Corset Q & A Episode 91: Does Orchard Corset make corsets for men?

Hi there Blog Readers! The question of the week is “Does Orchard Corset make corsets for men?”

 While we don’t currently make corsets specifically for men we do have a few styles that we find often work well for our male customers, and a trick or two that can help accommodate the classic male frame better.

We have found that we have traditionally been able to recommend our CS-305 style for our male customers. The CS-305 is our least curvy style so we find that this often works with a more straight up and down body type. Our newest style the CS- 411 longline is also a popular choice for our male customers being a bit longer and curvier than the CS-305 but not quite as curvy as our ordinal longline the CS-426 longline.

Many women typically have a wider hip than rib, where as men typically have the opposite: a wider rib cage than hip. Because of this many of our male customers find a corset to be a more comfortable fit when worn upside down. This would be with the pins on your right hand side and the metal hook loops on the left, allowing the larger hip area to sit at the top of the corset leaving more room for your ribs as you cinch your waist in. 

While we don’t currently make corsets for men with the amount of interest that has been shown there is every possibility that we might in the future.


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