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Corsets and Shoes and Garters-OH MY!

The Ultimate Pin Up Experience

Hello Guys and Dolls! I had the most AMAZING experience last weekend and I had absolutely feel compelled to share it with our readers!  Orchard Corset and Old School Pin Ups have enjoyed a great relationship with our shared love of corsets and Rago Shapewear, but I had never had the pleasure of meeting Trixie and Lance and seeing the studio until I made the short trek (~2.5 hours) over to Seattle on Saturday.

pike placeTrixie and I have chatted much over emails…and I suspected would love her. I had no idea, however, just how fabulous and full of life she is until meeting her in person. My boyfriend, Gary, and I made our way up to the studio located right in the heart of the world-famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle on Post Avenue. Lance Wagner, photographer extraordinaire, was there to welcome us with his warm, gentle smile and professional demeanor.

I left Gary to chat with Lance while Trixie escorted me to her wardrobe and make up “boudoir” (OK, so it’s a just a room separated by a velvet curtain-but it was so “boudoirlicious”!).  Trixie has such a collection of corsets, bustiers, shoes, bras, panties, dresses and accessories that Victoria’s Secret would be jealous. Believe me when I tell you there is something for everyone and everyBODY! But first…we need hair and makeup.

curly cheriTrixie is an absolute genius with hot rollers-I had no idea my hair could do that! I really felt like an Old School Hollywood starlet.  Add some false lashes, garters and stockings and sensational shoes and I was in a time warp.  Trixie doesn’t allow her clients to do what we women do all too often-put ourselves down and pick apart our bodies.  She truly believes all women are beautiful, radiant beings-and she will have you believing the truth in that as well.

Now this transformation from modern woman to vintage pin-up takes some time…but you will love every minute of Trixie’s pampering! During this time Lance will is prepping and lighting sets. Did I mention there are many retro “sets” to choose from? Pink Poodle Kitchen, Tiki Room, Bachelor Pad, Round Vegas Bed,Bamboo Lounge, World of Tomorrow and more. (Now might be a good time to mention Old School Pin Ups also does a Retro Photography for couples and families – I can see next year’s family Christmas card-as the Cleavers. But I digress.) Lance is a master with camera and lighting. I almost enjoyed watching him work his magic as  I did watching Trixie work hers on me.

Now ladies, if you are concerned that will be embarrassed or too shy to parade around in garters and ruffle panties-don’t be! Trixie is your own personal cheerleader, and Lance has such a calm, quiet professionalism about him that puts you at ease immediately. He has a long resume and the quality of his photography is unparalleled.  Almost before you are redressed in your modern attire, Lance will have selected a bevy of beautiful photographs for your approval. The whole experience was so much more than I could ever have imagined or hoped it would be.

If you live anywhere near Seattle-GO! And if you don’t, well it has much to offer as a vacation destination and Old School Pin Ups is at the top of that list!

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