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Seamless Corset Liners are Here!

Beige Corset Liner

Finally, Seamless and breathable Corset Liners are available through Orchard Corset!  Made of comfortable, breathable Bamboo with just a hint of spandex for stretch.  We are proud to be able to offer a wide size range covering natural waist measurements of 21″-50″!  Starting off, our seamless bamboo corset liner is available in either black and beige and in either longline or standard lengths.  (Drop a comment below if you’d love to see another shade.)  Featuring a seamless tube design for extra comfort with the most minimal of hems, we promise that this fabric and shape is the most comfortable you’ve ever felt!

Why corset liners?  We always recommend that you wear a layer between your body and your corset.  It will be more comfortable for you in the long run than wearing your corset directly on your skin (plus corset lacing rope burn is not fun!)  Also, our skin has a ton of natural oils and moisture in it and if you put your corset directly onto your skin without a layer between, you are likely going to wear your corset out sooner than it would have otherwise.

Our corset liners are machine washable, just lay them flat to dry!

Purchase one for $15 or save when you buy 3 for $35!

Did you already pick yours up?  Use #ocliner on Instagram to be featured on our website and social channels.


Black Corset Liner

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