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Hello OC Blog Readers! We have another batch of corset samples for your perusal. The response from our last new product blog was fantastic…the clear winners were the black brocade and the teal/black brocade. Cotton is finally on it’s way (look for that blog to hit soon). This time around we have some new brocades, steampunk and even swing hooks! Take a look and share your thoughts in the comments.

purple-swing-hook-corset-426First we have this beautiful purple brocade with swing hooks. We could do this same corset in other colors (blue, gold, green) of the same brocade as well. This has the same cut as the CS-426 (same boning and panel arrangement), but with 4 metal swing hooks to close the front busk as ope. We think it’s beautiful…but we want to know what you think!


blue-black-brocade-corset-526Here is a look at the new brocade patterns we are considering, featured black-silver-brocade-526here in an overbust (that is slightly fuller busted than our current 511, but still not as much as we want).  The brocade pattern is the same and available in several colors. Is there other style besides an overbust that interest you in any of these brocade colors?

black-brown-steampunk-corsetAs most of you know, we no longer carry any steampunk corsets (discontinued that manufacturer) and have been looking to create our own. Here is a black brocade with genuine leather detailing, buckles and bullet slots. Similar in style to the 511, but with single boning. Fewer bones might make this a more maneuverable corset for our steampunk fans out there!

We eagerly await your responses! Thank you OC Fans-your opinions and wishes really do matter to us!

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68 Responses

  1. Emily

    I need all of them. Like, seriously these are stunning!
    That first one with the swing-hooks is just beautiful and the Steampunk one is so cute!

  2. Purple is the new pantone colour of the year for 2014, I’d love to see more purple and purple brocades.My first corset was an overbust brocade like the blue one above (in SIlver) and I loved it! I would buy more of that pattern or something with panels of that pattern.

  3. I really, REALLY love the steampunk cartridge corset! I love the brown on black because the combination is perfectly neutral, so I could mix-and-match easily. I think a good option to satisfy people’s requests for other colors would be to offer the same leather color but offer three different color backgrounds like black, brown, or red/purple/green. Then you would have lots of variety without having to wrangle too many options. I don’t have a long enough torso for anything but the CS-411, but considering that you are working on a new overbust shape, if it fits right, I would snap up a steampunk corset (or three) in a moment!

  4. IsabelleX

    Please please please make a CS-426 and CS-511 for shorter torsoed girls! Also, please add more colors in the leather CS-426 and make a leather CS-511! The brocades and swing hooks are ok to me. Thanks!

  5. Gracie

    I would love an underbust corset with swing hooks or a steampunk corset. Though I would love to see those swing hooks on a black leather underbust.

  6. Alex

    The brocade-swing clasp underbust has me positively whining! I would love to get that around my hips, especially if it came in emerald, wine, or red!! I do think that the steampunk one would look better if the leather was darker– the high contrast makes it look almost tawdry to me.

    Can’t wait to hear/see more!

  7. Jennifer Scott

    The brocades are beautiful, but I would love to have a black on black brocade or jacquard, possibly with an extended placket that covers the busk. Classy, elegant, and would easily dress up or down.

  8. Joy Zemrock

    Wow! I love the brocades, and the swing hooks! Keep us short torso ladies in mind-I’d love to see the 305 underbust in any of the brocades with swing hooks! I’m going to start saving up my money!

  9. redfeathers

    I love the swing hooks but I wish there were more patterns that had a brown or white – or any color other than black – background! It’s good to have a black option and all, but honestly I wear a ton more browns than black.It’s really frustrating when 80% of corsets have black-based patterns.

  10. Liz

    I am also short, 5 feet, and proportioned so my torso is short as well. I can only wear the 411, I would love a long line or overbust designed for short torsos.

  11. Jennifer

    Love the swing hooks, but not a fan of brocade in general. Really excited about the cotton…hoping white may end up being made as well!

  12. gsmaustin

    Swing hook seem more costume/steampunk/pirate. And because they always have that bronzy finish, it seems like they would be best with gold/brown fabric or leather. I’d hate to have a poly-chrome brocade competing with them for attention.

    I’m always hesitant about brocades with large patterns because the repeat is so difficult manage with all the pieces on a corset. The black/white shown above has that problem, but the blue one to its left seems better with its smaller design. Same with plaids: the one I got a few months ago is such a large plaid and the plaid is not mirror-image vertical, so there are a few sections of fabric that seem a bit off.

  13. Taylor Stratford

    LOVE the swing hooks!!! And the purple brocade is to die for!! It would be magnificent in any of the other colors mentioned as well. Keep the leather “tabs”, it accentuates the more rugged look of the swing tabs.

    The silver/black brocade is GORGEOUS, and would be so in blue, red, green, almost any color. But it might be a BIT too busy for an overbust. It would be STUNNING in either the 411 or 305, to be used as a “belt” with solid-colored outfits!

    Steampunk? YES!!! I was SO disappointed when you discontinued them, and would be thrilled if you brought them back! As a matter of fact, just last night I bought one from another customer who sized down. It’s winging it’s way to me now. I just hope it will fit me on top. :/ But I do agree that the black with brown leather (and it does need to be real leather) isn’t visually pleasing. Use black leather with the black, and a deep chocolate brown fabric (Can you do suede??) with that tan leather detailing and you’ll have them flying out the door!

    Please, PLEASE make the overbusts (Steampunk too!) in a fuller-busted size!! I desperately want to start buying that style, but don’t dare because I just don’t think they’d look good on me. If you come out with something that will fit me right, I swear I’ll buy a new one every month! (My fiance already said he’d pay for them…YAY!)

    Finally…Let me please throw my hat in the ring to be one of your testers for them! I write great reviews…wink. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my/our opinions. It shows how much you value us as customers and fans, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate it VERY much!!

  14. Kaitlyn

    I have never bought an overbust from here but if one came with the swing hooks I most certainly would! Its such a unique and beautiful detail! I wouldn’t want it on an underbust though for the fact that I do like to be able to wear them under my clothes. I would also buy a steampunk corset from Orchard with their great prices, I’m just not loving the one shown. The black brocade really clashes with that color of leather.

  15. Tori

    I love the all purple/black, teal/black, and silver/black brocades. The swing hooks are really cool but I always wear my corset under my clothes, so I’m not sure I would buy one. I would love to have an overbust that actually fits in the bust while still giving a good reduction at the waist.

    I also agree with Sarah that I could use a slightly shorter 426. I;m also 5’4″, but I’m plus size so I need the extra coverage over the hips to keep smooth lines. I can wear the 426 but it comes a bit farther down than I would prefer. It would also be nice if there was a level 3 that was straight across the top like the 411 so it wouldn’t push my boobs up when I sit down.

  16. Robin Hightower Hipp

    I would LOVE to see the swing hooks on the longline underbust in a red brocade.

    Or maybe the long line underbust style with the fantastic swing hooks in a supple, distressed tan leather with a couple of buckles on each side at the waist line and at the hip curve (with the appearance of being extra “cinching” buckles. That would give a FANTASTIC steampunk look.

    A question though: Why do you not align the pattern of the brocade on the front panels? I think that’s what keeps me from wanting the brocade as much as the plain pattern-less styles…

  17. sarah

    the average height of american women between 20-19 is 5’4″. you’re missing out on a huge market. plus i want to be able to buy a longline corset from you so bad.

  18. sarah


  19. sarah

    i really like the black and purple brocade but not a fan of the hooks. i hope you do add the brocade and similar ones soon so i can buy them!

  20. Laurel

    The swing hooks are cool, but I can’t say I love any of them. I’d really like to see a good steampunk corset with a level 3 silhouette

  21. Masha Vasilchikova

    I’m not a huge fan of any of them really but I’d say the black and silver brocade I like the most? I believe you REALLY need to add more colors to the 426 and other popular styles, instead of these types. I’m pining for a 426 in the royal blue some of the other corsets are in. Please make it trueeee <3

  22. liz

    The purple with swing hooks is AMAZING! Purple is my favorite color and the swing hooks make it look so elegant I would definitely want to buy this in the future. However, I agree with what someone else said above about not really liking the black detailing in the front.

    I’m not really into steampunk but I really like the buckle corset. It would also be cool with black or gray leather.

  23. taracornett

    I would love the first. Swing hooks are great. But being a large busted average length girl you have nothing I can get excited about. But I do think the purple is great for those who can wear it. The over busts really don’t draw me in even if I thought they could fit. The steam punk isn’t doing it either. Maybe a different color pattern. Gold brown red combo with watch fob.

  24. Brandy

    I love the first one, sadly I am to short for that style but the pattern and swing hooks are beautiful. As far as the others, I would love to see some strong steam punk designs and some with a black theme (so many you see are brown) I love the over bust pattern in blue and look forward to the LARGER bust size (I’m a 38F)

  25. Melinda

    I’d prefer that teal and black brocade in a 426 or 411. It’s too pretty to be just an overbust! I’d want to be able to wear it casually. I’d also want the black brocade in the 411 or 426, but without the leather. It’d be good for those of us who want to keep their ensemble simple from a distance, but deliciously detailed up close =)

  26. malissa

    I like the underbust w the swing clasps. The overbusts are ok. Byt not a fan of the black and brown.

    I absolutly love the swing clasps! They are so much nicer then the normals clasps

  27. Loving the release of brocade. It’s such a sturdy fabric. Great for us waist trainers. The steampunk corset is great but black clashes with brown, somewhat.
    Desperately awaiting the level four silhouette. I need it!

  28. Laura

    The brocades are awesome, I’d love to see it in underbust too – I much prefer underbust as I find it easier to fit into everyday wear. Especially the 411 (I can’t really do the 305, I need a bit more curve!).

    I agree with those who have suggested cotton and neutral colors, but I do love the brocade patterns you have found!

  29. Dawn

    Fuller bust corsets! I cannot wait!

    As far as the swing hooks, that is my absolute favorite style. However, most manufacturers put too few swing hooks or in the wrong spot and the boning will gap horribly due to the misplacement. The purple is fantastic and actually one of my steampunk clan colors for competing at events! I would want a green one and a gold one too.

    The black silver brocade for the overbust would be my choice.

    Of course I would have to have the steampunk style, which was my first purchase from Orchard Corset. The real leather is a huge plus, most have vinyl, which cracks quickly and is irritating to the skin.

    Would the steampunk style be available for fuller busts and with the double bones? Does it fit the hips like the 426 or more like the 411? I would love that in a purple with dark brown leather, or a beautiful copper satin or brocade with dark brown, green brocade with black, or teal with black. It would also be lovely in creamy linen or flax fabric with the tan for summer steampunk events (Pith Helmet anyone!)

    I am very excited about these new corsets, especially the steampunk!

  30. Lorraine M

    I love the black and purple brocade and the black and silver brocade. I would prefer those in a cs 426 instead of an overbust. I wouldn’t buy the swing hooks just because that would limit my ability to wear the corset under clothes, but they look great. The steampunk style is cool, just not for me because it’s overbust and that wouldn’t work for my body type.

  31. Lisa Hillard

    I like the fabric and colors. I’d buy the purple brocade and swing hooks in an overbust, non long line model (hint hint).

  32. I really like the black/silver brocade, but prefer an underbust style. Would love a brown/gold brocade. The Steampunk style is really sharp and using real leather is a big plus.

  33. Annette Pepin

    What about the cotton Ones? No offense but these aren’t as exciting as when it was told there would pure cotton corset

    1. The first round of all cotton should be available very soon. We have all black cotton coming first, with a richer tan cotton in the works. I have been wearing the tan prototype for weeks and I love it!

  34. Stephanie Irene Rector

    I absolutely love the one with the swing hooks, but sadly my torso is too short for the 426. Put swing hooks on the 411 and I’ll go crazy.

  35. Eileen Montgomery

    I like the purple with the swing hooks, however I do not like the black detailing on the front panels. I’d prefer the front to be all brocade.

  36. Aryel Skokan

    I totally LOVE the swing hooks! The full bust brocade in blue is so pretty I would so buy it, especially with swing hooks. The steam punk one is fun, you guys need more corsets like theses!

  37. Laura

    I think the swing-hooks corset would be stunning with gold brocade! I love the steampunk one as well, and the overbust ones look great! Just how much fuller in the bust do you plan on going? I would love an overbust corset, but my breasts usually size me out.

  38. I really like the first one cs-426!!!! I also adore the steampunk corset as well! I think it would look great with a dark wine color and black leather.

  39. Raven Wintermoon

    I like the idea of the swing hooks, and those colors would be nice. I also like the black and blue brocade overbust. I’m not so sure about the steampunk though …

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