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Steel Boned Corsets: Ravishing New Color and Raving Reviews

Steel Boned Corsets: The 411 on the CS-411

Brilliant New Royal Blue

What’s new at Orchard Corset? This gorgeous new corset! Our very popular CS-411 Overbust and Underbust corset is now available in Royal Blue. The corset is a deep, rich blue that is as stunning as it is strong. The 411’s are double-boned corsets, providing exceptional waist-training capability and durability.

CS-411 Royal Blue Overbust Corset

The CS-411 Overbust Corset is a Silhouette Level 3 corset, which offers extreme curves. When fully laced, a size 28 would measure 28″ at the waist, 39.5″ at hip (bottom hem), and 34″ across the top. This corset has a longline torso and sculpted bottom to rest over the curve of your hips. This corset is 14.5″ long at center busk, 16″ long at center bust, 14″ long on the side and 13″ long at back laces. The exaggerated sweetheart bustline flatters and enhances your shape. The cup works for most women who wear B-D cup bras (up to a DD for larger waisted women). Larger busted women (with smaller waists) may find it difficult to fit the breasts comfortably into the corset. Here is what our customers say about the CS-411 Overbust Corset:

Love it!

Posted by Ashley Porter from Parma, Ohio.  This corset is a dream come true. I had been wary of finding a corset that would fit properly – I have very wide hips and a small chest in comparison (I usually have to go up at least 2 sizes for tops to fit over my hips) but this corset is the best thing I’ve ever bought. Delivery was speedy, love the way it accentuates my curves, and it is surprisingly comfortable to wear! The price was amazing, too… I will definitely be buying more from Orchard Corset!

Great Value!

Posted by Kaitlin Poulter on 13th Dec 2012

This is a great corset! You get some serious bang for your buck. My only wish is that there was a style for bustier girls. I normally wear a 22 inch in the underbust styles and have to size up to a 24 inch for the overbusts. Luckily it still looks great!

CS-411 Royal Blue Underbust Corset

The CS-411 Underbust Corset is a Silhouette Level 2 corset, which offers enhanced curves. A fully laced size 26 measure 26″ at the waist, 33.5″ at the hip (bottom hem) and 30″ across the top (underbust).  The underbust version of the 411 is a standard length corset that measures 10″ down the front, 10.5″ long at the back and 8.5″ along the side. The shorter length provides more maneuverability, but can also create an unwanted “muffin top” depending on your body length and shape and how you wear the corset. See what our customers have to say about the CS-411 Underbust Corset:

Perfect sexy hour glass figure!

Posted by Dorothy =) on 14th Feb 2013

This product works like a dream! I have had it for a few weeks now, and wear it every day. I wear it over and under clothing and look so curvy! My posture is perfect, and I’m corseted down 3.5 inches in my waist! I feel so sexy with an almost perfect hour glass figure (38, 26.5, 40)with the corset on. My waste was 30 inches to start and it’s down to 29 even without wearing the corset. My ribs were a little tender at first, but after a short adjustment period there is no more tenderness. I get so many compliments, and keep hearing “Barbie”, “Madonna”, that I’ve lost weight (I have not but bet I will with this restriction around my middle), and demands that I share my secret! What a bargain for just $69!! I am ordering more colors ASAP!!!


Love it!!!

Posted by Misty Osborne from Scottsdale, AZ. on 10th Oct 2012

This was my first waist training corset I’ve purchased and I couldn’t have chose a better one. The quality is wonderful from the clasps, to the strings, to the fabric. I am currently only wearing this under my clothes for waist training purposes, but I can’t wait until I have a chance to dress up and really show it off. It is so beautiful. As comfortable as I could imagine any corset being. Get it, you won’t regret it!

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  • Beth

    This is my favourite colour ever! Unfortunately, I just don’t have the hips for the 411! Is it possible to get other styles in this colour? I need to get a new corset, and will most likely buy the 345, but I would love to be able to get it in this colour. Cobalt, which is quite close to this royal blue (on my computer screen, at least!), is the main accent colour in my wardrobe, and a corset in this colour would round out my wardrobe perfectly!

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