. I did another round of weight loss and by the time I reached 60-70 lbs I had a lot of extra “stuff” hanging about. I wondered how long it would take for my skin to reabsorb and even out. I believe the OC corsets really helped to accelerate this process. Only another two months later and things were smoothed out when I removed my corsets at night. It took me about 4 months to size down one size, since I ordered smaller to begin with. I’ve now maintained curvature nicely. I doubt I’ll get any smaller because I have a rather large rib cage and five months after my second round of corsets, I already see the corsets moulding around a protruding rib I’ve always had on one side. I’m now definitely a life-time corseter, 14 corsets in my closet and counting.

    I have spoken to other corset gals who turned onto this method, they report similar experiences, starting to see progressive results through 4-8 weeks of almost daily wear.

  17. Phyllis

    This sucks! It would be in everyones best interest to figure this question out. More people would buy. Especially if you can say which is better a waist cincher vs a coreset how long and how much better.

      1. Phyllis

        I don’t think you need a crystal ball. I think it takes a very long time and you don’t want say cause you know that. People buy corsets not knowing what to expect. Sales would skyrocket if you would take the time to come up with answers. Ijs

  18. Cmc

    How does the corset benefit my post baby body? I have read some customer reviews but it would amazing if we could have a topic on this!

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