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Corset DIY (customer edition): Blinged out Spiders!

Hello blog readers! 

Did you know that we have a fun and supportive Facebook group?  It’s true!  In this group I have had the opportunity to meet and connect with some amazing people.. and Crystal D. is one of those people!  She is an active group member and corset aficionado, you can follow her on Instagram  @darkneite.

Crystal in the CS-201

She was inspired to create her own masterpiece, this was her first ever DIY!



Supplies: tulip glitter aerosol fabric paint, silver embroidery thread, hotfix crystals and crystal tool and of course your corset and spider patches.


“I chose a 426 standard with hipties because I’ve seasoned it well and it’s super comfortable. First I painted the outside. Spray your first spray on something else because it will bea huge clump of paint.

After paint, before additional decoration


You can choose light even strokes and cover it all or be slightly abstract and let the color of the corset show in places. Let dry for 24-48 hours. Next to the hotfix crystals. They attach by melting pre-applied glue on the crystal in 15-20 seconds. As soon as they cool they are dry.


(Save some crystals you’ll need them at the end!)



I stitched on the patches instead of ironing them on, and affixed more crystals on the spiders and around them.

The finished look!

This was a super fast super easy project to get Halloween fun started.


If you feel inspired to to create your own masterpiece, tag us @orchardcorset and use #orchardcorset so we can admire your work! 

Happy corseting!

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