Halloween 2012 Customer Corset Designs: Featuring Contest Winner Brook K.

With only a precious 2 weeks to go before Halloween, here is another great costume idea from one our Corset Contest winners. Using the CS 426 Black Underbust, Brooke has chosen one of her favorite characters from the anime “Death Note”- a god of death come from his world simply to stir up trouble here on Earth to amuse himself. Here are some pictures and few words from Brooke!

 Everything I have purchased I was able to find at thrift and consignment shops.

 So the attached pictures are of my progress so far, the light make up was done with powder but the final product will be built up with latex and a cream based make up to give it a more realistic appearance.

There is still time get the perfect corset to complete your Halloween Corset Costume! Head over to OchardCorset.com now for our Halloween Madness sale going on now!

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