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Out of retirement, the CS-301 waspie is back and better than ever!

An announcement!  But first, story time!

Just about 3 years ago we discontinued our shortest and our original waspie corset style, the CS-301.  We loved this corset, really we did!  But we had just introduced are immensely popular CS-201 waspie and it squashed the popularity of the CS-301 almost overnight.  At that time, we made the choice to discontinue the CS-301. We were able to focus on perfecting the shape of the CS-201 and add more fabrics. Since then, the CS-201 has became the most popular corset in our line!  We thought it was about time to revisit the idea of bringing the CS-301 back, only this time with some improvements.

Comparison of old vs new design

Our new CS-301 is a 5-panel design with a graduated boning pattern of 16-22 bones.  What does that mean?  Well… more panels mean less space between bones, which means you’;ll not only have more support but you’ll also notice a more comfortable cinch as the pressure is distributed around the body more evenly.  Graduated boning means that as the size of the corset gets larger, the number of bones increases.  In a size 18″ there are 16 flat and spiral steel boned (including the busk) and in a size 40″ there are 22 flat and spiral steel bones (including the busk). We also added just a touch more curve at the rib and hip in our new pattern, the old pattern had a rib spring of 4″ and a hip spring of 7″ whereas the new pattern has a 5″ rib spring and an 8″ hip spring.  This gives just a bit more curve, not so much that you need to have a natural hourglass shape but enough so that if you do have a natural hourglass figure that you’ll be able to wear it.

CS-301 Satin OOTD

What didn’t change is the length of this corset, it is still only 8″ long at the front center busk and 6.25″ at the sides to allow even the shortest torsos a chance to waist train in an off the rack corset.

Keep your eyes out for a comparison video of the old design vs. the new design and also a video comparing our current waspie corsets.

The CS-301 is currently available in black satin or black cotton in sizes 18-40 and starts at only $60!

What colors and fabrics would you like to see this cute waspie in?

As always, comment any questions you may have below!


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  • Jackie

    I have had my corset for I guess over 3 years now. I just bought a new one! Because I love my old one… I love it so much! I don’t want to let it go. But it’s so busted. I am a bartender and I use it while I work. It is so comfortable! The front, where it clips busted. Is there anyway I can fix this?

  • CJ

    I’m glad the 301 is back! I have the old one in leather, but it’s a bit too big for me now. I would love to have the new one in leather so I can wear it again!

    Also, the 201 in leather would be amazing too!

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