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Corset 101 Video Blog: How to Season (Break In) Your New Corset

The Importance of Seasoning Your Corset:

The Break-In Period

Hello OC Blog Readers! This blog is all about the importance of seasoning, or breaking-in, your new corset. With so many people new to corseting out there, I thought it was time to emphasize this VERY important step in the life of your corset. We highlight this in our Corset Care & Instruction page and our new video, but felt an entire blog on the subject was warranted.

When you first unwrap your brand new steel boned corset from Orchard Corset, it’s comes fully laced in the bidirectional fashion. It’s important to loosen your corset completely before putting it on. Pull the “X’s” from the center pull loops, working your way to the top and bottom of the corset. The corset will be rigid, and the pins and loops at the front busk a challenge to hook the first time. Try attaching from the center (or second from the bottom) loop/pin first. Once all of your pins are securely fastened along the busk, you can begin pulling the laces.

The first time you lace up your corset, it’s important you DON’T lace too tightly. Lace your corset so that it is snug. You should be able to easily slide several fingers to your whole hand in the top or bottom of your corset. Your modesty panel should just reach the other side if your corset is the correct size and shape (this is a little different depending on what size corset you need). The boning will take on your shape as the corset adjusts to your body. Trying to force the corset too quickly can damage and warp the boning-and cause you some discomfort as well. We have damaged corsets in photo shoots trying to get that fitted look you only achieve after breaking a corset in.

Gray CS-426 in size 22: First time wearing-before corset is seasoned.

After wearing your corset for 30-45 minutes, it’s OK to tighten it up a little bit more. Only wear your corset 1 1/2 – 2 hours the first time you wear it.  Repeat this step several times over the first several days of breaking in your corset. This applies not just to those who wish to waist train, but also those people who have purchased a corset for a special occasion like a wedding or event. It’s just as important to break your corset in prior to the event date (so don’t wait until the last minute to order your corset ). It’s worth noting that a corset that is closer to your natural shape will season faster than a corset that is not. The 411 seasons quick on me because I could hardly find a better match if I had a corset custom made for me! The 426 takes longer-I do not have quite enough natural curve for that style,

My maroon CS-426 in size 22: Well seasoned-it “hugs” my shape.

For those of you looking to begin a waist training program, especially an aggressive one that involves wearing your corset for long periods of time (over 6-8 hours every day), it’s especially important to properly season your corset. As your corset will endure more wear and tear than occasional use corseters, we recommend gradually increasing your time over the course of 10-14 days. Take your time lacing yourself down tighter-don’t rush it! I know you want to see your results TODAY-but you risk damaging the corset (and yourself) if you try too much too soon. Your patience will be rewarded with a form-fitted, beautiful corset that will last AND give you the curves you want!

I can say from personal experience that my corsets fit so much better after the break-in or seasoning period. The bottom edge really hugs and molds to my curves after about a week, whereas initially there were gaps. The hooks and pins just pop right into place and the laces glide easily through the grommets after just a few times of properly seasoning my corset. We love to hear your comments and questions-so keep them coming!

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Kate

    Hi, I just received my beautiful corset yesterday. I purchased the CS-345 in white satin.
    Now to a silly question. How far up should the under bust sit? Snug up under the breast or below. I ask because it does make a difference as to whether I get poked when I sit down.

    When I place it snug up the center point tends to push uncomfortably between my breasts (is it laced too tight?) I am lacing about 2 hours a day fairly loosely with the modesty panel just meeting.

    Sorry for the questions, this is my first corset.

    • Amber

      Hi Kate! The natural waist of the corset (the smallest part) should be sitting in your natural waistline. You definitely don’t want it to be uncomfortable! It’s possible that your underbust to waistline distance is shorter than that corset measures which is why it’s a little long for you. You might find that the 411 is more comfortable as it has a different underbust shape and measurement. Try positioning it a little lower for now and see if that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions! Happy corseting 🙂

  • Michelle Hamilton

    Hi I purchased my corset a few months ago and I think I want to waist train at night because my friends have a habbit of hugging and I don’t want them to know I’m corseting. My question is will the results be slower because the laces aren’t as right as they would be suring the day? And how do I know when it’s time to chinch down further if the laces are looser at night?

    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      HI Michelle! Have you seen our blog & video on sleeping with your corset on? Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry also has a great one as well that goes a bit more in depth. There’s no way to know how long results will take regardless of training during the day or during the night, it’s dependent on a multitude of factors and even then every body is so very different and it’s not something that can be estimated. As far as lacing in tighter, just like any part of corseting… listen to your body. When your corset is starting to feel loose, cinch in a bit more and keep it there until it feels loose again. While sleeping, it should be snug like a strong hug but not as tight as you can comfortably make it. Try laying down for a short nap in your corset to see how you feel at that tension and make adjustments as needed. I hope that helps!

  • Cheri

    I’ve had my 426 short for a a couple of weeks now and I have been seasoning it slowly due to having a full time job and a 1 year old and no time to lace it daily…just every other day. I am still have an issue with a large gapping at the 2 sides on the bottom. In fact, it hasn’t laid any flatter than my first use with the corset. I’m concerned this may not have been the corset for me? (I purchased a size 26. My measurements are 32.5 under bust, 32.5 natural waist, 38 upper hip, and 10.5 torso.

  • Cynthia Kolodzik

    I just got back from OC in Wenatchee yesterday with my corset and I have to say I am so very very pleased with my corset and with all the help the young ladies at OC gave me. They were extremely helpful in getting me sized and fit into the right corset. I am seasoning my corset as we speak. I have another 45 minutes but it feels so comfortable already that I think I could sleep in it, lol, don’t worry I won’t. Thank you so much for everything, I truly enjoyed the experience. Cynthia Kolodzik

  • Pretty Girl

    Okay my journey began a whole 3 weeks ago. I purchased the 426 short with hip ties. After my measurements I just new this would be the best one. Wrong! I fit great except it looked like I had wings around my hips. So I called Orchard and a wonderful young lady who suggested per my measurements (ub:36″ w:38″ hh:42″ I return that one and order a 345 and go 2 inches down. Great! It arrived today but I think 30″ is just too small. The modesty panel does not want to modest at all! It is no where close to hiding my shirt. I love how the top of the corset curves under my bust, however the bottom “v” shape juts out the front and I look like Thomas The Train. It is very unbecoming. I wish I could have the top of the 345 and the bottom of the 411. HELP!!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi there! I think we will be able to better serve you through our website, as it would be helpful to see pictures of the back of the corset to see how close the modesty panel is to covering. People are often very surprised at how much the shape of the corset changes during the seasoning process. Based on your measurements, that is the corset that I would have put you in as well, but there are many factors besides your actual measurements that can influence the fit, the biggest one being how squishy or firm you are. Send an email to with a picture of the back and front of the corset and they’ll be able to help you determine if you need to go up to a 32 or if you should continue to season the one that you have.

  • Alissa

    Just received my Cs 426 longline!! I ordered it yesterday crazy fast shipping!!! I was soo happy!! Anyways this corset couldn’t fit any better than if it were made to custom fit my body!! I have a very extreme curve naturally and long torso soo it’s perfect. Seasoning it for a week or so and then the real waist training begins!!! Best 80 bucks I ever spent!! Thanks for all the videos that I’ve watched a million times and the sizing help!!!

  • Holly Ann


    I am on my third day of seasoning for my CS 426S and noticed that the flat bones on the back of my corset look a little curved. I have been lacing to the point where the corset is snug (I can fit a few fingers in the top and bottom, but not my whole hand) for the first half an hour, then tightening slightly after 30 minutes has gone by, and thought I was following the instructions fairly well. I’ve even been checking with others to make sure everything is parallel.

    I may be paranoid, but I really don’t want to do anything wrong and ruin my corset. Is a little bit of curving of the bones normal? Or have I managed to ruin my corset within the first week of having it? Do you think I might be tightening it too much?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Holly Ann,

      I am sure you are fine. The lacing bones are flat and therefore only bend back and forth (so you may see the bones bend a bit). As long as the corset is comfortable on you-that is what matters most!

  • Mary Ann

    I am still seasoning my underbust corset since I purchased the cotton one and I noticed that 2 of the pins (2nd and 3rd pins) seem to be turning slightly inward. Does that mean I warped it somehow? I saw the video on warping and when I hold it up the bone doesn’t appear warped, but wondering why the pins look the way they do. The cotton is my very first corset, so it’s like my “training corset.” I just purchased the mesh one too for whenever warm weather decides to show up. 😉

    Thank you

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Mary Ann,

      It takes a lot of pressure to actually bend those pins (generally if there is a problem with the busk itself they will snap-not bend). I do not think you have warped your busk. Always be sure to fully loosen your corset before putting it on or taking it off. I have noticed (on the 201’s in particular and sometimes the 345’s) that the pins are angled to begin with-but they do not change over time.

  • Vivianne A.

    Hi! I just received my CS-426 Short yesterday, and I am *so* happy that I can wear it at this length, I was worried at first about it being too long, even if this is the “short” version.

    I wonder though about the lacing, as I noticed that the pull-loops are not placed at the waist-tape, but are a bit higher and I find that they might be too close to my underbust. Should I re-lace and move the loops down by one “set” of holes, even if this might be difficult to due to the number of “X”s now being uneven? (as in, I would not be able to make a complete “X”, like I would if I moved down by 2 sets of holes)

    Additionally, should I do this now before I start seasoning, or is it better to wait until the corset starts molding to my body?

    • melvina

      My waist is 38 my lower hip is 40 my bust is 37 my torso is 14 long help help I really need this ,also I would like you to send me the website where I can get the right one because there are a lot of fake ones out there and I indeed need the right one thank you much…….waiting !!!!!!…………

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Mary Ann,

      The corset will hug your body better. You will also notice it goes on and off much easier. Your corset will continue to get more and more comfortable with each wear and after a dozen or so wearings you should feel pretty confident in wearing it “cinched”.

  • Annie

    I’ve been wearing my corset (201, size 26) on and off now since Wednesday for a 1-6 hours at a time, trying to gradually increase the time and tightness. I’ve noticed the v is pointy at the bottom of the corset in the front, I understand because it’s not fully seasoned. I wanted to waist train to lose some weight, right now that front of my tummy is really squishy and I’m wondering if the corset will always curve to accommodate that squish or if it will eventually flatten out as I lose weight. I’m a little concerned that as I season it now, it won’t lose that curve later.

    I was also wondering about sitting in it. I’ve noticed it gets slightly tighter, sometimes a bit uncomfortable when I sit, compared to it be completely comfortable standing. I’ve brought it to work with me, where I sit for 12 hours and noticed I prefer it sit a half inch to an inch lower than when I stand because it will otherwise push up my underwire bra uncomfortably -is this normal? Should I avoid moving it up or down?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Annie,

      Most of us tend to relax and slouch a bit when we sit, which is why the corset gets tighter when you sit. It will really force to sit upright! You don’t want to move the corset up or down as you want the waist tape at your natural waist is the smallest part of the corset-instead really concentrate on sitting really upright and you can loosen the corset a bit for long sitting periods until you acclimate to sitting in a corset. As for the tummy curve, if the busk boning actually bends to that shape it will stay bent However if it just a gradual curve that if you were able to tighten the laces more at the bottom you could pull it in you will be OK. If you are successful in your weight loss (as I am sure you will be!) you will find you will likely need to size down in your corset. Some folks opt to waist train at night as well and sleep in their corset, which is a great use for a corset that is a bit too big 🙂

      • Annie

        Just wondering if there are any direct comparisons of the 201 to the 426short?

        I’m loving the 201, but still have the muffin top below the corset that I would like a little more control on, especially on the sides. When I called in with my measurements, I was told the 426short might still be too long… is there another option I can consider? I’d like on that can stay hidden under my clothes. The 201 pops up in the front in my pants, it may not be fully seasoned yet.

  • Elizabeth

    Hey guys, I just bought my corset from you and am totally in love! As I’m seasoning my corset I have one question.
    I purchased an overbust that fits very well, but will the top mold in a bit more over tIme? Right now it flares out just a tiny bit (I was just guessing that’s because it’s brand new).

    • Amy Lewis

      If you mean the top part that covers your breasts, you can actually mold that a bit yourself by bending them back toward your chest. There is really nothing putting pressure on that part of the overbust corset (the laces aren’t pulling that part tight) so it doesn’t season like it does around your waist ribs and upper hip.

  • Jill

    I’m looking to purchase my first corset and begin corset training. I’ve read through your website and the blogs, which are really helpful. I just wanted to confirm the correct size for me. I’m looking to do a 411 satin, so pretty.

    My measurements:

    Bust 31 in.
    Waist 29 in.
    Hip 33.5 in.
    Torso 7 in. (measured from under bust to hip bone)

    What silhouette level would I be? I’m assuming I would start at a level 1, but just wanted to confirm.

  • bella

    Okay so i have a couple questions..
    One how do you know if you warped your steel bones?
    Two I still have a gap on the bottom of my corset..the top is snug n the middle too but the bottom is still gapped.
    Corset CS345
    i think its a size 34 maybe 32 i cant remember lol. I started out with a size 37 waist and ive tightened to a 35 now because ive lost about 15pounds. The gap between the modesty panel n corset are almost touching.

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Bella, could you please take a picture of the gap you are talking about and send it to our Customer Service team at I’m not sure how to answer your question about warping one of the bones of your corset. Is there something in particular about the boning in your corset that you are concerned about?

  • Crystal R

    I’m so confused, I’m on day 1 and I need to know: Am I supposed to season it 2 hours total a day or in 2 hour sessions throughout the day?

      • Crystal R

        Can you do a blog for newbies like me on what to watch for early signs of warping or how to tell if you’ve already warped the corset? How to tell the difference between normal shaping and warping of a corset.

  • Vanessa

    Hi there! So I just received my corset, and have been working towards seasoning it, but I have a question: at the ends of the steel boning, the fabric is a bit “frilly”. It doesn’t lay flat like most of the pictures I’ve seen on the website. There is a bit of gapping that I’m sure will close once the corset molds to my body, but will the ruffled ends lay flat eventually? It’s not a lot, but I’m paranoid about warping the corset.
    Also, may I suggest posting pictures of corsets that were seasoned wrong as a reference? The corset is beautiful and fits beautifully, and the last thing I want is to muck it up.

  • crystal

    I may have put the cart before the horse and now I need a little advice. When I purchased my corset I knew that I needed to break it in. Some described the process to me the way that I would break in shoes so I wore my corset for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night and it was barely reduced at all, not even a whole inch the first day that I received it. Since then I have gradually extended that time that I wear it and the reduction and now 2 weeks later I wore it all day while I was at work. I don’t see any physical damage to the corset. I never tighten it to the point where it’s uncomfortable and it doesn’t stick me anywhere. My question is could I have damaged it by not using a corset seasoning schedule??? I didn’t even know that there was an actual schedule until now.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Crystal,

      I think you probably did just fine! There is no hard and fast rules for seasoning-the important thing to remember is not to overtighten until the fabric and threads in your corset have time to adjust to the strain. In addition your body needs time if you are new to corseting.

  • megan potts

    I’m thinking of purchasing a corset to begin waist training. I was wondering what corset would he best for me. My measurements are:
    Bust: 34 inches
    Waist: 28 inches
    Hips: 34 inches.
    I’m looking for an underbust corset.

  • Cherry

    Hi! I recently received my corset and was keen to put it on immediately!
    Unfortunately my mum’s slightly worried about the sizing. I’ve told her it needs seasoning but I’m starting to worry a bit too.
    I’m pretty sure it’s the right size and style, from watching all your videos (My size: Underbust: 29 Waist: 27 Hips: 33 Torso: 11) (Size 22 CS-411).
    I’ve worn it for about 4 days for around 3 hours each day (give or take on some).
    The hip, whilst not fitted, is close to my hips however the underbust has random largeish gaps to the sides of my breasts. The rest of the underbust is okay. Will this fix with the seasoning?? It’s kind of weird and worrying me but…

    On the bright side though, my clasps clipped in almost immediately from the first wear!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Cherry, yes that sounds like the right style and size for your measurements and I expect that it is going to fit great by the time you are done seasoning. However with that said, every ‘body’ we size is different, so if you’d like to take a picture of what you are concerned about and send it to our sizing experts at, they’ll let you know for sure. Have a great day!

  • Yesenia

    Help! I bought a corset, not from you guys, but I don’t think I seasoned it right. I wear it to work everyday and don’t take it off for those 9 hours. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks. Still, there’s a lot of gaping at the top and bottom. I don’t tighten it much, if I pull my stomach in, there’s about half an inch of space between me and the corset. Otherwise, it feels pretty snug. Am I not tightening enough?

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Yesenia, its hard to say for sure since I don’t know the style of corset that you got, but it sounds like maybe you got a corset that was a little too curvy for your body type. If you get a corset with an extreme curve, and don’t have 1)enough natural curve, and/or 2)you’re not “squishy” enough to fill it out, it doesn’t matter how long you season it, you will just have some gapping at the top or bottom. However if you are saying there is 1/2″ of space between you and the corset at your waist, then you are not tightening it enough. The corset should be snug against your body from top to bottom. Hopefully that all makes sense! 😉

  • Jenya

    “After wearing your corset for 30-45 minutes, it’s OK to tighten it up a little bit more.”

    Should I tighten at this point until It is tight and cant tighten it anymore unless I use more strength, or is there another way of knowing, how tight to lace it down?

  • Jenya

    Must seasoning take 10-14 consecutive days? Or can some days be skipped; meaning the corset is not worn once or twice during a week but those days are made up later on. Would this be okay?

  • Jenya

    I have been wearing my cotton corset for about 2 weeks and have been able to sleep in it, but I have not seasoned it and only took it off when if felt uncomfortable, and there were days when I would just not wear it. Is it too late to season it? Thank you.

  • Arianne

    I was thinking of buying a CS-411 corset in size 24 do you think it would fit me correctly if my underbust is 32, with a 28 waist and a size 34 hip in its fullest? Idk how to measure hips lol. If not what would be good choice? Thanks!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Arianne,

      That will depend on how firm vs soft you are. I think a size 24 in the 305 would fit really well. In the 411 you may need to size down to a 22 (if you are not too firm) in order for the hip to not be too big on you.

  • Cristina Sanchez

    I got my first corset in the mail! yay! i wore it only 1 1/2 hours and it wasnt too tight, like you guys said. there are gaps which i know is normal, but the gap at the top is so big! will that gap really start to close?

  • Sam

    Hi, I recently bought a size 20 CS-305 and am on day five of breaking it in. It’s going well, but there is a considerably larger gap around my ribs than my hips. The gap around my hips is slowly conforming to my body, like everyone said it would, but the top gap probably won’t until its fully laced. I suspect that I may mead a slightly curvier corset for my hips in the future, but for now I have two questions
    1. I have read that the corset should feel equally tight on the top and bottom, but to do so in my case would lead me to have a /\ shaped gap in my corset. Which leads to the second question
    2. I’ve also read that the gap in the back should be parallel ||. So do I tighten the top more, or simply maintain the parallel gap, even though its looser on my rib cage than my hips?

  • Keiara Phillips

    I have been seasoning my corset for 6 days now. Wearing it for 30 mins and tighting it after that and then wearing it another hour and a half. It’s now day 7 and it’s still loose at the top and when I put on a tank top or a loose shirt it looks like I have on football gear. It’s snuggy so I know that not the problem the bottle has now formed to my body just having a little problem with the top. I have the 411 and my natural waist is a 40. So I got a 34 in size after talking with a orchard rep on a blog

  • mireya

    Hello my names mireya I’ve been seasoning my corset for about 3 days now. I have the cs345 in a size 30. I’m a little concerned about damaging/warping my corset, it’s about 2 inches from fully closing the whole top half comfortably and well the bottom has a good 7-8 inches before fully closing. Am I just too wide at the bottom for this specific corset? Or am I doing something wrong? Before I ordered my corset I spoke with 3 different women on orchard corset be phone they recommended the cs345 instead of the cs426 with I thought would be a better fit for my body type since I do have a natural really thick/wide at the bottom.

  • Nicole Licastro

    How do you know if you have damaged your corset, I got really excited and wore it today (my first time) without reading this. I dont think I have damaged it, but I am just asking how do you know if you have. The boning is all in its place 🙂

  • Mattie

    I received my CS-345 today. Not sure about it yet. Thinking of getting either the CS-411 or CS-305 instead. My under bra is 27″, waist is 25″ and upper hip is 31″. My torso is 10″ . Which do you think would be a better fit? Also, what is the difference between the two of them?


  • Shannon

    These blogs have been super helpful. I am looking at purchasing my first corset and I was looking at ordering the CS-411 in size 22, my underbust is 30″, waist is 26″, and my upper hip is 36″. Does that sound like it would be correct? Thanks!

  • Carrie

    I’ve just received my 345 and, while it’s absolutely stunning, I am worried about the fit and hope you can advise. The corset fits snug around my under bust, however the v-section at the bottom front sticks out. Under a dress, this is really obvious. Is this normal for a new corset and will it flatten as it is seasoned? Also, when I tighten the laces, the upper and lower laces are closed much more than the mid section. Am I not lacing it properly or is this also normal for first use?

    My measurements are:

    Waist 28.5.
    Hip 34.5.
    Under bust 31.


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Carrie,

      When you don’t have lots of natural curve, the top and bottom edge of the corset will close up more than the waist (as the waist is what you are trying to train). While seasoning it is important not to allow that to get to extreme in that ( ) shape. The bottom of that corset will need to be cinched up tighter to pull that in. Corsets are designed to give you an hourglass shape, not necessarily flatten or smooth the tummy (shapewear is better for that). For stealth corseting..the mesh 201 (and soon to have mesh 411) might work better.

  • Jazzi

    I like the CS-345. Would this work for me? My under bra is 27″, waist is 25″ and upper hip is 31″. My torso is 10″ and I’m 5’3″. If not, which corset would you recommend and what size?

  • Lauri

    Hi Cheri, i have a 30″underbust a 26″ waist and a 35 1/2 ” upper hip also my torso length is a little over 11″. i have purchased a cs-426 size 22 i am not firm not fluffy either but i am squishy. will it fit or did i purchase the wrong corset ? btw this is going to be my first time trying any form of waist training and it would be really expensive for me to return it so i guess im just really hoping it’ll fit . Have i purchased the correct style for me and if not is there a way to change my order before it is mailed?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Ashlea,

      That depends on the fabric and your experience with corsets. Satin and leather usually take at least a week to 10 days with daily seasoning-brocades and cotton will take longer. Mesh is usually just a few days.

  • Gigi


    I just received the CS 345 (cotton) and wore it for 3 hours. I had been wearing the Vedette 103/149 for several weeks in size medium for 6-8 hours daily with some success. I decided it was time to move on to a corset. I don’t wish to wear my corset outside my clothing at this time, so I wore the corset under my shirt. Will this become a problem over time? BTW, I love this corset.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Gigi,

      Are you asking if it is OK to wear under your clothes? That is how many folks wear corsets. We do recommend wearing a camisole or tank between your skin and the corset to help keep the corset clean.

  • Cynthia

    Seriously considering purchasing a cotton corset however I’m not sure which to purchase I now use the vedette 403 in the second hook for multiple hours at a time in a size large however here are my measurement underbust 40, waist 38, upper hip 45…. Thank you in advance for your help

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Cynthia,

      I think a size 30 or 32 (depending on how firm vs squishy you are) in the 411, 345, 201 or 301. If you have the length for the will need that in a size 30.

  • KWil

    I apologize if someone had asked this already…I just received the 426 and ordered white laces — when seasoning, should I use the laces that I intend on wearing my corset with on my wedding day? Or can I switch the laces out at any time?

    I’m already loving this corset. It might turn into an every day thing!

      • KWil

        Thank you so much! I figured as much, but I didn’t want anything to effect the fit. I’m loving it so far. Such a great piece. I can’t wait to see how it changes my shape in the next few months!

  • Kris

    What is the best way to wear a CS345 or mesh waspie 201 with an underwire bra? Do you recommend that one wear a wireless instead? I have no muffin issues with my bras.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kris,

      Most of here where underwire bras and don’t have any issues. We do recommend that you wear a light camisole between you and your corset to preserve the life of the corset.

  • Annie

    Hi Cheri! I had a few questions that i hope you might be able to answer for me? When seasoning the corset, I’m very confused on the first few steps…After unlacing the corset and when ready to put on, i wear the corset for the first 45 minutes When should i tighten the corset a little more?…THEN after that i take off how MANY times a day do i do this? Is there a MINIMUM time to wear the corset each day? How MANY times a day should i wear this when SEASONING? I’m eally confused and i’m doing lots of reasearch before i buy my corset so i don’t make a mistake. Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Annie,

      You can wear your corset a couple of 90-120 minute sessions the first couple of days and gradually increase overtime. It is not an exact science and some corsets season faster than others (fabric and fit impact seasoning). On the first wear we recommend you try tightening the corset a little bit more after the first 45-60 minutes.

  • Justine

    Hello, if my measurements are 32-25 1/2-32, hoping to eventually have a 20″ waist, should I go with the CS-411 or 305? I can not decide between the two. And should I purchase a size 20 if my waist is 25 1/2? Thanks!

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Justine,

          Your underbust and upper hip are about the same, and you rib cage will be more rigid than your upper hip (usually) and this will help the corset lace more parallel and provide a better fit. Try it both, but I think you will find upside is better for you.

          • Blinglingy

            I just received my cs411 cotton size 22 and have worn it 3 x 90min sessions to season it. So far I have noticed that the hip fits more snugly than the rib area and the gap is more of an “A” than “II”. Over time I should be able to close the gap at the ribs but the “A” will just get more unbalanced since there is not much room to tighten at the hips. Should I be wearing the corset upside down?

  • Gwyneth

    HI! I purchased the CS-345 corset in size 24 and have been wearing it daily for ca. 5 weeks. I had a 2.5″ gap in the beginning and now have a 1/2″ gap. When can I expect it to be closed? I began with a 28.5″ upper waist, 29″under bust and 37.5″ upper hip. I do high impact aerobics and heavy weight training every other day, eating a healthy diet (no sugars, salt, simple carbs saturated fat or gluten). I weighed in at 129 when I started the corset wearing and now weigh 126 which is interesting. I stand 5’6″ and have muscle mostly.
    I love the corset and plan to purchase the mesh waspie when it reappears in stock.


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Gwyneth,

      Mostly muscle takes longer to train down. It sounds like you are doing very well. It can take many months to size down in a corset..and that is with wearing it more hours than not.

  • Carlie

    Hi! I’m looking to begin waist training. My measurements are 28 1/2-waist.
    31 1/2-underbust.
    And 33-at hip bones. (I wasn’t sure wear to measure at the hips)
    I was thinking of getting a the cs-411 in a size 24?
    But now am not sure since I don’t have a lot of fluff but am squishy?
    Will my body take to this corset?
    I’m 5’0 and have a shorter torso.
    Thank you so much!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Carlie,

      The 301 might be better depending on how short your waist actually is. The 305 would be a better fit than the 411 if you have 9-10 inches of length (and yes in a size 24)

  • Genevieve

    I just received my beautiful 411 in the mail, and I am so excited to start corseting! It is SO wonderful and helpful that you have all of the blog posts and videos on seasoning, lacing, care, etc.!!! I really appreciate having so much to refer to! I am very new to corseting and have been able to do lots of research with all of the information OC has provided!!! Thank you so much! Love OC, will be purchasing more!

  • Jennifer

    Hi. I am planning to purchase a corset in the next week or so. My measures are: Bust (38″), Underbust(34″), Waist (33″), Upper Hip (37″), and Torso Length (11.5″)

    I would like to get one in white (satin) and one in black (cotton) in the cs-411. Do you think that would be the best fit for me right now? It’s my first time wearing a corset but have been wearing a waist cincher for about the last 6 months – I have lost several inches but would like to get the hour glass shape. I am thinking I may wait on a cs-426 till I lose a few more inches on my waist.

    Thanks for all your help!!

  • Jesi M A Morrow

    I’ve never purchased an Ochard Corset, but I have worn a standard shaped steel one before. My underbust is 30 inches, my waist is 29, and my hips are 38. I have a tummy to. Is it possible to get a style where the bottom and top close evenly? My 24 inch gaps on top with a 1 inch space at back and wont close further with a 3 inch space on the bottom at the back, but snug to my hips. Which corset should I wear? Not doing waist training.

  • Lola

    So I got my beautiful new corsets today, and I absolutely love them! Here are my questions. How do you know when the corset is fully seasoned and ready to be laced tightly? Is it based purely on the timeframe, or is there a way it should feel or what? Also, my hip has significant gaping, and I’m wondering if over time it will fit or if I got the wrong size or style? I ordered a 26″ CS-426. When I placed my order, I had initially made a measuring error and I ordered under the idea that I had a 30 inch natural waist. Turns out I actually have a 32 inch waist, but I thought since the recommendation is 4-6 inches, it might be okay. I also have a 40 inch hip if that is important. I am aiming for significant cinching over time. I’m wondering if over time it will begin to fit better, or if maybe just losing a couple of pounds will help? I don’t mind taking time to make it work, but I certainly don’t want to waste all that time and money if it simply isn’t going to happen. Oh, and as a side note, there is the distinct possibility that I am simply bloated at the moment, so I’m wondering if it might fit better when that dies down as well.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lola,

      Seasoning time will depend on the corset fabric and how close to your natural shape the corset is to begin with. It will hug closer to your body as it warms up and breaks in. Usually with daily seasoning (which you can do more than once a day) within 7-9 days you should be good to go. As for sizing, is the 40″ your upper hip or full hip. A size 26 426 will measure 38″ at the bottom edge…so you will not have much compression at the bottom edge (so if your upper hip is much smaller than 40 you will need to be squishy enough to drop to a 24). A size 26 with a 32″ should be fine.

  • Jessica

    I was wondering if my corset will be too big. When I measured I had a 35′ waist so I ordered the size 32 CS-305. But when I put it on for the first time it was very easy to cinch. I can get it almost closed without a huge amount of effort. Should I trade in for a smaller size? Or a different style? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jessica,

      That is most likely too big. A 30 would be better, but I will need to have your underbust and upper hip to know if this is the right style corset for you.

  • Grace

    Hi Cheri!,

    I purchased a CS-426 which was delivered on May 8th. Ever since I tried it on for the first time I could notice a significant gap at the top and bottom; I thought that perhaps I hadn’t laced it tight enough, soafter about 30mins with it on I tighten the laces. The top of it came in quite a bit but the hip area isn’t quite there yet. I do have quite a bit of stomach. I had never worn a corset before in my life and I’m not that skilled at measuring and finding out where my upperhip was. When I measured at the time of purchase undersbust was 42, waist 41 and hip 45 or 46(can’t remember exactly)

    What could be the problem? size up or down? switch models?

    Thanks a million!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Grace,

      With those measurements, I think perhaps the 426 has too much hip for you What size did you order? You should be able to a wear a 32 in the 426 (but that will measure 44″ at the bottom edge-which will not be tight on you). The 411 will fit better in either a 32 or 34 depending on how firm vs squishy you are. Also, we have a CS-345 coming soon which is sort of a hybrid between the 2 (check out our pictures on our FB page of those).

  • Jacqueline

    I just bought the 426 size 26. I have a 29 inch natural waist and my figure is a natural hour glass. I tightened to 29 1/2 inches for an hour on the first time…. was that too tight? I wore it again today at 29 inches and it seemed to fit more snug and comfortable. I’m wondering if I did this right? Or did I ruin it? Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Jacqueline,

      I do not think that is too tight. I am surprised the 26 isn’t too big for you. With a 29″ waist I would have suggested a 24 (depending on your other measurements).

      • Jacqueline

        Actually it was a 24.. I mistyped. So should I be tightening to my actual waist size for the first 2 weeks? Im not exactly sure what snug means. I also have some pretty wide gaps at the bottom if I don’t tighten to 29″.

  • Jenni

    “…we recommend gradually increasing your time over the course of 10-14 days.” Does that mean during seasoning it is ok to wear your corset for consecutive days? Or should I still give it a day to rest?

  • blulovely

    I can’t believe I was wearing mines upside down,lmao!!!!!!I’m gonna go home and flip it but if the opposite is better than I am going with it!!!!

  • Rosalind

    Seasoning my corset is maddening lol I just want to lace it up tighter already I am on day 6 of breaking it in I am going to do the full 14 days. When I first got my corset it was flaring and just didn’t seem to fit right. I was so scared I had the wrong size or I did something wrong. Then I read this and saw the video along with another video. Then it all made sense thank goodness. I’ve been doing 2 hours a day only. Today I moved up to 3 hours. I think I may be going too slow, but I am sort of afraid to damaging this bad girl. I also been tightening it ever so slightly sometimes I feel I tighten it too much then loosen it up lol. I am sort of being protective over my investment. 🙂 Day 6 I have notice it is much easier to snap together, before I had a bit of trouble closing her up. I have also noticed the flaring isn’t as bad. So far so good I love it! <3

  • Amanda

    Hello there! I was told by someone that you can season your corset in less time by wearing it for 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours at night. I’m a little weary of that. Is it true or would it destroy my corset?

  • Melissa

    I have a 4 inch gap in the middle of my corset, a 6 inch gap on the top and a 5 inch gap on the bottom! is my corset too small on me? I have a 33 inch waist and I bought a size 26. I can get it on comfortably and it doesn’t stab me. I have been seasoning for five days and accidentally wearing it backwards on some days. Should I go to 28 inch corset or have I ruined a corset that is too small on me? Cs-411 in satin and I am 4’10 in height

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Melissa,

      So it sounds like you are about at the edge of your modesty panel? It seems like your ribcage (underbust) is more pronounced. Your shorter torso doesn’t allow your corset to redistribute “fluff” as well as with someone with a longer torso, so perhaps a 28 would have been a better place to start. I am sure you have not ruined it, but you could order the 28 and hold on to the 26 until you size down.

  • Miranda

    I ordered a CS426 in size 20 last March (2013). My natural waist was at 29″ for most of 2013, I did not realize this until recently…incorrect tape measure! I wore the 20″ corset roughly twice a month for 3-6 hours at a time (just for events) between June and September. I have not worn it since. My natural waist is now 27.5″ due to weight loss and last week I was fitted at the NYC Orchard Corset shop (I will be ordering a new 22″ CS426 this week and training down to that before I go near my 20″ again.) My question is, my 20″ corset still had considerable gaps at the underbust, hips and at the bottom of the busk in front…is it possible that I, through those 6 or so times wearing it over the course of 4 months, I may have seasoned it “wrong” due to the time period and the fact that my natural waist was much too large at the time for a 20″ corset?
    Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Miranda,

      Assuming you have the curve for the 426, I don’t think you ruined your size 20, it likely just hit you weird and that is why you had gaps. It doesn’t sound like you have that many hours in it.

  • Trin

    Hi Cheri,

    I just got my CS-305 size 22 in leather a few days ago. I’ve been following the seasoning instructions for about three days, but I still have a pretty reasonable gap (almost an inch on each side) on the top, which I know is opposite the normal gap on the hip. I’m positive it’s not upside down, as suggested in an earlier comment. The top looks like it would have to be completely closed in order for the gap to close.

    Do you have any recommendations? Should I be wearing a different style? Or do you think my measurement ratio just isn’t great for the off the rack corsets? (Underbust: 28; Waist: 26; Upper Hip: 31) Or do you think with continuing seasoning that it will close up?

    Thank you so much!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Trin,

      Didn’t see this before I replied to your other comment to Julie. You are almost able to move into a 22 (in the 411 you wold be-just worried the bottom edge of that might be too big). How well can you close the bottom of the 305?

      • Trin

        The bottom fits pretty well in my first few wearings. I can fairly comfortably get the bust edge closed with only an inch of the modesty panel showing, and the hip edge with about two inches showing. The one I have is a 22, did you mean a 20?

      • Brooke Campisano

        Sorry to comment on others post but I’m concerned. My measurments are ; underbust Is 30.5 my waist is 27.5 my upper hip is 31 (celiac crest? Sp) and my lower hip is a 35. I ordered a cs201 in a size 20. I do plan on losing about 6-10 more lbs. My question is, will this ever fit? I have about a one inch gap between the modesty panel and side. But like I said there’s a few lbs coming off lol. The front “v” is also sticking out. Should I not be seasoning it yet? Did I order everything wrong lol. My torso is 11 inches from my underbust to my pubic bone. Forgot to mention that 🙂

  • Kathrina

    I’ve been wearing my corset upside down for the past 2 weeks and wearing it for 5-6. Hours a day. I will say however my waist is down to 26″ and I was at 30″. Did I totally just ruin my corset ):. I was so excited to use it I didn’t put any thought into actually putting it on right , help !

  • Pamela

    I have worn my cotton 411 3 times so far, for about 6 hours total, following the advice of wearing it for 30 minutes, then tightening it up a little more and wearing for an 1 1/2 more before unlacing totally and removing to hang up by the laces, liner side up to wait for me to call upon it again next time. I really cannot tell you Cheri, how MUCH I appreciated being able to research my options and to have the chance to learn what I needed to in order to care and use my new corset properly. I am one of those people who will research for awhile before committing to the purchase. I looked at a few other corset vendors, but I always found myself coming BACK to Orchard Corset, because of the quality, and the educational blogs and videos you’ve put out there. Not to mention your fabulous pricing! Thank you for making a tough decision easier. I really am glad that you care so much about your customers. One thing I wanted to touch on, was the differences in fabric for seasoning. I had heard too, like a earlier poster that leather was much easier to season then say satin. As I am already thinking about a second 411, I was wondering, can you elaborate a little on the various fabrics and their seasoning requirements? Say cotton, should you aim for like 16-20 total hours of wear before attempting to cinch down? Or is that more like what you need for Satin and Cotton is more like 25-30 hours total wear time broken down in the same 2 hour sessions? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us here and on youtube.

  • Racel

    I got my corset 3 days ago its the 411. I am currently wearing it for 2-3 hours at a time to break it in. I have a fairly soft abdomen (have lost 110lbs in the past year), and with the corset on, it seems to squish my abdomen down. This seems to put pressure on the bottom of the corset when I sit or drive. Should I avoid wearing it while sitting during the break in period, or will it not affect the overall usage?
    The 411 is kind of short for my torso, but I don’t have enough curve for the 426 yet.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Racel,

      Just be careful. Are you sure you don’t have the curve for 426? You might be surprised…when you have more “squish” you will find the corset does a good job of redistributing your weight to fill out the corset. The actual curve at the waist is the same in the 426 and the 411 ,but the 426 is longer and has the extra hip pocket.

  • Julia

    First of all, thank you for maintaining such a helpful blog! I got my first corset today, a CS-305 (and it arrived two days after I ordered, which was a nice surprise!). I of course put it on immediately to begin breaking it in. I’ve noticed a bit of a gap between my rib cage and the corset. Is this likely to go away as I continue to break it in, or is it something I’ll just have to deal with (my rib cage is a little small compared to my waist and hip size).

  • Paulette

    I bought a leather corset two years ago!! I so badly want to wear it .. The lady from the store put it on me like it was nothing … And I can’t get it back on please … I need help .. tricks??

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Paulette,

      We have videos on our youtube channel (as well as a video on how to bidirectionally lace your corset in case it’s laced differently now). If you have help it’s easier-but we have a videos for both!

  • Violet

    Hello I juts got my corset and is been five days I been wering it on and off but I think I went to fast and’ I dount want to damege my corset is the first time having one and I love it wat do you recomend I do help plase …! Is a CS426 longline

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Anna,

      The leather feels comfortable almost right away, but you still need to spend at least a few days seasoning. Our single boned 305 leather is quicker to season the the double boned 426 and 411. My leather 411 was surprising sturdy compared to my leather 305 and it took better than a week to season. (And it’s still not as broken as my 411 satin I wear all the time-as it’s too hot right now for the leather for me!)

  • jen

    I wear my corset under clothing. Do you have any recommendations for keeping the pins from wearing holes in my blouses and sweaters? Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Jen, that is a very good question! I do not wear my long enough for that to be an issue evidently. Perhaps a light weight camisole or tank over the top would eliminate that. Cloth first aid tape over the pins would probably do the trick, but I worry it might mar the fabric over time. Any suggestions from our blog readers with some experience on this issue?

      • Lauren

        Jen, I wear my corsets underneath my clothing on a regular basis. I don’t usually wear something over the corset unless the shirt or blouse is close fitting, but when I do, I find that a lightweight nude colored tank top is all I need to protect my shirt and keep the pins for showing. Hope that helps!

  • Carlene

    Thanks for this helpful blog. I was getting discouraged because my corset didn’t fit my body right . I’ve only worn it twice and I have been embarrassed to wear it because it sticks out at the bottom.
    Thanks again, I now know it takes time to adjust to my body.

      • Daisy

        So I am currently having this issue at the moment with my corset; I find it embarrassing to wear my 345 with form fitting bottoms because the bottom of it sort of just sticks out, it’s not even in contact with my skin, it just sort of floats in front of me & looks like I stuffed something in my pants to look like I have man parts haha

        • Cheri Dudek

          Hi Daisy,

          The longline corsets do have that traditional look to them. I find if I cinch the bottom up a little more that helps. You also need to choose your clothing when corseting as modern clothes and traditional corsets don’t always work well together. Skirts and belted dresses are much easier to hide the corset with. Also the new mesh corsets are less bulky and should be easier to hide (we expect those in mid June)

          • Daisy

            So to prevent the “flaring” in the bottom front, what other corset options do I have? something that would still give me an hourglass shape, but that could be work under regular clothing?

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