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Corsets: Not Just For Waist Training

Waist Training or Tight Lacing:

What if I don’t want to do either?

cheri-company-head-shotHello OC Blog readers! As many of you know, I have been trying out different corsets we offer at Orchard Corset in order to become more familiar with the attributes of each corset and corseting in general. I have about four corsets I have broken in over the past several months. I was amazed at how comfortable a corset becomes after it has been seasoned to fit your body!

I now wear a corset at work everyday. I like to wear one style for a few days or a week, then switch it up. I am still trying to decide which is my favorite-I like different qualities in all of them (and I will share those later in this blog). I am NOT looking to waist train, nor do I engage in serious tight-lacing. I wear my corsets snug and fitted, but not tight. So why wear them if I don’t need to research them? Because they are comfortable and my posture is so much better! I sit at a computer most of my work day, and my days of slouching are gone! I had a girlfriend comment the other day about my posture at dinner-she actually noticed I was sitting up straighter than usual. I told her it’s because I wear a corset several hours each day, and that must translate into my everyday life.

I have also noticed that despite the fact I am not waist training, I can lace my corset down further than when I started, even though I only wear a corset about four hours a day and really never on weekends.  Accidental waist-training? I do know of several customers who are on their feet all day and wear corsets under their clothes to reduce or eliminate back and leg pain. And even though I spend much of my day in an office with a few other employees, wearing a corset does make me feel just a little bit sexy-even if I am wearing yoga pants and a ponytail!

My favorite 411 in red satin!

As promised, here are some of my thoughts on our different corsets. The first corset I broke in was the maroon CS-426. This is an excellent waist training corset, and when I first laced into it, I definitely felt restricted! I am long-waisted so I didn’t have any problems with that. After a few days the corset started to break in, and was more comfortable and easier to wear for longer periods of time. It gives extreme curves (too much for me personally to wear out in public), but very sexy and you feel fully supported.

The next corset I wanted to break in was the CS-305. I chose the red leather-the most comfortable corset by far! This corset is single-boned and more pliable than the double-boned 426. It’s only a level 1, but my own natural curves are plenty visible. This corset really does feel like you are wearing a hug (and I would totally wear this out in public). I broke in the CS-331 about the same time, as it is very similar. Really super comfortable and so cute! I could (and would) wear this corset out dancing! Accentuates my waistline and supports my back without binding. The shorter, single boned structures offer support, but allows for greater freedom of movement in both corsets.

Me comparing the 426 and 411

Next was the CS-411 underbust in black satin and CS-425 in the lovely red and gold dynasty print. This might be my favorite (more research needed-and waiting on a full-busted overbust to try), as it gives me the best of both the 426 and the 305. The 411 is shorter than the 426, but still boasts double-boning. I get an extreme curve (but the shorter length makes the appearance less dramatic-and I am very curvy all on my own). When researching the 425, I discovered it was exactly the same as the 411-but in a brocade and not satin. This makes the corset stiffer and takes a little longer to break in.

Different corsets for different moods or situations. They are all exceptional quality and come with our outstanding customer service -it’s a win win!


I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Jillian

    Sorry that this may be long but I feel I should share my story as I am sure many can relate to…

    I not only wear my corsets out as an accessory of sorts, because they really add a super cute pop and a little something unique to almost any ensemble… BUT, I sometimes also wear mine to sleep in AND to clean my home in and even to the gym!

    Once your corset(s) are properly seasoned, it fits to your body like a glove and has so many benefits when it comes to posture alone. I found a corset really helps with any type of mild back ache from the daily grind from something like being on my feet all day long at work. And like I said, it benefits you even when you’re simply doing house chores. It forces you to stand upright, in the PROPER position, at all times. And it is 100% COMFORTABLE.

    Whether I’m vacuuming or lifting a heavy laundry basket, my corsets truly promote perfect posture and the age-old saying, “DON’T lift with your back, lift with your LEGS”. I can hear my gram-ma hollering at me now, “Lift with your legs! And no slouching. You sit up straight young lady! Or else you’ll regret it when you’re my age!” LOL. But, she’s right. Slouching can/will lead to health problems later on down the line.

    A corset not only makes you look beautiful as it effortlessly and painLESSly shapes your waistline, but most importantly to me, corsets also **trained my body** from head to toe by establishing GOOD HABITS with posture. Habits most people probably don’t even realize they have, or maybe never actually realized they had for years until they lace up into a corset (one of impeccable quality like Orchard Corset’s products… which I still can’t believe the quality of my OC corset I got last week and for the price I paid. My mother who is a seamstress was in complete and total awe of my corset from Orchard Corset; and to me that says a TON about a product when my nitpicking mom speaks so highly about the quality of any garment).

    I love this thread, because its so true. A corset absolutely isn’t only for waist training. They serve so many purposes. for me personally, corsets simply and purely promote good posture, which is a good habit to have, especially for anyone with back pain. And believe it or not, wearing a corset actually completely flattened my tummy and played the biggest role in strengthening my core, big time. That led to other muscles in my body not being so tight etc. Wearing a corset honestly created this very positive domino effect for me. Even my chiropractor (who has been treating me for bulging/herniated discs since 2008 from an accident, gave me the medical OK to step into a corset before I started wearing them regularly) has noticed a huge difference in me. And of course I’ve noticed a huge difference as well.

    I have a laundry list of the pros in corseting and how it has brought great change for the better in my life. And I think my only con is me being impatient during those 3 measly days (of FREE shipping, nonetheless) that it takes to get all the way across the country from Washington state to New Jersey, LOL.

    I’ve experienced all of these positive, life altering benefits for the good, that corseting brought into my life… and all while looking FABULOUS?!?!! Who could ask for more?! 🙂

  • Kris P

    I would love to wear my corsets more, but I have trouble getting my pants and clothes situated with it on after using the restroom. Any advice?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Kris, I find it easiest to just unlace and re-lace my corset (unless I am wearing a skirt). I don’t have remove my corset completely usually, just loosen enough to readjust my clothing and then tighten the laces. When you do it often enough, you get pretty good at it!

  • michelle

    I’m in a wheelchair, and I wear mine on days when I have a lot to do. Getting my wheelchair in and out of the car is very hard on my back, and the extra support is wonderful. It is also great for my posture, since sitting all day is bad for that, and helps me with archery practice because it keeps my straight 🙂 why did women ever stop wearing these? B-)

  • Teresa Rogers

    I also love wearing my corsets to curb amounts I eat. I love food and with the corset on I don’t eat too much! Now that’s waist training!

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