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CS-479 Extreme Curve Underbust Corset Product Review

CS-479 as outerwear

You asked, begged and pleaded and now it’s here! Introducing our curviest corset to date!


CS-479 Extreme Curve Underbust Corset

If you have been a fan or customer of Orchard Corset for a while, you may remember when we talked about offering a “Level 4″ corset.  Well, we no longer use the silhouette levels to describe curve but we are able to finally make that corset happen!  This is a standard length corset, it’s not a longline and it’s not a short waspie style like our popular CS-201.

The CS-479 has a large rib spring measurement of 9″ (that’s 2″ wider than our curvy CS-426 models) and a whopping hip spring of 16″ (4″ wider than our CS-426 models).  The hip also features our only cupped hip of any of our corsets, you might find this shape to be much more comfortable as there isn’t any pressure on your hip bones whatsoever.  We designed this style to be a little lower under the bust than our CS-426 models while still maintaining the high back that is so helpful for smoothing out back squish!  This corset measures 10.75″ at the front center busk and 12” at the back for lots of coverage.

CS-479. Corset Styles Look Book

Featuring double steel boning throughout totaling 26 flat and spiral steel bones.  Currently offered in sizes 16-40 (PLUS SIZES NOW AVAILABLE!)   At this time it is only offered in rich black satin but we are looking at other fabrics!

Jenny N. says: I love these curves!

I’ve been concerned about how long I’ll be able to keep wearing my beloved 426s as my waist gets smaller, but now I have no worries! The curve on this beauty will have me covered! Please keep this one going, OC! ❤


Dying to see this one in a different fabric?  Comment below!




Take a look at our comparison photo showing the CS-479 by the CS-426 standard for reference, here:

CS-426 Standard & CS-479 Comparison

Want to see it in action?  Watch our video here!

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Happy corseting!

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