Halloween 2013: Made Better by Orchard Corset!

What to Wear Halloween 2013

Corsets, Fishnets, Gloves and more!

CS-411 Red Plaid

Hello OC Blog Readers! Welcome to this fun and creative blog, courtesy of our great fans and customers. We have some great Halloween corset costume ideas to share and hope to hear all about your plans to create corset costume brilliance.

Our Pinterest Halloween Board has pictures old and new featuring corsets in Halloween costumes.rocky-horror-show-group-corsets-crop My friends and I recently attended a local production of the Rocky Horror Show and were able to use corsets, stockings and even a piece of custom dyed Rago shapewear to complete our look! (The Rago and stockings were dyed together….so color was a perfect match.) So easy to put something together with corsets and fishnets! At OC we can custom dye your accessories (petticoats, fishnets, select shapewear and lace gloves) to really pull your look together.

CS-511 and OC Long Gloves

Retro Cupcake corset costumeWe had several customers generate some amazing creations (check out  our blogs from last Halloween): Poison Ivy to Retro Cupcake and many creative costumes in between. Get started on your corset costume and make Halloween 2013 one to remember! From Wonder Woman to GI Jane, Marie Antoinette to Joan of Arc, Corpse Bride to Vampira-the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget we have shapewear to create a smooth and sleek look under your fitted costumes (for all you Cat Women out there), or as outer wear-perfect as a pin-up starlet!

We would love to hear how you plan to use a corset in your costume this season. What corset do you plan to use? Will you need any custom dye accessories for your masterpiece? Where do you plan to wear your pièce de résistance?  I look forward to reading all about it in the comments below-as will many others looking for inspiration!


I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Lindsay

    I was considering using my camo corset! It’s great to wear with heels and some tight jeans as either a biker-girl or with boots as a military-style outfit. You can either look “bad” or support the troops 🙂

  • Kaitlyn Blum

    I will be using my 411 black pinstriped corset to complete my ‘wasp waisted’ bumble bee costume. Its more cutesy than sexy but my curves look so unreal!

  • Devyn v

    This is entirely off topic, but I figured it would be worth a shot to ask! 🙂

    In one of your blog posts from, I think, about three months ago, I believe I remember reading something about the possibility of a level 4 silhouette being in the works?

    I was just curious if that was the case, or I had gotten entirely confused, haha! Especially considering that if something of that sort is in the pipeline, I will be a very happy girl!


  • April Canada

    I plan to use my cs-426 black leather in my renaissance costume to give it a sexier look and add vamp teeth for that Halloween feel

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