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black-cotton-411-corsetHello OC Blog Readers! I have been waiting FOREVER to publish this blog. I am thrilled to announce the arrival of our cotton corsets in the 411 and the 426 (black only for now) I have been wearing a prototype 411 for a couple of months now and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have the CS-411 in tan. It fits very much like my other 411’s, a little stiffer than the satin but not as stiff as the brocade…in other words PERFECT.


CS-411 Tan Cotton Corset

Initially, we will carry the cotton in the CS-411 and the CS-426 in black and then in this great tan (minus the black piping for a stealthier under your clothes look). We have a sample in white, but it seems like it will get dirty just looking at it too long. I have been wearing the tan for about two months and it still looks great! (And remember, I work in a warehouse) The cotton has a great texture to it and has been great during our recent local heat wave! This is definitely my go-to corset.

Cotton corsets are ideal for wearing under clothing (sturdier than satin and cooler than our polybrocades) or sleeping in (for those hard-core waist trainers).Ā  I love how sturdy, and yet not bulky 411-cotton-red-corsetthe cotton feels. I know many of you have waited a long time for our cotton corsets…the wait is OVER!

We have some bright samples in red (pictured left), blue, purple and green we will consider for the future (red is my personal favorite…LOVE IT!) Let us know what colors you would like to see in the new all cotton corsets!


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39 Responses

  1. I have trouble finding something that matches my skin tone from cosmetics (foundation, powder, concealer) to bras and foundation garments such as corsets, heck, I can’t even really find pantyhose of any real durability in my skin tone. Even the lightest shades are too pink or too yellow – I can’t be the only one on the planet that’s a neutral pale. Still, the tan cotton will be too dark and unlikely to ‘disappear’ under lighter colored clothing the way flesh-toned undergarments are intended, for me at least. I think a “natural” color like I see at fabric stores would be a great cotton addition to the 301/411/426 style lines.

  2. Crystal

    I second that! I would like some cotton prints, too. Mainly for the summertime. If I wore an all white outfit and a blue and white flower cotton corset, that would be very cute. Without the print, I would only wear the cotton under clothing. I’ve heard cotton corsets are much more durable. Good job OC!

  3. Kari

    I just bought my FIRST corset from you (I’ve since ordered a second). It’s a 426 in plain, black, cotton. I figured it would be my plain, comfy-cotton, workhorse, training corset. Then, I took it out of the box, WOW! Who knew black cotton would look so HOT! šŸ˜‰ First day of break in- cute, sexy, and more comfortable than I thought it would be.

  4. Pamela

    I just got my black cotton 411 on the 9th and I absolutely love it! I’ve been taking it slowly, seasoning it carefully, and I just wanted to post and add my voice to the others here about future colors in cotton, I’d love a red one, that looks fabulous! Or blue like the bright blue you offer in satin. I am glad the 426 is offered in cotton, but I am not certain I could pull off a 426 as I use a wheelchair, but I definitely WANT another 411. I love the idea of a cotton brocade or even better a lace overlaid on top of the red, and black ones. I think pink is a great choice, as are the other neutral colors like tan or peach. Regardless of what new colors you offer I am delighted with my purchase and while it is my first, it certainly will NOT be my last! ā™„

  5. fhrizzball

    Have you thought about making a mesh material corset for an ultra lightweight and breathe able wear?

    As for color perhaps an off white if plain white is too much. I would love to have some patterns introduced to rival the brocades.

    1. The mesh would be a really nice addition, but we have other styles we need to get out first. We have the tan almost ready in the cotton to launch. If we can get some nice cotton brocades, we will introduce probably as a limited time offer corset. Thank you for your feedback!

  6. Carisa

    How about a floral or a cherry print in cotton and satin šŸ™‚ ….besides those i would love to see the cotton in teal, raspberry, and blue šŸ™‚

  7. Cathy Barber

    Desperate for overbust in cotton! All of us historical reenactors are dying for cotton – or bamboo – overbust corsets. We are sweltering as it is. Please?

  8. gsmaustin

    I can imagine that it would get dirty easily, but I’d been hoping y’all would make 411 in white so I won’t have to. (My Halloween plan is to dress as Scarlet getting tight-laced for the barbecue. A friend is going to dress as Mammy and keep trying to make me eat, but you know how hard that is once you are cinched down!) Maybe I’ll just make a white cover for one of the corsets that is already in my closet….

  9. Vanessa

    How neat!

    I want to waist train; however, I do not want the whole world knowing.

    So, are these cotton corsets less obvious underneath clothing?

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      The cotton corsets will have the same thickness as the other corsets we carry-so fitted clothing may still be a problem. Right now we only have black, but will eventually have in tan as well.

  10. Fox

    Awesome! So excited about this… tan and black would be my two favorites, then the other colors sound great too… but tan and black would be my top two so I’m happy you’ll be stocking these for sure!

    1. We should have the 411’s ready to go next week (black only). Tan we hope to have in about 6 weeks with other colors to follow. We are considering the 305 in cotton…but don’t have that in the pipeline just yet.

  11. VeryNot

    THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting a long time for these.

    I would love to see these in natural colors such as oatmeal, peach, chocolate. And now I’m hungry…

    1. Lorraine M

      Yes to natural colors. Because everyone wants a nude corset but we all have different skin tones. So a couple of shades lighter and darker than the tan would be great. I know you guys listen to the costumers and that makes me happy. I would also love a leather overbust but I’m sure that wont be a priority.

      1. Courtney D

        I just got my cotton 411 in black and love it! The cotton would be so perfect in a range of skin tones. At least a lighter champagne-y nude and a chocolate for starters šŸ˜‰

  12. Lorraine M

    Yes!! I’m so glad this is finally available. I’ve been waiting for this and I’m getting it as a late bday present. I’m sure this natural fabric would be a lot better than polyester for the tropical weather here in PR. I would love to see this in red and purple. I would also love this in a pale peach or pink shade.

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