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Corset 101: Too Little Curve or Too Much Curve

Does This Corset Make My Hips Look Big?

Or do my hips make this corset look big?

skylar-426-white-red-braHello OC Blog Readers! This is an extension of our Goldilocks video blog, but this time we are concentrating on the style or shape of the corset. Sometimes the corset is the right size, but wrong style. This happens most with our 426, which is not only longer but has a very large hip spring. Smaller women with smaller hips will find they have a gap at the bottom edge. Even with my hips (full hip 41″ and upper hip 37″), I can easily fully close the bottom of my 426, but not the waist (27.5″) of my size 22.

The opposite can happen with the CS-305 Silhouette Level 1 Corset. My hips are bit too big for this corset. I can wear it, but I usually size up to a 24 so that it doesn’t feel too tight against my hips. Women or men with smaller hips and a larger rib cage will often find the CS-411 or CS-305 more comfortable to wear upside down.

Fuller figured women with enough “squish” will find that they don’t need to worry about not enough hip, as the corset will redistribute the weight from the tummy to fill out the corset. But our smaller ladies and lads do need to consider their hip-waist ratio when ordering a corset-especially if you are more firm than soft. ย However, our plus size beauties with full hips (higher hip-waist ratio) will need to be sure they are choosing a corset with ample curve. (We hope to have a Level 4 summer/fall 2014 ~ fingers crossed.)

hip video
Check out my video!

For example, someone with a 45″ waist and an upper hip measurement of 48 inches will not have trouble filling out the CS-426 (assuming they have the torso length) in a size 36 or 38 depending on corset use and goals. But this same person could wear the CS-411 or the CS-305 as well. On the flip side the same 45″ with a 56″ upper hip will need the larger hip spring offered by the 426.

It’s important to remember off-the-rack corset sizing is not an exact science. The sizing experts here school-girl-corsets-cropat Orchard Corset do the best that we can with the information we get from our customers. So much can depend on personal tolerances for compression, your goals for your corset, what you wear under your corset, the “squish vs firm” factor and the list goes on. Take the time to get accurate measurements and look at the shape and dimensions listed for each of our styles, while considering your desired results. And of course-we are always happy to help here at OC-check us out on Live Chat or email!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Paula

    Hi I’m having a difficult time deciding on a corset that would be right for me.
    I was wondering if you could help me.
    My measurements are

    Underbust: 28 inches
    Waist: 26 inches
    Hips: 31.5 inches

    I have my eye on CS-426 Short. Would that be a good fit for me? Or would it be to curvy for me?

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Paula

      It is sometimes a challenge to find the perfect fit but we try our best to help with that. Thanks for sharing your measurements. I would also like to know your torso length measurement in order to better determine a great style for you. Based on what you have shared I would recommend a size 22 in our 201 and 411 styles. The 426 Short in your size would likely leave you with gapping at the top and bottom of the corset with it’s extreme curve. I hope this is helpful and you are able to select a lovely corset soon!

  • Katie

    Hi I’m desperate to buy a corset so I thought I’d come to the experts! Mud measurements are;

    Underbust : 27 inches
    Waist : 23 inches
    Upper hip: 31 inches
    I’m confused as to which size I would be aiming for as I’m also 5″4. I am naturally skinny with slight curve but I’m desperate to get that hourglass shape. Could you also tell me what kind of bone you use and how many? I defiantly don’t want a full bust and I’m assuming from my height I’d need a short corset- which I think looks fabulous anyway!
    Many thanks, kate.

  • Vitz

    I really want to get into corset training but I feel like my measurements are so awkward that I will have such a hard time finding the correct size. My under bust measures at 37.5, my natural waist is 38.5 and my upper hip at 48…my hips at 53.5. I have recently started with a work out clincher…I ordered a size 3x according to the sites sizing chart (not orchard) and straight out of the packaging I am on the second row of hooks and it folds up in the back because of my bottom. I know work out cinchers and corsets are constructed differently so I reaaally hope that there is a corset out there for my body type. Also, i measure 10” from under bust to hip bone and I am 5’5 if that helps any โ˜บ

  • SavannahPolson

    Hello, I’m looking at the cs 426 and the cs 411. I’m not sure if I have enough curve for the 426 my busy waist hip measurements are 34 23-24 34. Do I have enough curve for the 426 or should I go with the 411? I’m long enough for the 426

  • katie

    Hi recently I’ve been doing some research and thinking about trying waist training with corsets but I’m not sure I’m a very good candidate. I’m very fluffy but I still have a fairly small waist compared to my hips after I had my children I have a horrible mothers apron so would waist training even be a good idea for me? And could it help that part of me not look so blah or will it just help my waist?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Katie,

      For the most part, steel boned corsets are designed to pull in the waist and create an hourglass shape. Many women find combining shapewear (worn underneath the corset) helps hold in the mother’s apron while waist training.

  • heather

    I am having a hard time deciding on a corset. I REALLY WANT one! but I am so scared to get the wrong size. I am around a 38 under bust, 39-39 1/2 natural waist, a 41 1/2 upper hip, 42 full hip 12 1/2 torso length. I have a lot of fluff on my upper back and on my stomach. but not a whole lot on my sides though,and large love handles with high hip bones. very odd shaped. I was thinking a 305 or 411. love the shape of the 426 but know its not for me, Thank you!!!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Heather, I’d suggest that you look at the 411 or the 345 in a size 32. The 345 in particular might interest you because it has a very high back and the sides are contoured up over the hips. Have a look and let us know how it works out!

  • KOMakeup

    This article contradicts EVERYTHING I was told on the phone before ordering. So I have the option to now exchange and lose over 3 weeks of training to do so….. I think I will do my business with companies who understand how to train ALL Employees in the same manner so they are not giving out misinformation. NEVER again. Now my hips are squishing out the 345 despite me saying repeatedly I have a long torso and most corsets are too short. “Trust us” I trusted you, but wasted my time in doing so and OF COURSE the exchange form stays “loading” and you can not reuse it twice, so enjoy my money. I will be sure to tell everyone I know to stay away from buying here.

    • Amy Lewis

      Kim, I am so sorry that your experience with us so far hasn’t been up to our usual standards. We take great pride in our customer service here and we definitely want to make things right for you whether its an exchange or a full refund. We have a 30 day no hassle return policy and we stand by it. I couldn’t find you in our system with the email that you have used here, so I will shoot you a note to get things straightened out, no muss, no fuss!

  • Kimmie :)

    Hello OC’s!
    How is the level 4 designing going??? ??? ???
    Do you have an update?
    I really hope you’re still going ahead with it! *fingers crossed*

    ….. I’m loving the hip ties… but I don’t have the length in my torso for the long line…. ;(
    Please, please, make a short version!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Too excited!

  • Julie Ferguson


    I am considering purchasing a CS-411, but before I do, I have a question. I am short waisted and have an abdominal apron that droops down a bit, I am very concerned that it will look bad and squish out of the bottom of the short corset. Is there a way to prevent this from occurring? Thank you in advance

  • Cheri H

    Hello Cheri, I ordered my first corset this week. I’m not sure if I got the right size or if it’s suppose to fit like this. I ordered CS-345 in s size 32. My measurements are UB-35, NW- 37, UpH- 41/42, also Torso length 13. Am I suppose to be able to close the modesty panel all the way? Also is the 426 longer in the front ? I need more stomach coverage

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cheri,

      The 426 is longer-and that corset sounds too big for you (a 30 would be better). I am not sure the 426 will, even if we size down to a 30 as it top and bottom edge will be too big and your laces will do this (). If you think you are squishy enough, you could try a 426 in a size 28.

      • Cheri H


        Let me clarify, I am not able to close the modesty panel. In fact I have a little part at the bottom that the modesty panel does not cover. I wanted to know if this size 32 is to small because I am a pear shape with a large hips. Again my measurements are 35-37-41/42. I got the CS-345

  • Joyce

    Hello, looking for corset model choice advice! I think I am a poster child for the 411 curve; but I am fairly muscular (for a woman), so I am not sure. For reference, Timeless Trends corsets are too narrow for me in any size (I have tried 22 and 24; 22 hurt in the hips and the 24 gapped everywhere but the waist). I am 30″ underbust, 26″ natural waist, and 36″ in the full hip (I think that is about 7″ from my waist – where IS the upper hip measurement taken from on the body?). I am interested in mild waist training and plan to wear the corset fairly often. I have a custom made corset that fits me well but it’s kind of ‘special ocassion’ use, and I am seeking a more everyday corset. I do not have much ‘squish’. My custom corset is based on a 22″ size and I think your 411 in a sz 22″ would work for me. Opinions?

  • Betty

    What’s it mean that you can waist train to fill in a 426? I have 36″ upper hips and 28″ waist. Would a 22″ 426 work for me?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Betty,

      You might make a 22 work (depending on how squishy you are). The bottom edge will likely close up all the way-while you will need to work on getting the waist closed all the way. What we mean by train your way into one is that if you waist train your natural waist down a few inches you will find yourself in a size 20 cs-426-which will fit your hip better.

  • Tracy

    Hi my name is Tracy! I’m interesting in purchasing a couple of corsets for waist training but I have no clue what size to purchase. I’m 5’6, underbust is 37″, my waist is 38″, and my hips are 51″. I would like to purchase a cotton and a satin corset. I appreciate your help! Thank you!

  • Courtney R

    Hi! My name’s Courtney and I’ve been doing research to find the best corset and style to fit me. My measurements are; 41″ Full bust, 37.5-38″ Underbust, 36″ Waist, 43″ Upper hips, 45.5-46″ Full hips, and my Torso is around 11″. Could you give me some advice or suggestions?

  • Star

    What do you do when your waist is much larger than your hips or bust? I’ve ordered a few corsets that SAY they fit my waist measurement, but even with unlacing nearly completely and adding about 12″ they aren’t even close to closable, not to mention that they then have that more than 12″ extra at the hip.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Star,

      We have many customers with similar circumstances! The CS-305 and CS-345 have less curve than our other styles, and in extreme cases the 301 works as it is very short and your underbust and upper hip measurements are less critical.

  • Tiffany

    I am looking to purchase a steel boned corset and a waist cincher. My measurements are 36″ underbust, 37.5″ waist, and 42″ upper hip. What sizes and items will I most likely need. And I am more “squish” than soft.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tiffany,

      As for the corset, I recommend a size 30 in the 305, 411, 345 or 201 (the 305 you may need to size up to a 32). As for the cincher, really any will work (some have latex and others do not) and they are sold by waist size (and the Vedette has a sizing conversion based on your waist and depending on the item you order)

  • Chantal_521

    Hi Cheri,
    I would like to double check I have the correct corset for my body shape.
    I first one I bought was a 411 (I think) in a size 30 but I think I went too large as there’s only 1-2 inches left when it’s laced and there’s quite a gap at my hips. I then purchased an additional corset in CS301 in size 26 and it fits better for my height but am not sure if it’s too small. Could you please give me your advice?

    I am 5’2″
    underbust 39″
    waist 35″
    hips 40″

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chantal,

      I think a size 28 in the 305 would work well for you. Also the mesh 201 in a 28 (maybe even a 26-as it is easier to size down in). The 411 in a 30 is likely too large. The 301 in a 28 would have been a good fit.

  • Bianca

    Hi! I’m interested in getting a corset and this would be my first time purchasing one :)) I’d like to get one right away but I’d love some assistance in choosing the right one. I’m 5’3, underbust: 43″; waist: 46″; upper hip: 50″; hips: 51 1/2″. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  • Suzanne Forbes

    Just stumbled on the video for this post on YT, and I gotta say, Cheri, I love how you talk about different shapes without a hint of judgement. Orchard Corset is the gold standard for body diversity support. And…any news on the L4? Us big-hipspring plus ladies can’t wait…

  • micah

    Hello! I have been searching for months for the right waist trainer and have no idea where to start! I am 5’2″, full bust at 38″ and full hip at 46″, underbust at 33″, waist at 32″ and upper hip at 49″. I am new to waist training but i am interested in a corset that is going to help me achieve a lot of curve and i need suggestions! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jenny

    Hi I recently purchased an item which was too small for me… I would like to exchange it for a different item since I realize I need a waist clincher not a corset. What should I do? I still have all the packaging and it’s brand new still.

  • janet

    hi there, i’m having trouble deciding which corset will have the proper shape for me. i’m average height but very fluffy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    full bust 53
    under bust 41
    waist 47-48 (larger measurement is closer to belly button, smaller measurement seems high but that’s where i bend)
    upper hip (iliac crest) 52.5
    torso length is hard to measure because of my “fluff”. my best guess is 9.5″

    i’ll be looking for an underbust corset first but if there’s an overbust out there that can work i’ll consider getting both!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Janet,

      It’s always trickier to size when the underbust measures several inches smaller than your waist. I think a size 38 in the 411 might do the trick, assuming the corset will redistribute some of your tummy weight to help fill out the top edge of the corset. The 301 will also work for you-and the new 201 also.

  • Amani

    Hi. Need help on selecting a corset style and size. I would like as much curve as possible. Meaurements are 31″ underbust 29″ waist, 32″ at belly button, 37″ upper hip, 39.5 lower hip. I am 5’5″. Thank you

  • Carolina

    Hi I need help figuring out my corset size. I bought the 411 in a size 22 but I had a large gap in the rib area, and it was a bit too long because it dug into my rear area. I am interested in a 301, my waist is 28in, rib area 29in, top hip 37, and 41 hips. What size should I get?

  • D.

    I would love a Level 4 in a shorter torso. I easily have the hipspring for the 426, but it’s too long. Bring on the 9″ inch torso in a Level 4!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi D,

      I should have a shorter 426 prototype in my hot little hands next week! It’s not a level 4 (but I do have that prototype in a long line right now). I will put this on my radar ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jessi

    I would love to get an L4. I would love to see some fresh prints in the otr offerings. Maybe some soft feminine floral? Or a light lime brocade? I’m ready to size down. Probably 345 this time. Can I expect new colors in the .cs-345 anytime soon?

  • Divine Santiago

    Hi Cheri, I’m a tiny Gal (just barely 5ft) and I’m wondering which Corset to buy for Waist Training I’m around 190lbs and my measurements are 39″ under bust 39″ waist and 42″ upper hips and 11″ I was told the 426 would be fine for me but I’d like to know for sure.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Divine,

      I worry that at only 5′ your torso will be too short for the 426. Also, I think you will find you don’t have enough curve to fill out the bottom edge. I think a size 32 in the 411 or 345 might work well for you.

  • Heather

    Because I have a bit of “fluff” at the waist but none under my bust (you can see my ribs) and wide-flared hips, my measurements are a bit unusual; 33 under-bust, 33 waist, and 39 upper-hip. I also have a slightly shorter waist. What style in roughly what size would you recommend?

  • Lina

    I’m thinking about purchasing a corset from you. I don’ t know which corset best fits me. My under bust is a 33, waist 32 and hips 36. I have a wide rib cage and short torso. The corset I currently have from a different company is a little too long. And I have major muffin top. Please need help in purchasing the correct size.

  • Nicese

    hi my name is Nicese and I am A plus size woman that would like to start corset training now I got my measurements and everything and I have a pretty large midsection would the 426 be the best option for me

  • Morgan Germany

    I was just thinking today how excited I am to buy new corsets (time to size down!) and could not be more thrilled that you all have a level 4 in the works! I can’t wait for the official announcement!

  • Brigid

    I can fully close my 30″ CS-426 in all areas and I was hoping to size down to a 28″ or 26″ but I fear that my hips may be too big for that. Oddly, even the CS-426 is not long enough for my torso. I have an extra long torso. Measured from under my bust (as shown to see if you could fit a 426, I could go with something about 2-3″ longer. Hopefully you guy will come out with some sort of extra longline corset because I need something like that.

    Looking forward to the level 4

      • may

        Cheri please post some pictures!!! I want to buy a level 4 so badly!!! I hope you get it soon, will you have it in tan color as well???

        I’m also waiting for the c-411 in tan ๐Ÿ™ but it’s been forever since it was announced

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Norma,

      We actually invented the “Silhouette Level System”. We are just beginning the design process, but it will have a larger hip-waist ratio than our level 3 CS-426 has.

  • Leia Tilton

    OMG! Level 4 future owner right here!!!! I love lagging down as tightly as I can and can get down to 24″ with an old corset I have but with my CS-426 I can only get down to 25 3/4″ on a good day, just not enough curve to handle my wide hips and still take down my waist. So, hearing that there is a L4 in the works make me sooo exited!!!!!!

  • T

    I can’t wait for the level 4, either! I love my 426s, and I’d buy the long in a heartbeat, but I’d enjoy seeing the short in a more extreme silhouette, too! That’s exciting to hear!

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