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New Samples: Are They Keepers?

Hello OC Blog Readers! I thought I would give our readers a little behind-the-scenes look at how we select new corset prints and styles here at Orchard Corset. When we get a sample fabric in a familiar style (like the CS-426’s you will see in this blog), we break it in and try it out for a couple of weeks. Sometimes we ask our Facebook fans what they think, or wear the corset in one of our instructional videos to see what sort of response it gets.

So why not  take it one step further and see what our Blog Readers have to say! Here are some potential new prints in the 426 or the 411 (or both). The first up is a this beautiful midnight blue brocade Danielle is wearing:

Sample Corset: CS-426 in Midnight Blue &   Gold Brocade

This next fabric is my personal favorite, a black, dusty blue and gold brocade in the 426. It is made from a heavy polybrocade and looks fabulous with a pair of jeans! Danielle has been breaking this one in for a couple of days now.

Sample Corset: CS-426 in Black, Blue & Gold Brocade

We also have this beautiful teal satin with raised satin detailing, giving the corset a two-toned look. Danielle has worn this several times, including its debut in our “How to Lace Yourself” video on our YouTube channel.

Sample Corset: CS-426 in Teal Satin

Next up is the red with etched floral and leaf print in the CS-426. I laced up in this one for this blog…very beautiful shimmering red-similar to our CS-411 Siren Red, but with a subtle print and black satin trim.

Sample Corset: CS-426 in Bright Red Satin with Floral & Leaf Design

Finally, what many of you have been waiting for-LEATHER! This corset should be available soon, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek. This is the CS-426 in Black Leather. This is same premium lambskin leather found in our CS-305‘s, but in our longline double steel boned CS-426.

CS-426 Longline Corset in Black Leather (coming soon to OrchardCorset.com)

We can mix and match styles with fabrics-maybe the midnight & gold brocade in a 411 and the black, blue and gold in the 426, or even an overbust. We are also looking to expand what we offer with respect to Silhouette Levels and bodice lengths of our corsets. We have had several requests to carry a curvier and a less curvy longline underbust. We are in the early stages of developing both a Level 2 and Level 4 (yes…a new Silhouette Level) version of our longline 426. Of course we have many ladies waiting on a fuller busted overbust corset. We have been through several prototypes and still don’t have exactly as we want it-but we are getting very close.

Share you thoughts here on this blogpost (or on Facebook). Your opinion is very important to us!




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62 Responses

  1. I love the patterns and would love to see these in the 426 short or the 345. It seems that the fun colors are always in the 426 regular and one other style number I cannot remember.

    1. Hi Kim! This post is really old, we used to have many other colors & fabrics that we carried and more limited edition corsets in all of our styles. We actually did a recent Q&A about limited edition corsets and how that process works that might help to explain that a bit. Be sure to keep an eye on on our social media pages & our newsletter as we announce limited edition items there first. I hope that helps, let us know if we can answer anything else for you. Have a great day!

  2. Crystal

    ALL of those corsets are beautiful, especially the Teal Satin with the raised print. I currently own the black, blue, gold brocade 426. It’s gorgeous with jeans. In terms of the corset lengths: I want a corset with an extremely high back. That way there is zero chance of backfat; however, it has to have enough room around the armpit for me to move around. I currently fit the level 3 silhouette very well. But, having a curvier 426 would be nice later in my waist training journey. I personally don’t like the level 2 or level 1 silhouettes much, but I understand there are women out there who need them.

    Also, maybe there is room in your line for a semi-spoon busk. The 426 can sometimes bow out at the lower belly area, making the corset stick out a little too much at the bottom. This creates more of a bump under my clothes in the front, especially with pants.

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  5. Tara

    Any update as to when to expect your 426 in a level 2? I’m just itching to get my little hands on one…or 2 …or 3 !! 🙂 Your corsets look so much better than a back brace and much more comfortable!

  6. Mairin

    I love the teal fabric. Also the level 4 sounds great since I have an 18″ difference between my waist and hips. While I doubt the level 4 will be intended for that great of a difference every inch helps. Also I am 5’9” so I love that yall are making one of the longer lined corsets for the curvier girls.

  7. Arion Eldritch

    The “Black, Blue & Gold Brocade” is by far my favourite! I do hope you will introduce one in the CS-411 model. On my very balanced torso the CS-426 is not a comfortable option.

  8. Lauren

    Us shortwaisted girls are feeling a little bit left out here because although the silhouette of the 426 looks fantastic on us, when we sit down, the girls get a bit too much ‘oomph’ because of the bottom edge of the corset. It is possible to make a corset in the 426 style and shorten just the front of it an inch on the top and bottom edges? That would allow us to get the full back and hip coverage that we want and the ability to sit down gracefully. By the way, I am in love with the red fabric! I don’t know about the raised fabric on the teal for those of us that wear our corsets under our clothes for when we are at work, it would show through to much. As I am sure all of us corseters appreciate the lines that the corset gives, I think that a corset in a nude color with black or dark brown trim to accentuate the boning channels would be incredible. Anybody with me?

    1. Eric

      Wouldn’t the contrast of the dark trim with a light/nude color show through some clothes? I’d want all white or cream to go incognito, maybe with flat ribbon laces instead of paracord.

    2. IsabelleX

      Yes! Please make a CS-426 and CS-511 style for shorter/shorter torsoed girls! Also, if you could bring it in leather in different colors I would buy them!

  9. Jenn

    Leather! yay! and would it be available in other colours too? because i love the red one too! The red and the teal are pretty much tied for second faves to the leather.

  10. Trish

    Also, Id like to add that I’m really looking forward to a bustier over bust corset. As someone with size 36 E/F breasts and a small waist, I have never found an over bust corset that fit the girls. Ever.

  11. Trish

    I absolutely love the Red and the Leather.

    The first 2 I find atrocious..they look kind of cheap and too busy in my opinion. The teal is pretty but the slight material on top of it comes out and I cant wear it under my clothes if I wanted to therefore making it less versatile.

    Red is the ultimate color, its strong, passionate and fierce. Style cs-426 would really benefit from having that pop of color, considering its one of your most popular corsets.

    As for leather, who can hate on a leather corset? 🙂 I think its wonderful to have that option there for this corset, it will attract a lot of customers: the waist trainers, the goths, the catwomans on halloween 😛 and leather in general has a more comfortable feel.

    These are just my opinions, I hope no one takes any offense, I was just trying to offer some constructive criticism.

    Ps due to a back injury in my teens, I wear a corset EVERY day for the support. I’ve tried out hundreds of different styles and cs-426 is still by far my favorite. Thanks for making such a great item 😀

    1. Thank you Trish for sharing! We want to hear what our customers have to say! We are working hard on getting the overbust model ready for production. There is a great need for a fuller busted overbust corset.

  12. Eric

    I have mixed thoughts on most of these, but am unambiguous about the first one.

    I don’t care for the midnight blue & gold brocade. The midnight blue, by itself, would be beautiful, but the pattern looks too random and distracts from the wonderful lines of the corset.

    I’m sure the black, blue, and gold brocade has more impact in person, particularly the gold. As presented though, it’s not my favorite. If the pattern were mirror-matched from side to side it would be fantastic, but that’s probably too much to ask for the value level these would be targeted for.

    I love the color of the teal and like the idea of the raised detail, but I have to agree with Jillian… “from afar, it looks almost like worn, stretched out or torn silk. Or maybe even silk that’s been wet, or possibly some type of crushed velvet.” My girlfriend thought the picture was poorly taken or edited because of the raised pattern on the edges of the silhouette. Maybe if it were only embossed, embroidered, or done as a print in a darker shade of teal?

    My girlfriend and I debated on the red satin with floral and leaf design. She thinks it’s too blase’, too basic, and lacks impact. I like the color but would like more contrast in the pattern. Even with my screen brightness turned up and zoomed in, the pattern just didn’t show up well. If we have trouble seeing the pattern on a bright stationary screen, how will an observer see it on a wearer who’s farther away, possibly walking and moving?

    As for the black lambskin leather… love it! Every basic pattern you have, such as the CS-305, -411, and -426, every over and underbust, standard and longline should be available in black leather. It’s a basic color that goes with nearly everything. When my girlfriend saw my CS-305 in black leather she was ready to order a CS-411 overbust in the same finish. Maybe she’ll like a CS-426 in the interim, when the leather comes available.

    I like contrasting trim on models that have a high contrast pattern to start with, such as the zebra print CS-411, or use the contrast for a design accent, like the purple brocade CS-411 with contrasting binding and boning channels. A contrasting binding should not be used by itself on a monochromatic design, such as the red or teal above, or one where the binding color isn’t part of the pattern’s color scheme such as black binding on the midnight blue & gold (midnight blue would be a better fit). I have other thoughts on the black, blue, and gold brocade above, but the black binding does alright on it because black is also part of the pattern.

    I’ve shown your website to several ladies and they are all watching for either a larger busted overbust (D-cup and larger) with good support, BBW sizes to 50 inch waist, or both. If you add these with the recognized Orchard Corset construction and quality, you could open up a whole other market.

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  14. Tara

    CS-426 in Black, Blue & Gold Brocade, beautiful fabric, love the navy blue!!
    CS-426 in Teal Satin, Great raised detail, always nice to see a fabric with just that little something extra.
    I can’t wait for the level 2!!!! would love to eventually own the brocade and teal satin in a level 2!! And you can never go wrong with leather.

  15. Dawn

    Black leather and teal in the current longline.

    I don’t like the contrasting trim. If I am wearing a colored corset, I don’t want it broken up with black trim. I was so very glad to find your longline corsets do not have contrasting trim.

  16. Melissa C

    Love the teal and paisley. More style options of leather would be great. I just got the black 305 and am going to break it in this week. Very soft! I like the fabric better than my friend’s satin.

    1. Thank you, Melissa. The black 426 leather should be available for pre-order in just a couple of weeks. It really is a very soft leather. We are working on the bigger bust overbust- it’s been quite a challenge to get the pattern just right for that corset!

  17. Chanice

    OMG! That black brocade! And a leather 411 and 426 would be AWESOME. And I’m So looking forward to a level 4 and a fuller over bust. It’s like you guys read my wishlist!!!

  18. Katilyn

    I love the blue and gold brocade for the overall look i think it would go great with black and make my brown eyes pop. I would love to have the 426 in that. I see the black and dusty blue brocade definatly on you Cheri!! I love all the new fabrics. I am excitied as well to see a Level 4 possibly in the future. Great job on the new styles!

  19. Lisa

    I really like Orchard corsets line. But hopefully one day you will have BBW size up to 50 inch waist that accommodates a short torso . Do you know if Orchard corsets will ever have BBW size up to 50 inch waist? Thanks

    1. Lisa,
      We will certainly take that under consideration. We currently carry all of our corsets to a size 40…which will fit up to about a 48 inch waist (some women up to a 50, especially with longer torsos). It is more challenging when you have a short waist. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  20. Suzanne F

    I love the paisley brocade and the textured teal ! Also, how incredibly exciting to hear you’re working on a curvier style than the CS-426. It’s great for an off-the-rack but but something that truly fits those of us whose hips are 14″ bigger than our waists would be AMAZING!

  21. Fizzy

    The black leather one is perfect. I’ll buy that one as soon as it’s available. I also like the black/gold brocade.

    Looking forward to the “Level 4” too!

  22. Christina

    I love the leather one, it looks gorgeous :-).. When it’s released I will definitely be ordering one in my size.. I love the plain purple 411ub corset, burn the 411 is to short for me please do it in the 426 style aswell 🙂

  23. Jillian

    Collectively, I adore the contrast edging. I’d love to see this on more corsets. It gives it a classic flare with a modern edge.

    I’m not totally in love with the first one in dusty blue. It reminds me of hotel drapes. But then again, this is coming from a girl who is obsessed with anything paisley, LOL.

    Having said that, think the second corset is absolutely gorgeous, because it reminds me of a paisley print. I love the scroll-like print it has. Very regal and expensive looking. This would look amazing over an all black outfit to give it a pop of color in a very mature, but very FUN way.

    Only up close do I like the third, teal corset with raised details giving it a 2 tone look. However, from afar, it looks almost like worn, stretched out or torn silk. Or maybe even silk that’s been wet, or possibly some type of crushed velvet. I scrolled right past it at first glance. It wasn’t until I gave it a second look and zoomed in that I realized how pretty it really is. Perhaps it is just one of those fabrics that look better in person than in photos, because it really is pretty close up in that pattern.

    The fourth corset in red, I just love. Anything with a subtle, almost monotone embroidered-like print is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion. It has this embossed look to it that I think will translate beautifully in any color it is made in.

    As for the last corset in black leather…who doesn’t love leather! For people who aren’t entirely familiar with lambskin leather…I can sum it up in one word: SOFT. I own 3 fitted, lambskin leather jackets (black, grey, and auburn) and it is by far the softest leather I’ve ever worn on my body. Not to mention, it doesn’t crack or warp like other types of leather. Normally with leather, it can become warped in high wear & tear areas. For instance in a jacket, the bends of the arms will get a permanent wrinkle of sorts that looks like a thousand tiny cracks. But with lambskin leather in particular, it bends but does not break. It doesn’t become old looking or cheap over time as with other types of leather. So to make a corset in this particular leather is hands down, completely genius! I can see this corset flying off your shelves!

    Thanks for the little Monday afternoon sneak peek! Much appreciated! 🙂

    1. Jillian

      Ps- I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a damask print on a corset. I’ve scoured the Internet countless times, literally for years, trying to find one done *tastefully* and done *right*. Funny enough, it was actually during one of my “damask print corset” searches that I stumbled upon OC and remained a fan since that day! Since I started my search, I’ve honestly only found 3 in that print for sale, but none in the styles, fits or quality that Orchard Corset provides. They were all either quite tacky or just plain cheap. But something tells me Orchard Corset could totally pull it off ever so eloquently and beautifully 😉

  24. Kim S

    I love them all, except the leather. Not sure why–I can’t put my finger on what is turning me off it. :/

    (The brocades are lovely, and I would buy them with little prompting.)

  25. Natalie

    They are all gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to seeing more beautiful fabrics available.
    I love the black, blue and gold brocade – it is gorgeous!
    And you can’t really go wrong in buttery-smooth black leather 🙂

  26. Carol

    My wish would be a CS-M660 [the brown brocade Steampunk underbust] style, but with a traditional busk closure. Love the longer torso length, but I’m not that curvy. Less curvy longline = good.

  27. Dorothy Loverde

    They’re ALL GORGEOUS! but the Teal Satin calls out to me – and the Black, Blue & Gold Brocade knows my deepest, darkest secrets.

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