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Hello OC Blog Readers! I am so excited to write this blog and share this amazing news! Jeff, OC owner, has decided to do something amazing for our wonderful fans and customers to bring in the New Year. We have been blessed this year at Orchard Corset and we want to say THANK YOU to all of you!

jeffs video giveaway

We are suspending our Weekend Corset Giveaways for the month of January. WHAT?! I can almost hear the gasps of shock and horror! Don’t despair OC Family-because instead we will be giving away one corset EVERY DAY in the month of January. You will only need to enter once during the month as we will do a selection every day using entries from the entire month.

Amazing, right? But there is MORE. On the 31st of January we will be selecting one lucky fan to be an OC VIP. That’s right-an all expenses paid trip to OC Headquarters in Wenatchee, WA USA!


You read that right-3 days (almost) and 3 nights in beautiful Wenatchee from April 16-19, 2014. Well how can I enter?, you ask. Simple-when you enter for the corset-a-day giveaway you will have an opportunity to enter the OC VIP contest as well. We are asking for a short essay (150 words or less) to tell us “Why you would like to be an OC VIP.”

All the rules and eligibility requirements will be posted on the entry page once the contest launches January 1st. Good Luck and Happy New Year to ALL!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Vicki

    Just wanted to let you know how happy and excited I am with the two corsets that I have purchased. Only after breaking them in over the last few weeks, I can already tell a difference
    in my waist and my husband is so supportive and beyond belief how quickly it seems to be working. Cheri, who we spoke with was so nice and patient in helping me determine the size
    that I needed to order. She is an asset to your company and we have watched several of her
    informative videos. Orchard Corset is certainly a company that I can recommend for their products and service.

  • Janet Foster

    Waiting for delivery of my first two corsets and can hardly wait! I just entered the January contest. Here’s hoping I am chosen to attend Corsets 101 and plant tour in WA. That would be the first step in becoming the U.S. Corset Ambassador – bringing corsets to the masses! 🙂

  • Hipriestessluv

    With the vast abundance of corsets a girl can only dream of owning a different corset to wear every day. Being an OC VIP that dream may become a reality. There’s a corset for every occasion; different colors and fabric designs. With me planning my 35th birthday this year and becoming engaged(he’s trying to keep it a secret but he’s not good at surprises) everyday feels like a fairy tale so why not be fancy with a flirty corset.

  • Jewell Davis

    What a great company. Like I said in my 150 word essay, I love what this company stands for. I see the pictures of the ladies in there corsets and Orchard Corset uses all shapes and sizes for their models which is positive reinforcement for ladies that are more curvey than others. Alot of big girls are ahamed of their bodies because the media usually only show a certian type of model but Orchard Corset shows that no matter what your size you can be beautuful and sexy, even a Pin Up! We need more companies to follow this standard becuase our younger generation only knows what it sees.

  • Denise Oneal

    I received my first order today. I’m completely addicted. I watched many videos, and read many blogs about the proper way to put it on. I had absolutely no problem. My problem now though, is now having to take it off. I’ve had it on for 4 1/2 hours, and can hardly bring myself to do it. It is so supportive and comfortable, and feels so natural. Thank you, thank you. I’m in love.

  • Melissa McBroom

    This is such a great idea OC! I love your regular give aways but to have the chance to go there and see you all is awesome! I just hope you will let me come all the way from Australia! Please!!


    i have been looking for a site like OC for years,now that i have it`s even better, thanks for the site and the wonderful products !!

  • Violet Hayes

    I’m SO excited about this contest! Not only would I love to win a corset but I would LOVE to win the trip! All my fans are loving the beautiful corset I own and I can’t wait to expand my collection this month.

  • Laura Garrett

    I would love to win one as it’s not in mly budget for awhile. Things are tough right now. O.C. has some really beautuful corsets.

  • geraldinetg

    would love to win a trip to your headquarters especially to meet Danielle and Cheri who is 2 of the most helpful people that I have chatted with on what type of corset is best for me and also on sizing

  • Jill Burgett

    I would like to be a OC VIP due to I love the Product and these corsets have been so helpful after my accident. I am pain free when I use them. I love how they are made and I would love to see the company who has been instrumental in getting me out of pain. Your staff is wonderful, they really know their stuff and help all of us who are lost and confused as to what to purchase and what size. I would love to say thank you in person.

  • Megan

    I live in Wenatchee! I would love to win a corset, because I am too poor to afford a second corset. I love my new Orchard corset that I got for Christmas! 🙂

  • Chantel Parker

    I absolutely Love OC! Your customer service is outstanding, your products are great and I just Iove how I look in my corset! I tell people about OC everywhere I go. I’d love to win a trip to WA being that I don’t get to travel much! Keep up the Excellent work OC!

    One Very Satisfied Customer

  • Rob Lewis

    Totally Awesome…. I was born in Richland & would love to visit Orchard Corset & meet the man who founded such an Awesome line of corsets. I am working on saving for my first Orchard Corset and am planning on sparing no expense since I want the best looking, fitting and physically helpful corset I can get. I am going to get one custom made for my measurements & situation, which will include a corset with straps that laces all the way up to the back of my neck, in Black & Purple. I also plan to purchase many more after that & refer many new customers to Orchard Corset…..

  • tami bates

    i think a trip is a wonderful giveaway. but i wouldnt know how to even go that far,LOL so ill just enter for the corsets 🙂

  • Kerry Bligh

    You all are FAB. Great customer service via FB – I just ordered my first ensemble yesterday and. Am looking to getting several mote items. I’ve also shared you on my 5.5 k page on FB a couple of times because my fans deserve to know about your wonderful line. Thanks so much – looking forward to.many more corsets! 🙂

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