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Corset Q & A Episode 63: What Are the Differences Between Our Waist Cinchers?

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What Are the Differences Between Our Waist Cinchers?

In addition to ALL of our styles of corsets, we also have multiple styles of waist cinchers! At times, it can seem overwhelming, especially to first timers. Well in this video Brittney and Amy discuss the major differences between our waist cinchers. The brand we carry is called Vedette. And a waist cincher is typically made of latex or spandex and they are great for smoothing out your waist and bringing it in an inch or 2 (although not the 4-6 inches that can be achieved with a steel boned corset). It fits well and hides under clothing, including that new little black dress that you’ve always wanted to squeeze into. But finding the perfect waist cincher requires a little research.

At Orchard Corset we carry Vedette shapewear and that includes our waist cinchers. The model numbers of the cinchers range from the 100’s to the 900’s and the big difference is the fabric. Styles numbers between 100 and 348 use latex in the construction and are considered EXTRA firm. Style numbers from 400 to 941 do not have latex and are not as firm as the waist cinchers that contain latex. The styles made with latex provide extra support and pressure, and the non latex styles are more flexible. It is important to measure accurately when buying for the latex waist cinchers, as you need to order the cincher closest to your waist measurement (don’t size down as you would for a corset), because it’s a REAL pain to put on latex waist cincher that is too small! The non-latex cinchers are a little easier to put on, but we still suggest that you order the size closest to your true waist measurement.

Waist cinchers also come in various torso lengths, for example if you have a long torso and would like the most coverage I would not recommend the 902, which is the shortest of our cinchers and designed for more petite customers. Some of the cinchers have straps for your shoulders as well. If you would like something with strong extra pressure look for styles100-348 and non latex look 400-941. And research a bit about the torso lengths, straps and higher back if you need/want more coverage for back bulge as well.

We hope this Q & A provides you with information about our waist cinchers we carry! Please let us know in the comments if there are any questions that you’d like to see answered in our Corset Q & A series.


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