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Corset 101: My Corset Doesn’t Fit Right

Common Reasons Why Your OC Corset Isn’t Working for You

Solutions to Corset Fitting Problems

Underbust OC Corsets: 305, 411 and 426 shown here

Hello OC Blog Readers! As you can imagine, with so many unique bodies in the world we get emails and phone calls from customers who are having some trouble getting their corset to fit properly.  At Orchard Corset, we sell several different styles of corsets to fit different shapes and corseting needs or goals (and looking to add more variety).

The most common complaint we get is that the top is too big, but the bottom cinches up just fine (or is too small).  This is generally very easy to fix-the corset is on upside down. I can hear you giggling, but it happens more often than you might think. For our corsets, the loops or hooks will be on your right and the pins on your left as you are closing the busk. Also, the top edge will always measure smaller than the bottom edge on all of our corsets (this will help with the 331 as there is not split busk).

V-shape lace closure on 426

Many of our customers are looking to really give themselves an hourglass figure-and why not! However, if you have a small, leaner frame without curves you will not be able to jump into something like a 426. Another common issue is that the bottom closes up completely (V-shape lace closure) or worse, there is a gap at the hip. Sizing down will not likely fix this unless the corset is too big everywhere. A different corset style (like the 305) will probably work best. With much time and patience, many women will find they can eventually wear a curvier corset as their shape changes with dedicated waist training.

305 offers moderate curve

Many women who find the hip spring too big also have gap issues at the underbust or top edge of their corset. This problem is the same…not enough natural curve (or “fluff”) to fill out the corset-and the solution is usually the same. New corseters with minimal curves and leaner frames will probably need to begin with a less curvy corset like the 305. The 411 might work, despite the extreme curve it offers as it sits up above the hip and doesn’t have the same hip spring as the 426.   I have a friend who has small waist and hips, but a more pronounced rib cage. This gives her a “V” lace as the top cannot close over her ribs. She is an athlete and very no fluff to help. In this situation a 411 worn upside down can do the trick-she doesn’t need the extra hip room, so why not flip it!

Finally, there is corset length. The CS-426 is very popular due the extreme curve and longline style that really accentuates curves and the high back the reduces that unwanted back bulge. The problem is that this is a longline corset and therefore not meant for everybody.

Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 and CS-411
Longline vs Standard Length with the same curve

If you find your 426 rides up into your breasts or makes it uncomfortable to sit down because the bottom edge of the corset digs into your legs-this corset is too long for you. The 411 is the best alternative to the 426 with the same curve at the waist, without the extra length at the top and bottom edge.

CS-426 Brocade

Corseting is not an exact science (unless perhaps you are having a custom fit corset made). At Orchard Corset we have tried to make purchasing an off-the-rack corset more custom than other retailers with extensive sizing guidelines, silhouette levels and corset dimensions. At this time we offer three distinct underbust corset styles, with plans to add at least two more to provide a better fit to even more of our present and future customers. Check out our sizing page for detailed sizing information.

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Jessica

    I just recently bought this corset from amazon

    I bought a size large because I was afraid it would be too tight around my waist but I think I should of maybe gone a size or 2 down because while this fits perfectly it is too loose in my chest area which I am an in betweener when it comes to bra’s sometimes I am the biggest A other times I tend to be the smallest B. So I was wondering with how this is laced it’s laced in the middle with loops is there a way that I can tighten the chest part of it without messing up the rest? I am use to the corsets where they have ends to them with the lacing never had one that has loops.

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Jessica, I’m not familiar with their corset, the straps add a unique look that’s really fun but they may not be functional. Have you tried reaching out to them? We’d love to help you with our corsets if you are interested!

  • Liz F

    I just recently bought CS-201 in a 28” going off that my natural waist is 33” when I first got it I assumed it would be a slow process to get it to close fully but when I put it on it cinched all the way in and I still have a little room on top and on bottom. Would getting a smaller size help the problem?

  • Bran

    Hi, I just recently bought the car 426 longline. Im not sure if it is the right fit. The long line works and the size is good, but I have an upside down v going on. The top almost laces in completely closing the modesty panel (my waist and underbust are almost the same measurements) however I don’t quite cover the modesty panel for my hips. The first day I wore it for an hour and then realized that it was upside down 🙃. Lol Do I need to be patient with seasoning or us this the wrong style for my body? This is what was recommended to me from a representative on the site.

  • Dogface

    Hello! I recently received 2 beautiful corsets from you: a 411 in satin and a 345 in satin. I sent you my measurements, and these were the 2 styles that were recommended to me. IT’s the sitting I am concerned about; I am on day 2 of seasoning my 411, and depending on what kind of chair/car seat I am sitting in, I noticed that my corset seems to ride high, it actually hits underneath my bra. Is this normal? I do have a slight bit of flaring up top, but I attribute that to not being seasoned enough yet. Thanks!

  • Emily

    Hello, I just bought two of the same corsets, just different colors. I got the black cotton CS-305 and the beige cotton CS-305, both in size 22. The black corset fits me perfectly, however, when I wear the beige one it seems to be too big on the top and the bottom. Is this something that as I season it, that it will fit me better?

  • sodasiathompson

    hey all! quick question: how di i know if my corset is too short? i have a 10″ torso and so i got the cs 426 short and when i sit it like doesn’t dig into my legs which is perf but i feel like just the slightest bit of my lower tummy may not be covered. how far down should it go when standing? i also feel like it may be like kinda riding upwards in the back but when i touch it it feels okay. i don’t know maybe i am just weird. also, i LOVE my cs 426 short and have been showing it off to everyone it’s so amazing. Orchard corset you’re doing everything right <3

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Itzel, I think that corset may be too small for you and possibly the wrong style as well. A 12″ reduction is quite a large jump down for sizing and I worry that would make the gap in the back of your corset much too large. With your measurements, I would have suggested a size 38 in the 305 or the 201. Have you already received this corset? If so, would you mind sending photos over to us so we can be more sure of a recommendation? Our return/exchange policy is very generous! As long as your corset is in new condition and within the 30 day window you would be able to send it back for another item. If you are willing to send those photos over, you can do so by emailing
      Thank you and we look forward to helping you out 😀

  • Irene


    I purchased a cs-411 in a size 26 as was recommended for me but when I start lacing it down, I get an awful lot of back spillage over the top of my corset which makes it impossible for me to stealth in it. Is there any way to minimise this?

    Thank you

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Irene! A lot of us here really like this Vedette bra booster to help smooth the back area out. It does a fabulous job! If you have the torso length for it, the 345 could work for you too (the shape is very similar to the 411) and it has a higher back that can smooth that out as well. Longline bras do a great job at smoothing out the back bulge as well! Hope that helps! Happy corseting 🙂

      • Irene

        Thank you for getting back to me Brittney! I’m sure it does a great job, I had a look at it but I’m quite top heavy already and wouldn’t want anymore attention on the girls. Is there nothing else I can do whilst I cinch down and close this one before purchasing another corset? Thanks again 😊

        • Brittney Loveall-Talley

          Hi again Irene! I think a longline bra could do the trick, it wouldn’t accentuate the bust like the bra booster would and it would help to smooth out the squish better than a typical bra. There are a number of lovely retailers that sell beautiful longline bras. Happy corseting!

  • monalysa

    Hi! I recently purchased a 20″ CS-426 short. I still have gaps at top and bottom, where the hip part springs out.. My measurements: 33-28-39″ hips.. Please advise..

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Monique! In looking up your order I see that you purchased a size 22 in the 426short which is a good thing because a size 20 would likely be too small for a good fit. 🙂 Is the corset fully seasoned yet? There can be some gapping with a new corset until you are able to cinch a little tighter and especially with the extreme curve of the 426 styles. However, your measurements lead me to believe you are in the right corset for your beautiful figure. In your size the 426short when fully closed will measure 29 inches at the top and 34 inches at the bottom. With your measurements above this should mean you won’t have gaps. How much space do you have in the back, anymore than the modesty panel? You can certainly send pictures, front and back, of you wearing the corset to and we can take a look at what you are experiencing. That always helps us better respond to your concerns. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Kensii Gomez

    Hi Cheri,

    My measurements are UB 33.5 W 33 (squish able) UH 37.5/38. What would be the best corset for me to get to waist train? And would you know roughly how long it would take to arrive in the UK? Thanks in advance,


  • Brandi

    So I had the waspie in 24 that left the top part of my waist out, exchanged for a 426 short and now it has gaps at the top and the hips. Love the corset though. Any suggestions?

    • Mary Brewer

      Hi Brandi! Have you been helped by any of our fabulous sizing experts with regard to style selections to get you into the perfect corset? We would need to know your measurements to help determine if the style is the issue or not. There is some gapping to be expected initially with your corset when first seasoning it and that may be the case for you. It’s also possible that the style doesn’t best suit your measurements. You can email your measurements to our sizing experts at or feel free to give us a call or discuss the measurements here. We do want you to LOVE the corset and the fit as well 🙂

  • Karla Franklin

    I just got my first corset (CS411 size 42) and have seasoned it and am really liking it; however I seem to have the problem that it is a bit too big on the top (flaring) and has the potential to be too tight on the bottom. But it is NOT upside down – I just have really big hips and bottom. My waist to under bust curve matches the level one corsets but my waist to hip ratio is more like a 4+. I think for my next purchase I will try the 426 with hip ties – my only concern is that although with the hip ties I think I will have enough flare at the bottom to accommodate my well over 10″ waist to hip ratio (without training my waist down) the waist to under bust ratio will be too big. My natural hourglass has always had more sand in the bottom! I am losing weight which will most likely come off my middle the most – so over time with weight loss and waist training the top ratio might match more closely but the bottom ratio will get worse. Any suggestions in regards to the basic corset shapes I should try?

  • allie

    Hey i was wondering if you could help suggest a corset for me as it’ll be my first one!! I don’t really know much about waist training or what style would be best.
    my measurements are:
    under bust – 31.5″
    waist – 28. 5″ (but can squish down to 25.5″)
    hips – 36.5″
    torso length is 10″
    I was looking at the cs 426 short and cs 411 (both underbust) but not sue which would suit my body better im looking to slim my waist but also to hold in my lower belly fat and love handles. Thanks!
    (btw all of your videos were very helpful especially the one on how to measure for corset !! )

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Allie, I think you could wear a size 22 in either of those styles. You are right on the edge of having enough natural curve for the 426 short, but since it sounds like you are on the squishy side, I think it would work for you. You are almost the same measurements as I am and initially I get some gapping in the 426, but after seasoning it smoots out very well. Your laces may form a bit of a V in the back as the bottom of the corset will end up closing before the top due to the curve up there. The 426 short comes down lower on the sides and abdomen than the 411 so it sounds like you will probably want to go with the CS426 short based on your goals.

  • Yetunde

    Dear Cheri, I have been thinking of waist training for a veeeery long time and after a whole lot of research and measuring I got the Waspie Mesh 201 in sz 30 as recommended by Julie after sending my measurement (UB-34,W-37,Hip-37,Torso-10). I got it today and tried it but I noticed the busks are almost closing up without really cinching it. Do I need a smaller size? Or a different one altogether.
    I also want to commend you guys Julie responded to all my mails on time and in detail,and my delivery came super fast.lastly the amount of resources available is awesome.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Yetunde!

      Thank you-Julie is lovely and I will be sure to pass this along. The mesh 201 can size down a little bit more…but a 28 would be a 9 inch reduction which does seem high. I noticed that your upper hip is the same as your waist. Did you notice the corset cinching all the way at the bottom edge? And your underbust is several inches smaller than your waist (which is probably why the 201 recommendation as it is shorter and that is less of an issue than). Corsets are designed to be wider at the top and bottom edge (hourglass) and it looks like your natural shape has you widest at the middle. I think maybe the 305 in a size 30 or 32 might be a better fit. I highly recommend sending in pics to our sizing team (or just reply to Julie’s last email to you with those images-from the front and back with your corset on) and let her know you “spoke” with via the blog and I will consult with her.

  • Ashley McClain

    Hello, I just received my c426 today in the mail and when I tried it on the top of the corset fit perfect but the hip area has a lot of gaping. It also is just a tad bit long because it touches my thighs a bit. I can reach up the bottom of the corset and touch my belly 🙁 my measurements are bust: 38 waist:391/2 hips 441/2 torso: about 10.5 . I thought this corset would fit me good. do you think the c426 short would be better? or a different type of corset? I don’t really want anything really short because the bottom of my belly hangs just a little and I need a corset that will tighten up the bottom of my belly and not just tighten up the top of my torso. please help!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Ashley, I think the CS 345 in a size 32 might be a better fit for you. With the 426 (even with the short) it is better to have a little more natural curve than you have (that’s why you are seeing gapping at the hips). If you were very, very squishy it might work but the top of the corset will definitely close faster than the bottom and you still may experience gapping at the bottom. The CS 345 still comes down low in the front, but the hips are cut out, so you wouldn’t have the gapping problem at the hips.

  • Kristine Grevstad

    This might sound like a strange question, but when you say the underbust corset (like the cs426) is designed to fit right under your bust, does that mean *right* under the bust, like nestled in the inframammary fold? Otherwise, I’m not exactly sure how high, or low, I should be wearing this corset. It’s about 6 1/2 to 7 inches from the inframammary fold to my natural waist. I did purchase a CS426 near the end of February and I’m very happy with it.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Kristine! First of all, thanks for teaching me a new term! I’ve never herd the term inframammary fold before and I’m going to put it to use! In answer to your question though, determining where your corset sits should be based on your natural waist (where you actually bend). The waist tape on the inside of the corset should sit at your natural waist. In some of our corset styles, the waist tape is visible, but in other styles it is between the outer and inner fabrics, so you can feel where it is in those. So for some women it may sit right up against the underbust, but for others it may ride a bit below.

      • Kristine Grevstad

        Thanks for the reply, Amy. Inframammary fold is a term we bravangelists frequently use over at Bratabase, and you are welcome to use it whenever the need arises. It is an anatomical term.

        I knew the waist tape should sit at my natural waist, but those of us with a fair amount of fluff find that “natural waist” can be a bit of a negotiated term. In my case, that puts the top of the corset somewhat lower than the underbust line, which prompted me to ask this question in the first place. Now I know to strictly adhere to the natural waist.

        Thank you.

  • Kayleigh Jones

    Hello! I would love some help, my measurements are kind of weird and I’m not sure what would work best.
    Bust- 41.5
    Waist- 34.5
    Hips- 41.5

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Carol-Anne, I would suggest our CS 411 or CS 201 in a size 24. The CS 201 is a little shorter than the CS 411, but it comes down to more of a point over the belly and provides a bit more coverage there. The CS 411 is a great all purpose corset and come in a wide variety of colors.

  • Samantha


    I ordered and received my c426 short in a size 30 underbust corset my measurements are 42 37 41 with a torso of 9″. I started to season it but there is A LOT of gapping in the hips and top of the corset. Also I am waist training and really want to lose the lower belly from where I was pregnant it seems the short corset doesnt exactly cover enough for me but it seems to be the right length when I sit. Please Help!!!

      • Amy Lewis

        Could you please submit a picture of the gapping to our sizing experts at They will be able to tell if it is gapping that will end up closing with seasoning or if you have a style that doesn’t suit your measurements. I noticed in your original sizing request that you had your upper hip measurement at 43 inches rather than 40″. Can you confirm which is correct? That measurement in particular is important when we are recommending a corset from the 426 line as you need to have plenty of natural curve or some extra fluff to fill out the hips of the corset.

  • shakima1

    I’m looking to buy my first corset to waist train…I have a belly overhang which makes it difficult to measure my torso length but here are my measurements.

    UB 37.5
    Waist 41.5
    Upper hips 43

    Torso measured from under bust to bottom of overhang which sits on top of my upper hip area is 13. Which corset should I begin my waist training with and what size?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Shakima-Based on the measurements you gave me I would recommend a CS-301 in a size 32.  You may also be able to wear the CS-411 or CS-345 in a size 32 but there is a chance you may have some gapping at your under bust because your waist measurements is larger than your under bust.  If you are squishier in the stomach area there is a chance any extra squish will be redistributed to fill in the gapping but I can not guarantee it.  The CS-301 is our 8 inch waspie and does not come to the under bust area therefore gapping is not a concern. Hope that is helpful!

  • sacha

    Hey! I ordered a corset from you and I have been breaking it in 5days now 🙂 however, I find that the underbust (top edge) area doesn’t seem to be coming in to my body as well as the bottom edge . I’m wondering if this corset may be a little too large for me. My measurements are 32,30,35

  • Sam

    Hi Cheri,

    I am looking to buy my first ever corset for waist training and wondered what you would recommend? My measurements are:

    Underbust 32″
    Waist 29″
    Upper hip 34″

    Thanks 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sam,

      Happy to! I think the 305 in a size 24 will be a great fit for you! Try it both right side and upside down to see with is the better fit for you-as often we have less give at the top edge than at the bottom and your upper hip and underbust are similar.

  • Lindsay

    I only just discovered this site, despite having been a fan and occational wearer of corsets for many years. I wear a lot of costumes as a cosplayer and a pin up model and many require corsets but I do not do any serious waist training. I have recently decided I would like to start some mild waist training to help me get a little bit more of a defined hourglass shape. Your mesh underbust corsets have particularly piqued my interest, as I prefer breathable corsets and would really like an underbust one. I wonder if you could give me a recommendation on whether one of these would work for me. My measurements are:

    Underbust: 43″
    Waist: 41″
    Upper Hip: 48″

    Thanks a bunch for your help

  • Geralynn

    I think I ordered the wrong corset for my body. I essentially have no hips. I ordered the CS 426 in size 30 and there is a huge gap at the hip area. I’m not sure if the CS 411 will fit me or if I need another style all together. My measurements are:

    UB 34.5″
    Waist 35.5″
    Hip 37″

    Thank you for any help or suggestions. I love the feel or your corsets and can’t wait to find one that fits me! 🙂

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Geralyn, yes, you need to have some hips to wear that 426! Based on your measurements the best corset would be our CS 305 in a size 30. If you really like the contouring of the 426, you could also try the 345 in a size 28 or a size 30. Order a 28 if you are relatively squishy and get the 30 if you are more form.

  • aki

    help! dont know which one is best for me 🙁
    im 5’1 tall, tummy area is my major concern after having kids.
    UH- 38

    thanks!!! 🙂

  • Valerie


    My UB is 31.5″, my waist is 33″, UH is 40.5 and my torso length is about 9.5. What type of corset should I pick?? I’ve watched your videos, which are very informative and I’ve read articles from your website but I’m still confused.

  • Lauren

    Hi Cheri! I’ve been debating for a long while what style corset to purchase from OC. I adore the shape of the 426 but am worried that I wouldn’t have enough hip flare to fill it out. My measurements are UB: 28, W: 27, high hip: 32, full hip: 36. I was considering getting a size 20 because I am very comfortable in corsets and cinch down pretty easily, and I wear a 20 in Timeless Trends. I’m quite sure I have the torso length for the 426, but am more concerned about the hip flare. Additionally, I would want to have a very wearable corset, and so am a little hesitant about the 426 as well (oscillating between 426 and the shorter 411 for this reason). Thank you in advance for your advice!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lauren,

      If you comfortable in a size 20-the I would recommend that in the 345 or the 305 for you. You are correct in that you do not have the hip spring for the 426 and even the 411 would be ample at the hip for you.

  • CJ

    I am a newbie to this and am excited to get started. Looking to purchase some corsets for waist training. UB – 34, W – 36, UH – 40, and torso is 10.5. Was looking into the CS-305 and CS-201. Is there other corsets that would be better. Also, was thinking about a waist cincher as well. Any advise you could give would be very helpful. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi CJ,

      I think a size 30 in the 305. If you want the 201-size down to a 28 int that style. Also the 345 should work in a size 28 or 30 (depending on how firm vs soft you are).The cinchers (from any of our shapewear manufacturers) are just sold by waist size and each product will have a sizing chart. The Vedette 103 and 348 are very popular.

  • Paige Brown

    Help! I ordered the CS-345 as my first corset and just received it last week. When I tried it on it doesn’t fit right even after all my research and measuring! What should I do? The first time I put it on loosely I only had about 2-3″ on top before it would fully be closed (so I thought maybe its too big) but then the bottom of my corset had more room (about 5″) before it would be fully closed. The bottom edge of the corset sticks out too, not sure if that is part of the style or not but I had lots of room near my hips.. I’m thinking of choosing a different style altogether to start with and a smaller size? Instead of my CS-345 in size 26, maybe go for the CS-305 in size 24? Help please!

  • Clover .A

    Your blog has been so useful for an utter corset newbie such as myself ! I cannot wait to order my first corset from you guys! However I feel just a teensy bit overwhelmed as to what style would fit me best!

    I have an under bust of 34″, a 32″ waist, and a 37 1/2″ upper hip measurement. My torso length is just shy of 11″. I would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction when it coms to the style I would need!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Clover-

      There IS a lot to learn for a newbie! That’s why we’re here though. I’d suggest a size 26 in the 345 or 305, although if you are ‘squishy’ you could probably size down to a 24 in the 345.

  • shika

    Hi Cheri, I also need help on deciding which corset to order.
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 147
    Under bust: 34″
    Waist line : 35″
    Upper hip: 36.5″
    Torso length : 10.5″ or 11″

  • Maredyth

    Hi Cheri,
    I am trying to correctly size a waist trainer for my squishy body type but I am having a tough time figuring out what would work best. I am 5’4″, 186lbs, and my measurements are:
    Under bust: 39.5″
    Natural Waist: 37″
    Upper hip: 42.5″
    Under bust to upper hip: 10″
    Your advice is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • jscruz

    I’m trying to find the best corset for my body. My measurements are: upper: 32-31-38 and my torso is about 11/12 inches long. Can you recommend a corset and size?

  • C

    I think I got the wrong croset. I ordered the CS-426 I got it Tuesday and I wore it for 2 hrs and 2 hrs today. I noticed it touches my lap when i sit down. What can I do?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi C,

      If you are unable to wear the corset (and don’t ever plan to sleep in your corset) you can exchange it. However there will be a 25% restocking fee as that corset will no longer be in new condition. If the size is accurate, the 411 or the 345 should work in the same size.

  • lulu

    Hi, I bought the cs411 to begin waist training for the first time and I have only worn it once. I have a short torso and my measurements are 29-25-30. It was recommended that I buy a size 20 or 22. My hips seem to fit in it fine with a small gap, but there is a huge gap at the top. Should I expect that to go away? Is it normal?

  • desi

    hello I have the 426 and the corset keeps sliding up my boobs…. im wearing it over top a dress not sure if that is why but I know its not the length bc it slides before I even think about sitting and when I do sit its 3in or more away from my leg…. the one 1 got is 1 u suggested after I told u my mesurements

  • Aniesha

    I have a natural 26 inch waist and i just received my 301 in a size 20 I know that on the first wear you shouldn’t over tighten. Well right now I have about 1 inch before the modesty panel will close is that ok?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Aniesha,

      I think perhaps a 22 would be better. Tough at the 26″ waist as you could really go either way-depending on how squishy you are and how much length you have to play with.

  • Nina


    I am really confused of what is best for my body shape cs-411 or the 305. My measurements are W=36.5, UB= 32.5, UH=40 and torso around 9 inches.


  • Dayana calv

    Hi I just got my cs 411 and it looks like my rib cage is too wide. It leaves a huge gab and is noticeable when I wear a shirt over my corset, does this mean a cs 305 is the one I need?

      • dayana calvo

        I did try it on upside down yesterday and I have the same problem. . Underbust: 38 waist: 30 hips: 36…
        I was also taking under consideration the CS 345?
        I am 5″4 170 lbs

        • Cheri Dudek

          So you have an underbust measurement of 38″? That is 8 inches more than your waist, and will definitely pose a a problem sizing in an off the rack corset. The 301 may be your only option as it is short enough that it may miss your pronounced rib cage.

          • dayana calvo

            I’m just wondering if the corset is supposed to do this since it is not seasoned! I will send you guys pictures later to see what yall think

  • Richelle

    Hi there. I ordered my corset yesterday and got it today. Thank you. However I put it on and only have maybe 1/2 inch or less left before the backs touch and I really don’t care for the point at the bottom. I have the cs 411 satin 26. Do I need a smaller size and can you suggest a different one that push down on me. Thanks

  • Mel

    I have a ’22 CS 411 , and the too part is too big on the sides. It first perfectly at the hip and it’s on correctly: pins to the left, hooks to the right. What’s the problem ?

  • LaShawn

    I got my 426 longline yesterday and tried to jump in but it couldnt close it my wajstline js a 40 so I bought a 36..but I cant fit! I made sure it was right side up with bucles on the right i took it out so far the gap in the middle shows my back….should i get a bigger size?

  • Gwendolyn

    is it possible to take a corset in at the top? I cant flip mine because it has like.. “boob cups?” I guess. It needs to be in like 2 inches I guess.

  • Ash

    Hi! I’ve been wearing the satin CS-301 for a little over 2 weeks now. I began seasoning it as suggested and then started to season twice a day in order to shorten that period. Upon ordering the corset, my natural waist was 28″ so I ordered the 22″. Now, my waist w/o the corset is 26/26.5″. When I tighten my corset, it appears to be practically closed, but is measuring 24.5″ around the waist. Have I done something wrong? Could this have something to do with the modesty panel not being perfectly flat (I’ve been thinking about cutting it off..I never wear my corset on top of my clothes, just under with a liner)? Perhaps it’s because the “ears” aren’t aligned with my natural waist (they’re higher). Should I try to adjust the lacing? Please help!


  • hakeemah

    hi lulu I was interested In purchasing a 411 in a size 26. my natural waist is 33. I am approx.. 5″4. Which corset do you recommend for me?

  • Summer

    I just ordered the 411 in a 28 ( I have a 34-35inch natural waist). Great super fast shipping by the way. I’m only 5’3 so I thought the 426 would be too long. I find the 411 is too short and doesn’t cover enough at the top or bottom. There is also a big gap at the underbust and the bottom of the corset. I’m so sad 🙁 What do you recommend?

      • Summer

        I thought I would be a 28 in the 411, I consulted on the other bog about fitting and was recommended a 28 as well. I have a 36 bust, 34-35 waist , 38 hip and my torso length is about 11.5- 12.0 I do have quite a bit of squish since I just had a baby not too long ago. I also tried to flip the corset upside down, but the gap at the top is even worse and won’t lay flat. The 411 corset also seems quite short and leaves a lot of skin (roll) exposed. I’m wondering if this is why it seems to have a gap is maybe because it’s not coming down over my hip area far enough? Also, I know the corset is not too big because the entire modesty panel was visible when laced up. Maybe the 411 isn’t the best model for me?

  • Nicole

    I didnt have a chance to get my exact waist measurement so I just took a guess. Im 5′ 100lbs and I ordered the 411 in a 24. I received my corset today and was actually able to close it with the back completely laced shut. It wasnt the easiest thing but it wasnt so hard that I was struggling. Should I have ordered it in a 22 maybe?

  • lulu

    I need help im 5’6 210 pounds 32 c cup dize 13 and 14 in pants underwear size 5 if that could help someone help me I also have hips but not very big and I don’t have a very big rear end height and weight proportionate I just need to lose a lot of stomach area it’s not overwhelming but its not what I’m used to so this waist training is especially important for me I do believe that I can fit into a curvy corset and I know it’s kind of like why order if you don’t have your measurements but I know there’s a way around this anything’s possible so somebody PLEASE HELP HELP HELP a birthday girlthanks in advance for any and all replies

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lulu,

      Welcome to Orchard Corset. Unfortunately I do need to have at the very least your waist measurement in order to fit you in a corset. Chances are your underbust is about a 32, but your waist measurement is crucial to ordering a corset. If someone could swing a tape measure by your house, that’s all you will need. You can usually get them at the dollar store.

      • lulu

        Hi there no one has one I was Thinking get size 32 if I can fit sons 34 inch waist jeans what do you think ? Im looking to buy many my 1st the navy blue with buckles in front to start I tried to call lol sundays off I should have known .

  • lulu

    Im a homebody no way to get measurements
    how are you able to help me im really happy about ehen I can buy my corset birthday gift to me on 19th

  • Laura

    This is a great post, very informative!
    Also, I love that you have the corsets broken down into silhouette levels and are very clear about the dimensions and what body type works best with which corset. Very helpful in determining which one to get!!

    I have 4 corsets from OC and all are fantastic (though I bought one a size too small, hopefully I’ll be able to get into it before long!), one of which was worn every night for 4 weeks straight and was amazing!

  • Ken Holton

    Hi OC Blog,
    I hope you do not mind a post from a man. My problem is not poor fitting corsets so much as in finding the right fitting high waisted long leg girdle, as most of the ones I buy either ride up in the leg or ride down and fold over at the top. I gained weight about 10 years ago and have worn girdles ever since to maintain the same size of clothing, and I cannot imagine going anywhere now without wearing one.

    • Eric

      Men may not get exactly the same curves as a female, but corsets can still help you look stunning.

      If you’re new to corseting or have a pretty straight body – nearly the same chest, waist, and hip measurements – take a look at the CS-305. It’s a great underbust corset to nip your waist 4-6″ and give you some of those curves you’re looking for. In my experience, the lambskin (leather) is particularly comfortable, and looks awesome!

      If you already have some curve at your waist, or are experienced with corseting, take a look at the CS-411 (shorter) or CS-426 (longer). They have a more pronounced curve and extra support to give you a more hourglass-like waist.

      A couple inches longer than the CS-426, and with a curve between the 305 and 411 / 426, is the CS-511. Although it’s designed as an overbust for women, I’ve seen it fit a few men, particularly with a longer torso (wearing it like an underbust) and/or a slightly larger chest than waist.

      Make sure you start by getting a cloth tape measure, taking honest measurements, and checking out the sizing guidelines on the OC website. If you have questions, just ask; their customer service is second to none.

      Disclaimer: I don’t work for Orchard Corsets, I’m just a customer offering suggestions from my own experience.

  • Jo

    Important tips to remember! The fit guide is helpful too.

    I do find this advice very strange – “if you have a small, leaner frame without curves you will not be able to jump into something like a 426.”
    I have a small, lean frame without curves (I’m especially lacking in the waist-hip ratio and have no rear to speak of), and LOVE this style on me – so much that I had to come back for a second.
    It creates a little bit of curve where I have none, and doubles as being comfortably supportive. It’s also much better than overbusts for me to commonly wear as I overheat so easily.
    Presuming one has an accurate waist measurement and sizes down accordingly, and isn’t overly short in the torso – I am short in the torso but it’s never been enough to affect longline fit on me in any brand – I don’t see why this style couldn’t work.
    Personally, I go down 4-6 inches from my waist measurement and the fit of the 426 is great (the two-inch variation is based on minor circumference fluctuation on my end, not picking a different size to purchase).

    I do not wear corsets for waist training, nor have I ever done so. It’s possible that I am simply used to/comfortable in them; I wear corsets for both the look and for chronic back problems, and have been for years.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Thank you for sharing Jo. We have many women that simply have too much corset room in the hip and leaves a gap between the corset and themselves (even fully laced at the bottom) and not being able to lace the waist or underbust. Much of this really depends on your bone structure and spacing as well. Every body is so different-which can make finding the right corset tricky!

      • Jo

        Oh definitely! It’s great that you have so many styles and advice; no one has a “standard” body. I’ve had that issue in other styles (not from this company), so I was excited to find that the 426 is perfect for me, but I’m sure it’s not right for everyone =]
        Thank you for your reply!

  • Cynthea

    This is actually very helpful! I originally purchased a corset that was not long enough. Than i proceeded to put it on wrong… lol
    Thank you for the information and tips!
    It does help to have a point of reference when getting confused about your corset.
    Love the way my Corset looks and feels! (so does my boyfriend & everybody else!)
    I recommend you to anybody i know thats looking into corsetry <3
    Thanks for the GREAT customer service and the great products you provide.

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