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Which Corset is Best For Me?

Choosing the Right Corset:

There is no ONE right answer

Hello OC Blog Readers! Cheri here again with some insight into a very common question we get here at Orchard Corset: “Which corset do you suggest for me?”  We often struggle to answer this question, because without some detailed information from our customer, it’s very difficult to choose.

Each person has their own unique set of circumstances: body type, torso length, desired results, level of experience, occasional use vs specific use vs waist training…and even more variables with an overbust corset. I will attempt in this blog to lay out the differences side by side in our 3 most popular underbust corsets: CS-411, CS-426 and CS-305.

Corset Comparison

First let me say that one is not better than the others; they each have something unique to offer. Of course, one could definitely be better for you than the others-which is really what we are here to figure out! What they have in common is each is made with flat and spiral steel bones, front split busks, all metal grommets, and lacing guards. The 305 and 411 are standard length corsets-about 10-11 inches at the front and back and 8-9 inches along the side. The 426 is a longline corset and measures 13-14 inches at the front and back and 12 inches along the side (Can I wear the 426?). This doesn’t mean if you have a long torso you have to buy the 426, nor does it mean if you are 5’4” tall you must buy a 411 or 305. Even if you are tall, if you have a very short torso, the 426 could be uncomfortable for you to wear.

Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 and CS-411
Double Steel Boned Black Satin Corsets: CS-426 Longline and CS-411 Standard

Personally, I can wear all 3 comfortably. I prefer the 411 because I have more freedom of movement. Some women complain about the back bulge from the lower riding 411 (especially for longer, full figured gals). I don’t have any problems with that, or I would probably prefer the 426. I am very curvy, so the 411 suits me better than the 305, but I can wear the 305 and in the leather (it’s VERY comfortable).

CS-305 Single Boned Brown Leather

All three of these will work for waist training. Many people wear corsets for back support-all 3 of these would work great for that as well. Your decision might then be determined by your torso length and level of curve.

CS-411 Red Plaid Underbust Corset

Many of our corsets have beautiful prints and designs-maybe you are looking for an exotic club look or attending a costumed event. Than that’s an easy choice-if it fits it the right corset for you! We have super cute plaids and pinstripes. All of our corsets are available in our high strength, high shine satin. Many styles are also available in leather and cotton as well, and the 411 and 426 in polyester: pinstripe, brocades and plaids.

If you’re new to corseting, your best bet is to head over to our sizing page and send your measurements to one of our sizing experts. They will get back to you with the style and size that should work for you!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Olivia

    Hi Cheri,
    I am having trouble accessing the Orchard Corset site. It keeps telling me that your site has an unsecure connection and that it is possibly a scam, my identity will be stolen, and my debit/credit information compromised.
    I know several other people who have had thing problem too.
    Is there a solution? Because I would really like to buy one of your corsets!
    Thank you!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Olivia! I emailed you just a few hours ago about this, we would love to get this sorted out to make sure that everything is okay. What we see on our end looks as it should but if it’s not showing that on your end we would like to get that error fixed. Thanks so much!

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Jeri, the 201 in a size 20 would have a 29″ hip and a 27″ underbust. The 305 in a size 20 would be 27″ in the hip and 24″ in the underbust. Keep in mind, those are all closed internal measurements of those corsets. I hope that helps!

  • Brenna

    I am having a really difficult time deciding which style(s) to order next. I ordered the CS 411 in 22, and while for the most part if fits very well, I suffer from pretty extreme back and side fat bulge for my size due to my large back curve even when there is more room in the top front of the corset. I have about 1-2 inches left in the 411 22, so I am going to buy size 20 so i can begin to season them while I am finishing the 22. My measurements are 31/26.5/34 and my torso length is about 10.5-11, and i think my waist sits slightly high on my torso. I watched the 426 video and it seems i am right on the edge of being able to wear it, but it is difficult to tell. I just want to avoid the the squishy back and sides i get with the 411. What styles would you recommend? Thank you!

    • Brenna

      Also I was wondering if just because the 411 caused back fat, if the 201 would definitely as well, or is it just something I would have to try? Thanks again!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Brenna,

      The 426 short would certainly help with the back bulge..but I worry your hip will not support that (although in a size 20 you may be alright). The 201 actually sits lower in the back than the 411…so depending on where your pesky back bulge is coming from-you may find you don’t have any with the 201. I have less with the 201 than the 411 (I wear both in a 22…29-27-36 for my UB, W and UH). I am sorry I cannot give you a more firm answer–but corset sizing is far from being “scientific” 🙂

      • Brenna

        Okay thank you very much! I probably try to make everything too scientific, but your personal experience really helps! I was afraid that the short one may not help with back bulge like the 426 regular. I think I’l just try both of them, and can always exchange if backfat is too much of an issue. Thanks again! 🙂

  • Lucy

    Hi Cheri,

    i have been following your blog now for a while as I am looking to get my first corset and I must say that I commend your commitment to responding to your posters in a very detailed fashion, so much information is loaded in your replies.

    Now to my specific situation. I need your help making the right choice. The two most important factors for me are waist training and posture/ back support as I am having posture related back pain so I would like a corset that will help give me some relief and correct posture over time(Is this a realistic expectation?). I am also concerned that I don’t want my tummy to bulge at the lower abdomen as I have seen some photos of seasoned corseters who have tiny waists but a very pronounced lower tummy bulge from a profile view. I would also like over time to have a significant reduction in my natural waist while bringing in my lower rib cage and redistribute my tummy fat to my hips. (Can these goals be achieved?)

    I was looking at: the 345 because of the long back (I presume a longer back will give more back support and postural help?) in maybe a size 22 and the 411 (because of the longer back) in maybe a 20. I also seemed to like the 201 mesh but it seems to be quite short on the back section. Also, what effects do the number of panels and steel bones have on back support?

    My measurements: Under bust 27 / waist 26 (squishy) / upper hip 29.5 / torso length about 9.5…I am about 5ft2”
    What are your suggestions? Oh, and I will be mostly wearing the corset under my clothing.

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you so much


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lucy and thank you!

      Let’s see if I can’t get you some answers :). You can get reduction in both your waist and lower ribs (however that takes some considerable dedication to waist training). You cannot (as far as I know) permanently redistribute weight to your hips. Your hips will appear fuller while corseted (and even not if you are a dedicated waist trainer and therefore have trained your natural waist down). If you are fuller-figured (much more so than your measurements indicate) you will actually increase your hip size while corseted as you will redistribute tummy weight to the top and bottom edges of your corset. With your measurements that is unlikely as I don’t think you have much “fluff” to redistribute.

      Corsets are designed to give you an hourglass shape-not necessarily flatten your stomach from a side profile (although depending on where you started they do indeed do that for many women). As you have a small frame to begin with-I don’t expect any bulging for you so I don’t think that will be a concern. A size 22 in the 305 or a size 20 in the 201 will likely fit you the best. I think you may find the 345 will protrude a bit at your lower tummy as you have a smaller hip and I am not sure if you will be able to tighten that up enough to bring the scooped bottom as snug to your body as you would like for “stealth” corseting (wearing corsets under your clothing so as not to tip people off that you are waist training).

      The more bones-the “stiffer” the corset will fill. Personally I find corsets with single boning spaced close together to be the most comfortable..but some folks like the double boning. The more panels (I believe) the easier the corset is to season and lay flat against the body.

      • Lucy

        Hi Cheri,

        Thanks a million for your responses, you’ve been such a great help!! Sorry to ask so many questions, but what are your thoughts about the 411’s fit for me, as it looks to me -from what you have explained- that the stiffer one might work better for me in terms of my back issues. If I wear a 22 and the hip is 8” more than the waist (so 30”) Could that work for me? since my upper hip is about 29.5-30.?
        If so, I may have to forfeit going stealth.

        Thank you Thank you once again. I am so grateful 🙂

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Lucy,

          I think you will find the 411 is almost loose on you at the upper hip (I have a 36-37″ upper hip and I wear that in a 22 and can almost close the bottom of the corset-for reference). You are welcome to try it of course…just want you to know what you might expect with that!

  • Ashley

    Hi, not sure what kind and size I should get for my first corset. I’m thinking possibly the 426 because I am 5’7″. My measurements are
    Under bust: 36
    Hip: 45

  • hutton

    Hi guys my name is Hutton, Im 5’2 weigh about 160. i want an overbust corset, Bust 44 Upper Hip 44 Natural waist 34. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Lencha

    Hello ,
    I want to start waist training. I’m 5′ 130 lbs and measurements are UB 32, W 31, H 37, torso 13. I was looking into the CS411 in a 26 but would like your advice. I’d also like to the difference or purpose in straight or point top and bottom. Thank you

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Lencha, a size 26 in the CS411 should work great for you. The contour at the top of the corset is simply a look that some people prefer. Depending on where the top of the corset ends up hitting you, it can also provide some lift for “the girls”, but a non contoured corset that fits snugly under the breasts can do that as well.

  • Cris Johnson

    Im having a hard time with just getting started. Im very busty but no hips. I have watched all videos and I still dont know which to order

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Cris, there is a LOT of information to absorb when you start learning about corsetry! One of our sizing experts will be happy to help direct you to the right size and style, but we will need all your measurements to suggest a style and size of corset for you. If you would like some tips on how to measure yourself for a steel boned corset, have a look at our video on how to measure, After you have all your measurements, head over to our sizing page, , enter your measurements in the form and one of our sizing experts will respond with the style and size that should work for you.

  • Nade

    Hello team!

    I, as well, have a question. I have a pretty short torso, most of the of the rack corsets are too long for me. So after quite some time of researching and decisions, I ended up ordering the CS-411 in size 26. After two weeks I’ve been able to fully close it, but that is not my problem, the problem is that de 411 gives me a sort of muffin-booby-top. I was wondering if it would be better for me to order a CS-201 (which I just discovered, silly me). Would the 201 give the muffin top too or it would fit better? I got to say that the black mesh one is the fabulous <3


  • shaleena

    HI! I am interested in waist training but have no clue what to buy? my measurements in inches are
    Waist: 291/2
    I weigh 143 lbs. and I am 5,5 1/2 inches tall. I’m not exactly sure what “body type” I am. I work out 4-5 days a week.

  • Sai

    Im Sai and I always wanted to waist train. Family was already against it but now i just dont care i want to love my body.
    I already have a small waist actually im small all over. I’m a cocktail waitress and I want something that i can move in.
    bust: 32
    waist: is 22
    can you help me

  • Emma

    I am looking at getting one of your lovely corsets but I not sure which one to get or the size I should get. I also plan on waist training. I am plus size with a lot of fluff that I tend to carry on my lower waist. My measurements are:
    UB: 39 inches
    W: 40.5 inches
    UH: 45 inches
    T: 13.5 inches

  • Jim

    Hi Cheri –
    I had a corset from your company for a couple of years and I’m not sure if I may have bought the wrong size to begin with or if it just started wearing out. It was a silouhette 3 black satin. Of late – the bottom part of the corset seemed to be sticking out – like it was out of shape – after I had it laced. It’s a challenge for me because I am 6’4′ and 325 lbs. I have a 48″ “male” waist – but want to be pulled in as much as possible to give better and more closer “woman” image. I had a size 40 under bust – is that the correct size I should have bought? What do you suggest? I know I need the extended torso sizing – just really want to be able to pull in my stomach. I wear my corset about 3 times a week – sometimes for up to 8 hours a day. Once in a while I’ll sleep in it as well. I’d like for a style to have the garter tabs with it because I enjoy wearing traditional stockings as opposed to thigh highs or pantyhose but – I’m most certainly up for your professional advice. Thank you! Jim

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jim,

      That sounds like the right size…but I imagine there is way more hip room in that 426 than you need. We do not have a longline straighter corset (it is on my radar specifically for our taller and not always curvy clientele). If your corset is several years old and you sleep in it-it is possible you are ready for new one. I would continue to use the old one for sleeping in and saving the new one for daytime use. Without your other measurements (underbust and upper hip)- I cannot offer a different corset option-but if the longline is your preference you may be stuck with a bit of hip gapping. A corset is designed to promote an hourglass shape and pull in the waist-but not necessarily flatten your stomach (shapewear is better suited for that). I hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of further assistance 🙂

      • Jim

        Hi Cheri –
        Is there a diagram online that shows which measurements you would need to be able to make a recommendation? I always had though I needed the longline because of my height but it sounds like your saying I may not? Again – open to any direction you can offer – I’d really just like to get the right corset. Still thinking the silhouette 3 though – right?

        • Amy Lewis

          Jim, check out our video for how to measure yourself for a corset. After you have all your measurements, head over to our sizing page, , enter your measurements in the form and one of our sizing experts will respond with the style and size that should work for you. I apologize for the delay in responding. Our comments system doesn’t always make it obvious when someone has replied to a comment.

  • Bree Williamson

    Hi there, my name is Bree. I wanted to start waist training for a more hour glass shape. My Underbust is 31 inches. Natural waist like is 30 inches. Upper hip is 36.5 inches. My Torso length is 12 inches, but when I sat down it went down to 9 inches. I did it based on your video. I’m not sure which corset to get. If you could help me figure it out, that’d be wonderful. Thank you!
    I’m 5’4 if that matters and I wear a size 11-13 in jeans.

    • Cheri Dudek

      HI Bree,

      Welcome! I think a size 24 in the 411 or 201 (even the 305) would be a good fit for you :). The 411 will likely close up at the bottom edge completely..but should not be loose. The 305 will be a more even top to bottom lace.

  • Samantha

    Hi Cherri!
    I’m very interested in buying a corset just so confused on what size I should order. I want to waist train while exercising and everyday wear. My issue is my (bulging..) mid section I just want that hour glass shape. Hope you can help! Thanks. 🙂

    My sizes are as followed:
    UB: 45″
    W: 43″
    UH: 51″
    Torso length:14 1/2

    I’m about 5’1-5’2 and wear a size 18 pants if that matters.

  • Danna

    Hi, would you mind helping me find my ideal underbust corset? Here are my measurements:


  • Olivia

    hi! i was wondering which corset would be the best to corset train in?
    my measurements are:
    Under bust: 31″
    waist: 30″
    hip: 34″
    torso: 9″

  • latoyia

    Hello i am orderingg my first corset and i would like to know what woould be the best one. My measurements are bust 38/ under bust 32 / waist 33/ hips40/ torso 8 or 9. I want to gain better posture and a smaller waist.

  • Katie

    Hi. I’m looking into waist training but I don’t know what corset I should try. I’m about 5’3″ – 5’4″. My underbust measurement is 33 in, waist 33 in, and hips 41 in.

  • peace

    my bust is underbust-28.waist-33 and hips-36….i am trying to get an hourglass shape… what corset should i get to begin my waist trainin journey?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Peace,

      Are you measuring your waist at your natural waist line? With your underbust so much smaller…it will be tricky to find a corset to fit well. The 301 in a size 26 should work as it is shorter. The 305 and 201 are options as well. If those measurements are accurate, you may find the 305 and 201 too big at the top edge.

  • Bella

    Hello, I’d like advice on which style and size of corset to order.
    Height = 5’1
    Bust = 34″
    Under Bust = 28″-29″
    Waist(bend area) = 28″
    High Hips = 34

    I would like one that doesn’t push the tummy down and if possible one that I don’t have to be fidgeting with when I sit or get up because of pants.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • jenny

    Hello I would love to have a steel boned corset. My measurements are as follows: My full cup size is 48 1/2 in. My bra size is 44 B. Under my breasts is 45 in. My waist is a 54, top of my hips 61, and my full hip is 52. I have a short waist which corset would fit me best. thanks so much : )

  • Roelsama

    I’m 5’9 and my mesurments are: 33ub 32nw 43uh. I am soft, and I am looking for a corset that provides heavy compression on my waist while allowing room for my hips. I need a sturdy corset that will mold me into more of an hourglass. Do you think you guys have something that will help me?

  • Katie B

    Hi, I need some help with sizing. I am a 31 underbust, 30 waist, 36 hips. I am 5’4” with quite a short torso. I had a latex waist trainer however it was super uncomfortable under the bust and on my hips.

  • Sady


    I’m trying to buy my first corset for corset training and I’m not sure which model or size I should get. My measurements are:

    45″ under bust
    44″ natural waist
    51″ upper hip
    11.5″ torso length
    I’m 5’5″, though I’m not sure if that matters or not.

    I’m also trying to figure out which corset my girlfriend should buy. Her measurements are:

    47″ under bust
    49″ natural waist
    54″ upper hip
    12.5″ torso length
    She’s 5’9″.

    Thanks for your help!

  • malika

    I have already purchased My very first corset couple of days ago, without reading any of these helpful tips :P. I’m 5’1, 30′ bust line, 27′ waist, 35′ hips. i have a very short torso. I have ordered CS-301-Black-Cotton-24 corset. I’m not sure how its going to fits me. Anyway it will be one of many corsets i will have in the future 😀 Can you please tell me what corset i should be ordering next. and also the size of the cincher. As soon as i receive my first order, i will be ordering one more corset plus a latex cincher. Thank You!

    • malika

      Ooops correction…* my measurements are :- Under bust 30, waist 27, hips 35. I’m 5’1 tall and my weight is 110 lb Thank You!

      • Amy Lewis

        Hi Malika. Check out the CS 411, 345 and 201 in a size 22. Any of those should work for you. The 426 Short in a 22 would work as well. Good luck! The size 24 CS 301 you ordered may fully close by the time you are done seasoning it, so you might want to consider exchanging it for a size 22 before you have seasoned it, it will only cost you shipping for the return which would be better than a corset sitting in your closet that is too big for you within a couple of weeks of purchase!

  • Sarah

    Hi there! Like many others here I am interested in starting waist training and am unsure which corset to purchase.

    My measurements are:
    Heigh: 5’4″
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Waist: 26.5″
    Underbust: 30″
    (I was still alittle unsure from the video which hip measurement to take so I took these two)
    An inch or so below Illiac Crest: 33″
    Over Illiac Crest: 31″
    Underbust to Illiac Crest: 9.5″ (Short Torso)

    I was thinking a 22 in the CS 411 could work but I don’t know for sure. What would you suggest?

    Thank you!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Sarah! Based on your measurements you could do the CS 411 in a size 22. The CS 345 and 201 would also fit you in a 22, so choose whichever style you like the look of the best!

  • Newmommy

    Hi I’m 4’11 and 124ibs My measurements are 30.5 under bust 29 waist 32.5 hip. I read online that we should get 5in smaller in the waist when waist training. Is that true? And may I please know which waist trainer is best for me. Thank you

  • yesenia

    First time user wld like to know which corset wld be best for me to waist train. UB:32 W:31 hips:34 length:8 would i go for a short or long corset?

  • Erin

    My measurements are as follows: UB 37″, waist 35.5″, UH 39″, torso 10/11″… I’m rectangular and currently use a CS-305. Can I also try a CS-301 Wasp or a Wasp Mini? What about a CS-345? Please note that I’m somewhat in shape just a little fluff around the tummy. Thanks in advance!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Erin,

      The 301 will fit just about any body! So should not be a problem. A 28 or 30 in the wasp and the 345 (leaning more towards the 28 in the 345) depending on your firm vs soft factor and reasons for corseting (support, fashion or waist training).

  • Regina

    I am looking for a corset to do waist training. I want an under bust corset. My bra size is a 40D my waist is a 38 and hip is 46. I am 5’1 and weight 225. Will the CS-345 work for me? If so what size do you recommend?

  • Pika

    Hiiii! 😀
    I want to start corset training and I’m kind of confused…. First my measurments: underbust: 28 waist:26 upper hip:33.5…. I’d like to slim my waist down to 23.5 (approximately)… from my underbust to my upper hips is 8 inches…. I don’t want to lose inches on hips…. which one should I buy?

  • Dalia

    Hi Cheri,

    I am novice in waist training so need your help with right model and sizing to choose. I already read all information regarding sizing but feel confused about what style of corset would be the right for me.
    I am 5’4″, UB-26,5 W-25,5 to 26 UH 33. Bra size 34B but better fit 32D because of narrow back. Side I would say is about 9,5 to 10 inch
    I am pretty lean, very little fat

    I would probably want something for everyday wearing and some fancy for party that would match to my red long skirt :-). Maybe some over bust?

    Would appreciate your expertise help so much!

    Thank you,

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Dalia (and Happy Thanksgiving),

      So the styles that will work for you are the 201, 301 and 305. If you are looking for an overbust, the 530 is your best bet. With your measurements I think a size 20 in just about all of those (the 305 might be better in a 22-but could go either way).

      • Dalia

        Thank you Cheri so much. I will try. Also would you recommend buying latex corset for use when exercising? And which style and size would be the best for me if so?

        Thank you for your patience and time,

  • Sierra

    Hi, I was wondering if it would be ok to order a CS-411 size 22. My underbust is about 30, i’m 5’1″ with a torso length of about 9.5-10. I’m already pretty curvy, only weigh about 120 so there isn’t much fat on me. I would like to go to the size 22 because that is about my goal, and i dont want to order a 24 if i want that last 2 inches. What should I do?

  • Tessa

    Hi Cheri,
    I am looking to buy my first corset, and your site has already helped me so much! However, I want my corset (underbust) for posture and fashion purposes, not waist training, and have two more questions.
    First, just to make sure, with the measurements 29″ underbust, 27,9″ waist and 32″ upper hip (I converted them all from cm), my size would be 24, right? !
    Second, I really like the brocade corsets. But I`ve read that these are very stiff compared to other fabrics and also double boned, so do you think I would be fine with them as a beginner and with my intended use?
    Thanks in a lot advance!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tessa,

      Thank you! The brocades are stiffer-but look beautiful if that is what you are after! With those measurements, I think you will a 305 (or the really short 301)-and yes in a 24. The only brocades we have are in the 411 and 426 (and one 301) and you do not have enough hip spring really for either. The 411 maybe if you drop down to a 22.

  • Raelyn

    I have been wanting to waist train for a few years now and found your site extremely helpful! I have worn a corset before but not seriously.

    I was hoping you would be able to recommend a corset that would fit me best. My measurements are:

    Under bust: 34.5
    Waist: 32
    Upper hip:38
    Torso(under bust to hip): 11-11.5
    Weight: 160

    I was looking for possibly a level 3 silhouette and for everyday wear.

    Thank you.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Raelyn,

      I think a size 24 or 26 in the 411 or 201 will work well for you (depending on how soft vs firm you are). If you are interested in the 426 (it looks like you have just enough length) then you will need to size down to the 24.

  • MommyOf2

    Hi I’m 24yrs old 4’11 and I weigh about 124. I had a baby about 5months ago (baby number 2) I usuallu weight around 108ibs and that’s my weight goal just to go back to that. But I want to start waist training and I don’t know which one is right for me. I think my waist is about 30in so I’m supposed to buy it 5in smaller but how does it work when ur trying to lose weight? Which corset is right for me and what size should I buy? Thank you

  • Deb

    Hello! I am looking for a beginner underbust corset and am unsure which size/silhouette might fit best. I’m looking to do some waist training with something I can comfortably wear to work (mostly sitting) to maintain posture. 5’3″ and pear shaped, 2-3″ of waist squishiness, measurements as follows:

    underbust: 34.5″
    natural waist: 30″
    upper hip: 40″
    torso from UB to UH is about 9 inches.

    What would you suggest?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Deb,

      I think the 411 mesh in about a size 24. You will get a bit of an “A” shape to your laces as your upper hip spring is pretty significant. The 201 might be a better fit but not as good for posture as the 411 as it is shorter.

  • Kate

    Hi Cheri, just hoping to get your opinion! I’m trying to decide on an under bust corset (or two). I’m pretty long waisted and relatively firm, and usually wear a 20″ corset. My under bust measurement is 27.5″, waist 24″, and upper hip 31″. I tried on my friend’s 22″ brocade cs-301 and laced it closed with ease, so I think 20″ is probably my correct size (I don’t anticipate getting a 20″ to close, although I suppose there is a first time for everything). What I’m having difficulty with is figuring out which corsets would work best for my figure. Would the 411 work for me or would the 305 be better? Is there a different style you’d recommend? I’m thinking of getting one corset in black cotton and one in mesh, but I’m having a hard time choosing between the waspies or standard lengths. Thank you so much for your help!

  • Ryandi

    I have been looking at the CS-345, but I’m not sure on sizing. My underbust is 48″, waist 50″ and upper hip 55″. I’m 5’8 with a long torso. Would this style work for me, and what size should I order? Wanting to order for Halloween, please help! 🙂

  • Mel

    Hi, I purchased a cs-426 in a 24inch. My measurements are 32″ 30″ 37″. Currently, the hip springs are a little to big on me because I have large love handles protrude out and then swoup back in which then leaves the gap. I am wondering if overtime and after seasoning its possible that the hip springs will eventually fit with, or if I should just exchange for the 411.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Mel,

      The 426 in a size 24 will measure 36″ at the bottom edge, so I am now sure how snug the hip spring will really ever be. Once you train your waist your waist down so that you can wear a 22-the 426 should work. Until then the 411 or 345 will be a better fit.

  • Kate

    Hi. I was stupid and ordered two corsets before asking detailed questions. Seeing as I have to return them, I would like your recommendations for an exchange.

    My measurements are:

    My trouble has to do with my belly. It juts out rather starkly and can only squish so much. It is firm in the center due to 5 C-sections. My waist can be compressed. I tried the 426 in a 46 thinking the hip spring would help compensate but it is way too big on top and at the hips. I like the length though. Any suggestions?

  • Cinthia

    Hello… I’m a first time corset trainer… Wandering what type of corset will work for me. I’m looking for a level 3 silhouette.
    Measurements: Underbust: 30.5″
    Waist: 29.5″
    Upper hip: 32″
    Torso length: 7″
    Thank you!!!

  • Michelle Williams

    I am new to the whole world of corsets, and would love to purchase my first one from you. I think I have a short torso, but also have an “apple” shape with a “mom tummy”. I am worried that the 411 will give me a tummy bulge and back “muffin top”. I really like the look of the long line 426, but worry that they are too long for me to sit in.
    My measurements are :
    underbust 34
    waist 34-35
    upper hip 36.5
    lower hip 38.5
    Which corset would be best for me.
    I do realize that I am NOT a very curvy person, but would LOVE to become one 🙂
    thanks for your recommendation.

  • Gretchen

    Hi I had twins last year!! Needless to say I’m still a bit full. Here are my measurements.
    Under bust 36.5
    Waist across largest section of stomach @ belly button 44
    Upper hip 46
    Im 5’6.5
    Torso 9″ from side 14″ over belly from front.
    My goal is of course my pre 4 babies body. Where do I start? Waist was a 24!!!
    I also hear these are good for back support which I desperately need after 39 weeks gestation.

  • kassi

    Id love to buy a corset but im a larger woman and I have a very long torso. Most shirts sit about my pants line so I have to wear under shirts at all times. Im also worried that a corset will push my stomach down below the corset. I have a 15″ torso length with a 48″ waist 60″ hips 54″ under bust and 66″ over bust. Any info on this would be great. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kassi,

      It sounds like you have lots of curve on your own! It is unusual to see an underbust measurement so much larger than a waist measurement (especially with fuller figures). If all of that is accurate, I would recommend the cs-426 in a size 40 (which will still run the risk of being too small at the underbust).

  • littlejoliesub

    I’m not sure about waist training (maybe after breastfeeding is done?), but I am definitely interested in wearing my corset often! I would really like to make sure I buy the right size and style.

    Underbust – 39.5 in
    Waist – 42 in
    Upper hip – 46.5 in
    Torso length – 11.5 in

    I’ve got some definite fluff in the tummy area, so I know I’m squishy. I like the look of the 426, and I know that I’m long enough torso wise, but this is my very first corset and I’m cautious of such a dramatic curve. Help please!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jolie,

      I think a size 34 in the 426 will work for you…or the 411 or 201. Just take your time to season whichever corset you decide on and allow both the corset and your body to adjust.

  • Jessica M


    Im just wondering which corset or waist trainer do you recommend? I do have love handles and what they call a stomach apron which every chance I get im trying to get rid of (very difficult btw). I have what they call a pear body shape I guess. If you could please help me I would be very grateful thank you for your time 🙂

    My measurements are:

    Bust: 42

    Under bust: 36

    Waist: 35



    Hieght: 5.5″

  • Nikki

    I’m 5’1 107 slim /petite /athletic build. I would like to know what you recommend for me. I have a short torso and would like to focus on cinching my upper torso (seems like that’s what is giving me my rectangular shape

    • Cheri Dudek

      If they are at your waist…then certainly! It will depend on where your “love handles” sit relative to the corset. (and why do they call them love handles? Does anyone love them really? 🙂

  • Danielle Lowe

    Hi Cheri! I am looking into buying a cs-530 corset for costuming purposes, but I need some help with sizing. Could you recommend a size for me? Thank you!
    My dimensions are…
    Bust – 44
    Under Bust – 38
    Waist – 35
    Hip – 43
    Height – 5’7

  • Farah Hasan

    Hi I have never worn a corset before and i am new to corset training. Please advise me what kind of corset i should order and i would like to order before the sale gets orchard corsets.

    I would prefer an Under bust corset.

    My Dimensions are:
    Bust – 33 inches
    Under Bust – 29.5 inches
    Waist – 28.5 inches
    Upper Hip – 36 inches
    Lower Hip – 37 inches
    Torso – 11.5 inches

    Height – 5ft almost 6 inches

    I would like to reduce my waist size to 23 inches and I have love handles thus would like to reduce my hip size to 33 inches or also.

    Please help i will order ASAP.

  • Cheyenne

    I read that wearing a corset helps you change your eating habits and it’ll slim you plus it helps with posture. I’m not trying to start waist cinching just hoping to slim down and avoid back issues. I still need to take my measurements but what would you recommend for everyday wear for this?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cheyenne,

      Choosing the right corset is really a matter of knowing your measurements so we can determine your natural and pair that with the best corset. The easiest to wear as a novice are the 301, 201 and 301 (unless you have lots of natural curve) and 345.

  • Keiara

    Hello I am interested in getting a corset for waist training. I have recently ordered a waist trainer from another site and it seems that it would fit if the strings are longer, but maybe I’m wrong because on your site it says order 6 sizes below natural waistline size. Long story short I’m 5’9 245 pounds natural waist is a 40 under bust is 39.5 and upper hip is a 44. Will the 426 be best for me in a size 34?

  • Marlene Zieah

    Hi I’m 5’6 125 lbs 34C bra natural waist is 26 but I wear 27 in jeans. Torso is not short at all but not considered long. Looking for hourglass shape and better posture. If you need me to take actual measurements I can do that 🙂 thanks!

  • Jessica

    Hey Cheri, hoping to get some advice from you!
    I’ve been eyeing the 301 for a little while now, but I’m looking to waist train and not sure if this is actually particularly suitable for it. I know the 411 is, but my concern is that I’m working as a nurse and I might not get enough movement in it. I’ve also looked at the 201 and am wondering if this may be more suitable.

    My sizes are waist 24 inches, upper hips 31.5 and underbust is 27.5

    Thank you!

  • alannah

    Hi there,
    Im about to start waist training for the first time and was looking for a bit of assistance with choosing a corset .
    My measurements are:
    Height: 5ft6
    Weight 138 pounds
    Underbust 31″
    Waist 30″
    Hips 36″

  • Marlys

    Hello, I’m want to buy a corset however I’m not sure what would be the best one for me.
    Height 5’0
    Weight 109 pounds
    Waist 30 inches
    Torso is about 8 or 9 inches long
    I’m petite.

  • Charl

    What overbust corset (if any) would fit my body? My bust is 36, waist is 23 and hips are 34. I have yet to find any overbust that allows for that 13+ inch difference between bust and waist 🙁

  • Miss Taylor

    Hi there!! My husband and I are both interested in corset waist training. I’ve combed your site looking for any direction to take when attempting to train a male’s waist to be more feminine. I’ve found a few hints on other sites, but I’ve very much enjoyed your company and quality of your products. He ordered a corset from you before about 2 weeks ago, and upon trying it on, the front bottom point didn’t touch his tummy at all – from the belly button down, no matter how I tied it. I can only assume that he provided wrong measurements/ descriptions for what he needed as a male trying to achieve a feminine figure rather than a feminine figure to begin with. He is a very manly man – 6’2″ with broad shoulders, small hips in comparison. I have all of his measurements, and I’m wondering what our options are…

    Underbust: 40in
    Where we want a feminine waist: 38in
    Where his male waist is: 38.5in
    Hips(where the corset would end): 37in.
    Distance from Underbust to Fem. Waist:4.5-5in
    Distance from Underbust to current Male Waist: 8in
    Distance from Underbust to end of Corset: 10.5in

    I know that aside from a completely customized corset, we are likely limited in options, however I was wondering if you could provide any insight for us if you have any products that could be of any help with our requests as newbies to this type of training.

    I will also be investigating which corset works best for me. Emailing me is also a great way to be in touch with me, as I’m very diligent with checking my email.

    Thank you for any answers you are able to provide for me!! Pictures are also available if you would like a better visual of what we are dealing with/what we would like the final transformation to resemble.

    Thanks Again,
    Miss Taylor

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Miss Taylor!

      It sounds like your husband has a fairly short torso for his height? The 305 is usually your best bet as a man for corseting (at this time). I think a size 32 worn upside will work best for him (as he needs more curve at the top then at the bottom). The cotton is sturdier than the other fabrics in this particular corset style. We are working on developing a “male” corset but are a ways out on that!

      • Miss Taylor

        Okay, thank you so much!! I will see what he has already ordered and will see if it could work better upside down! I may also need a little help with mine, as well.
        I’m 5’4, and I have an extreme arch in my back, making my tummy stick out further in the front and my booty stick out further in the back. Most of the corsets I’ve worn in the past have given me the love handles (even when I was fairly thin). I have always been proportionately curvy, but would like more definition and redistribution, which is why I would also like to try waist training. My current measurments:
        Underbust: 34.5
        Waist: 31
        Hips: 38
        I’m contemplating a 426 in a 24 as I am very similar to “Nat,” but I worry that I’m jumping in too deep for my first waist training corset. I’ve really never had one on for an entire day before…. I believe I have enough squish in my tummy below my natural waist, but a 411 might also work for me – I just don’t want the muffin top bulge…. haha!! Thank you for all of your help – I know it must be difficult having so many people asking for your opinion all the time!!

  • Barbara Street

    I would like to get a corset. But need help with the sizing. I am 5’5″ and squishy lol
    Under Bush is 40
    Waist is 39
    Upper hip is 44

  • Nat

    Hi there! I’m ready to add waist training to my daily regimen. I’m leaning towards the 426 for its curve level, but seeing that I’m a newbie to this I’d hate to get the sizing wrong because that’s totally something I would do. I’d would absolutely appreciate any help I can get! Also, what’s your take on cotton vs satin? My measurements are below:

    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 155lbs
    Underbust: 33″
    Waist: 31″
    Hips: 38″
    Torso: 13″

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Nat,

      I think you could make the 426 work in a size 24 if you are squishy enough. Otherwise a 411 in a size 24 or 26 (depending on firm vs soft factor). Even in the 24, you will find the 426 closes quicker at the bottom.

  • Laura

    I was hoping you could help me choose a corset. I’m a beginner not looking to waist train and I currently own a WKD DD+ Sophia corset in a 22, but it laces up in a V. I think it’s my ribcage that’s in the way because the DD+ seems to accommodate my bust reasonably well. My measurements are:

    Bust: 35.5
    Underbust: 30
    Natural waist: 26.5
    Hips: 34.5

    I’m short at 5’3 with a correspondingly short torso, weigh 115 lbs and don’t have much room to squish. I’m open to an underbust corset but would love to be free of bras, on which I’m compelled to spend a fortune (UK bra size 28G).

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Laura,

      We have a new overbust corset that will be available in a few weeks (cs-530) and it might work for you..but with a G cup I am not so sure. In an underbust,, I would suggest a size 22 in the 411 or 305.

  • Megan

    I have been really wanting to order one of your corsets, but they all seem so long (with the exception of the waist cinchers, which really don’t provide that classic corset sillouette). It’s not just OC, but it seems like the OTR corset market as a whole has catered to every demographic, including plus sizes and transgender, but women under 5′ 5″ have been completely ignored in the market. Are there any plans to come out with a petites line so that more women can wear the true underbusts like 426 and 345?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Megan,

      I have a prototype 426 short version (about 2 inches shorter than the current model). Depending on your torso length, perhaps that will work for you? 🙂

        • Megan

          The problem for me is the 13″ center length of some of the corsets. I have a short pelvis, so even if they fit from bust to lap, the minute I sit down the center seam digs between my crotch (sorry, that was graphic)!

  • Nicole Bergstrom

    I have spent the last couple of days going through most of these posts and I have decided to invest in my very first corset for waist training at the end of the month. Since I’m a complete newbie, I thought I’d ask for advice regarding size and model though;

    Underbust: 32″
    Waist: 30″
    Upper hip: 40″
    Torso length: 12″

    And I have a very squishy belly. Which corset and size do you think would work for me?
    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Ashley

    I’m looking to order a corset but want to make sure I order the correct size
    Under bust : 30″
    Waist: 30″
    Upper hip: 31″

    Interested in fbs CS411
    Thanks -Ashley

  • Mary-Ann

    Firstly, thank you for all the amazing info this blog & videos provide! I’m a corset virgin & am looking for one to support my slipping ribs, but would love to waist train also. I have a large ribcage, under breasts is 35″. Waist 32″ & upper hip 37″. My torso length is 10″. My job requires me to sit, so I’m assuming I need something shorter. I’d appreciate your advice on which ones would be my best options.
    Thanks again,

  • melissa

    Hi I am wanting to order a corset but want to make sure I get the correct fit for my body
    thank you

    Under Bust 36.5″
    Waist 35″
    Top Hip 44″
    Torso 11″
    Height 5′ 7″

    Very squishy

  • Ronnie

    Hello! I see the 305 and 411 are short to standard in length. Is there another suggestion for ladies under 5’4″? I’m 5′ even.

  • Erica

    I would like to order the 426 for everyday waist training, im wondering wich would be better for every day under clothes, satin or leather ?

  • kassy

    Hi im looking to buy a corset my underbust is 28 my hip is 31 and my waist 25
    Im so 5 “6 tall but i dont have.such a long torso
    What kind of corset would you recommend

  • Lizz

    Hi Cheri. I want to purchase a corset from your company for daily waist training and back support but need a little direction on the sizing. My underbust is 31 1/2. My natural waist is 36. My upper hip is 39. I am 5’4 when I stand on my left foot and 5’5 standing on my right due to scoliosis. Also if it helps i am 157lbs size 6. Thank you very much for you help.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Liz,

      You may find your corset sits crooked on you depending on how it lands on your hips. With your underbust so much smaller than your waist, I think the CS-301 will be your best bet…in a size 30. You could try the 305 or 411, but I fear either will be really roomy at the top edge.

      • Lizz

        I appreciate you replying so soon! I wanted to ask if you think I’d be terribly uncomfortable with a 28 in the CS 301? Would I have to worry about warping it or stuff hanging out the sides and over the top? I had a baby last summer and I’m nursing so I have to admit that ive been snacking quite a bit and Indulging in carbonated beverages and the weight goes straight to my belly…almost like bloating/water weight. I guess my concern is, I stop drinking soda for this month and then next month my midsection measures smaller and the 30 you recommended needs to be go down a size sooner than expected. Thank you again.

        • Cheri Dudek

          I do not think the 28 will be too uncomfortable..just season carefully so as not to damage the corset. You may have some “spillage” depending on how long your torso is. The problem with the longer corsets is that your smaller underbust will be a big factor in the fit (as corsets are designed with the top edge several inches bigger than the waist-in an hourglass)

          • Lizz

            Hi Cheri!
            I tried my CS 301 corset for the first time today and it was too big. I was able to tighten it up all the way. When I first measured my waist it was 36 now its 33… my underbust is 311/2 and upper hip is 39. I sent it back today to exchange for a smaller size (28) I just want to make sure that is the best choice. I think whats happening is im shedding baby weight but bloat easily. (My pre-baby jean waist was 28in) I guess now my concern is will the CS 301 in a 28 be much more of a difference if the CS 301 in a 30 closed all the way? Should I get a 26? Thank you for your advice 🙂

  • Rosalind

    Hi Im 5’1″, 190lbs. My measurements: underbust 36
    35 waist
    37 upper hip
    44 lower hip
    11 side ub to upper hip
    13 torso ub to pelvic
    I am a squishy type lol. What corset would you recommend for waist training? I would love to get. 25in waist.

  • shana

    I called your customer service to get information on ordering a corset on 7/6/14. I gave my measurements to the operator who was very helpful (underbust 34, natural waist 31, upper hip 36 and torso length 9). I am 5’5, 150 lbs. I am seeking to reduce 3-4 inches. I was told I should order a 24 in the 411, 345, 201, or 301. I ordered the 411 and received it today. I did not feel like I could cinch the corset all the way at the top nor get the panel all the way across. I did get it snug and wore it for 2 hours today. I like the way it cinches in my waist and hope it can help with my belly. I work out regularly and hope this helps flatten my belly more. I plan to wear it 2-3 hours 2xs a day over the next couple weeks to season it. Do you think I will be able to cinch it in further as time goes on or should I exchange for a larger size? Also do you think I should try a smaller size in the mesh wasp corset?

    • Cheri Dudek

      If you have only worn for a couple of hours..then yes. Usually you close another couple of inches just with seasoning the corset. Ideally you your modesty panel to just reach the other side when your corset is new and unseasoned. As for the mesh…figure out where this corset will season to-the mesh seasons pretty much instantly. IF you still have several inches..than a 24 in the mesh should be fine. If you are under 2-3 inches before closing than drop to a 22.

  • Alice

    Hi I am interested in waist training. I really like the 426 & 411 corsets. My measurements are undertbust- 30, waist- 28, hip- 34, torso- 11. Which corset do you think would work best for me?

  • Jenny

    Hi, I am looking into buying a CS-301 (can’t resist that sale!!) and it would be my first corset. I am 4’11” with a shorter torso, my waist is 23 1/2″, underbust 30″, and upper hips are 29″. My goal is to reduce by about 3 inches, I’m looking at getting a size 18… do you think that would be the best size/style to get? Thank you so much!!

  • Asjis

    I have a question this is my first time thinking about waist training and one I Do not know how to measures myself properly and I need some assistance.

  • Chantal

    Hello cheri i need help choosing the right one I’m 5′ 7″ with love handles my natural waist line is 30 underbust is 32 and hip line is 33 which one would you recommend?

  • Shant'a

    Hi I need help choosing the right corset for me. I’m leaning towards the CS-411 but I want to be totally sure what the best one would be or ideal one would be. I am a B-28, W-27.5, UpH-32, LoH-36.5 is there any suggestions?

  • Michelle

    I need help in purchasing the correct size corset please.

    I am 4′ 10″
    UB: 34
    W: 33
    UH: 38

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • Melissa

    I like the 426 but I think it will be to uncomfortable for everyday like chores .work. just being at home cleaning. And I think the 345 will come up to high on my hip and my muffin top will on the side will pop out. Please help me pick a corset mainly I have a lot of fluff on my hips.

  • Melissa

    Hi I’m interested in buying a corset for the first time. My ub is 38 waist36 hip47 torso11.5 .I’m really interested in the 411 will it work on me?

    • Cheri Dudek

      That will depend on how far from your waist you are measuring 47″. The 411 will drop about 5″ below your natural waist if you wanted to take your high hip from there and see if it is any smaller?

  • Aniesha

    I am If looking to undertake a rigorous waist training regiment but im not sure if im curvy enough accommodate the 411

  • Maria Medina

    Hello! Could you please recommend a corset for me?
    Waist to underbust 3 1/2-4′
    Iliac’s crest-35′(not sure if I’m measuring in the right area bc hips 5′ down from waist measures 33′??) Underbust to lap -10′
    underbust to lap 7′

    I am going to be using it to waist train and prefer an underbust. Something very, very sturdy! Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Maria,

      I just want to clarify your underbust to lap-as you have both 10″ and 7″ for that measurement. I am thinking probably a size 24 in the 301-but the 345 or the 305 will work if you have the 10″.

          • Maria Medina

            I have another question! I was leaning more towards the 345, but I am a mother of 2 and just had my 2nd 6 months ago. I have a baby pooch from 2 cesareans, I want something that will be able to hold in and cover it (if that makes sense) something long enough. Do you think the 345 would or can you recommend another??

          • Maria Medina

            I have another question! I was leaning more towards the 345, but I am a mother of 2 and just had my 2nd 6 months ago. I have a baby pooch from 2 cesareans, I want something that will be able to hold in and cover it (if that makes sense) something long enough. Do you think the 345 would or can you recommend another?? Idk why it spread out the text like that! Sorry

          • Cheri Dudek

            Hi Maria-

            Your original measurements you gave me : Underbust-33′
            Waist to underbust 3 1/2-4′
            Iliac’s crest-35′(not sure if I’m measuring in the right area bc hips 5′ down from waist measures 33′??) Underbust to lap -10′
            underbust to lap 7′

            You have underbust to lap 10″, followed by underbust to lap 7″. Wasn’t sure which was correctl

  • Liz

    I am wondering which corset and size would work well for me I would like something to do waist training with. I like the look of the 345. My measurements are as follows:
    underbust 42″
    waist 44″
    top hip 45″
    full hip 48″
    torso length 9.5″
    bust is a 18F
    I weight about 100 kilograms (sorry we measure in Kg’s in New Zealand so don’t know equivalent). I have plenty of padding but my gap between my top hip and my lowest rib only measures 1 1/2″ (I know I have a very short gap)

    Thanks Liz

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Liz,

      Well I know the 301 will work, a size 36 probably will be just about right. I am not so sure about the 345 with such a small gap. The 9.5″ is ok for that corset, but with hip and rib interference, it might not be comfortable. It’s a long way to ship so I wish I could be more helpful!

      • Liz

        Hi I went with the 301 in a 36. It arrived on saturday and this is now the 3rd day of seasoning. When I do the tighten after about 1/2 an hour the is still about 1 1/2″ gap between the modesty panel and the back boning. Having said that … I can push the material with my hands and the lacing goes looser and the gap gets smaller, so maybe I am not lacing it as tight as I should be? Do you think this gap is ok or would you recommend I return and get a 38?

  • Isabella

    Hi … I’ve been researching corsets for a while now. I have yet to make the commitment. I have to say your blogs and videos are extremely helpful. Now I just need to find one and make the purchase. I would like to know if you ever wear your corsets under your clothing? I’m in the nursing profession and I like the idea of the back support but would need to wear it under my scrubs or blouse. Do you have any suggestions that can point me in the right direction?

  • Nessa

    Hi I am 5’1
    I weigh 181
    My waist is measuring 36.5
    My Bra size is 36C
    I want a corset to cover my waist and the bottom portion of my stomach.
    My under bust is a 33 1/2

  • Diveana

    Hi! Sorry to bug you but I need your help. Please recommend me my size.
    Under bust: 31.5
    Waist: 28
    Upper hips: 32
    I’m 5′ tall. Short torso.
    Thank you.

      • Diveana

        Thanks Cheri! Firm I guess you can say. And is that corset good for waist training. I’m not very curvy but that’s what I want. To get that hour glass.

          • Diveana

            Thank you so much Cheri for your help. I bought the one you recommended and it fits me perfect. I’ve been wearing it everyday for my waist training. I got the 301 in a 22. I’ve had it for almost two weeks, do you think I should buy another one in the same size to give the one I have a day or two of a break? Or would it be a bad idea to buy the 305 in a size 22 if it’s a different level and I’m waist training? Thank you so much!

          • Cheri Dudek

            A second corset (at least) if you are daily training is a very good idea. Not sure on the 305…it is longer than the 301 and less curvy (but if you have the length but not a lot of natural curve on your own-a good second corset).

  • Liliana Mendoza

    Hello, may I please get help from you? I’m new to waist training. I just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago and I want to get started with waist training, I still have a lil pouch. I want to get rid of that and get my waist back =) Here are my measurements.

    Under bust: 29 3/4″

    Waist: 30″

    Upper hip: 34 3/4″

    Torso length:11.5″

    Height: 5’1″

    Hope to hear from you soon =)

  • Isabella Isaksson


    and thank you for a captivating site, waist training is completely new to me. 🙂
    Please, could you help me out…I’m looking for a fitting corset, or maybe two…for waist training and I’m planning on wearing it a lot…and there’s a lot of info out there.
    Age shouldn’t be a problem right? I’m over 50.

    I hope I got my measurements right:
    Underbust: 29,5″
    Waist: 29,9″
    Upper hip: 35,8″
    Torso length: 9,4″
    My length: 5’3″

    I have started to workout and my measures will hopefully change, but that is in the future… 🙂

    Thank you for your help and wishing you all the best!

    Regards from Isabella in Sweden

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Isabella,

      And welcome! I think a size 24 in either the CS-411 or the new CS-345 will be great for you! The mini CS-301 might make a great second corset as well (perhaps the 345 and 301 or the 411 and the 301). I have short video blogs on the 301 and the 345 embedded available on the product pages.

  • Amy Tscharner

    Please help me figure out the right corset!
    I’m now over 40, and carry a lot of my weight in my stomach. So I am quite squishy, I guess. And large in the chest (32G). I’d like to start waist-training, and if I am measuring right (under bra strap bottom mid-breast to hip line?) am short in the torso. Measured myself at 30″ under bust, 31″ at 2 inches about belly button but about 34 mid-belly, and then 37″ at hip top. Measured torso length at nearly 10″ from just under bra line, mid-breast, to hip line directly underneath. I’m 5’3″ and used to have quite an hourglass, and would love to again.

  • Charlene

    Please advise what corset I should use. I am new to corset training.

    Underbust – 39 1/2
    Waist – 43
    Upper hip – 46
    Height – 5ft 6in

  • Courtney Ellis

    I submitted request to help me with size. You guys in the email said that you would recommend the 411. But in this article says that the 411 would cause back bulge and I don’t want that. I have a short torso and full figured about 180 weight height 5’1. Hope this makes since

    • Cheri Dudek

      If your torso is short enough, it may ride high on you like a 426 does on others. You can help reduce that by not over cinching the top of the corset. The Vedette 941 works well for that as well.

  • Gabs

    Can you help me with mine?


    waist= 46 1/2

    Upper hip =50

    I am 5’8
    I weigh 245

    Is there one I should get?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cynthia,

      With a those measurements (40, 48 and 50) I think the 301 (despite being very short) will work best as your underbust is several inches smaller than your waist-in a size 38.

  • Cynthia

    Hello, I’m new to wearing a corset. I’m not sure what size to get or long or shorter. I do know that I would like a internist. Please help internist 39 1/5, waist 48 1/2, hip 60 inches &I’m 5’9.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cynthia,

      I am not sure what you mean. I do need your underbust measurement as well to help size you. Also, is the 60″ your full hip? What I will need is your upper hip.

  • justina

    Hello, here’s a quick question!
    I am looking to purchase my first corset for waist training.
    I just took my measurements:
    Underbust:~28 inch.
    UpperWaist:~29 inch.
    LowerWaist:~33 inch.
    Hip:~36 inch.
    and I’m 5’4

    Would the CS 4-26 style work for me? or CS 4-11? I am especially interested in the Corset cs 426 Maroon ”satin” underbust. but I don’t know if that’ll be the right one for a beginner like me? and also what size will be perfect for me if likely to get both? Thanks in advance

  • brandi

    /hi I’m wonder what size corset I should get I’m 5’6 chubby underbust is 38 waist is 31 hips are 42 if I check right I wear a size 16 pants I’m looking for something to reduce my waist I have a lot of squish to me

  • Jennifer

    I am 5’8″ and I have a corset that seems similar to the 426 but it pokes me when I sit down and I have a muffin top back….It is uncomfortable to wear to work. I am looking at the 411 in a 22 inch do you think it will be more comfortable? I’m afraid that the 305 will be too short my waist is 10 inches. Please help. Thanks

  • kristen

    Hi, I’m so excited to start training. I ordered the 426 in a 36. I am not curvy enough yet. I am exchanging for a 305 in 34. Will that help cover my lower belly pouch?

  • jene


    I wrote to you guys but my comment was deleted. My bust is 32 waist is 25/26 and hips is 36. I have a long torso and I wamt to get rid of small love handles. I was thibking of getting a cs426. What size should I get

  • jene


    Please help. I am interested in buying a corset but I am new to this. My measuremwnts are 32 chest, I have small boos lol. 25/26 waist, and 36/37 hips. I am 5’6. I have a long torso, pretty slim, and a lil love handles I want to get rid of. I think I need the cs 426 but I am not sure what size to get. Can you make a suggestion for me.

  • Kellee

    Hi! I’m wondering what size might work for me. I’m 4’11, underbust 33 in, waist 32, hips 38. I used to be more of an hourglass naturally till I had twins now I have a pooch I’d like to disguise. Also thinking of waist training. Thanks!

  • Kristy

    Hi I am 5’2″ and chunky lol. Which corset is best for trying to get an hour glass figure? Ub:44″, smallest waist:44″, widest waist:52.5″ and butt and thigh region including some belly is almost 53″…any help would be so awesome thanks

  • Andrea

    I am wanting to get an underbust corset. My measurements are 36-32-40. I am 5’10 and have a long torso. I am interested in the 411 and 426. Which corset/size should I start with?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Andrea,

      I just want to be sure the 36″ is your underbust (not your full bust) and the 40″ is your upper hip and not your full hip. If so you should work the 426 well in a size 26 (the 411 as well)

      • Andrea

        Yes, those are my measurements 🙂 I’m built like an amazon with a very large rib cage and a large, athletic build.without much “fluff”

  • Andrea

    Hello Cheri,

    I am looking to purchase my first corset for waist training. My measurements:
    underbust 29
    waist 28
    high hip 32
    torso length (from bottom of bust to top of thigh when seated) 8.7

    I was thinking either the 411 or 301, but is the 301 going to give me less curve because it has 12 steel bones instead of 16 in the 411?
    Please advise me on which size and style I should be getting. Thanks for your help!


  • waterhands20

    Hi There all!

    I accidentally posted my first comment without finishing my measurements. C you help me out with my measurements? I’m trying to find the right corset for me, already have one but the shape it’s laced in the back is not even close to being parallel. The laces almost close from the top, then the gap becomes wider as it goes all the way down (Like a triange literally). Need a corset that will also help with the lower pooch, or the ‘mommy pooch’, that developed after childbirth.

    My measurements are:

    Underbust- 31.5

    Waist- 28.5

    hip- 33

    around my bottom (if it helps) 37.5

    Thank you so much in advance!

  • Jen

    Hi i was wanting to get the 426 but i am not sure if it will work for me my measurements are
    Underbust: 33 inches
    Waist: 35 inches
    Hips: 40 inches
    What style would you recommend and size? I have had two kids so i do have weight on my tummy. Thanks

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jen,

      Welcome! I think a size 28 in the 411 will work well for you. If you think you have the length for the 426, and are squishy enough to size down to a 26 you could try that.

  • Marion Star

    I would like to purchase the style 426 corset, but my torso may not be long enough? I am 5 2″, under-bust 30, waist 26.5, hips 37. Not sure how to measure my torso. Thank you!

  • Monica McGhuey

    Hi i would like to order a steel bone corset and I’m 5’4 and i measure at waist,38,under34,hip39…I’m interested in the CS-411 or CS -305. What size would you recommend for me i work out five days a week and is looking to make a change to my body. Thank-you

  • Danielle

    Hello,I just wanted to know when I waist train would leather be fine or should I use cotton instead..I already know wht corset I’m getting which is the 411size 32.. thank you:)

  • shela

    Help! 😉
    I am ordering corset to waist train. My measurements are underbust 33 1/2, waist 35, high hip 38, torso from back to iliac crest 16, front underbust to stuff 10ish sitting. I’m 5’7″ with cushion in the middle. Which corset would you recommend I order…satin/cotton/leather, 411/426, size?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Shela,

      If you are looking for a daily waist trainer, I always recommend cotton. With your measurements, definitely the 411 (or 305) as you won’t have the hips to fill out the 426 (yet :). Probably a 26 as you have cushion in the middle 🙂

    • Sade

      I am looking to purchase my first corset for waist training.
      I just took my measurements:
      Underbust:~37 inch.
      Waist:~37 inch.
      Hip:~41 inch.
      and I’m 5,4′.

      Would the 4-11 style work for me? I am especially interested in the cotton underbust.

  • Monique

    Hello Cheri,

    I wrote a comment before but can’t find it. my measurements are :
    under bust 42.5
    waist 46.5
    hip 49.
    What style corset would you recommend as well as size? I’m 5″7 btw and and squishy lol

  • Rebecca Christy

    One more question. I was considering ordering 2 a 411 and try a 426. I was going to get one in leather would the size be the same?

  • Monica

    Hi I am new to all of this and am looking to get a couple corsets… my messurments are bust 34 waist 34 and hips 40… im so confused on where i should start.. i feel like the 426 seems like a good start because it will help the hips part but i don’t know.. please help thanks!

  • Rebecca Christy

    Hello, I am interested in waist training I am 5’4″ 39 under bust, 39/40 waist and 44 upper hip. I am pretty squishy especially in the tummy. ..waist to hip area. 11 inches from center under breast hits just brushing my thighs when sitting. What do you think will work for me?

  • Tamika Wilson

    Hi I really need help with purchasing the right corset my measurements are
    36 1/2 waist
    31 bust
    38 upper hip
    I am 5’4

  • Akasia

    Hi! I would like to start waist training so I was wondering which corset and size would be best for me. I was thinking about getting the CS-411, I have slight curves and want to define them more. Height: 5’2″, Underbust: 29, Waist: 25.4, Hips: 37.5

  • Nikki

    Hi!! I’m not sure if I measured correctly but I got 40-39-41. I’m 5’4″ and I’m a size 16 clothing and wear a H cup in bra. Which waist trainer would be good for me? I already have a latex vest size 40, but I’m looking for something to wear daily.

  • Chelsey

    Hi! I’m looking to buy either the 426 or the 411 I’m 5’5″ measurements 28, 29, 30. I didnt have the proper measuring tape may i add it was a tape measure…And from under my breast down is like 10inch. I really want the 426 but wasn’t sure of I’m long enough….-Chelsey

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Chelsey,

      I can almost guarantee the 426 will not work for you. You will do much better in the 305 or 301 size 22 or 24 depending on how accurate those measurements are and how soft vs firm you are.

  • Sarah

    Hi, I’m interested in getting a 426 but am not sure what size to get. My measurements are
    Underbust- 35
    Waist- 32
    Upper hip- 42.5

    I’ve had two babies so i’m not firm at all, and I’ll be using it for waist training. It also is not my first time wearing corsets, never for waist training though =). What is your recommendation?

  • laurenyelder

    i wanted to get a corset for waist training but not sure which one would work best for me and what size to get. i am 5’11 and my measurements are my upper stomach is 28, mid stomach 30 and lower is 32.

  • Bianca

    Hi, I’m Bianca I’m 5’6 and is interested in waist training. My measurements are: underbust 33, natural waist 32.5, and upper hip 36.5 My torso is about 10 in and I was wanting to try 426.

  • Cassy

    Hello, I’m 5′ 9″ my measurements are 36, 32.5, 46. What is the best corset style for my body type…I was thinking the 411?

  • Anne

    Hi, I’m also very confused about which one I should get. I’m around 5’3″ with a 34″ underbust, 33.5″ waist, and 38″ upper hip. If I measure 11 in down from the center of my breast, it goes past my bikini line area (which implies that perhaps the 426 is too long for me?). I’m interested in waist training, so I’m guessing I might have to go with a 411 although I’m not sure about that and which size. Any help is appreciated 🙂

    • Anne

      Oh btw, by “center of the breast”, I mean measuring from the underwire of my bra, not the center of the cup. It’s also 12″ from my sternum down to the point perpendicular to my pelvic bone on either side.

  • Sharon

    Hello, my name is Sharon. I lost 85lbs@4yrs ago and managed to keep it off by eating healthy and daily exercise. I spend hours in the gym with moderate results in my abs. It’s time for something new. I am also new to waist training but don’t want to get the wrong size. My natural waist is 38, underbust is 34 & upper hip is 38. My torso is 11 incles long. I am 5’8″. What size should I get. Please help.

  • Rache

    I just recently bought a size 28inch cs 411 but the curves seems too much in contrast with my hips ( I can see a gap present). I do love the silhouette and it does fit me well. Should I get a size 26 inch that would pull in the love handles more? My measurements are a 34 1/2 underbust is a 32 1/2 waist and 39 1/2 for my upper hip. Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Rache,

      With those measurements I would have recommended a 26…you should have plenty of hip for that to work. If you think you are quite squishy…you might even try a 24.

  • rebecca

    Hi, I definitely need some help choosing the right corset. I have a long torso so I think the 426 would work for me. I usually have a size 36 waist but after some waist training with a different brand i seem to measure at about 35 now. I ordered a 32 from that other company but barely into breaking it in I can already cinch it fully together in the back. I have a bit of an irregular shape as most my weight seems to focus on the tummy area. I know one size down will fit but I dont want to simply turn around and have to buy yet another size lower so quickly. Should I buy a 28?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Rebecca,

      It would really help to have your underbust and upper hip measurements as well-to make sure the 426 will work for and help determine how far down to size you.

        • Cheri Dudek

          OK…so the 426 has a very large hip spring on it, and I don’t think we can size you down enough to make that fit (it will have a large gap and be too big at the bottom of the corset)-even in a size 28 that corset will measure 40″ at the bottom edge. I recommend the 411 or the 305 in a size 28-30-depending on how squishy you think you are.

          • Rebecca

            I have a 10 inch corset and the problem I am having is I am so long that it barely covers my belly at all. Thank you for the honest answer though. I saw a different one elsewhere that was 11 inches. Perhaps thy will work a little better than the one I have now. Thank you for the reply.

  • Dynique Samuel

    Which corset should I get if my measurement are my under bust is 34, my waist is 32, my hips are 36. Plus I am 5’2.

  • Shan

    I would like to purchase a corset for waist training. I have a very squishy tummy. I am 5’3 and measure 41-40-45. Which corset and what size do you recommend? Thank you.

  • Summer

    I would greatly appreciate any input in regards to what size I should purchase. What is recommend for 36 bust, 35 waist and 38 hip and my torso length is about 11.5? I do have quite a bit of squish since I just had a baby not too long ago. I’m interested in the 411. Thank you 🙂

  • Samantha

    Hi I just ordered my corset and I order a size 30 because I have a 38 underbust and a 42 waist did I order the right size?

  • Char

    Hi I’ve recently lost 40 lbs and I’m looking to start waist training. I have more of an apple shape in terms of where I have the most fat. I am 5 ft 4 in. and 179 lbs and my measurements are under bust 34 in, narrow part of hip 31 in, lower waist/hip 39 in. When I measure from under my bra to my pelvic bone it is 12 inches standing and about 11 inches sitting. I am interested in the 426 since I have a fat roll on both sides of my back but I’m curious if the 411 will be better as I am continuing to lose weight. Also, I’m not sure if this would be an issue but my rear is higher on my back than most ladies. Thanks for your help!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Char,

      It sounds like the 426 will work, but certainly so will the 411. Not sure about high bootie…the 411 sits about 5″ below your natural waist and the 426 about 6″ if that helps. I think a size 24 in either of those will work.

  • Savia

    I recently purchased one of your corsets about a week ago but my waist is 30 I ordered the cs426 in 26′ and my first time lacing it up I was about 1-2.5” from closing it , my first time lacing it.and I know that wont take long to do so I was wondering did I order the wrong size should I have purchased the 24′ ? my bust is 38′ and my hips are 38″ and I am 5 ft 4″. Thanks in advance for your response! have a great day!

  • Crystal

    Hi, I have purchased my very first corset and it was recommended that I get the 305 I’m wearing a size 28 I’m two days into breaking it in however I do not think it is as high as I would like for it to be I’m 5’2″ and kinda fluffy in the middle

      • Crystal

        Hi Cheri,

        Thank you for getting back to me I did watch the video you guys posted before breaking in my corset. However I’m still confused which side is up on my corset but I am making sure to have my waist tape properly positioned at my natural waist every time. Also I still have about a couple fingers width between the corset and my ribs my hips are shaping up nicely though…could you please advise me on this…thank you again

  • Chrisie

    I’m ready to buy my first corset and need help on getting a corset up fit my body type. I was considering the cs-411. I’m 5’4, under bust 36′, waist 33′, hips 37′.

  • April

    I need some help with choosing a corset. I’m 5’6 Bust: 30 Waist 31 Hips 37. I have back fat and want to waist train. What do you suggest

  • Maddie

    I’m thinking of starting with either a CS-411 or a CS-305 but, I’m not entirely sure which one to start with or which size! My measurements are:
    underbust: 34″
    waist: 32″
    hips: 40″
    torso lengh:13″
    height over: 5’9″
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Maddie,

      Is that your upper hip or full hip? What I need is your upper hip. With those measurements and length you might want to consider the 426. You will likely not be able to wear the 305 as you are naturally quite curvy. A size 26 in the 411 and possibly down to a 24 in the 426.

  • Livy

    I would like an underbust corset. I’m 5’2, 126 pounds.
    underbust: 32
    waist: 29
    hips: 34
    Your guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  • tricia

    Hi! I’m new to this as well and am trying to figure out if I should go with a long or a short because I have those unwanted love handles. I’m 5’2 and weigh 130lbs. Under my bust is is 27in my natural waist where I bend is 28in and my at the widest part of my love handles is 34in. I also wear a 32E. What size and type should I get? Thanks for your help!

  • Mona

    I will be purchasing my very first corset and I’m excited however I want to purchase the right one for my body type. My measurements are: Height 5’7″ Size 16. 38 under bust, 43 natural waist, 49 upper hip. I’m purchasing to help me in weight loss and as a waist cincher. Most of my bulge is in my abdomen which I want to be pulled in by the corset. I believe I would be a level 3 and should order CS-426 longline. Would this be correct? Would you please tell me the best corset I should purchase to begin my journey. Thank you so much.

  • Ann

    Hello ! I was just wondering what corset you’d think work best for me. I’m new to corsets, I’m tall at 5’11’ (180cm) my waist measures 66-67 cm, I usually wear a 34 in bottoms and a 36 in tops because of my chest. Not really sure of my chest measurement but it’s generally bigger than my hips. I guess that would make me an inverted triangle, which I’m not a big fan of being.

    Thanks in advance !

  • Paris Shelton

    Good afternoon. I am so pleased to be able to finally purchase my first corset. I have been on a weight lose journey and have lost over 69lbs. I stand at 5’1″ and my measurements are 42,45, 50. Please tell me what your recommendation would be.

  • Haleigh

    Hi Cheri, I was wondering what type of corset would work best for my love handles? i want that more smooth hourglass figure if you know what I mean. I’m 5’5″ and my under bust is 30 my waist is 27 and my hips are 38. I’m also new to all of this and im kind of lost. thanks for the advice!

  • Sierrah

    Hello there my name is Sierrah I am interested in doing some waist training and I’d be looking for and under bust corset..
    My measurements are:
    33″ under bust
    31″ waist
    37″ upper hip
    I am alittle squishy here and there so I’m wondering what size and length are appropriate for me. I measured and from my breast to lower waist it about 10.5-11″ so I’m unsure if a longer corset would work. Hope to hear back from you soon.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sierrah,

      Welcome to Orchard Corset. I would recommend the CS-411 in probably a size 26 for your first corset. If you feel you have enough squish and are serious about waist training you might be able to start with a 24, but be very conscientious about seasoning your corset fully before tight lacing.

  • Lakea

    Hi my name is kea and I wanted to no what size would I be I have lost 120 pounds and still going I have a lot of extra fat around the back and stomach.under my bust is 42 and waist is a 38 hips is a 44 I think I measured right I wold like the long so it can cover more of my stomach what size would work for me thank u so much

  • Gwen

    Good afternoon and thank you for an incredibly informative site. I recently discovered corsetry and after reading, most likely, all of your site, I have come to realize the many advantages of corsets. I have taken my measurements numerous times and am still unsure of where I should begin in terms of ordering size and style ( I hate the idea of wasting your and my time by ordering inaccurately). I am 5’6″ and my measurements consist of Bust: 43″, underbust: 35″, waist: 36″, upper hip: 40″ and torso (underbust to upper hip): 8″. I did the 11″ drop as Cheri suggested and the 11″ mark is at my leg crease. I am not looking to do any serious waist training, at least I don’t think so, but I am looking for the ability so smooth out my torso and hips so clothes will fit better and look better. I also like the idea of back support and the bonus of sensory input (squeezing). I adore the longline look, the 511 is gorgeous and just plain sexy but am not sure if I am long enough for it. I also like the idea of the overbust support that will allow me to wear clothes that would require a strapless bra. I would be grateful for some incite as I am excited to make my first purchase.

    I have visited many corset sites and have to say I appreciate yours to the fullest. Your information is simple, straight forward and well organized as well as your videos make it all just so much more understandable. Thank you and Well done!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Why thank you Gwen and welcome to Orchard Corset! The 511 does hit where the 426 does, but doesn’t feel as long because it comes over the breasts as opposed to pushing them to your chin in the underbust version if you have a shorter torso. What would be helpful to know is your cup size. Your hip to waist ratio is only about 4 inches, so you will need to size down quite a bit to make the 511 (or 426) work for as they both have an ample hip spring. And the further you size down in the 511..the smaller the cup. Overbust corsets are tricky in the off the rack market as they are not customized for cup size. The size 30 in the 411 would probably work really, but that is an underbust model of standard length.

  • Hannah

    So I don’t have the best posture in general. I joined my university’s equestrian team. I’ll be showing western and in my class I’ll be walking, cantor, trotting, etc. No jumping, just looking pretty and have good presentability.
    However I was wondering if a corset would help my posture in the saddle, or if it will do more harm then good. Like I read it may not be that comfortable since you’re sitting straight up with your legs around a horse so the bottom hem might dig into your legs. But I also read if you have a shorter corset, like the 411 here, it wouldn’t be as bad.
    This is where I’m stuck though. The 426 underbust would be great for me in everyday life as I have wide hips and larger obliques. But to accommodate me in a saddle the 411 may be better but may do a weird pooch out in front/bottom and make me look less put together when showing my horses.
    Any tips or guidelines on how to pick a corset for horse showing? I’d only use them in show and not in practice.
    I may not order my usual 30 and opt for a 32 since I’m using it more for back and posture and not waist reduction.

  • Alicia

    Would like to begin journey in waist training, what size would you recommend for- ub 37; w41 and uh 47. thanks in advance

    ps: I am 5′ 4″

  • Michele

    I see you’ve gotten a lot of these posts as questions, but for peace of mind, I will ask too. With these measurements for only an underbust: ub 33 waist 34 uh 39 full hip 40. I am very interested in waist training but I have a few conserns, namely I’m only 5 foot so I’m on the shorter side and I worry about all the fluff I carry below my waist not getting caught and redistributed by the corset. The 511 really caught my eye but I don’t know if I’m long enough to wear it. I was also torn between a 411 because it’s double boned, but I’ve read your posts suggesting the 305 as a starter. And I’d like to use the corset(s) for daily wear. Thanks in advance. It’ll help me convince my husband….

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Michelle,

      Welcome to Orchard Corset. The 511 is pretty long (as long as the 426, really). The 411 and 305 have similar dimensions, but a different curve and stiffness level (so really a personal preference as long as you enough curve and/or fluff to support the curve of the 411). Your measurements would allow you to wear either style. I would recommend beginning with a size 28.

  • Tina

    Hi Cheri! Im new to waist training and want a curvier look underneath my clothes.Im 5’3 1/2 with a waist:37 hips:42. Im trying to avoid back bulge as well. My sternum to pelvic measures about 13in. Any suggestions on the corset I should order? Thanks!!

  • Jamie Rigby

    Will you all be coming out with any new satin colors or brocades in the CS 411? I am really interested in a Rust color, Maroon color, and Gold. I am an autumn skin type and love those colors but I can’t find them in your CS 411 corset…. Let me know what you all are coming out with please if anything :0) Thanks so much!!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jaime,

      We have thought about adding the maroon we carry in the 426 line to the 411’s as well. We will have a cotton in a darker tan shortly, but not sure that is what you are looking for. We will definitely consider it! Thank you for sharing.

  • Yvette

    I’m 5’7″ tall and measurements 39-40-43 DD cup and I want to waist train down to a 30″ waist. Currently I wear a waist cincher 10 hours a day. Which corset would be better for me to start? I am looking for underbust corset.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Yvette,

      If you have a long torso, you will be able to wear the CS-426 (however if you prefer just cinching the waist..then the 411 will be more comfortable). I would recommend sizing down to at least a 32 (maybe a 30) in the 426 as you have a small waist/hip differential. In the 411 I would stay at a 32. Remember to season your corset by only wearing for short periods of time the first couple of weeks. Good luck!

  • Bree

    I really wish you guys had a level 3 non-longline corset! I know the 411 is close but it’s not AS dramatic. I’ve had by 426 for around a month now, but I’m really worried that once my classes resume in a few weeks I won’t be able to wear it during my lectures.. It’s not that it’s not comfortable, it’s just that the tip of it peeks out between my cleavage. I’m 5’2 with a super short torso.

  • Katherine

    Hello I’m looking at 411 or 426. I’ve never worn a corset so want to be comfortable but don’t want any bulges showing. I sit at my job a lot. I am 5’7″ with 35 1/2″ waist, 41 1/2″ abdomen, 44 1/2″ hips and underbust is 36″. From sternum to pubic bone is 16 1/2″

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Katherine,

      It sounds like you have a very long torso, so I think the 426 might be better at minimizing any unwanted bulges. A size 30 (maybe a 28 if you are looking to do any serious weight training-but a 30 would probably be more comfortable and you have the natural hips to fill it out without needing to size down).

  • Tiffanie S

    I was wondering if i might be able to get some advice on which silhouette level corset i should get. my measurements are: ob:41 ub: 37-38 ish waist:34-36 ish hips:40-41 ish. i was wondering if someone could help me on what size and silhouette i should get?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tiffanie,

      With those measurements you should be able to make either the 426 or the 411 work (if you have the torso length). In a 411 I would recommend a size 28 if your waist is usually a 34, but a 30 if a 36″ waist is more normal for you. In the 426 you should be able to size down to a 28 regardless, as your weight should redistribute to fill up the hip spring of that corset.

  • Sophie

    I need help finding a corset I am very very short waisted however I am also very very curvy.
    I am 5’6 my measurements are underbust 30 inches, waist 29 inches, high hip 37 1/2, hip 39 1/2.
    My cup size is a natural 30 DD I can fit into a 32 DD or EE.

    What models would I be able to wear for tightlacing? I am interested in an underbust, but would be interested in other designs as well.


  • AshleyK

    Am I too small to corset train? Is that a stupid question. I’m 5’5, my hips are 33′ my waist is 21′ and my underbust is 23′.. I’m kinda long, would a longer style be best?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ashley,

      With only a 21 inch waist, I am not sure you would see any reduction even in our smallest size corset, which is 18. As the corset itself has thickness, even fully closed you would measure at least 20 inches around the waist. You have a fairly generous waist to hip ratio. The 426 is longer, but has a very large hip spring. If your upper hip measurement isn’t full enough you might not be able to fill it out, as you can’t cinch down very far at the waist. I hope this helps!

  • Penelope

    Hi! I’m having a little trouble deciding which corset I should use to begin my waist training journey. I’m about 5′ with the measurements 36-35-37. I usually wear sizes 8-10. My waist isn’t really defined at all, so I’d really like to enhance my figure but am worried about the shorter corset leaving a lot of my mid section pooching out. Thanks for your help!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Penelope,

      At 5′, you will definitely need to stick with the standard length corsets, either a 411 or a 305. Are those your underbust, waist and upper hip measurements? The 305 in a size 28 or 30 would probably work, or the 411 in a 28 (it’s curvier-so you will likely need to size down and then take your time to season and not overtighten).

  • Karen Vasquez

    I need help in determining what kind of corset i need. I am 5’1 my bust is 36″ my waist is between 29.5-30 and my hips are 38.5. i am looking for a corset for waist training i feel i look very wide from the front because of my love handles, do corsets help with love handles too? anyways i think i have a short torso.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Karen,

      It sounds like our CS-411 would work well for you-probably in a size 24. Your shorter statue should allow the corset to come down over your “love handles” 🙂

  • Crystal

    Hello, I’m still having trouble figuring the best corset for me(also a beginner). Im between 5 and 5’1 and a size 16. I want to waist train but I also want to work on my posture so everyday wear is ideal. Im just lost….

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Crystal,

      Welcome to Orchard Corset! Have you read our sizing information page? Corset sizing is based primarily on your waist measurement (in inches), with consideration of your underbust and upper hip measurement to ensure the right fit. Check out our sizing page, and drop us an email (contact form on the website) if you have additional questions. Based on your height, I would avoid the CS-426 Longline.

  • Megan

    Hi,honey, I live on my own, So in doing soi have to mutch troble doing up the lace corset,Do you have corsets that have no lase, Please let me know, Thank you.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Megan,

      Real steel boned corsets all lace up the back (and generally have a split front busk, however a few don’t). We do have a blog and video that show you how to lace yourself into a corset, if that helps!

  • Jim

    I woudl like to know why the longline underbust corsets usually do not have garter tabs attaced to them? I would ideally love a level 3 corset, longline, underbust with 6 garter straps but it seems like this is something that is not made. Any thoughts?

    • Cheri Dudek


      We have had that request from many of our customers, and our 426’s now have 6 garter tabs. We haven’t changed the description yet as we have some inventory that still does not have the tabs. Make a special request in your order that you want a corset with tabs (nearly all of our solid satin except size 18 are tabbed now, and so is the black lace and pinstripe). We will begin changing that part of the description soon! Thank you.

  • Carol Oster

    My problem is that I’m slightly apple shaped now – meaning that my waist is about as big as my bust… maybe more. My HEAD tells me I’m athletic looking, but the truth is, I’ve put on substantial weight in the last decade or so, and now I’m a size 18. Grrrrr! I would LOVE to wear a corset for costuming… maybe even for daily wear… but I’m TERRIFIED it’ll make my butt look even bigger than it feels/looks now. Help?

    I’m 5’6… my torso is probably average in length…

    • Cheri Dudek


      When you have enough “fluff” the corset will redistribute some of that and mold you to the shape of the corset. If you are proportionate, than at 5’6″ you should be able to wear the 426. The 411 will fit, but you might get some unwanted back bulge. And don’t worry about your butt…everyone will just be looking at your curves!

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