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Waist Training Surprises: Some Things You Might Not Know

Is This Normal?

FAQ’s from the Orchard Corset Customer File

CS-301 Satin Print
CS-301 Satin Print

Hello OC Blog Readers! We get questions from our customers all the time asking us if this is normal or if that is to be expected. Some concerns are common corset waist training growing pains; while others should be addressed and perhaps  a change in corsets or behavior is warranted.

If you have never worn a corset, a few surprises could await youplus_size_underbust_corset when you initialize a waist training regiment. One such phenomenon many of our customers ask about is back pain. Is it normal? Sharp, acute pain is not normal-ANYWHERE, EVER when you are corseting and you should STOP. However, a soreness or even a tenderness in the muscle is normal. Most of us do not engage our back muscles because we tend to slouch more than we should. Wearing a corset, especially a longline, forces you to sit very erect and engage some of those posture muscles that may have sat dormant. Seasoning your corset properly will not only allow your corset, but your body, to adjust to the process gradually.

skylar-clown-lollipop-bubble-in-handAnother question that rolls across our customer service desk: Is it normal to feel more gassy while corseted? YES! Check out our blog on corsets and eating, but remember you are giving your abdomen less space to work with- so very gassy foods like raw veggies and soda might be a problem. However, you should NEVER feel nauseous or dizzy when corseted-and again REMOVE your corset. It could be you are lacing too tightly and have not given your body enough time to acclimate to corseting.  Try again later when you are feeling “normal” again with less tension for short periods of time.


And finally….our customers wonder if it’s normal to look so FABULOUS in their new corset-YES!! What you will notice right away is curves-curves you didn’t even know you had! Remember waist training is a process that takes patience and diligence. Be patient with yourself and your corset and the two of you will enjoy a long, cinched relationship together! Looking for more? Visit our Corset 101 Sizing and Waist Training Page.


I have been with Orchard Corset since June of 2012 and what a journey it has been! I've gone from complete newbie to Marketing Director to Chief Operations Officer and I've learned more about corsets, corseting, shapewear, social media and myself than I would have ever thought possible. I have really enjoyed the journey and we at Orchard Corset are dedicated to providing a wealth of information for new and seasoned corseters alike.


  • cheyenne89

    Do you guys have any videos or posts on how to incorporate a corset into everyday styles? I’m building my wardrobe and want to be able to pretty much wear a corset all the time, just not in a goth or renaissance looking way. You guys at O.C. always look great.
    Modern corset fashion advice?

  • thatgirlinnewyork

    I’ve had my CS-411 in mesh (size 24) for a month now, and can close the top, but have about 1/2″ or so at the bottom before it’s closed. My measurements are 31″ underbust, 28/29″ waist, 37″ upper hip, and 10 1/4″ torso length.

    I am considering my second corset purchase, which may be another CS-411 mesh (the other color) in a size 22. I like the lightweight nature of it for under clothing, and the ease of seasoning it–but I’m open-minded!

    In what context would I like the option of a Waspie length corset? I am thinking to ask Santa for a black leather Waspie to be worn outside clothing, but what would be the difference in feel or wearing, compared to the 411, if I bought one in mesh or satin for waist training and general support?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Are you thinking the 301? Depending on your torso length-it can almost fit like a corset belt. If you are planning to wear over clothing to really accent your waist (and get a little waist training in), you will probably want to stick to the 24-unless your natural waist has dropped a couple of inches without the corset. It is really a comfortable corset to wear and will fill less rigid than the 411 both because it is shorter and has fewer bones. It looks awesome with leggings or a skirt 🙂

      • thatgirlinnewyork

        Yes–I am thinking of the 301 in leather. My only concern is that I anticipate going smaller as my waist training moves along, and want it to last, fit-wise. Whatever you recommend is what Santa will get me!

        My other question was about buying another mesh or other lighter weight corset (in a 411 model), and whether I should go down to the 22. I was told initially to go to 24, but then another advisor at Orchard said 22 would be better. Given the current fit on my first mesh corset (as outlined above), I’d like to get my order right.

  • theoneandhopely

    Hi, I am currently wearing my CS-345 in cotton, It is only my 4th day of seasoning but i have got it significantly closer to closing, I have 15 minutes left of my usual 2 hour seasoning and tightened it 15 minutes ago, my question is, it is still sticking out quite a bit at the bottom, (this reduces when i suck in my tummy) so is this always going to stick out until I lose my tummy fat or will it flatten once completely closed? Thanks 🙂

    • Cheri Dudek

      Are you able to close the bottom up tighter? We find that folks don’t cinch the bottom edge nearly as much as they are able to :). As it is a more traditional corset design-it may never appear flat from the side (corsets are designed primarily to provide hourglass shaping).

  • tiara

    Sometimes I wear something in between my skin and the corset but not usually and I’ve been in this particular one for a little over a month and it’s never done that before it was rubbing me a little but I adjusted it after I saw the blisters

  • tiara

    Hey, I’m hoping to get some help I wear my corset just about every day I’m actually pretty comfortable in it but today I kept getting a pain in my stomach while sitting at my desk. I go into the bathroom and took my corset off to see that I had 4 small blisters where the pain was and I know for a fact they weren’t there this morning. Why would this happen? I’ve been waist training for about 7 months and this has never happened before. Should I be worried?

    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Tiara,

      That is odd. Do you wear anything between your skin and your corset? It sounds like a reaction to something (fabric, detergent) or that for some reason it is rubbing you wrong or something is not laying flat…like a camisole (the same way you can get a blister on your foot if your sock gets smooshed up weird inside your shoe).

      • tiara

        Sometimes I wear something in between my skin and the corset but not usually and I’ve been in this particular one for a little over a month and it’s never done that before it was rubbing me a little but I adjusted it after I saw the blisters

  • Eva


    First of all, wonderful article! I have a quick question about waist-training and if this is in the wrong thread please feel free to re-direct me: I’ve been able to wear my corset for a full day for three days now – only taking it off to bathe – and my lower floating ribs are getting a little tender. Is this normal / should I stop / should I try a different corset? Currently I’m laced into the Wasp Mesh.

    Thank you!


    • Cheri Dudek

      Hi Eva,

      If you are new to corseting (and it sounds like you are), then yes give yourself a break. I would not recommend 24/7 waist training without several weeks to a month or more of working your up to that level. Corseting should NEVER hurt or cause you any pain.

  • Deborah

    Hello, I’m a new Corset wearer. I’m in my 60s and my measurements are:
    Under bust 38
    Waist 38
    and Hips 43. I choose the long torso Steel Boned Longline Underbust corset 426 since I sit at a computer all day long. Its very good for my back during my work hours. How long should I wear a waist training corset? I wear it under my clothes so I won’t get any questions in the office.

  • Valerie

    I’m looking at the lace-up corsets. Will you need another set of hands to lace it up? I keep picturing those movies where the person is sucking in their tummy while there’s a person behind them pulling the strings. Thanks

  • Donna

    When I use my corset I have so much space in the front at the top, it’s uncomfortable, it sticks really far out under my breast, am I doing something wrong or could it mean I bought it to large.

    • Cheri Dudek

      It does matter…but for folks with a more pronounced rib cage and smaller hips..upside is often better! For our corsets the pins are on your left and the loops on the right of the front busk.

      • Kris

        With the CS-345 the tabs are on the bottom of the corset so, there is no way you will put it on the incorrect way. Besides, it would be most uncomfortable to have the pronounced “v” on the bottom.

  • Kris

    I am loving my CS345 and feel great while wearing it. This is my first corset and I am sure it won’t be my last. I am awaiting the arrival of the new mesh waspie. By the way, you have one of the most informative websites ever and good customer service. I have no reason to search for another corset source.

  • Leah

    I was just wondering if it is safe to wear a waist cincher underneath my corset? Would it affect the results of my corset?

  • Lori B

    Hello there: I’ve been looking into corsets for quite a while and your prices are fantastic for me to give them a try :). I will be getting my measurements to you but i have a quick question? I’m short at 5’2″ but when i measured quite a while ago i have a long torso. So how do you know if you can wear a 426 vs. a 411 (do i have the right numbers there?) I like the idea of a long-line becuase of it covering up my belly all the way down. I too, like many people on here, carry my weight in my tummy area (fluff) and so if i were to measure from my underbust to my hips or such (one site said to the top of your hips) i’d have to go over the fluff.

    I’m hoping my question makes sense?

    Thank you.

  • Annmurie

    Hi what is the best kind of corset for everyday waist training for someone who works on the go like a nurse . I like the C-426 in cotton?

  • msexceptiontotherule

    I’ve found that wearing my 301 (which was really fast on getting through the seasoning process!) for an hour or so to “warm up” before I put on my 411 is helpful. I think that because the 301 compresses at the waist, it sort of “lightens the load” when I switch to the 411. Wearing the 411 seems all that much more comfortable to put on right after the 301.

  • olgis18

    Hello I am interested in getting a corset but not sure which one to get . I am not a curvy girl I have no hips but I carry all my weight in my belly area I am scared that if I get one my bottom belly is going to pop out of my jeans . I am 11 long on my torso
    I have a 33 waist I am 135 pounds I wear a size 5 in jeans you think you can help please .

  • susan rennie

    I am getting my first. Wish I’d found you first! I ordered an overcast because I can’t figure out wearing the undercuts – it seems like then you have bra, corset , underwear. But I hope I fit in the overcast

    Second. All that lacing. I planned to weAr it under lots of types of clothes but what does all that lacing look like under a summer dress? A shirt?

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