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Corset 101: An In-Depth Look at the CS-426

CS-426 Longline Double Steel Boned Corset:

What you need to know!

CS_426_Maroon_Mad2086fHello OC Blog Readers! As my faithful readers know, I have struck many a keystroke attempting to explain corset sizing and corset styles as they pertain to sizing and body types. Am I tall enough? long enough? curvy enough? too curvy?  So before you try to break in a brand new CS-426, here is the 426 break down!

The CS-426 is a longline double steel boned underbust corset. It is also a very popular corset for waist training. It has 24 spiral and flat steel bones wrapped up in several layers of fabric. The 426 features and highly contoured underbust and full hip flare and high back support.  Many of you have watched the video to help you decide if you have the length for this longline, and perhaps you have watched the video to help determine if you have the hips for the 426-but the curve goes both up and down on this popular and dramatic corset.

Here is how it breaks down. When the corset is fully closed, the top edge will measure about 7″ wider than the waist and the bottom edge 12″ wider. So in the example above, if you have a size 24 CS-426 and it is fully closed (and evenly laced) from top to bottom, the top edge will be 31″, waist 24″ and bottom edge 36″. This is why many women (and men) with long torsos are still not able to don the prized 426. You need a fair amount of natural curve or some significant fluff with at least some curve-or you will have large gaps at the top and bottom of your corset. OF course we now offer a fantastic hybrid…the CS-345. This amazing new style combines the longline look of the 426, but with a cutout hip to allow for a shorter torso and you don’t have to have a large hip spring to wear.

Here is a common scenario: Customer measurements are 36″, 39″, and 42″ (underbust, waist and upper hip, respectively).  She has the length and really wants the CS-426. With these measurements we would recommend a size 32 in the CS-345 or CS-411 or even the CS-305 in a size 34 (and of, course the new CS-301 works for everyone). She asks…why can’t I just size down to a 28 so it will fit at the top and bottom? Well…corsets aren’t designed to lace in an extreme ( ), which is what will happen and the boning will warp in the back.

But just because you don’t have the curves to wear the 426 now doesn’t mean it’s out of your league forever. Many people find they are able to begin with the 411 or 305 and train their waist down far enough that they can move into the 426 (assuming the length is there).  Remember waist training does not train down your hips or ribs (beyond your bottom two floating ribs), so just your waist whittles down….eventually providing you with the curve you need to rock the CS-426!

UPDATE: If you just don’t have the torso length for the CS-426, be sure to have a look at the CS-426 Short!


I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Sage

    Hi, i bought the CS 426 short size 24 about a week ago, i am still seasoning it, but i realize that there is still a big gap and puffiness at the bottom( hip) and top( burst), almost as if is too big. I am wondering if maybe i should have bought another corset. Waist: 29, U: 31, high hip: 36. Thank you

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Sage, I think the size is okay at a 24, but perhaps you don’t have enough natural curve to fill out the 426 short, although based on your measurements it SHOULD work for you so it wouldn’t surprise me if it fits you great by the time you’re done seasoning it. The CS 201, CS 345 and CS 411 would all work for you as well and they don’t come down around your hips like the 426 does, so you wouldn’t need as much natural curve to fill them out. Let us know how the 426 does after another few days of seasoning though.

  • Zoe

    I really want to start waist training but I’m not sure which corset to start with. My meausrements are W: 27.2inch H: 31.5 inch UB: 28 inch and I’m only 5 foot. I love the shape of the 426 underbust but don’t know whether this will be best suited to me as I’m so short. Please help, I’d love to get a corset!
    Zoë x

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Zoe! You don’t have quite enough natural curve for the 426. I think our CS 305 in a size 22 would be good start to waist training for you. Once you have achieved a little more curve (due to a reduction in your waist) you should be able to wear the 411 or 201. Right now I think you would end up with some gapping at the top and bottom of the corsets with a more exaggerated curve.

  • miranda

    Hi there!
    I really want to start waist training, but I don’t know which corset to start in.
    Under bust-38 in
    Waist-38 in
    Upper hip- 50 in

    I am very squishy in the tummy and hips. So I’m concerned about fitting properly and back bulge. Also can I wear a corset while working a physical job?

    Thank you so so much for reading!!!!!


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Miranda,

      I think a size 30 in the CS-426 short will be better at a physical job as you will more freedom of movement and still get good back coverage 🙂 The 426 hiptie will fit better as you have an ample upper hip. You will find the regular and short 426 will have an “A” shape to the laces with those measurements so season carefully.

  • Valerie C.

    I’m seasoning two corsets right now. One is a cs426 in black cotton and the other is a cs411 in black leather. I have the curves to fill out both of them and I am following the seasoning instructions from your videos. My question is this how do I know when I’m done seasoning my corset and how do I know if there is an issue with the seasoning process. I noticed the boning in the back of both corsets where the grommets are are slightly bent outward to accommodate my ample rear. Is this normal or am I pulling too tight and how do I know if I’m pulling my corset to tight? Lots of questions I know but I would appreciate your help. Thank you! My measurement are below.

    Upper bust: 42
    Waist: 43
    Upper hip: 60
    Torso: 13

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Valerie,

      I think you are doing a great job. You will find with those measurements that your laces will have an “A” shape to them as you have more curve than the corset. We are working on a corset with level 4 hip curve to it-and when that is available it would be worth trying :). The leather will season faster than the cotton, and really you will find them warming up to your shape. Continue to add time and pressure (until you reach your desired cinch factor) over the course of a week or more depending on how well you adapt to the process.

  • Linda

    Hi, I own a cs- 411 from you and i have closed it completely and I’ve lost weight. So, i was wondering if i size down could i wear the cs- 426 short . my measurements now are UB 29,W 271/2,HH 34,LH37. help please my seated torso is 9.5.

  • shakima1

    Hi I would like to by a corset for waist training. My belly hangs over my upper which make it difficult to measure torso height. my measurements are
    UB 37.5
    Waist 41.5
    Hips 43

    As mentioned above, My belly sticks out so I don’t think my torso length measurement is accurate I’m getting 14 straight down the middle from under my breast to the end of my belly hang. Which corset should I start my training with and what size?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Shakima-Based on the measurements you gave me I would recommend a CS-301 in a size 32.  You may also be able to wear the CS-411 or CS-345 in a size 32 but there is a chance you may have some gapping at your under bust because your waist measurements is larger than your under bust.  If you are squishier in the stomach area there is a chance any extra squish will be redistributed to fill in the gapping but I can not guarantee it.  The CS-301 is our 8 inch waspie and does not come to the under bust area therefore gapping is not a concern. Hope that is helpful!

  • stephanie

    my measurments are 32 natural waist—- 33 under bust—- 35 upper hip. Im also 5 feet tall what are some suggestions on th ebest corset for serious waist training

  • Tamiya

    Okay I just did my measurments.
    Under bust 33.5
    Waist 31
    Hips 34

    What type and size of corset should I get? I was looking at the CS-305!

  • Kaala Kauhane

    Hello, I am interested in an under bust corset for waist training and posture support. I am 5’6” and 175 lbs. My measurements are:

    Bust 42”
    Under bust 36”
    Waist 36”
    Length of waist (under bust to lower ab) 11”
    Hips 43”

    I would like a longer corset to fit over my lower tummy since I have most of my weight there from my baby. This would be my first time using a corset and to the concept of waist training, so any recommendations and tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Leah138

    Thank you for putting this article together and posting, very helpful. I really like having a longer, just over the hip, length and have exactly a 12 inch difference from waist to hip, however my ribcage vs. waist is only a 4 inch difference. 34 1/2 rib, 30 waist, 42 hip. My torso is plenty long enough but sadly I don’t feel my top half is curvy enough for this BEAUTIFUL style. Might you suggest a better fit? Incidentally I wear a 36 DD in bras, a 34 is uncomfortable even on last hook. I mention this as I hope it will help better determine/picture my body type and size. Thank you so much for your time.

  • Blackkitty

    Great. After I read all the charts, asked for advice on the sizing blog and spent a month’s salary to buy one of these that turned out huge in the underbust, now you realized it would be a good idea to tell people that the underbust is 7″ bigger than the waist, not 5-6″ like it said on the shop page when I bought it…

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Blackkitty,

      Where did you read that? I just checked all the 426 sizing guidelines and they all say 6-7″ (the difference is mostly in how you choose to measure the corset-why I provide a variable).

      • Blackkitty

        I noticed that page was updated, too, since I bought the corset last autumn. It definitely said 6″, I paid close attention because I’m in Europe and returns are too expensive. I also checked with you on the sizing post from this blog. My corset was 7 1/2″ bigger than the waist, 1″ bigger than my natural ribcage.

  • Lisa

    I am really interested in purchasing a corset! My measurements are: NATURAL WAIST-33.5, UNDER BUST-31, UPPER HIP-38. What size do you suggest & which style, 426 or 411?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lisa,

      I think a size 26 or 28 (depending on if you are more soft than firm ) in the 411 or the new CS-345 will work well for you. The 426 I think has too much curve at the top edge and hip spring for you. If you have a longer torso (and are more on the squishy side) then size down to the 26.

  • Louise

    Hi! I have an under bust of 30″, waist is 29″ and hip 41″- my torso is long enough for a 426 I think, but what size should I go for? I’m quite an extreme pear shape! Thanks 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Louise,

      Is the 41″ your upper or full hip? What I need is your upper hip measurement. I think a size 24 in the 426 will work for you. My only concern is that it might be a little loose at the top edge.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Cheri, I would really like this corset as it is the perfect length for me – most are too short both top and bottom so what a find!
    However I am also pretty curvy. Uncorseted measurements;
    UB: 36″
    Waist: 36″
    High hip: 43″
    Low hip: 47″
    I am also squishy, I can reduce to 30″ pretty easily (yay for no abs?) so I am worried I would end up with the lacing gap / \

    What would you recommend?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You might want to order that in a 28 actually. You probably have a little fluff on your hip…so you will get some reduction in that region. The 28 will measure 40″ at the bottom really not too small at all. The top edge about 35..almost too big for your underbust. The 28 should push some of your tummy weight into the top edge of the corset to help fill that out.

  • celesteyay

    I bought the CS 426 Longline before I read this blog and didn’t realize that I was getting a long corset but once I figured that out I just measured myself and figured that my proportions are close enough for it. I just got my package tonight and am breaking it in and it fits GREAT when I am standing up but I have a little trouble when I’m sitting down.

    If I sit down towards the edge of my seat, the corset still fits perfectly but if I sit farther back in a chair (or, haha, on a toilet) the bottom of the corset digs into my thighs and bend the bones of the front of the corset a bit. Is this normal? With my improved posture I really don’t mind just skootching forward in chairs when I wear my corset, but I was wondering if this is a sign of a bad fit?

    • Cheri Dudek

      It sounds like it is a tad too long for you :). It will only be bad for the corset if you bend the bones at the bottom. If you like how it fits otherwise just be careful and perhaps get a shorter corset (like the 411) to wear when you have to do a lot of sitting.

  • Lorraine

    This is great info. I would like to suggest you add the waist to top and waist to bottom info on your product page for all your corset styles. This vertical measurements can be helpful in finding the right style. I didn’t realize for a while that my CS426 is too short and too long at the same time. I’m low waisted. From waist to top is about 8 inches but from waist to lap is about 5.5. So while my torso length it’s longer than the 426 it’s still a little hard to sit down with it and when i sit it tends to want to ride up. I have a weird body.

  • Kelly V.

    I have not purchased a corset yet, but I have diastasis recti from my big monster baby boy (now 5!) and my abdomen has never recovered. I know I can’t achieve the flat stomach I once had despite trying every workout plan, personal training, planks, etc. My doctor told me surgery could repair the separated muscle but I will not go under the knife unless its a medical emergency which it is not. How can I properly measure for a brandy new corset and will a corset be able to help flatten my poofy abs? 😉 I have had waist cinchers in the past but they do not help with a poofy gut, they just smooth it out. Not expecting miracles here, but a little self confidence would really help me out. Thank you in advance. 🙂 Kelly

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kelly,

      I am not sure how the corset will work for you. But I would think you would measure like anyone else would measure for a corset. I would be happy to help you with sizing once I get those measurements.

      • Kelly V.

        Yes please, Thank you Cheryl! So far I have measured my natural waist (at the bend) at 38″, my underbust is 34″, and my higher hip area is 40″. I don’t know how to measure for torso length.

      • Kelly V.

        I’m just re-posting this in case no one saw it. Impatient much? (Maybe corseting is not for me) Lol!
        Yes please, Thank you Cheryl! So far I have measured my natural waist (at the bend) at 38″, my underbust is 34″, and my higher hip area is 40″. I don’t know how to measure for torso length.

  • Cammy K.

    Those starting measurement are exactly What I started with and I indeed ended up with a 28 inch 426. I do have significant fluff from a lot of weight loss but after a week of seasoning I don’t have gaps and my laces are vertical. I had minor curving of the bones at the waistline, a quarter inch gap in alignment but it hasn’t progressed and I am comfortable enough to sleep overnight in my corset as well as about 8 hours a day. So I have to say if you are a fluffy person and losing weight I’m not sure why the 426 is wrong. Mine conforms beautifully. I’ve lost 5 lbs and almost 5 inches of my waist during my break in week.

    • Cammy K.

      Ps. It’s not my hip bones filling in the gaps, it’s pudge. I do believe as I lose that pudge the 426 will not fit anymore because my hip bones aren’t wide. But I found the 411 at this weight to be terribly uncomfortable because when my waist was comfortably cinched the edges hit in very fatty areas causing unsightly rolls and discomfort. In my experience all the pre planning size questions and answers were no substitute for actually trying on the different corsets in different models and sizes. Yes it’s meant spending a fair bit of time and money on return shipping but in the end I’m over the moon with the results. I originally asked about coming out to Wenatchee because I knew with my previous weight loss history and loose skin/pudge I’d be a tough fit. Hopefully when the time comes for new corsets they’ll extend me that courtesy.. 🙂

  • olgis18

    Hello I want to buy a corset but I am not sure which one to get . I am not a curvy girl but I carry all my weight on my belly area . I do have a long torso it’s 11 long
    My waist size is 33

  • Hannah

    Thanks for posting this. I have really wanted a 426 and I have the length for it, but as it turns out, I don’t think I have the curves. I have been losing some weight and also doing some pilates to trim down some post-partum belly (okay, okay, my “baby” is nearly 3… it’s still post-partum belly). I have a 34″ underbust, a 34″ waist, and as of today, 38″ hips. I know I’ll need a size 28, but it kind of seems like a size 28 cs-426 will remain too big in the bust/hips. I know a size 26 will be too small in the waist. I’m hoping to be able to get down small enough in the waist to be able to enjoy a cs-426 before too long. 🙂

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