Say YES to Mesh! The CS-201 Wasp Waist Mesh Corset

Perfect Summer Accessory

CS-201 Steel Boned Mesh Corset

mesh 201 black cropHello OC Blog Readers! I love that I get to write about so many new and fantastic corset offerings we have at Orchard Corset. This will quickly become a fan favorite-especially for those living in hot climates. Who wants to wear a multi-layered corset in triple digit temperatures ? Rejoice and put away your electric fans and spray bottles-the mesh corset has arrived!

This ridiculously comfortable corset boasts 16 (yes, I think I said 14 in the video) flat and spiral steel bones, 6 panels, strong polyester mesh with 100% cotton trim, modesty panel and boning channels. This corset is similar to our CS-301 wasp waist but measures 9.75″ at the front bust, 7″ on the side and 8.5″ at the center back. Initially we will offer this in sizes 18-40. Ween fully closed the top edge will measure about 4.5″ more than the waist and the bottom edge 10 inches.

201 video

The 201 has a great level 3 curve, but just like our 301, the shorter style allows most body types to wear this corset (unless you have a really short torso, then you will need some natural curve). The single layer mesh lays so well across every curve that the corset seems to run “big”. Most of us here are able to size down one sizeย on our initial wear than other corset styles. I believe this is due to the fact that the corset molds so closely to your own shape without any gapping.


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70 Responses

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  2. Jaylynn Garrell

    Does a mesh steel boned corset still work for waist training though?

    I’m considering buying one but want to make sure it still does the same thing. I want this one specifically though since the middle seems to look smaller and that hourglass shape is exactly what I want to see in my results.

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  5. Sarah

    I love my 201, but any chance of your making a level 4 in the future? I want a smaller waist but can’t size down or it won’t fit my ribs and hips.

  6. Kate

    I got the 18″ as it was recommended to me (27 underbust / 24 waist / 31 upper hip) and the ribs seem very small indeed. If I wear the corset properly to season, the modesty panel does not cover at the top. I believe I could get it to reach if I pulled it tight at the top, but obviously I want to avoid damaging it, especially if it ends up being too small. Does the corset “stretch” at the top at all? It’s been years since I seasoned an OTR corset and I’m a little rusty. It fits well enough in the waist and hip, but the gap at the ribs concerns me. Should I return & size up?


  7. Sarah O.

    Will you guys be carrying a size 16 in the 201?
    A cotton 411 size 18 is comfortable to me so i was wondering if i coud size down with this corset.

        1. Brynn

          When will the Mesh Corset come in other colors. We were told beige would be available in Aug. Now that this has passed any closer to becoming available?

          1. Red is here now (in some sizes) we hope to have the rest here today and should be available for purchase later today. Beige is still a few weeks out in the 201-but the mesh 411 is expected this week (and it will be in beige as well as black and red)

  8. Emma

    I already have one and love it, it actually fits almost like a full sized corset on me, not like a waspie because I’m kinda small. Is this suitable for waist training?

  9. I’m waiting for one that’s a tad bit longer, similar to the CS-411. Wish they came out sooner, we are on the back end of summer ๐Ÿ™ I’m definitely purchasing black but white would also be nice. Nude or tan doesn’t work for every skin color. Let me know when the longer ones are available and thank you for the new addition!!

  10. SO excited about the 426 I could SQUEAK, and how nice that one can sign up for stock updates. You guys are knocking OTR corset sales, service, customer response, education and marketing out of the park.

  11. Gwyneth

    Please do save me a size 24 mesh waspie as soon as it arrives back in stock. I deliberated just a few hours and the last replenishment shipment of 24s was sold out. I have completed the notification form. Thanks.

  12. Connie

    Hi, Cheri. My mesh 201 woked wonderfully last night. I danced for 4 hours, and my corset did not get drenched! Will definitely order in another color.

  13. Luna

    Hi, this may seem like an odd question, but is the mesh supportive enough for people who are squishier? I’m looking to buy one in a size 30 or 32, and am wondering if I would end up with the boning part pushing in to me and the mesh not being strong enough to prevent my chub from sticking out between the boning lines? I hope this makes sense. I love this corset but am worried it won’t be as flattering as a corset with a thicker sturdier material at my size.

    1. Hi Luna,

      We have not heard otherwise from anyone yet! We also have even heavier boned mesh coming in late August (in a 411-like design and hopefully in the 426 as well). We have sold several up to a size 40 in the 201.

  14. Jordan Noble

    I’m definitely purchasing this soon. I’ve needed something lighter for the summer heat. I hope you guys will offer this in white.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      We are working on the 426-like version as we speak (or type). I have made some changes to the first prototype and am waiting on the second prototype ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Connie

    Hi, Cheri. I received my first corset CS411 June 25th and I just love it!!! So, as soon as the Waspie Mesh (201) became available, I ordered one in size 24 and got it July 1st. Both corsets are gorgeous and I know I will be ordering more. I AM HOOKED! Thank you for making such wonderful products.

  16. Ummi

    I was wondering my waist size is 43 and i see that the size 40 corset is available i wanted to wear it inside my dress just for curve is it possible to get a curve if i buy that size( the hour glass curve)

  17. Emmy

    Hello, Cant wait to get my hands on this!!! Will the mesh still work for waist training? Is it durable for every day use?
    Thank you!

      1. Sarah

        I have been stalking your store all week waiting for you to add this…any news on the actual release date? The wait is killing me!

  18. Laurel

    Oh my goodness I want this like nobody’s business. Finally a shorter level 3! And it’s mesh! Ahhhhh! I’m so excited. I’m getting one no matter what.

  19. Deb

    Could the difference in sizing be due to the fact that with a single layer mesh, you don’t have the bulk of all the layers, and that would allow for a smaller measurement? I’m very excited to see mesh offerings – hoping a 426 version is available soon!

    1. The inside measurement is still the same… so I am not sure. It is just worth nothing if you are close to sizing down in a current model before you order. And yes…we will have a longline version available we hope this summer. The mesh is a little trickier to work with so we want to make sure it is right first!

      1. Brynn Riss

        OMGoodness, this beauty must have sold out (in my sizes 30-32) within minutes! I have been vigilant watching, waiting and checking to jump on this gem. But by the time I noticed it was gone. I am so sad. I must own this beauty, somehow? When will the stock be replenished?

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