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A New Overbust Corset at OC-the CS-530

Looking for the Perfect Overbust Steel Boned Corset?

Versatile, sexy and comfortable-CS-530

CS-530 in Black Brocade

Hello OC Blog Readers! I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a new overbust corset with plenty of style-and a design that will work for many different shapes and sizes. This double steel boned beauty boasts 24 spiral and flat steel bones to cinch, shape and support. We will initially offer this new style in a black and a white satin, black brocade and black with purple brocade. GORGEOUS!

The CS-530 is a little shorter than the CS-511, especially on the side as we cut the hip and out of this corset (similar to what we did with the CS-345) to allow a wider variety of body types to fit this corset (check out the video). The cup comes up high enough to keep the girls secure, and this height continues around the back to help avoid the under arm and back bulge. The dimensions are: Center Busk: 15″, Center Bustline: 16″, Side 11.5″, Back 12.5″. The bottom edge sits about where the 411 does (except the 530 has more of a point at the center) The Silhouette Level works for both a 2 and a 3 with the hip cutout. On the prototype size 22: Waist 22″, Bottom 31.5″, Top 30″.

The above photos feature the lovely Julie. We had several women here of different frames (but who all wear a size 22) try the sample black satin 530. It fit everyone: Alma with her slim build, Jasmine and her slim physique and shorter torso, and myself-full of ample curve and a longer torso. Admittedly I was unable to close the top as much (a definite “V” shape), but I do wear a 32 F cup!

But the higher cups would at least allow me to wear the corset for a special occasion.  It is a very comfortable corset to wear and we excited to have an alternative to the CS-511, as that is not a corset that works for everyone. Check out the stunning new CS-530 collection!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Beau

    Hey There,
    I recently received my gorgeous, satin cs511 in the mail (yay!) size 22. I have just started to season it (2nd wear today), and have all of the normal gaping around the top and bottom edges, and though I know that this is normal, i am slightly worried that due to my small-chested-ness (32b) I may not fill it out properly.
    I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but do the cups form around your breasts as the corset is seasoned in the same way that the body of the corset forms around your torso? This is my first overbust corset, and I cannot help but feel nervous that I wont be able to wear it as nicely as fuller busted women.
    if anything I can just combine it with a bra, but just wondering if you have any suggestions for those of us who are worrying about having too much room.
    thanks for everything! :))

    if they help, my measurements are 32″ bust, 29.5″ ub, 26.5″ waist, 33.5″ upper hip and 36.5″ lower hip

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Beau, you’re right on the cusp of the cup size for this corset. The cups won’t actually form to your breasts, but as you season it, the top of the corset will become more form fitting and that will definitely reduce the gapping. And as you mentioned, Wearing a pushup bra will also fill out the top of the corset!

  • Tina

    Hi Cheri,
    I am wanting to order my first corset. I am looking for an overbust corset but want to try to make sure I am ordering the right size. I am 5’3″. My measurements are:OB-39.5 , UB-34, NW-33, UH-39, Hip- 41.

    I was thinking the 530 or the 511 but not sure which would be better and was guessing at size 28


  • Shawnda Cox Pomana

    Hi Cheri ~

    I would love to purchase the CS-530 because I wear a white uniform everyday and am interested in waist training. Unfortunately for me, my measurements lend more toward a short torso. I’m 5’2″ , cup size DDD, overbust 42″, underbust 34″, waist 32″, hips 36″. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. I found your company while I was watching Lucy’s Corsetry on Youtube.

    Thank you so much ~ Shawnda

  • Brigid

    My measurements are 42.5 bust, 35 under bust, natural waist 32 (lot of fluff), and upper hip about 40″. What size would I wear in this.

  • Jordann

    Hi Cheri,
    First of all, I’m so excited to see an overbust corset for larger busts!! I’m still unsure if it will fit well though as I have a more extreme level of curves. My measures are bust 40 (32FF bra size), waist 29.5, and high hip 40. Any help is much appreciated!

  • Destiny

    Hi, I have always wanted to buy a corset and I have fallen in love with this one, however I have no idea what size to get! I have a full bust of 42″, my underbust is 34″, and my waist is 29″. What would you recommend?

  • Janet

    Hi Cheri,
    I own a CS-345 in a size 30 and it fits pretty well. I really wanted an overbust corset when I ordered this one, but the person I spoke with said all of the overbust ones were too long for me. The side measurement of the CS345 is a short (and perfect for me) 9 inches. I noticed that the measurements listed for the new CS500 is 11.5″. However, you responded another post where a woman mentioned her breast to lap measurement is 9″ and said the CS500 would be fine. I’m wondering how this works? I don’t want to be disappointed by another too-long overbust corset.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Janet…
      I just did a video today that will show how those compare. The side is that long..but it comes up higher under the arm as it is an overbust. It hits almost exactly how the 345 hits at the bottom!

      • Janet

        Thanks! I’ll check out the video, and my apologies, I just realized I wrote, “CS-500” rather than “CS530” on my previous post!

  • Lisa Ramnath

    Hi Cheri: i have a full bust of 44″, underbust of 36 1/4″, waist of 39″ and upper hip of 41. I usually wear a size 34 in the CS-411 and CS-301.
    What size in this new 530 would you recommend?

  • Pamela H

    Hi Cheri! I am wondering, can you do a comparison between a CS-411 and this CS-530 Overbust beauty? I just want to get an idea of how it will compare to my CS-411. Also I am running about a 47″ waist and was advised last winter to go with a 38″ in the CS-411. I wear a 42 DD bra, and not sure about my upper hip, I think it was like 51″ I’ll definitely retake my measurements when I am committing to adding a CS-530. Thanks for the wonderful posts about this long awaited new corset line!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Pamela,

      I will have a video out pretty soon for the 530, but it is closer to the 345 in shape than the 411. Depending on your upper hip measurement, I would think a 40 in the 530. However if you wear a 42DD bra, is your underbust just 42″? When your underbust is several inches smaller than your waist-corset sizing gets tricky. Although it matters less in the overbust models.

      • Pamela H

        Yep, just went in and rechecked it, 42″ underbust, rechecked the waist an it is still 47″, and and the Upper Hip is showing currently as 52″ but I’m kinda squishy…I really am looking forward to seeing this new video on the CS-530, I was thinking a 40″ in the 530 too, so that’s good to have that confirmed, Thank you Ms. Cheri! As always, I eagerly await your new videos and posts! ♥

  • janet

    i’m very excited to see a new overbust! is there any chance that this might fit me? i’ve got a huge full bust of 52″, underbust 41, waist 47, upper hip 52 (if i remember correctly – don’t have a tape measure handy but the above measurements are not more than 1″ off). my big challenge (literally) is supporting and covering the breasts. also i have a bulgy apron of fat after my c-sections, but i understand corsets pretty much don’t go down far enough to help. any thoughts on whether this would work? how about the 345 underbust? i believe my seated breast-to-lap measurement is 9″.

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