Halloween 2012 Customer Corset Designs: Featuring MayugeSeishou

Phase II of this very original and elaborate Corset Costume Design is complete! She is a fun and witty D20 Girl…visit MayugeSeishou’s Blog and follow her monstrous progress.

I have the privilege of making my Godzilla/Movie-Monster-inspired design come to life – just in time for Halloween! If you’re gearing up for everybody cosplay day Halloween but haven’t decided on what to do – why not check out Orchard Corset‘s website and get inspired like I did!

If you’re interested in creating my costume, I used CS-M112, a steel-boned, green and black brocade over-bust corset.

We should have more Corset Costume Designs in the coming weeks to inspire some Halloween Magic in everyone. Visit our FanPage, Website and right here on our Blog for updates and ideas.

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