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Corset 101 Video Blog: Lacing with a Friend

Corset 101: Lacing with a Friend

julie and cheri
In this video, Cheri is lacing Julie into a CS-426 blue/black/gold brocade corset. Julie has worn this corset several times so it is pretty well seasoned. We recommend to our customers to begin by hooking the second pin and loop up from the bottom on your busk, as it is better for the corset. It’s really important to have your corset very loose to avoid straining the boning. A brand new corset can be tricky to fasten the first couple of times. Just be patient and know that it will get easier! Watch our seasoning video blog if this is your first time wearing your new corset.  Keep in mind that wearing your corset should NEVER be painful! Your corset should feel snug and provide support and compression. Communicate with your “lacer” when you feel like your corset is the right tightness.

If any of our readers have any other tips, advice or questions on lacing with a friend, please post them! Don’t have a friend around to lend a hand? No worries! We have a video for that as well!

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