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Corset 101: Corsets and Eating

Should I Remove My Corset Before I Eat?

That depends…

madeliene-pink-411Hello OC Blog Readers! Just a few quick thoughts on eating and corsets – based solely on my own experiences and thoughts shared by some of my coworkers here at Orchard Corset.

Now if you are wearing your corset more for support (or fashion) as opposed to waist training and are not looking to lose any weight-then certainly you will want to remove your corset prior to eating a meal.  I think for small snacks corset removal would be unwarranted-but clearly that choice is yours to make. If you feel uncomfortable-then remove the corset.  I do not consider myself a waist trainer, but I tend to eat with my corset on at work. I eat often (small amounts) so I would be lacing and unlacing all day long.

If you, like many of our readers and customers, have committed to a serious waist training regiment than there isn’t any reason to remove your corset. You will find that you are not able to eat as much in any one sitting-sort of like an external lap band. Some women choose to loosen rather than remove their corsets, especially when eating raw veggies or other foods that cause bloating (and we wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from eating their veggies!). Your eating habits will need to change as you will be forced to eat more frequently and smaller portion sizes. Sarah Chrisman writes in her book “Victorian Secrets” that she learned to eat better while corseted, not fill up on worthless calories.

For most of us, the smaller more frequent meals will provide all the nourishment you need and is a better way to eat. We have customers ask us all the time if corsets burn fat or help you loose weight. The answer is NO! But if you choose to stay properly corseted throughout the day-you are likely to lose some weight as the corset will limit your food intake.

It’s important to always put your health first. If you find that perhaps you are not drinking enough water or getting enough calories (many women who waist train are not looking to lose weight-just reshaping), then by all means take that puppy off and eat, drink and be merry! It takes time and patience to develop a level of waist training where you are comfortable corseting all day long. Don’t rush into anything until you are sure of how you will react physically and emotionally.

We would love to hear your thoughts. What foods work well as well as what to avoid. Any tips or advice to our newcomers from seasoned pros is always welcome!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Jackie

    I personally prefer to keep mine on. I wear the cs-426 and love it! It was a big adjustment teaching myself the correct amounts ro comfortably eat whilst waist training. I wear my corset anywhere from 8 to 14 hours a day thus far(usually at least 12) and tighten a few times throughout the day.

  • Jahnaysia

    So it isn’t ok to eat fruits and veggies while wearing a corset? I’m trying to lose wait so I won’t be taking it off, I just wanna know what foods I could eat without getting nauseous or bloated

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Not at all! Fruits & vegetables are more dense which is why you get more full from those than a bag of potato chips or candy. Loosening your corset while you eat makes things a bit more comfortable, most of us find. A little while after you finish your meal you can cinch yourself back in after you’ve digested a bit. You should always make sure that you are eating a nutrient rich, colorful diet full of fruits & veggies. That will help you to achieve your goals quicker and feel great!

  • Pam

    I’ve been training about a month and made the mistake of wearing mine to New Year party and yes when I removed it got the rush of alcohol n suffering today with a lil reflux. Is this common? Was I laced too tightly?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Pam! We hope that you party was fun! If you had a lot to eat and drink it’s not entirely surprising that you are uncomfortable, no matter if it was apple juice or harder beverages if you put too much liquid in when you can’t fully expand your stomach it makes sense that you aren’t feeling 100%. When I eat or drink while corseted, I have to take smaller sips and bites more slowly and spread it out over the evening instead of having a larger plate and multiple glasses. Since a corset acts like an external lap band, you can’t consume as much and still be comfortable. Next time, you could lace your corset more loosely and would likely be more comfortable. Hope that helps and that you are feeling better!

  • Samantha

    Hi 🙂 I have just watched your body-measuring video and it’s probably one of the fastest most straightforward videos I’ve ever watched! I’m totally new to corsetry and I’m really not sure as to what type I should get? These are my measurements:
    underbust: 30″
    waist: 26.5″
    upper waist: 30″
    torso length: 8.5″
    If you’d be able to help me I would really appreciate that 🙂 I really don’t want to buy a corset that isn’t right for me.


    just bought my first corset (for waist training anyway I have a few other steel boned ones for special occasions but really never wear them too too often), I’m so excited! I do have a question though, my job is very physically demanding and involves lifting, running, walking, bending etc (I work with special needs kids), is it ok to wear my corset under my work clothes and still expect to be able to do all these things?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Erika,

      You won’t to do too much “running” in your corset-but once you have fully seasoned (and you and your corset are comfortable with one another) you should be able to do what you need to in your work day. I do recommend choosing a shorter style for that-like the 201.


    i purchased my 1st corset the end of 2014 and im now wearing now for the 1st time and LOVE IT! i already eat 5 small meals a day breakfast: 16.9 ounce water with 4 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in it with my daily supplements & a salad (OR) 1/4th slice of watermelon NOW lunch another round of 16.9 ounces water with organic acv whatever i DIDN’T eat for breakfast the 1/4 piece watermelon (OR) the salad 🙂 so this WORKS great for me my dinner is gonna be the thing imma see do i wanna keep corsetting with dinner & sleepy time. i DO partake of my wine so imma watch out for the advice above thanks & the finest to us all corsetting so far i LOVE IT!

  • Susan

    I am 52 yrs old and short waisted. My weight gain is always in my middle. I don’t have much of a bum but good bosom. Im 15 – 20 lbs heavier than I should be. Is it too late for corseting for me?

  • Valeria

    Hello! I am 4 ft 11. I am about 120 llbs. I am a size 34b in bra size and I wear a size 3 in juniors pants size. I am trying to get the body that I will be satisfied with and still remain healthy. I want a fuller figure. I have nice hips but they dont show because i dont have the butt for them which I am tryinf to work on! I was just wondering what corset would be good for me to begin waist training. .? And if I cant wear it under regular clothes so it wont be obvious.

  • Gatubela

    Hi Cheri I’m interested in buying a corset from OC but I’m not sure what size to get it btw my measurements are 32″ underbust 28″ waist 35″ iliac, hope to hear from u

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi there! Based on your measurements you could do our CS 411, CS 345 or CS201 in a size 22. If you have the torso length, watch this video for torso length measurement, you could do the 426 in a 22 (or a 426 SHORT if you don’t have the torso length).

  • Patrice

    I’ve been researching waist training for about 9 months and there is so much contradictory information. The only constant has been this page (thank God!). I just need some definitive direction because I don’t want to hurt myself. I’m in good health, I am 5’2 and deceptively heavy at 181.6 lbs. Because of my natural fat distribution I don’t “look” it. I am curvy, hourglass figure and ample butt. I am a 34DDD. My issue is that because of my shape, the corset I bought (more like a full under breast body shaper vest thingy) folds in such a way the material or boning causes me pain and bruising where my waist and hips flare out, to the point where I no longer wear it. I’m a full-time mom and college student and I don’t want to be so constricted I can’t concentrate because I can’t move or breathe. I also roller skate every weekend. I need advice! I know I want an under breast corset and I want to wear it most of the day. What type of corset do you recommend for me. My 17 y.o daughter also wants one. She is in college as well, is 5’0, 140lbs and is a 36H bra-size. Any suggestions for her?

  • Wendy

    Since I don’t want to lose weight, at first I removed my corset every time I ate, but I’ve found I can eat my usual meals and quantities while corseted with no difficulty, so now I wear my corset whenever I want.

  • Ukky

    I have to be very careful to not overeat when wearing it. Then my tummy hurts really bad.

    It helped me to lose weight the first time; but I stopped wearing them and gained quite a bit back. Now i’m going to try losing weight all over again by wearing my corset and eating less food. It really helps keep you from feeling hungry!

  • jeannette

    If you have a straight shape can waist training restructure your shape to be more curvy and hour glass shape for ex 42 inch waist and 44 inch hip like no shape

          • Jeannette

            Hello I have a straight shape and would like advise on the purchase of the best corset to redefine my straight shape my measurements are 36″ bust 38″ waist and 43 ” hip i would like as much curve as possible

            also I would like to purchase a shaping garment for my mother as a gift and she larger is there a one-piece bra and shaping garment for person 5 2″ and approx 300lbs
            thanks in advance top heavy majority of weight in abdomen and bust 57″ abdomen 48 ddd bust

          • Cheri Dudek

            Hi Jeanette,

            I think a size 30 in the cs-411 will work for you (assuming you have an average torso length). As for your mom, all-in-one shapers (like those from Rago) are sold by bra size. We have several in larger sizes-and they in the clearance section!

          • Jeannette

            sorry last question! is 426 not a good idea for me my under bust to hip measurement in length is 12″ is that an option also? because I don’t want back fat spillage …. are these result permanent as long as you wear it a few hours a day after waist size is achieved ? or the result will remain regardless as long as diet and exercise is maintained
            thanks again

          • Cheri Dudek

            Hi Jeanette,

            You should just have the length for the 426-but you will need the curve as well (your other comment may have that info..but not seeing just now). We say the results are semi-permanent as most people find they need to do maintenance corseting.

  • Sheena Martin

    Check out apps like My Fitness Pal.
    It helps you track your nutrition, not just calories. And it warns you if you dont eat enough.

    Im trying to lose enough to fit in my bridal corset. Helps the back and makes the girls look AWESOME!

  • bella muerta

    my 411 was shipped today and, oddly enough, i was just thinking about the eating issue. you must have been reading my mind – so glad this was posted!

  • Kabocha

    When I’m in a corset, I notice that I get full much quicker and have none of the bloating or aching that I sometimes get when I eat without a corset. Also, taking the corset off or even loosening it for meals seems like too much work for me.
    I feel like this is because the corset doesn’t allow room for the stomach to get any bigger in order to accommodate more food. Once the stomach is full, at its normal size, it sends the “I’m full” signal to your brain. Normally, I think there’s a lag between our stomach actually reaching its full point and our brain receiving that “I’m full” signal. A lot can be devoured during that lag, especially if it’s delicious (my bane!).
    Personally, I have a lot of intestinal problems so wearing a corset while eating is wonderful for me and has helped me trim a few pounds off just by a different eating schedule. But, oh, there are those times when you really want to get down to business with a fork or spoon!

    • Blackkitty

      You are right, the “lag” is about 20 minutes! This is why it’s recommended to eat slowly, imagine how much a fast eater can overeat in 20 minutes!

  • Hilda VonHeels

    After corset ing for a solid 25 years I find the only bloating issue I have, is when eating bread or anything with WHEAT.

    Eat small every two hours stay away from sugar,’wheat, sweat stuff. If you feel full
    Drink water and wait.

    Let your corset out for sleep but don’t take it off, take off for one hour a day for bath and cleaning or changing corset. Always have three to five corsets to swap out, keep them clean by wiping them down with damp cloth. Hang them to dry!!

    Try and wear corset liners all the time it’s good for you by stoping chaffing. Use good skin moisturizer.

    Happy wearing

  • salenab

    i typically “drink” my calories when wearing a corset. water, smoothies, etc. there’s also these little packet things for kids that are like pure’d organic fruit/veggies in a pouch that are really good and make for a healthy corset-snack.

  • Shamina

    I have noticed a major decrease in my food intake. I think my portions are half what they were before I began waist training. I don’t have any problem with soda though, I kinda wish I did. I try to stick to ginger ale and avoid colas lol.

  • Chanice Owens

    I find it best to avoid carbonated drinks for sure! And to be very careful when drinking alcohol while laced. If you drink then when you take the corset off you’ll get a rush and become drunk all over again. But I also find that my portion control doesn’t seem to affected if I don’t want it to be. I sometimes feel like I eat more when I’m corseted!

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