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Sleeping in Your Corset

To Sleep or Not To Sleep

Adding the “sleepover” to your waist training

Hello OC Blog Readers! Cheri here again with my latest corset adventure-sleeping in my corset. My first attempt at this didn’t fair so well. I wore my maroon CS-426, lacing it how I would normally. Big mistake! I had a mild panic attack and had a hard time relaxing. After about 90 minutes (which seemed like hours) I had to take it off. I panicked just a little bit more then, irrationally thinking that I might not be able to remove it (so silly, I know-but our model Danielle had a similar experience her first attempt).

Not one to give up so easily, I tried again a few nights later. This time I laced my corset up about an inch to an inch and half less than I would for daytime corseting. MUCH BETTER! My theory is that when I am corseted during the day, I engage my core muscles (hold in my gut) because that obviously makes the corset more comfortable-better posture through corseting. Well, when I am trying to sleep, I (and everyone else) relax the muscles in my body, which causes my midsection to expand slightly. This made the corset feel uncomfortably tight and caused my original panicky sensation.

Lace more loosely at night

Now, I did not survive the whole night, when I woke up midway to use the restroom, I chose not re-lace my corset. However, I believe I could have. I was not miserable and uncomfortable (warm-perhaps) If you are interested in a more aggressive waist training regiment-sleeping in your corset can be done. What I can say is start slow (try just a nap if you are a napper), loosen up your laces, and give yourself a break. If you are feeling uncomfortable, physically or mentally, then STOP! Work your way into a full night’s corseted rest…a few hours at a time. If you normally wear a double steel boned corset, I would also suggest trying a less restrictive single-boned corset for sleeping.

Most of you who have read my blogs know I am not a waist trainer, I began wearing corsets as research for my job…and now wear them daily at my desk for support and posture (and I just feel sexier and more confident!) Sleeping in a corset is something I wouldn’t do personally (outside of research for this blog), but I realize many of our customers do. Read up on our corset care and seasoning blogs (and videos), and if you have any medical concerns it is advisable to seek the advice of the doctor, before beginning a waist training regiment.  Remember your safety and well-being are important to us-so take care of you!

Many women find it’s easier to sleep in a latex waist cincher. Check out this blog for more information on that.

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Yesenia

    Hi Cheri I just bought my corset it came in yesterday. My question is if I can nap in my corset while seasoning it or will it not season correctly?

  • natalie

    My measurements are 28 for my waist, 31 for upper hip and 28 and a half for underbust. I’m a tall, slim girl with a slight natural curve but I want a great hourglass figure to not make myself seem like a board. I’m interested in the CS-301, is that a good option and what size should I get?

  • olamide

    hi! I recently purchased a corset and I av no idea which one it is because I’m kinda new to d whole waist training thing. And I av stomach ulcer so im wondering if its advisable to wear corsets or will it affect my ulcer?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Olamide,

      I am not sure about the ulcer and what impact a corset would have on that. I will say if it hurts-don’t wear it :). I recommend speaking with your doctor about that.

  • Jael

    Hi i hav a 44-45inch waist…i am 5ft7-8inches…..i have been hunting for a overbust 24steel boned(if even 26) waist training corset but the o es that is 15-16inches long i front and the ones that sorta high up under the arms(side of tje breast to prevent that side-breast bulge)&highup in the back to cover the bra strap……do u hav anything like that…..

  • Antoinette F.

    Hi Cheri,
    I bought the CS-426 for this past chirstmas and I has worked wonders. My original waist size was a 37″ so I purchased a 32″. I have been able to comfortably wear the 32″ for a while, it just feels a little snug when fully closed. I feel like I need to go down another size. Also since giving birth to my son I have a excess fat /baby pouch that rests below the bottom of corset which is a problem for me. Is there any corset that would go lower to help that problem area and What size would you recommend?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Antoinette,

      I certainly think you can size down to a 30. There is not another corset that goes down any further. Some women find that a shaping brief under their corset helps with that pesky pooch!

  • Lori L.

    My measurements are under bust 54, waist 56, upper hip 60, torso length 14. What would you recommend for me?

  • Connie

    Hello, I am new to corsets and I would like to know the correct sizing for me. My waist measurement is 39 and my hip is 43 and my bust is 36 and the fullest part is 42 inches. I am 5/4.5 inches tall. I am not sure where to start. Please advise. Thank you

  • Melissa

    Hi! I took my measurements, and my waist is 26″, underbust is 29″, and upper hip is 31″. My torso length is 10″. My body is pretty straight, not much natural curve but I am on the firmer side, and don’t have much squishability. I really want the CS-305 cotton corset for occasional use, probably mostly under my clothing but may occasionally wear it over as well. I was going to order the 22″ but its out of stock, do you think the 20″ would work for me, or would it look too big in the back? I don’t plan to do any serious waist training but I like the figure and straight posture the corset gives your body and wouldn’t mind taking an inch or two off my waist in the process, no to mention eating smaller meals! Bottom line, do you think the CS-305 is a good model for me and could I get away with a 20″?

    • Cheri Dudek

      I think the 305 is a great choice for you. I do fear based on all that info that the 20 will be too small- but we expect more size 20’s tomorrow (Tuesday) so sign up for stock notification on that. Also, try the corset both upside and right side- you may find upside works better for you,

  • Cindy

    Hi there I recieved my c 426 March 11 my waist is a 30 so I ordered a 26 and I have been able to fully close it for the past week, does this mean I now need a smaller one? & how can one tell if you’ve damaged your corset? Thank you

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cindy,

      With a 30 inch waist, I would have suggested a size 24 in that corset. What are your other measurements (upper hip and underbust)? I am sure the corset isn’t damaged, just used.

      • Cindy

        So if I keep wearing this one does that mean my waist will just shrink to a 26 although it’s fully closed already, or do I need a smaller one to get a 26 waist, this is my first time waist training & so I thought starting off with 4 inches smaller since I didnt know how my body was going to react to it & I didn’t want to be uncomfortable

  • blulovely

    My corset arrived about 4 days ago. I am in love!!!!! I began with an hour a day. Currently, I am at the dentist office, going for a few hours………. wish me luck!!!!!!

  • Brittany

    Hello there,
    Anyone who knows me knows that im a curvy thick chick. Not fat but no where near skinny. I’ve started wearing a corset at night as well as watching my calorie intake and exercising of course. My question is where are the best places to get a quality worth corset and also how do um you tie these thing up yourself! Thanks a lot!

  • Sherri

    Is there an ideal proportion bust to waist to hip? Cinched, my bust is 39, waist is 25, and my hip is 35. I remember years ago, the ideal measurements were 36-24-36. Since I’m not interested in losing my bust, I don’t really know what the waist to hip ratio should be for the ultimate curve which is visually “perfect.” I don’ want to appear clownish (Dolly Parton-like) but surely there is a formula for symmetry.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sherri,

      I do not personally think there is only one ideal silhouette. I think that would be different for everyone-as some prefer more curve than others. I suppose someone out there has done some research…but not us 🙂 I think perfection lies in the imperfections.

  • Laurie Pacheco

    I purchased your corset for weight loss at 53 the weight started all in my tummy area and with thyroid and menopause I could not loose the weight. I started using my corset I was no longer hungry all day and within two weeks I lost 10 pounds and 6 inches off my waist line ,however the better benefits was for 8 years I have had neck and lower back pain (large breasts) within a weeks time I noticed the pain was gone while wearing my corset I’m in love with corset wearing. Still can’t sleep with it but I’m trying:)

    • Jane A Yellen

      Well I am trying to do some serious waist training and taken the information found on this blog to heart. I now wear a Rago extra firm full body girdle with a waist training corset over it during the day. At night I sleep with just the Rago. Let you know if this works out in 30 days.

  • Jaisee

    Hi, about a month ago I bought the 426 and while I’ve only worn a couple times , having not yet broken it in . I love it! But I just found out I’m expecting. My question is how is the proper way to store my corset long term instead opposed to on a hanger or chair Without damaging it or affecting the shape of it?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jaisee,

      Congratulations! You will want to store on a hanger per the corset care video blog, but I would recommend a thin layer of plastic (like from a dry cleaner or a grocery bag if that is what you have). Just make sure it stored someplace dry but with decent air flow so it doesn’t get musty over the next 10 months :). Your climate will have much to do with any special precautions you might need to take (how dry or humid it is).

  • TCluse

    I have a question regarding the finished result of corset training. I understand that the results of waist training becomes permanent–using the proper method of slow progression, diet and exercise– but once you have reached your goal waistline, do you have to continue to ware the corset from time to time to maintain the results or will proper diet and exercise do the trick?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Generally you will need to wear your corset occasionally to maintain results. Similar to when you have braces-you will forever need to use your retainer from time to time if you wish to keep your teeth aligned. If you maintain your post waist training weight, you should be able to maintain your shape with occasional corseting (which will vary per individual depending on your natural curves)

  • Eric

    Thanks for writing about your experiences. Lucy (Bishonenrancher on YouTube) has some other suggestions for sleeping in your corset (

    I’d also be interested in a nude or cream all cotton corset, especially with a front zipper in a 305 or 411 silhouette. The knobs on a normal busk show through my shirt, sometimes even with a tee over the corset.

  • Elizabeth

    Regarding the all cotton corsets: This sounds like a wonderful idea. It would also be really nice to see them in a nude color so they wouldn’t show underneath some clothing.

    And an option without a front busk, or with a zipper or something instead would also be wonderful, as some thinner fabrics show the busk, and it looks like strange little knobs under your shirt.

    Are the cotton corsets going to come in the shorter waist cinchers, so they don’t leave hard lines under pants?

    • Cheri Dudek


      Initially we will offer the cotton in the 426, 411 and possibly 305 styles we currently carry. We do plan to carry 2-3 colors (black, nude and perhaps white). It takes longer to develop new corset styles as opposed to just new fabrics in existing styles. Once we get our current inventory up to speed with our demand, we will begin working on new corset patterns.

          • mac1319

            I agree also. I love the CS-426 but find the busk is just about an inch to an inch and half too long for me. If it could be scaled for a slightly shorter torso length that would be great. I like the five loop busk on the CS-426 but eleven inches is definitely easier for me to wear. I still bought the CS-426 and only wear it at home. The CS-411 is okay but the CS-426 is more stylish.

        • mac1319

          I agree! CS-426 is about an inch too long for me to sit comfortably at my desk all day in. Generally I only wear it at home for this reason. I love the coverage and silhouette around the hips CS-426 gives. Just wish the busk and the princess seams (under the bust to hips) were all about an inch shorter. Other than that CS-426 creates really beautiful curves.

  • ALyssa

    I actually fall asleep in my corset all the time. The problem is, if I fall asleep with it on, I always take it off in my sleep!! I never remember taking it off, but I know I go to sleep with it on, and wake up with it next to me in the bed, lol.

  • Jillian

    Where you mentioned making your corset about an inch looser for sleep… That is a really, REALLY good tip!!

    I have a question…Unfortunately I somehow damaged a corset (and bruised my ribs on 1 side) a few years ago when I first started sleeping in them. I attributed it to rolling over onto my side as I’m usually a side sleeper, where I also bend my one leg up towards my body. Well, I ended up warping/bending the boning SO bad. Now, I make sure I’m flat on my back or stomach when I wear it to sleep 3 times per week. Since I made the change, I haven’t done any damage to myself or this one super old corset (which is still very sturdy) that I made into my “sleep/workout only corset”. Do you think my speculation was correct??? That I probably did the damage while on my side? Do you think making sure to sleep flat on your back or stomach is the best way to not damage your corset OR injure yourself is a good habit to get into when sleeping in your corset?

    I also wanted to mention that a few blogs ago, a reader commented on wanting a “soft corset” for daily wear, ONLY for under clothes, and in neutral colors. Something that is all function and no fashion. Now that I think about it, that would be a really nice product to market “for comfortable daily-wear AND comfortable sleep-wear”. As a buyer, I know that would be a really nice product to have…made with something in a super soft material like cotton or cotton-like fabrics. It would probably be really easy to make inexpensive, too. Inexpensive or not, I can see that flying right off of your shelves. I know I’d buy one for sure.

    • amber T

      I am a side sleeper and I have never had any problems in my corset. I also never had any trouble sleeping in my overbust corset. Before I had a corset I had tightened a karate belt around my waist in several wraps to enjoy the sensation but only did that a few times and for extremely short periods.

      As far as the back support, I actually wore my corset only once or twice during the day then it became an almost always nightly thing because of children and work schedules. When I wear it my bavk always feels better the next morning

    • Christina

      I also wanted to mention that a few blogs ago, a reader commented on wanting a “soft corset” for daily wear, ONLY for under clothes, and in neutral colors. Something that is all function and no fashion. Now that I think about it, that would be a really nice product to market “for comfortable daily-wear AND comfortable sleep-wear”. As a buyer, I know that would be a really nice product to have…made with something in a super soft material like cotton or cotton-like fabrics. It would probably be really easy to make inexpensive, too. Inexpensive or not, I can see that flying right off of your shelves. I know I’d buy one for sure.

      I totally agree with is. I would buy a couple that were more plain I would love to start wearing a corset all the time but I don’t always wear clothing that would look great with satin type corset and who really wants to hide such beauty. Some how a tee- shirt and workout pants don’t really look good with a satin corset, it’s a little off. I two would so love to see a few with a plainer type fabric for under.

      • Cheri Dudek

        We have all cotton corsets on the way! They will be just as sturdy as our brocades, with sturdy cotton for both the lining and the exterior fabric. We are looking at 3 colors (black, white and cream) and hope to have them ready to sell in June or July.

        • Mrs. Vitt

          I’m so excited to hear about the cotton corsets!!!! I believe it’s a product that so many of us need..umm ok want.. lol. but Who Cares! I want them all!! I can’t wait.

        • mac1319

          Looking forward to buying CS-411 in cotton nude color! I thought about the beige with the black trim that is on clearance but I’d like something that can be more easily disguised under light colored garments.

    • Cheri Dudek


      Every body is different. Obviously if you incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your routine, you will see quicker results. How much time you are willing to spend in a corset is definitely a personal choice. Personally I can’t imagine sleeping in a corset, but we realize many women do. We just hope to encourage our readers to be safe and not be overly aggressive in their pursuits as it’s never worth risking your health and safety for a smaller waistline. Corsets offer women a chance to really show off their curves (and offers many people incredible back support to ease pain and discomfort) and feel confident and sexy. If waist training is your goal, patience is prudent!

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