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Selecting the Perfect Corset: Sizing and Style Tips, part 2

Corset Shopping Guide for the Novice Corset Buyer

Welcome to part 2 of our informal, but informative collection of helpful tips and tidbits to navigate the novice corset buyer through the sometimes tricky waters finding the perfect off-the-rack corset. In this article we will discuss overbust vs underbust corset styles and corset lengths. Missed Part 1? Check it out here.

Overbust vs Underbust

CS-511 Overbust
CS-511 Overbust

This is mostly a matter of preference and what your corset-wearing plans are. First-time corset wearers will find an underbust corset easier to fit, wear and break-in than and overbust corset. However, if you plan to wear your corset out on the town or for a

CS-411 Underbust
CS-411 Underbust

specialty event and need an overbust corset-then an overbust corset it is! In addition to your waist, upper hip and underbust measurements-you will also need your cup size. Most off-the-rack corsets do not offer adequate bust room for women with an ample bosom. Orchard Corset offers two overbust styles, CS-511 and the CS-530. The 530 has a more bust room and does not require the full hip needed to fill out the 511. There are some lacing tips at the end of this blog you may find useful. See part 1 for information on how to use the Silhouette Level Chart once you have your measurements.

 What’s Your Length?

CS 305 Underbust
CS 305 Underbust Corset

Corsets, like people, come in different lengths. At Orchard Corset we carry 3 basic corset lengths, with subtle variations of each. The first is our standard length corset, which includes the CS-411, CS-426 short, CS-305, CS-530 and the CS-345 (long at the front but not the sides). These corsets work for folks with a torso of about 9″ or more.

CS-426 Longline
CS-426 Longline Corset

The second is our longline corsets. Longline corsets will need a torso length of about 11″ or more to allow the wearer to sit while corseted. The CS-426 and CS-511 are our longline corsets.  The CS-345 could fall into the longline realm as well.

We now also offer wasp waist or mini corsets, the CS-301 and CS-201 both that can accommodate torso lengths of only about 7.5″, but work great on just about everyone!

CS-426 Longline
CS-426 Longline Corset

One reason for choosing one length over the other is your shape-longer torsos need a longer corset and vise-versa. But the choice could simply be a matter of style. If you are looking for a curvy accessory to wear over a cute top or dress, a standard or short length might be perfect. The shorter length makes everyday tasks easier as well. However, some women worry about creating a bulge between the corset and their jeans. A longline corset worn on an average torso (remember-need 11″ to wear comfortably) will come down around the top edge of the hip and prevent any unwanted bulge.Our longline corsets (511, 426 and 426 w/ hip ties) have ample room in the hips and need a fuller hip to fill the “pockets”.  It’s worth noting that different styles vary as to side length and accent points that create longer lines.

A tip from our in-house model, Danielle: It’s OK to adjust the loops on your corset (see corset lacing instructions) to align with your natural waist (within reason-one set of grommets only so you don’t stray too far from the waist tape reinforcement). For example, I have a long waist, which means the smallest part of my waist is lower than most belted tops or dresses attach the belt…or in this case where the pull loops are usually placed on the corset. I find if I re-lace the corset and moves the pull loops down, the corset laces more evenly. Larger busted women may find this helpful when lacing an overbust corset as well.

I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • Tion


    I would like to buy my first corset, and it’s for waist training and to help with my posture. I’m 5′ 5”, 121lbs, and not too squishy. Waist is 28, Under Bust is 30, Over Bust is 34, and Upper Hip is 36.5, Hip is 39. I think my torso is 10. I hardly wear belts because the smallest part of my waist is high compared to where I’d like a belt to sit. Could you suggest an under bust and over bust model that might work for me? I’d love to one day have a 24 waist.


    • Brittney Loveall-Talley

      Hi Tion! I am happy to help you with that! I think a size 24 in the 411, short 426 or the 201 would fit you great, if you go with the mesh 201 I suggest a size 22 though to accommodate for the give that corset has. For an overbust, I would go with a size 24 in the 511 if you are between an A-C cup or the 530 if you are between a D-G cup. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Barbara

    Hello! My daughter is ready to move on to a smaller corset now that her CS-345 is completely closed! Her original size was a 24.

    She did tell me that the underbust part of the corset always did seem a bit large and closed up pretty quickly compared to the rest of the corset.

    She does like the length and material of the CS-345.

    Her current measurements are:
    Underbust: 31
    Waist: 27
    Hips: 34

    She is 5’5″ and is “squishy” in the middle.

    Which corset would you suggest she transition to now?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Amy Lewis

      She should go to a size 22, and as far as style goes, I would suggest the CS 411 or the CS 201. The main difference between the two is that the 201 is a little shorter, but the bottom come down slightly lower to a point in the center. The CS 411 comes in a wider variety of colors in the satin fabric as well. It’s really a matter of which style she likes the look of better.

  • Heather

    I am trying to find a corset to fit me to waist train to get more of an hourglass shape. My measurements are
    Overbust 33.5
    Underbust 28.25
    Waist 29
    Upper Hip 34.5
    Torso 8.5
    Fullest hip 37
    I would appreciate your help

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Heather. I think our CS 305 in a size 24 would work well for your measurements. A size 24 in the CS 201 would work well too if you like the look of it better. It is a little shorter and comes to more of a point in the front. They will work equally well for waist training it is just a matter of which look you like better.

  • Melody

    Hello, I am from Asia. It is my first time trying corsets. I would like to shape my waist so that I can have a fuller hourglass.

    My measurements are as follow:
    Bust – 36C
    Waist – 27 inches
    Underbust to Hip – 6 inches.

    Corsets are rarely sold in Asia, thus would greatly appreciate if you can guide me along. ^^

  • Amber

    I am looking for help in picking a size and style. My measurements are: UB: 45// W: 54// H: 58// T: 12 and I am looking for a underbust corset.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Amber

      It gets a bit tricky to size well when you have a much smaller underbust than waist (as corsets are designed just the opposite). You could try a size 44 in the 426 (long or short) or 411. If the corset can redistribute enough tummy weight to fill out the top edge of the corset you should be golden! If not-you are only out the cost to ship it back!

  • sara

    I am a short girl with 4.99 feet tall and I need to wear underburst training corset to reduce about 6 inches of my waist. Would you please help me to know exactly which training corset is perfect for me? Here is my measurement:

    Under burst: 32”
    Waist: 30.5”
    Upper hip: 37”
    Lower hip: 39”
    Torso length 1 ( the measurement taken from underbust to waistline) = 4”
    Torso length 2 (( the measurement taken from under waistline to end of upper hips love ‘handle length’)= 7”


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sara,

      I am a little confused with your torso…is 7″ the total from underbust to hip (iliac crest)? If will need the 301 or 201…either will work for you. I would suggest both in a size 24 or 26 (if you are more firm). The mesh 201 definitely in a 24.

      • sara

        i am sorry for making you confused but actually i do not know how exactly to measure the torso part ( sitting or standing). Beside i checked some youtubes of orchard for that but they did not tell!

        Anyway, yesterday and before i got your answer i ordered cs-301 of size 26 hoping it will work for me. Thanks 🙂

  • Mariann

    Hello~ I’ve always wanted a corset with steel bones in order to waist train and I’m really excited about finding this site since I finally can afford it lol. I’m thinking I could be a 22 or 24, but not sure if a 411 would be ok, I just want to make sure since it is kind of an investment still, also because I’d like to use it every day (I did read the break-in article though, just in case : )

    Underbust is 28″-29″
    Waist is 27″-28″
    Hip is 31″
    Underbust to waist is 8″ while sitting. I’m quite short, 5’1″.

    Thank you!

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Mariann! How exciting for you! Yes, it is an investment and you’re smart to take the time and do your research. Based on your measurements I would suggest a CS-305 in a size 22. Good luck!

  • Hanan

    Hi there 🙂

    I’m looking to try a few of your corsets, would you please help me decide which size/style(s) would fit me best, these are my measurements:

    OB- 40”
    UB- 35”
    W- 36”
    UH- 40”
    Torso- 10.5” (UB to UH)

    I’m 5’4” and “fluffy” :p


    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Hanan, I’d suggest a 411 or a 345. You’re right between a 28 and a 30 for sizing, so if you’re pretty squishy and planning on waist training go with the 28, otherwise I’d suggest the 30.

  • Elizabeth

    I am 5.5 feet tall my UB is 45in, waist is 47in and hips 51in. This will be my first time trying to waist train and I really need help on what size to order? Thank you

  • Peaches

    Hi, I would like to make my first ever purchase of a corset in the CS-426 and or the CS-411 (but mainly aimed at purchasing the CS-426). But I don’t know if I will fill the CS-426, and if I can fill it, which size do I buy the 28 or the 26 (also open to any other size as well). Can you please help me?!
    UN – 34.5″
    WAIST – 35.5″ TO 36″
    UH – 40.5″
    LH – 42″ OR 42.5″
    TORSO LENGTH – 8″ (when sitting)

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Peaches, you don’t really have enough of a difference between your waist and upper hip to fit into the 426, we typically suggest a minimum of 6″ difference and you would need a torso length of 11″ when sitting. A CS411 or CS345 in a size 28 would be your best bet.

  • Eve Hawkins

    Thank you! !

    Can you explain to me the difference between the styles or point me in the right direction to read about it?

  • Eve Hawkins

    Hi I am just starting a diet and exercise plan and am wanting to get into waist training as well. Can you tell me what style would be best for me. .. I know I want am under bust as my full bust size is 46.5 and generally can’t fit anything. I assume I need 411 based off thing to read your answers on other comments. .but want to be sure.. I am short and consider myself to have a short torso and carry majority of my weight in my mid section. I worry about my extra “fluff” pushing out the bottom between corset and pants. ..

    Under Bust – 39″
    Waist – 43″
    Hip – 42.5″ ( upper and full waist same I don’t have much for hips and butt really)

    think my torso length from under bust to bend at hip is 14″ but that seems kinda long and I know I am short through there compared to others. .. I also have broad shoulders/upper back if that matters for my 5’3 body
    thank you so much for your time! !

    • Amy Lewis

      Hi Eve! Based on your measurements I would suggest a CS-305 in a size 36 or you could go with a CS201 or 301 in a size 34 (we typically suggest one size down in both of those). Good luck with your new diet and exercise plan! I’ve found one of the big side benefits to wearing a corset is that it suppresses my appetite, and every little bit helps!

  • Jenny

    Hello I want a corset so bad! Would the largest size available work for me?

    Full cup size 48 1/2

    Bra size B cup

    Under my boobs 45

    Waist 54

    Top of hips 61

    Full hip 52

  • Christina Ramirez

    Hi I have never worn a corset before and am wanting to start. I have a lot of fluff, big somewhat curvy hips, and a lot of fluff under belly button, my measurements are

    UNDERBUST: 40 but I wear a 44C
    NW: 44.5-46
    Hips 50
    Fuller hips 52-54
    Torso 13-14.5?
    When sitting torso length is 11.5 inches


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Christina,

      I think the 426 in a size 34 if the corset is able to redistribute enough fluff from your tummy to your underbust to fill out the corset. Otherwise the 345 or 411 in a size 34.

  • Tanya

    Hello there! I left a comment before but for some reason it didn’t post. I really want to buy an overbust corset but I don’t know what size to get. This is the first time I’ll wear a corset and I want to have an hourglass figure. My measurements are full bust 44.88 (38Dcup) under bust 38.58 waist 37.79 and hips 44.88. I’m 5’4″. I’m chubby and have a lot of fluff on my abdomen. I think a longline corset will cover the fluff on my lower abdomen. Also when I’m standing on my profile, my waist is “tucked in” pretty much comparing to my pronounced butt and I wonder if that’s gonna be an issue. Thank you in advance!

  • Sarah

    I REALLY have been wanting to start waist training. I’ve just been very confused on the sizing for an under bust. My measurements are as follows:

    Bra size: 34DD
    Underbust: 33
    Waist: 31
    Top of hips: 41

    I am only 5’3. I have a good bit of smooshy fluff also. Do you think a 28 would be okay?

  • Tanya

    Hello there! I really want to buy a corset but I don’t know what is the best style for my body cause I’m new to this. My measurements are: full bust : 44.88 under bust: 39.37 waist: 38.18 and hips: 44.88. As you can see I’m a chubby girl and I think a longline corset should cover my muffin top which is quite prominent. Also my waist is quite “in” when you see it comparing to my butt when I’m standing on my profile. I don’t know how to explain it… it does a curve like that—> ) and my butt is very prominent compared to my waist so I’m a bit concerned about that. I’m also 5’4″ (165 cm). Please help me to find the most suitable corset for me. Thank you in advance!

  • Green apple

    I’m looking for a corset for waist training. Waist 26, under burst 29, hip 31 1/2, torso 8 1/2. Does the cs411 fit me?
    What kind of material should I get? Leather, cotton or satin? I’m so confused.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Green Apple,

      I think the 305 or even better, the 301 (with your short torso) will work better in a size 22. If you are really squishy 26″ , then perhaps a size 20. All the corsets are cotton lined, so it just personal preference for the outer fabric.

  • Valerie


    I’ve been trying to waist train with latex clincher but I see no difference! I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and struggling with my pouch and waist size. I want to go down and I don’t mind how uncomfortable it may feel.

    My waist size is 28
    Underbust 30
    Fullbust 31 1/2 (very small busted but do wear padded bras)
    Torso 10 (is that correct under my breast and right at my hips?)
    Upper hip 33 1/2
    Hips 38 1/2
    I am 4’10 (short!)
    And weigh 117 pounds (normal weight is 85 pounds)

    (I have I guess extra skin to squeeze because my stomach and sides are flabby)

    I want something that will do the trick, can wear on an everyday basis on top or under clothing I do have love handles and wouldn’t want them to pop out. I don’t mind if it’s uncomfortable as long as it’ll help me along with my diet. Thank you!

  • Kecia

    Hi Cheri!

    I’m ready to take the plunge into corseting and I really love all the info you guys have on your site, problem is I’m so confused when I comes to figuring out what size I should get:
    UB: 43
    I’m also 68.5 inches tall with plenty of fluff 🙂


  • Alexandra

    I need some advice on the right style and size to get, as my measurements don’t seem to match what I look like from the front and I am getting confused!

    I am looking for waist training (and back support) to get an improved hourglass figure. I would like a sillhouette 2 in a cotton underbust style that I can wear underneath clothes regularly.

    My measurements are:
    Full bust: 45′ (F cup)
    Under bust: 37′
    Waist: 39′ (larger than under bust? I look hourglass in front view so I guess my stomach sticks out more in profile view?)
    Upper hips: 45′
    Height: 5′ 6.5″ (torso length approx 10′ ?)

    I have loads of squish to distribute, that I don’t want to squeeze out at the top and bottom.
    Thanks so much!

  • Megan

    I’ve been interested in purchasing a corset for the purposes of waist training for quite some time, so I’d like to make sure that I purchase an underbust corset which is best suited for me.

    My measurements were:
    Underbust – 32″, Waist – 30″, Upper Hips – 35″, Torso – 12″

    I’m just shy of 5’8 and I’m relatively lean already, I’m lusting after the perfect hourglass figure and I’ve come to terms that my gym membership will just give me the results I’m after!

  • HHer

    So I fit the corset size 22, it completely closes all the way, which size should I do next? When it’s close it feels normal, meaning, I can still breath and move pretty good. It’s just lightly tight.

  • arlene

    Hello I am interested in purchasing a mini corset for waist training but am not sure what is right for me, as I am a beginner. UB-31, waist-27, UH-33, and height is 5’3. Thanks!

  • agrusz

    Hello. Interested in acquiring a corset. My worry is that if I do not get the long line style, my little bit of Pudge under my belly button will just get worse. So what would be best for me being
    W- 29
    And 5’3″

    Under bust preferably

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Agrusz,

      I think a 411 or a 201 in a size 26. The longline 426 will not only be too long but too curvy. You have a shorter torso so you should be fine in either of these. The 345 might also work for you.

  • Joanna

    Hello. I’m also interested in buying a corset, but I want the longline corset. Please help me choose the right corset size. Thank you!

    W 28″
    UB 31″
    UH 33″
    Torso 10″
    Height 5’1″

  • Lena

    Hiya OrchardCorset family, today I have two questions for you but I’ll state a few things first.
    I’m a novice first time buyer who has been hesitant in sizes due too having a more oddly shaped body.
    I would like to ask what you think would be the best corset for my body type.
    Waist- 34
    Hips- 39
    Underbust- 37
    Bust- 42
    Bra size- 34DD

    Second I would like to ask what your views are when a 16 year old girl would like to waist train as well.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lena,

      I think a size 28 in the 411. My concern is you may find your pronounced rib cage an issue. Have you double checked your underbust measurement? The 201 and 301 will also work. We don’t recommend waist training under the age of 18.

  • Meg

    I’m interested on getting a corset to begin waist training for a smaller waist. I’d really appreciate your help to choose the correct size. Thanks!

    UB: 32
    W : 28
    UH: 35
    Height: 5’5
    Torso: 10

  • Elizabeth


    So I have a pretty small waist already but I am looking to make it smaller and more defined. Please shoot me some recommendations of what corset to chose from as this is completly new to me! Thank you so much.

    Underbust- 28″
    Waist- 26″
    Hips- 31 1/2″
    Height- 5’2
    Age- 23

    Some more info that might help. I’m not muscular but I do run a lot. I would like to have speedy results (if that’s possible). I would wear under clothes and possibly to bed and work. I prefer to not have an over the bust corset. But something small that gets the job done! Hope this helps! Thanks again!

  • Raychel

    Hi I never thought about wAist training before but I’ve been obsessed with having a smaller waist especially after having two boys. A friend suggested corsets and I thought “duh, why didn’t I think of that” I want to make my waist pretty tiny if possible.

    I was wondering if you could suggest a correct corset for me since my hubby and I aren’t Rollin in the dough if ya know what I mean and I would like to buy the right one first try.

    I’ve been working out for 4 months every other day and that involves gym and running 3-4 miles. I’ve lost 45 pounds since having my second kid but have platued. Near my upper rib cage under my boobs isn’t really fluffy but my hips are very fluffy as in love handles. And I have a middle belly from pregnancy which I hate.

    Here are my measurements
    Under bust: 33 and a half.
    Small of waist: 34
    Upper hip:39
    Torso length: 13
    Height: 5’3 and a quarter

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  • Jo-Ann San Pascual

    Thanks! Can you kindly suggest the right design and size for me? Measurements are underbust =29 waist=30 torso length=9 upper hips =33. Mid section is soft..very soft. Thanks

  • Krystal Salas

    I’d love to start waist training!
    I’ve been trying to decide which one would be the best fit for me but still unsure.
    Would you be able to suggest one for me?
    Under bust 37,
    Waist 35,
    Hips 40
    Torso length 10.5

    Thanks so much!

  • roannemarie

    I just got my 411 in the mail yesterday. It’s beautiful. I’m not sure if I’m wearing it correctly. I know it’s not on upside down, but when I have it on so its comfortable around my waist, the bones stick into my butt. I haven’t tightened it up much, as I’m trying to season it properly. Am I wearing it too low or is this the wrong style for me? My measurements are underbust 39, waist 43 and hips 53. Thanks!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Roannemarie,

      If you have a shorter waist (or you bottom sits high), that might be why the corset is hitting you like that. The waist tape (which you can just make out) should sit at your natural waist.

  • shanika thomas

    Hi. I want to order today to start waist training to get a smaller waist. (First time beginner)
    Natural waist -32
    Upper hip -35-36
    Underbust – 33-34
    Can u help me please

  • Sasha

    Hello! Thank you for maintaining such an informative site! I am looking to try waist training for a fairly serious result , and I would love your advice.
    My measurements are :
    Underbust: 29in
    Waist: 26.5
    Upperhip: 34
    Torso: 8.5
    I would say i am soft but not fluffy
    After looking through other comments I think the 30t or 301 would probably be best, what would be the deciding factor between the two?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Probably the 301 as you have a relatively short torso..and in a size 20 or 22 (you are right between…so will depend on how soft and how comfortable you are with compression)

  • Hervick

    Hi. I would like to start waist training. My measurements are:
    Waist 26
    Underbust 27
    Upper hips 32
    Height 5’4″
    There’s not much difference between my waist and underbust as u can see. I wear a 32DD bra(not sure if that’ll help)
    I really just need an underbust corset but I want dramatic syncing on my waist. What would u recommend?

  • Rachel

    Hi, I’m looking for an underbust corset for light-moderate waist training. (I’m a beginner but don’t know where to start.)
    Underbust: 28.5
    Waist: 27 (with some fluff)
    Upper hip: 35
    Underbust to lap: 8.5
    I was wondering if the underbust corsets would be too long since I’ve only got 8.5 inches from underbust to lap. My height is 5’3.

  • Aquanetta Lewis

    Hi, My name is Aquanetta (Netta)
    My measurements are:
    Underbust 34 (33.5)
    Natural waist 37
    Upper hip 42
    Torso length 11.5
    What size do you suggest in the 411, 305, 345 & 426?
    Thanks so much 🙂

  • Tania

    Hi my name is Tania and I want to order my cs 426 today and I wanna make sure I am ordering the right size. My measurements are:

    Waist 32”
    Underbust 35”
    Hips 60”
    I am very tall. I am 5’9

    What do u suggest? Thank u

  • tonii

    Hi my name is Tonii
    My under bust is a size 37
    My waist is a 39
    My hips are a 41
    Im looking for a underbust corset for everyday waist training

  • Sydney

    I am a 29 waist, 36 hips, 36 overbust and a 31 underbust. i am interested in the CS-511. i wear a size 36 D bra. I would love to hear your input on whether this is a good choice, thank you

  • Crystal

    Hello I’m not sure of the type of corset to purchase My waist is 30 under bust is between 30 and 31 inches my upper hip is 35 what type of corset do you recommend?

  • hanoufa

    Hi Cheri,
    I am considering 411 in Satin since my torso is short (10″) , but I don’t know how much smaller in size should I get. here my measurements:
    w 33″ (so much fluff for my liking)
    ub 34″
    b 40″
    uh 42″
    I want some serious waste training so I thought a 22″ or a 20″, but the modesty panel is only 5″. what do you think?

  • Traci

    Hi Cheri! 1st wanted 2 tell u that u have an amazing informative site and I’m excited to start waist training with corseting. I do require some assistance in sizing as I am a complete Novice. My measurements are: UB~40, NW~38.5, UH~about 40, FH~seems to be about a 40 as well. I have NO hips at all! <One of the reasons I want to waist train. Torso~ is 11 inches in length, I'm 5'4. I find it odd that my waist size is 38.5 but I buy my jeans in a 30/31. I do have some chub around belly, obviously and I'm worried about wearing the 426 bc of just making the torso cut of length. Ur input would be greatly appreciated. Sorry to write u a novel I just want to get the perfect fit and I want to purchase ASAP!
    looking forward to ur advice and size suggestion. Thanx bunches!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Traci,

      Welcome! My biggest concern with the 426 is that it will be too curvy for you and won’t fit well. We have this awesome new corset, the CS-345 that would be a great alternative for you in a size 32. If you are really squishy, you might size that down to a 30.

  • Jackie

    Hi, I’m interested in waist training also posture support but not sure which corset would work best for me. I love the way the 426 looks but not sure about the 411. I’m also worried about to much fluff overflow at the bottom of the corset

    Under Bust – 38
    Waist – 40 squishy mid section
    Hip – 46
    Torso – from middle 12″
    Torso – side 11″
    Torso – sitting 9″

  • kiara

    Hi I would like to start waist training but I’m not sure if I should purchase the 411 or 305. I’m 5’2″ short torso UB measuring about 30IN. WAIST30 hips 38in. Any suggestions?

  • Schrita

    I would really love to order my corset this morning, but not quite sure what size I would need. I want to purchase the CS 426. I am 5’5″, bust 44, underbust 36, waist 41, and upper waist 43. I need to know what size corset will work best for me. I have a very important function to attend in 2 weeks. Thank you.

  • maricka jackson

    Hi my name is rika I am very interested in serious waist training
    Measurement: UB 33 1/2…WAIST 33….HIP 38
    I AM 5’8 -5’9 170lbs
    Ive been reading alot on the CS 426 and wud love to b in that corset, would tht b the right one for me

  • Jen

    I’m a complete novice looking to try waist training. My measurements are:
    Underbust: 28
    Waist: 27.5
    Upper hip (hipbones): 33

    I’m fairly squishy and have a short torso. I wouldn’t mind starting out smaller because I am going on holiday soon and won’t be able to size down until September. Could you recommend a corset for me? Thank you!

  • Valencia

    My measurements are as follows: underbust 40, bust 47, waist 44.25 (squishy), upperhip 49, torso average to long. Which corset would u recommend? Thank you

  • Noah Jones

    I want to try waist training but I’m a complete novice. Under bust – 28.5″, waist – 28″, hips – 38″ and I’m 5’3″. I have no idea which corset would be good for me. I’m not too squishy neither am I firm. Please help suggest which to purchase. Thank you!

  • Jo Ann

    Hello, I’m wondering if you would be able to help me choose the correct size for an underbust corset for waist training?

    My measurements:
    bust 33.5
    under bust 27.5
    waist 25.5
    upper hip 33
    seat 38

    My height is 5’2″.

    I realize my measurements aren’t too far off from the person who commented before me, but being new to this, I wasn’t sure how much or how little differences of an inch or so can make. I’m about six months postpartum and currently working toward getting back down to my pre-pregnancy weight/figure and thought that corset training would help. Thank you for your help.

  • Samantha Brady

    I am fairly new to corsetry. I am wanting to corset train and know I want an underbust. I am a petite pear shape.
    Bust: 32.5
    Underbust : 28.5
    Waist: 26
    Iliac: 33
    Hip: 37
    Torso: 9.5
    I am 5’2″ and have a very petite upper body, any help you can offer would be much appreciated.
    PS: I have an over bust corset that is 24″ and can lace completely closed with ample room on the bust.

  • Natalie

    Hi I’m new to this
    My under bust 35
    My waist is 32
    My hips 40
    Looking for a training corset. Just have to get it right as live in Australia.
    Thank you

  • Lainie

    But what is there for someone tall? I am NOT a novice. In fact I have several corsets, all of them steel boned, and find that even the long line is simply not long enough.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lainie,

      We don’t have any plans at this time to offer a longer corset than the 426 as it too long for many of our customers already. You might be in custom corset territory as it will be hard to find an off the rack corseted to make corsets with a more limited audience. Wish I had better news for you!

  • crystal

    sim 5’2 purchased 426 in a 26 ub-34 waist-32 hip-35 i feel like my corset is not going to be tight enough. i want it for waist training and can pretty much tighten it all the way with no problem. what size would you recommend to go down to? i was ok with the length.. am i supposed to be able to tighten it all the way without much struggle for what i want it for?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Crystal,

      I am not sure you will be able to size down enough in the 426 to have the corset fit your hip. with your measurements I would recommend the 411 in a size 24 or 26 (depending on whether you are more firm or soft)

  • Jazmin

    Hi I am looking to buy a corset to start some waist training since I am about to start my loosing weight journey. Now my measurements are:
    Underbust 42
    Waist 39
    Upper hip 47
    Torso standing up 12 and sitting ther is like 10.5 in
    What would you recommend?i was hoping I could fit in the long ones since I don’t want to deal with a muffin top

  • Kristina

    I have an under bust of 31 waist 29 and hips 39 … I recently bought a single steel boned underbust corset in a small and its front busk length is 12 inches. I’m only 4’10 and I feel like its a tad long. Will it make a difference in waist training? Or should I try and purchase a shorter one

  • Mrs. H

    Hello I am about to purchase my first corset and I wanted to know what size to purchase for waist training.

    Underbust – 36
    Waist – 35.5
    Upper Hip, right at the bottom of my stomach- 42
    Torso length – 13

    I have a mixture of muscle and very little fluff. My skin is very tight, if that makes sense.

  • Vanessa

    I’d like to know which underbust corset style would be a good fit for me
    my measurements are:

    underbust: 25 in
    waist: 25 in
    upper hip: 30 in

    I’m looking for something that has a little bit of back support. Also I think I’m leaning towards tightlacing so i’m thinking that I’d need a size 22.

  • msexceptiontotherule

    Just received my 411 today, tried it on and the length is perfect – it does exactly what I was looking for with the long line styles but without making it impossible to sit! It’s very stiff, so it may take a bit longer than I’d anticipated for breaking in, but overall I’m quite pleased with my purchase! 🙂

  • msexceptiontotherule

    Hi I was wondering whether to go with the 411 or the 426 underbust style, and what size to choose given that it will be worn for both waist training and also outside of clothing for events. I previously bought the overbust (which only comes in the longline style) for some photo shoots and luckily didn’t have to sit if I didn’t want to because sitting down it was far too long – the issue I encountered standing up was about an inch of room to spare on either side at the hip but that’s easy enough to photoshop out 😛

    UB – 34
    FB – 38
    W – 29
    UH – 35
    LH – 38
    Lap line/length from midpoint of breast starting underneath to upper hip – 9.5″

      • msexceptiontotherule

        Thank you so much for the help! I’m intending on adding a few OTR corsets to supplement my corset options in an affordable way, because until I become independently wealthy there’s no way I can manage the financials involved with getting more corsets custom like the one I’m breaking in now. I suppose I could always just have fewer corsets, but what’s the fun in that!

  • marlowebeach

    I just received my 411, size 26, and I’m working on breaking it in. It fits well from underbust to just below the waist. However, it does seem to create an unfortunate lower front muffin top if I tighten the laces below my waist. I am 5’3, and these are my measurements. Is there a different style that would fit me and also flatten my stomach and not have a muffin top effect? Thanks!

    Bust — 39
    Underbust — 33
    Waist — 31
    Hip 6″ below waist — 40
    Distance from underbust to thigh, seated — 9

  • Ty

    I got my corset yesterday! It fits perfectly. Im still breaking it in. This is my first time waist training and “honey my waist is SNATCHED”. I love it!!! Thank God I went with you guys. My corset is a great quality and fast shipping!

  • Erika C

    I am new to this and I am very lost. I just recently had my son and I’m looking to trim my waist line. My waist line is 34 my under bust is 35 and my hips are 40. I’ve been looking at 411 and 426 but not sure which would fit me right I’m also 5’3″. Please let me know your opinion.

  • Sherry

    Hello im ready to order
    here are my measurements. Basically I would like to know show I get a longline corset or not and what size? Thanks in advance

    my underbust was 42
    my natural waistline was 47
    my upper hip was 52
    measuring my torso in the middle from under bust down to upper hip was 16
    measuring from my left side under bust to upper hip was 13

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sherry,

      That is a very long torso for 5’2″! The biggest challenge you will face with the longline is your underbust is so much smaller than your waist, and the corset underbust is so much larger than its waist (6-7 inches more). You would have to size down to about a 36 to make the 426 work (and that might too much at the waist). Otherwise a size 38 in the 411 or 301.

  • anonymous

    i am 23 and seems like i have started losing my curves,when i had no fluff,2 to 3 year back,my waist measured 23 and now its 27,m really worried cause i have started looking so flat n seem to have no hip spring either although i measure 39 around my hips,thats why i am opting for a corset,hoping it will retain the rest of the curve i have still got.i want to get a CS-426.plz tell me if it’s suitable for me or not,and also what size i should get,i measure:

    above bust: 32
    full bust: 36
    under bust: 29
    waist: 27(all fluff,can be sqeezed in A LOT!)
    upper hip: 35(no ilium detectable,all fat)
    full hip: 39
    torso length: 12
    height: 5’6

    if u think a corseting is not a solution for my problem,still suggest me the size n model plz,thanks 🙂

  • LadyS

    Hi I am looking to waist train. I’m confused what corset is right for me.

    Underbust 36
    Waist 34
    Hips 38
    Torso length (underbust to hips) 10.5

  • Nydia

    Hi! I’m interested in starting some light waist training. I have a long torso, so I would definitely want to purchase the longline, but I also would prefer it in white because I have a lot of light colored dresses. That leaves me with the CS-426, but I’m slightly worried that level 3 might be too drastic. I’ve noticed some people with similar measurements purchasing the 426 so I wanted to make sure it would be ok for me too.

    Underbust = 31″
    Waist = 29″
    High Hip = 37″
    Fluff = Moderate


  • stephanie

    Hi i just received my new corset in the mail but unfortunately have to send it back for an exchange.I bought the CS – 426 in a size 34 but when i tried it on the corset could close fully without much tightening and the top and bottom had space to put my fingers through.
    My waist measurement is 39. Under bust is 40 and my upper hip is 45.I do have ” fluff ” around my tummy area so im worried about the ” ooze ” coming out from the bottom. Im also 5’5 and the CS – 426 fit me just fine meaning how long it is for me.
    Which corset and corset size would be best for me?

  • Stephanie

    Hey there! I’m looking to get my first waist training corset to accent my curves!

    Waist: 35
    Under bust: 39
    Upper hip: 37

    Not quite shirt if I should go for a longline or standard because I only 5’5 and have a longer torso with bust to hip at 12 inches?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Stephanie,

      Welcome! You have the length for the 426, but not the curve to fill it out just yet. I suggest a size 28 or 30 in the 411 (depends on how soft vs firm you are) and I recommend you wear it upside down as your underbust is larger than your upper hip. You could also accentuate your curve nicely with the CS-301..which I would recommend in a size 28.

  • Lady

    Hi, I just ordered a 22″ CS-426 and I was wondering if it will fit me correctly. I was hoping not to have a gap at the bottom edge, as I have had before with other corsets, because I seem to have narrow hips, but corsets with similar shapes to the CS-305 always have an /\ shape to the laces when I wear them. I hope I’m not in the middle, too curvy for one but not curvy enough for the other!

    I carry most of my weight in my midsection, mostly around the bellybutton area, and I am fairly fit but do have some stubborn fluff there. I have a long torso. I’m 5’2″ and about 125 lbs. I have about a year’s experience with waist-training.
    My measurements are:

    Underbust: 31
    Waist: 27.5
    Upper hip: 34
    Hip: 36
    Torso length: 12

    Thank you!!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Lady,

      You would do much better in the CS-411. I have similar measurements..but a 37″ upper hip and still can close my 426 at the bottom all the way. The 411 has more curve than the 305..but is missing the exaggerated hip spring of the 426.

  • Mary

    Hi, I’m looking for an overbust corset for posture/confidence purposes, and I’m not sure what size to get. My measurements are:

    Waist – 46
    Hips – 56 1/2
    Underbust – 43 1/2
    Bust – 47 1/2

    I am also 5’7″.

  • lexa

    Hi there I just started doing some intense research on waist training and I’m interested! Although im not looking to because an extreme waist trainer I would like to find one to fit me and see a difference..

    My measurements are:
    33 inches ub
    29 inches waist
    34 inches hip
    From underbust to hips im 10 to 11 inches.

    One of my concerns is that I am quite short at just under 5 feet. Is there a corset that will work for me at those measurement and my height?!

    Thank you!

  • Shamina

    Hi, I would love to try waist training. I plan on buying the cs-411, but I would like to get an overbust cs-511 too. My problem is I have a very short torso. My measurement from my underbust to where my thigh starts, while I am sitting, is only about 10″. My other measurements are as follows
    OB 36″
    UB 32″
    WAIST 34 1/2″
    Hip 36″
    Will I fit into the 511? If not will I need to have an overbust corset custom made?

  • Danetta


    I’ve been considering corset waist training but need to know which corsets are best for my figure.

    My measurements are:

    39 ob (40 c)
    36 ub
    34 w
    41 uh
    42 lh
    And about 12 inches from my ub to uh
    I’m 5’5.

    Which corset is the best choice for daily waist training, and in what size for my measurements? For the under bust and over bust corsets.

    Thank you

  • Nena

    Hi Cheri,

    I am planning on purchasing my first corset from Orchard Corset and just wanted to check on sizing. I am sure it gets tedious answering all these comments but I would be extremely grateful, as I am ordering from Canada and shipping back/forth if the sizing wasn’t right would be awful.

    I am not exceptionally curvy, and am currently looking at an underbust corset. I really love the CS-426 but am worried it may not fit me.

    I am rather small, but my measurements are as follows,

    waist: 31″
    underbust: 34″ (full bust is only about 36″ I have a large rib cage)
    upper hip: 35.5″
    full hip: 37″

    I currently have a bit of “fluff” especially around my stomach/hip areas but am losing weight, so I am not sure how that would affect my sizing.

    Also, my underbust to upper hip measurement is just over 11″ and I am a little worried the 426 will be too long.

    I am hoping to do some waist training, but want something that will go nicely under dress clothes.

    Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. I am looking forward to ordering.

  • Joan

    Hi. Loving this blog. My daughter is a dancer and so is very athletic and lean. She has a 34 inch bust 27 inch waist and 35 inch hips. She’s finishing up a college dance program and is now auditioning for companies and shows and such. The one comment that keeps coming up for her is that her waist is “thick.” She’d like to start wearing a corset to see if she can reduce the size of her waist. I was very wary at first but after doing some research I think this could really work for her. My concern now is that since she is very muscular and lean and obviously very physically active will a corset work for her and if so what would be your best suggestion.?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Joan,

      It will take more work on her part than someone with more soft tissue. I too am muscular as I have been a gym rat for most of my life and even competed once (well twice in one year) in a body building competition. I do not do any real waist training, but I can tell when I wear my corset more often then when I am not. She has similar measurements to my own and would need a size 22.

  • Mariam


    I’ve been doing my research and considering corset waist training for the better part of a year now, and I think I’m finally ready to get started!

    My measurements:

    31 inch waist
    34 inch under bust
    37 upper hip (iliac crest)

    I’m a little over 5’9 in height.

    Which corset is the best choice for daily waist training, and in what size for my measurements? Should I get a long line considering my height?


  • Angela

    Hello. I’m interested in the cs-426 longine in cotton. Here are measurements, whatsize should i purchase and will a long line fit ok?
    Waist: 34.5
    Underbust: 35.5
    Upper hip: 41.5
    Torso length from underbust to top of hip: 13.6


  • Raquel

    I want to start waist training. I was wondering if the cs 426 (leather) would be best for me or a different style? I wasnt sure if I should go with size 28.
    I have a long torso.
    Underbust : 35.5″
    Thank you

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Raquel,

      If you want to 426 leather you will need to size down to a 24. For daily waist training the cotton might be easier (and less warm and bulky) to wear. You have a small hip to waist ratio, which will require you to size down to a 24 in any of the 426 corsets-and the bottom edge still might be roomy on you. The CS-411 will fit your shape better, but perhaps might not be as long as you would like.

  • Rikki

    Hello I’m interested in waist training. I have worn coarsets for years and always wear then as tight as I can get them to go to were it is still flattering. which I’m not sure if that is safe or not. I would like a underbust and one that I could as casually or for dressing up. My measurements are as followed
    Over bust: 41
    Under bust: 34
    Waist: 32
    Upper hips: 41
    And under bust to top of hip is about 9.5 inches and I do like the ones that go over my hips more I feel like it is a smoother transition for me… Thank you so much.

  • ci

    Hello! I am interested in purchasing one of your corsets for waist training…I have a really short torso lol…I would like an underbust
    Underbust: 29″
    Top of hips:35″
    Torso length: about 8″…I measured from under my bust to the top of my hips
    Thank you!

  • Natalie

    Stumbled upon your site and found this blog incredibly helpful. I was looking at the corsets and wondering if it could be detected under a one shouldered empire waist bridesmaid dress? Also not quite clear on the size I’d need to get. This would be my first corset.
    Bust: 42
    Waist: 34
    Torso: 12
    Hip: 44 at fullest point, so that’d be lower hips.
    (Glad I have that memorized) I also have a good amount of “Fluff” that shapewear just makes worse.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Natalie,

      I think you would be good with that style of dress…as it isn’t fitted at the bottom edge. As you buying for a specific purpose (not waist training) I think it would be best to not size down too far. I am thinking a 28 (but would want your underbust measurement to be sure the corset will be snug there) and do you know roughly about what your upper hip measurement is? I would like to put you in the CS-426..but need to make sure it will fit snug at the bottom edge (so you may need a 26). I recommend allowing a couple of weeks to properly season the corset as it will fit better and be more comfortable. Also pick up some satin laces (we have them for sale on our site) as they are less bulky and easier to hide.

        • Cheri Dudek

          If you have time for seasoning, I think let’s size down to the 26. Better to have the back open 3 or 4 inches (modesty panel will cover that) than risk gapping because it’s too loose. In the 426 for that size you will want 6 yards of ribbon lace-enough to allow you to get the corset on and off comfortably without too much leftover lace to tuck. I would recommend the 305 because it is easier to move around in, but I think your natural curve is too much for that particular corset.

          • Natalie

            Sorry for spamming you with the questions, but I have another inquiry, this time for my sister, who is similar to me in sizes. She actually wants one for waist training as well as wearing for a special occasion, and there is time for seasoning. Her measurements are as follows:
            Waist: 38
            Illiac Crest (upper hips i believe?): 40
            Lower Hips: 48
            and Torso is same as mine.Her dress is same style as mine.

          • Cheri Dudek

            So she is much less curvy than you, so I am not sure the 426 will work in the size 30…as the bottom edge of that corset will measure about 42″ and her upper hip is only 40 inches. But she could do the CS-411 in a 30.

  • Marissa

    I’m looking for an under bust corset and my measurements are:

    Underbust: 30 in
    Bust: 36 in
    Waist: 27 in
    Mid hip: 36 in

    I’m 5’3″ about 135lbs with a long torso. I’m not sure how to measure torso length but I’m 12 inches from mid hip to the bottom of my bust. I’m fairly for with a medium amount of fluff.

    I was wondering if you could help by suggesting which corset would be best for me?

    Thank you so much!

  • Mia

    Hi, I’d like to buy either the 411 or the 426 (from the video it seems I could wear both), but I want to make sure I buy the right size. I have 27″ underbust (bust is 30″), 25″ waist, 36″ hip (33″ where the 411, I think, will end). I want the corset to fit right in places where my bones are – the hips and the chest – with a 1″-2″ gap. The waist doesn’t matter. Can you recommend a size?

    One more question: I’m very glad you now offer cotton corsets; is there a chance you’ll include velvet in the fabric choices in the near future?

      • Mia

        Hi, I received the size 20 426 yesterday; as I put it on to start seasoning, I noticed the underbust/waist difference is much bigger than advertised and when I closed the corset to a 2″ gap in the back, there was enough room at the top to put my two fists in there! I laid it flat and measured the circumference with a measuring tape – sure enough, the top circumference, perpendicular to the busk, is 27 1/2″, bigger than my expanded chest at 27″. I quote from the product page: “The hips will measure about 10-12 inches larger than the waist, and the underbust is about 4-5 inches larger when laced shut.” – these are the proportions I based my choice upon. I never thought the measurement could be off by so much. The fabric sticks out in a sharp fold in the second panels right under the breasts. There is no doubt the top will be loose even if I manage to close the waist completely (which was not my original plan, but still, it’s something I’d do if it meant getting a good fit). I’m truly gutted because I don’t have the slightest idea how to fix the problem. Shipping back and forth to Europe costs as much as a whole corset. I don’t have corsetieres in my area who would know how to take it in. The fabric is too thick to tuck down and sew by hand. Do you have any advice for me? I really hoped this was “the” corset for me and I’m very sad that it doesn’t fit.

  • Erika

    I need help!
    My waist is 30-1/2
    Underbust- 30 1/2
    Hip- 35 1/2

    & I’m about 5’1 or 5’2
    Which one would fit me best for waist training ?

  • Serena

    Bust – 32″
    Under Bust – 27″
    Waist – 23-24″
    Hip – 34″
    Height – 5’4″
    My torso is fairly long.
    I was considering getting an over bust corset, but I wasn’t sure if my breast size would be large enough for it.

    Thank you for the help!

  • Sarah

    Bust – 41″
    Under Bust – 37″
    Waist – 37″
    Hip – 43″
    And my height is 5′ 11″
    I’m looking for a corset that could be used as a Victorian style corset for a cosplay type thing I’m doing with some friends but also for casual use.
    I’m a 16C or 14D if that helps. I’m happy with whatever style suits whether its over or under bust


  • Mia Salazar

    Hi, I recently purchased a cs426 in a size 30 and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I’ve been worrying that it might be too small though. My measurements are:
    Underbust: 40
    Waist: 38
    Hip: 45

    I do have a good amount of “fluff” lol. Hopefully that helps

  • Josephine Grant

    Hello I do not have a clue how to choose my size for my first corse and was wondering if you would ve able to help! My measurements are;

    Under bust- 31inches
    Waist- 29 inches
    Upper hip- 38 inches
    Hips- 43 inches
    Torso length- 18 inches

    All help will be appreciated, thank you!

  • Felicia

    I’m interested in the double steel-boned under bust corset (cs-411) but am not sure what size to get

    Under bust :35
    Waist :33
    Hip :39

  • Rachelle

    I’am very much new to this and very keen to finally start waist training.
    My measurement are :
    Waist – 35″
    Hips – 41″

    Which corset do you recomment.


  • Shelby

    Hi, need to find a corset that’d work well for me, but I’m too small for most places.
    My full bust is 32″,
    My under bust is 28″,
    My waist is 22″,
    My upper hip is 31″,
    And my full hip is 35″.
    I’m also 5’8″ but that’s all in my legs.

  • Katharine

    Hi! I’m brand new to this but so excited to get started! I’ve seen these corsets and I’m in love! I just have no idea what sizing would be best for me!

    First I’m 5′ 6.5″ tall
    Under Bust:44
    Waist: 43
    Upper Hip:51

    I’m not sure if I’d be able to fit your sizes at this point unfortunately…

  • eric wyant

    Hi im prolly the first to do this but my name is eric and im a drag queen =p and I have measurements of around

    bust – 44
    under bust- 38
    waist – 36.5
    hips – 38
    im also 5 foot 8 and I have some fluff around my belly

    im looking for a underbust corset to give my self some curves and a great hour glass shape. Also to give my body that fem look for the stage =]
    My measurements are a little off but they are around there.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Eric,

      You are certainly not the first :). I think a size 30 or a 32 depending on how accurate your measurements are. The CS-305 works better for men as it is not as extreme in its curves. If you have enough “squish” factor, you might be able to make the CS-411 work for you, but the 426 will likely be much too large in the hip spring.

      • eric wyant

        see I want extreme curves im not wearing it to help my boy look im looking for it to help me look more girly and fem for when im on stage so the more curve the better, I want my waist to be as tiny as possible

  • Lana

    Hi! What corset (overbust and underbust) should I order? Should I start with a 411– and what size should I order it in? Here are my measurements:

    Waist: 27.5-8
    Hips (largest part): 34
    Butt: 36-37
    Waist – Hip: 6

    Looking forward to buying my first Orchard Corset! so excited! 🙂

      • Lana

        Thank you, Cheri!
        Also. When will the CS 411 leather corset in size 22 be restocked? I’ve got the rest of my order allll lined up, just wondering if I should wait for the CS 411 leather in 22 to be restocked (if’ it’s gonna be soon) before I hit “check out”. Thanks!

  • valerie asuquo

    i would like to waist train. So i am a newbie to it all and need a little help finding out what corset would be right for me.
    I am 5’7
    I figured i would need the long line… but as far as he appropriate size i am unsure of.

  • Rebecca Hong

    I’m interested in purchasing my first corset for waist training. I am 5’5 and my measurements are
    B – 33
    UB – 28″
    W – 24″
    UH – 31″
    (slightly unsure what kind of torso I have)
    I know my best choices would be 426 and 411 (size 20″/18″).
    However I was wondering if it was possible to try on and exchange in case one felt too short or too long (since I’m somewhat on a budget).

    Thanks a bunch!

  • J

    Hi, this will be my first corset for waist training. I’m 5’3 and my measurements are:
    35-upper hip
    I would like an underbust corset. Any advice on which corset I should buy would be highly appreciated.

  • Em

    Hi! I’m looking to get a better corset for waist training and general wear. The one I have turned out to be rather badly made and I cannot wear it as it’s actually physically painful to wear for too long, despite copious seasoning.

    I’m 5’6 1/2″. My measurements are:
    Bust – 40″
    Underbust – 30″
    Waist – 30 – 32″ (depends on the day… you know how that is)
    Hips – 38″

    and I’m ashamed to admit I have no idea what qualifies as a “long” or “regular” or “short” torso! Do you have any recommendations?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Em,

      I think I can help! I think a size 24 will be perfect for you in either the 426 or the 411. An easy test to see if the 426 will work is to drop a tape measure from right underneath the center of one breast and see where it hits you at 10.5″ (that is where the 426 will also hit you). If you can sit comfortably imagining a steel boned corset resting at that part of your upper hip..than you should be just fine 🙂

  • Tangee

    Hi I’m 5’3″ regular to short torso under bust 35″ waist 37″ hip 44 3/4″ I’m debating between the 411 or 426 I do have a waist cincher & it does give me back boobs I just want to know which corset do you recommend and in what size?! Thanks in advance……

  • florina

    i am 5ft2in with 37″natural waist and 43″hip measurement and bra of 38C, i wanted an overbust corset but they all seem incredibly long! i couldnt find any vertical measurements showing the difference between bottom edge and waist, waist to peak of bust, waist to centre front and similar measurements! so i couldnt figure out if i was measuring me wrong or if it is just too long! i had my heart set on an overbust but if that isnt possible then what underbust would give me coverage of my lower tummy pooch and muffin tops of my hips? because i looked at all the smaller corsets but they dont seem like they wouldnt give me buldges of fat everywhere!!! the 8 1/2in seemed too short at the side, the 9 1/2in seemed good but the front sounded like they were too long! this will be my first corset and i dont want sizing to discourage my journey!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Florina,

      I think I just answered you in an email. The front center busk measures 14″…and the waist tape sits at the half way point. The side measurement is about the same. We have the full dimensions of the corset in the product description. Underbust corsets are easier to fit, as you don’t have to account for breast size. The 426 from right under the center of the breast to the bottom edge of the corset measures about 11 inches. If you hang a tape measure you can see where that will hit you to determine if it is too long.

  • Kiki

    Both your blogs have been really helpful! I’ve been interested in corseting for the past couple years, but have always been too chicken to try. Now I have an event coming up that a corset would be appropriate for and it’s given me the confidence to at least try it out. I’m pretty short (5ft 1in) so, like many others, I have concerns about a corset properly fitting my torso. My measurements are: bust (35) underbust (30) natural waist (28.5) high hip (34.5) low hip (40) torso length of about 8
    Thanks for all the information and videos you guys have!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kiki,

      I think the 411 or the 305 would work great for you. If this is more for looks, the 305 might be more comfortable as it is less severe (for lack of a better word). I would recommend a size 24 in the 305. You might make a 22 work in the 411 (if waist training is your goal, if not, go with the 24 and just rock your curves!)

  • Tayler

    Hi There,
    So I’m a pretty ample plus sized gal looking to get into corsetry for mainly back support, but also some waist training. my measurements are bust 51, waist 53, and hips 62. thinking of going with long line if possible to keep everything smooth looking. What would your suggestion be as to which corset might work for me?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Taylor,

      Welcome to Orchard Corset! If you have the torso length, you certainly have the curves to support the CS-426. I would recommend a size 42. You might be able to make a 40 work, but you have an ample hip spring and the 42 might be a better starting point while you become accustomed to corseting. The 42 is available in both CS-426 and CS-411 (shorter) black satin. Good luck and keep us posted. We love when people share what works for them, as it almost always will help somebody else!

  • Hannah

    I bought one from a different site (they had a style I needed for a costume). I laced it up for the first hour of breaking it in and no pain in my lower back. After the first hour I tightened the laces as per instructions. About 30 minutes into the second hour I started having sharp pain in my lower back/spine area. I took it off immediately. A few hours later I tried again, the first hour was fine but after re tightening them I had pain again. But this time after taking it off, isn’tthe pain lasted for a few hours. Any ideas what to do? It’s an overbust. My idea was that since my obliques and lower back are large in comparison to the rest of my torso, the steel bones were squishing them in a weird way since they are larger than normal (it’s my problem fatty area). I read that it could be muscle tension in your lower back and to just lace it looser in the hips than the upper back.
    But when I lace it looser the front bottom of the busk doesn’t sit flat against my stomach it flairs out some. I have a large low tummy as well. If I loosen the hips my lower stomach doesn’t get sucked in, but when I tighten it up my stomach gets sucked in from the corset and is flat up and down, but then I get the pain.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Hannah,

      Overbust styles are harder to fit with off the rack corsets than underbust. We have a very curvy underbust CS-426 that provides ample hip room and rides down low over the hip. A corset should never be painful, so it’s good you removed it right away. I do not know if that is a problem that will be persist with a different corset or not, or if there is an anatomical reason that is causing the discomfort.

      • Hannah

        It could be the odd shape of my lower back and large sides/obliques. If I didn’t have such large obliques and lower back I probably wouldn’t have this pain or weird shape problem. I also have a minor anterior pelvic tilt which I am trying to correct with better posture and stretches. I have always had larger obliques and lower back. My underbust and waist are both 34″ but my upper hip/problem oblique area is almost 45″ and then my hips are 42″. I’m doing some more breaking in of it today and going to try lacing it looser and wearing shapewear underneath like in the new video Danielle made. That could help flatten my lower tummy when I lace looser. But I am definitely buying the 426 when I get the chance, thanks for the recommendation.

  • jena eyles

    Hi my name is Jena I’ve been looking at corseting for a few years now I’ve had 4 children and have pit a pound or 20 hehehe here are my measurements from top to bottom…. Underbust 44″ natural waist 41″ upper hips 55″ can u help me out with a corset fitting my measurements????

  • Aundrea Luc

    Hi I am looking to get an under bust corset.

    Bust – 40
    Under bust – 35
    Waist – 34
    Hips – 48

    I already have an hourglass shape I just want to define it more I’m hoping the corset helps me get a flat stomach.

    Which Monel do you recommend.

  • monica

    Oh, and another question!
    Overbust or Underbust? I’m just starting my research on waist training… 3 kids and my curves are gone! 🙁

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Monica,

      An underbust corset is much easier to fit (without having a custom made corset). We have another blog (“Which Corset is Best for Me?”) that compares our top underbust corsets that might help!

  • monica

    I am 5’1″ with the following measurements & am considering the CS 426 or CS411 – which size should I choose?

    Underbust= 31
    Waist = 29.5
    Hip top = 33
    Full hip = 36

    Thank you!

    • Cheri Dudek


      At 5’1″, the 411 as the 426 is quite long. It looks like you would need a size 24 with those measurements. You might want to start with the 305 until you have trained some curve back…and then move to the 411. If you are really ready to work…then you should be able to make the 411 work (patience and diligence 🙂

  • Sarah

    I’m an extreme novice when it comes to corsets and I’m still confused about which one is right for me. These are my measurements:
    Bust – 41″
    Under Bust – 37″
    Waist – 37″
    Hip – 43″
    And my height is 5′ 11″ if that helps.
    I’m looking to get an overbust corset with some back support because I tend to slouch quite a lot.
    I’m also looking for one that will help minimise the bulging on my hips and that won’t cause too much of a muffin top.


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Sarah,

      The only overbust corset we carry right now is the CS-511. I would say a 30 or 32 depending on your cup size (in those sizes this corset can handle a C-D cup). The 511 is a longline corset with a full hip spring that should come down just over the hip. You are quite tall, so depending on your torso length, it might ride a little higher.

  • kayla

    I want to start waist training soon with the 426.
    Im a 36 now, would it be okay if I bought a 28 ? or do you suggest I just get a 30? I dont want to injure myself by getting the smaller size, I just want to know if it’s safe & if you thinks its okay that I get a 28!

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Kayla, what are your upper hip and underbust measurements? Having a longer torso will help with downsizing also. It’s important to remember to be patient with your corset seasoning, especially when sizing way down or you can hurt yourself and will likely warp your boning.

  • Blackkitty

    I’m looking to buy a moderately-priced corset that will fit my pear-shaped body. Everything I’ve tried so far closes completely, or almost at the bust, while the hips are barely covered past the side! I measure:
    -31 bust
    -28 underbust
    -26 waist
    -38 hips
    Is there anything I can wear that will close at least 80% in the back while not leaving a huge empty space at the rib cage? My waist is squishy so I don’t mind extreme cinching. Thank you.

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Blackkitty,

      If you have an average to long torso, the CS-426 will work great. If not, I actually think the 411 will work great for you. My measurements are 30 underbust, 27.5 waist and my upper hip is 37 (full hip about 40) and both fit me fine…in fact the bottom completely closes (but not the top) in a size 22 on the 426 and almost on the 411. Sounds like you have a little more hip curve than I, but the corsets would fit even better if I did!

  • mary sanchez

    i’m looking to buy a corset for waist training im 4″11 and my stomach is extending more and more LOL it measures 44 and I look like i’m pregnant my bust size is 36 i would like to have a curves i would liek to wear it under my clothes. what do you recommend .MS

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Mary,

      I am not sure how curvy you are, but our 411 and 305 are both standard length corsets that should work for you if your torso isn’t really short. The 305 is less curvy than the 411. The leather might be too warm under clothes, and all cotton is not yet available-so the satins or polyesters would work. I suggest reading this blog: for more details on the two styles. My best guess for size would be a 38.

      • Mary

        took my measurements and boy i’m off they are
        bust size-40
        under bust 38
        upper hip 42
        waist 43
        do you think a 38 standard length corset would work

        • Cheri Dudek


          Perhaps even a 36. The corsets do a good job of redistribution of weight, and since you are smaller at the hip and bust-the corset will push from the center up and down to fill out your corset. And as your corset is wider at the top and bottom, I think you might need to drop down to a 36 for a better fit. If you are looking to add more curves then I suggest the 411.

  • TP

    I’m a plus-size gal…I just measured my waist and it is a whopping 46″. I am on a journey to a happier, healthier me and I am very much interested in trying the CS-426 style to incorporate some waist training. I have a somewhat short torso but feel the longer corset would catch some of the “overflow”…if you know what I mean. Lol! Do you have any recommendations/guidance?

    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    • Orchard Corset

      Dear TP,

      The 426 tends to really work well with our plus-size ladies. Just make sure that your torso length isn’t so short that you can’t sit down in your corset. If that is the case, the 411 underbust provides a great curve and also has double steel boning. The 426 in a size 40 measures 14″ at the front busk and lacing busk, 11″ at the center bust, and about 13″ along the side.

    • TP

      Thank you so much for the guidance. I went ahead and placed an order last night. If it doesn’t fit, I’ll exchange it for the 411. Thanks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am still very confused as to which corset I should purchase, I hope you can help. I am a novice to corsets. My measurements are as follows:

    Bust – 36″, Underbust – 30″, Waist – 29″, Hips – 38″.
    Underbust-Waist span – 5″, Waist-Hips span – 8.5″.

    I want to waist train to 24″. Also, I would like my corset to rest slightly under my jeans to avoid any bulges. What would you advice as my corset options. Also, based on my measurements, am I considered long-waisted or short-waisted?

    • Orchard Corset

      Are you looking for an overbust or underbust corset? I think a CS-411 Overbust would work well on you, in rides a bit further down over the hip.(see our most recent blog that highlights the 411 over and underbust corsets). The CS-426 is a longline and rides down (so it should rest under your jeans), but it might be too curvy and not lace evenly for you. You are welcome to try one and if it isn’t right we have a great return/exchange policy.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for responding so quickly! I apologize for not clarifying. I was looking for an underbust corset, mostly because popular advice for corset novices seems to be to go with an underbust version. I am, however, open to purchasing an overbust corset.

      The CS-411 overbust looks lovely. If you think it will suit my needs, I am willing to follow your directions and make the purchase. the CS-426 might be frustrating if it will not lace up evenly on my person.

      Would you personally recommend I go with an underbust or overbust corset?

    • Orchard Corset

      hmmm…I would love to put you in a longline Level 2 underbust corset, but we don’t currently have one of those. Underbusts are easier to begin with and offer more wear opportunities. Both myself and our in house model like the 426’s, despite the fact that it seems like we can tighten more at the top and bottom. If you have some squish factor it is definitely easier to mold you to the corset and not the other way around. The 411 underbust would be perfect, but shorter than you want perhaps. You might just need to try one and see how it fits. If it doesn’t feel right, then you can exchange for a different one.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll go with the CS-411 underbust then, even if it does turn out shorter than I would like it to be. I’m off to place my order. Thank you so much for helping me out!

      I’ll keep an eye out and hope that you will be introducing a Level-2 Silhouette Longline Underbust Corset sometime in the near future. Are there any plans in the works in this regard?

    • Orchard Corset

      It is part of our wish list! It takes time to get the corset just right, sometimes several trips back for subtle changes, before we give the green light for full production. We will certainly highlight it when we do!

    • Orchard Corset

      We received the first prototypes, and we wanted still more bust room. We have sent that request back and are anxiously awaiting the next sample. Once we are satisfied, it will take just a couple of weeks to get our first color line to full stock in the warehouse. We expect sometime in March.

  • Rosemary Tizledoun

    I have some scoliosis and an anterior pelvic tilt, which basically means my butt and belly poke out when I’m standing normally, and I can’t straighten them. Would wearing a corset affect that at all? Also, I’m quite a bit wider in the hips than in the bosom. I think I’m a level 2, but I’m not sure because it seems as if the bottom might be too small and the top a little large. Would that be a problem, or should lacing take care of any such issues?

    • Orchard Corset


      We would recommend checking with your doctor about the benefits a corset might have on your posture. I find mine is infinitely better when I have one on. Depending on your torso length, I would recommend the CS-426 underbust. It has a great Level 3 curve at the hip, but a more more moderate curve at the underbust. It rides down low over the hip, providing additional low back and hip support.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking into corseting as a method of trying to control these enormous THINGS on my chest and the back pain they exacerbate. I gather from this information that I will be probably be waiting for the “full-figure” version. My measurements (42″-33″-33″-43″ from top down) put me in the extreme silhouette category for bust but only the enhanced category for hips. I don’t know for sure how to determine whether my torso is long, but I lean toward thinking it is short-ish (underbust to waist measurement is 9.5″). Does this mean I should be sticking with standard length, on the assumption that a longline corset that fits my bust will be loose on my hips? What is the difference in mobility and support between the two?

    • Orchard Corset

      It definitely sounds like the fuller busted version we have in production will suit your needs better. The overbust longline is only about an inch longer than the standard overbust (at this time…we will be working on new designs in the near future). The 426 Overbust we are working should work nicely for you. Even the 411 Overbust we have now in a size 30 might do the trick, but I think it would squish the girls a bit and perhaps not give you the look you want. The support is amazing, with no pull and tug on the shoulders and back. I will update this blog when we receive the new 426 in our warehouse. We eventually plan to offer all 3 Silhouette Levels in both Under and Over bust corsets, standard and longline.

  • leola

    I am a plus size gal who doesn’t want to cause any extra rolls and bumps but would love to try corseting for my back. Would I end up in an either/or situation? Meaning that in order to have back support it would have to be tight enough to cause muffin top rolls.

    • Orchard Corset

      Leola, several customers have told us that the longline corsets help to eliminate unwanted rolls. Longline corsets come down and curve over the hip. Also, corsets offer such a high level of support that you don’t need to cinch it up as much as someone who is waist training in a corset to achieve back support.

    • Orchard Corset

      The same advice applies. Chances are you would be looking at a Silhouette Level 1 Corset. Keep in mind that lean muscle has less give than soft tissue, so depending on your body type you should adjust accordingly how many inches below your natural waistline you need to go. On a recent 20/20 episode that aired on ABC in October of 2012, a corset maker in San Francisco shared that she has several male clients who wear corsets underneath their clothes to give them added confidence when they step in the courtroom to litigate a case.

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