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In Your Words! Sheila T’s Waist Training Journey

If you arrived here unfamiliar with the concept of waist training, it is a form of body modification which is used to develop an hourglass-like figure. We like to make the comparison to wearing braces to straighten your teeth. By continually applying pressure to the lower ribs and waist, waist trainers can achieve a shift in both that will result in an hourglass shape even when not wearing a corset. However after you’ve achieved your desired waistline, just like wearing your retainer after having your braces removed, you’ll have to continue with some “maintenance corseting” to retain the hourglass shape you worked so hard for. Latex cinchers and plastic boned fashion corsets aren’t appropriate for waist training as they are NOT able to apply the required pressure to the appropriate areas.


Sheila T in November 2014. 38" corseted.
Sheila T in November 2014. 38″ corseted.

Our waist trainer of the week is Sheila T! Thanks for sharing your journey, Sheila!

How long have you been waist training?

I started November 2014

How many days/week and hours/day do you wear your corset?

22 hours a day

What was the measurement of your uncorseted waist when you started to waist train and what is it now?

My corseted waist was 38″. Corset now is completely closed at 30″

Sheila T waist training
Sheila T after 2 months of waist training. 30″ (corseted) waist. Way to go Sheila!

 What is your favorite corset to wear for waist training?

My CS 345, but I now have a CS 426 that I’m waiting to season

What was your biggest waist training challenge?

Wondering, actually doubting that my corset would ever close. I just couldn’t believe it when I started to season “correctly” that my corset would EVER close. BUT as I seasoned it, it actually started conforming to my body and it actually closes now, with the ends parallel straight in the back. WOW!!! I can hardly believe it. I’m so happy with my OC corset.

What advice do you have for someone just getting started waist training?

Order from Orchard Corset.
Then call customer service and speak with an OC rep to find out how to season properly.
Then watch the videos on of them). Ha! Ha!, Those OC reps are the BEST!! I had 1,000 questions. They answered every one with patience and concern.

Do you typically stealth corset or do you wear your corsets over your clothes?

I’ve worn my CS-345 as a undergarment only. However, I just recently purchased a CS-426 paisley and its so beautiful I will be wearing it on the outside. The detailing is like no other. I love the style and class that OC brings to corsets.

What do you like to wear when you are corseted?

#1. A skirt I brought that I love but it no longer fit. The waist was too small. NOT ANYMORE!!! Thanks to my OC corset CS-345.
#2. Empire or A-line dresses are really my favorite. My hips are wide but with my waist getting so small (corseted) my figure is coming together as if I’ve lost weight.

Have you changed your diet & exercise habits while waist training? i.e. are you losing weight while you are waist training?

I’m not trying to lose weight by waist training but I can say that my wardrobe fits so much better. My clothes look professionally tailored with my corset. I have not really lost any weight BUT when I eat corseted, my portions are much smaller. So weight loss will eventually happen though that’s not my immediate goal.

What has been your favorite part of corseting & waist training?

Watching myself sizing down from a 38″ waist to a closed corseted 30″. I’m almost, almost, almost closed. It won’t be long now.

Anything else you’d like to add about waist training or corseting?

I would like to say thanks to Orchard Corset. I love it. I am 57 years old and my corset puts the “umph” back in my shape. I’ve found as a lady that when you look good, you tend to feel good, no matter what age you are. Thanks OC. I will be an OC girl forever. YaY!!!!

If you’re waist training and would like to share your story, visit our My Waist Training Journey, Submission Form blog and send us your information! We might feature YOU in an upcoming blog!

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  • raeraeloves

    Ok so I’ve never worn a corset before but I’m a big girl. Like I have a belly and some back fat. I’m trying to lose weight but I really want one get a corset now. Like I’ve said I’ve never worn one. But I’m in between 4x and 5x. I’m trying really hard to lose weight. So my question is what type of corset would be best for me so my back fat doesn’t show? And how would I size it? I’m sorry I’m not used to all of this…..

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