Corset 101: Firm vs Squishy

Not all bodies are created equal-

“Squishability” matters when sizing for a corset

skylar-cupcake-411-ivoryHello OC Blog Readers. We receive lots of emails, chats and social media sizing help requests. Often, we find that people are in between sizes or have sizing options based on the corset style, their goals and comfort level, and yes-how squishy they think they are. But what does that mean?

Really just what it sounds like. For example, someone who does core strength training several days a week and has a 30″ waist will likely be much firmer than someone with a 30″ who never works out. You will want to test out your squishy vs firm factor when you are relaxed, not with your abs fully engaged. Firm folks don’t necessarily need to be gym rats. Some people just have less “give” in their midsection than others. Since corsets work by cinching it at the waist, it only makes sense that those who are softer and more easily squish will be able to size down a bit more than someone who feels more solid.

human-ribsAnother consideration for determining your “squishability” is torso length. The area between your floating ribs and your high hip bone is malleable for everyone (firmer folks just take more time and effort to get there) as the tissue and organs in that region can move around quite easily-just like they do when you are pregnant. So if you have more distance, the corset may not meet any resistance like it will with someone with a much shorter torso. This is not necessarily a factor of height as my loyal blog readers know-tall people can have short torsos and vice-versa.

Here are some hard (or soft) numbers to help out. Right now over my dress I have a 28″ waist waist cropwith the tape measure just taught. I can pull the tape measure tight and get 26″ without too much struggle. I do have a longer torso which gives me a bit more “squishability”, but overall I am more on the firm side (all those hours at the gym fending off Father Time). My beautiful friend Julie stopped by, and she went from almost 29″ down to 25″-so definitely more squishy than myself and sizes down to a 22 as well. I measured my lovely daughter (through her flannel shirt) and she went from 30 inches to 27 inches-so she has more squish factor than me..but not a lot.


Is this too tight?

Like much of OTR corset sizing, this is not an exact science. We all have difference tolerance levels for what is snug vs too tight. Squishability is more pertinent on smaller frames than plus-size women (or men) who tend to have more fluff. But you should not discount this factor. A 38″ waist can also be more firm or more squishy. Remember, just because you can’t start off sizing down more doesn’t mean you cannot achieve that goal through waist training.

Check out our Corset 101 video for more examples of firm vs. squishy!


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56 Responses

  1. Angela Watts

    I’m a very petite woman and I don’t know how to size myself for a corset. Could someone also explain what seasoning us too please? Thank you.
    – Angela

  2. leanna


    I would like to start waist training and my current stats are:

    UB: 29/30 Bra size 36DDD
    NW: 28 26 with squish test
    HIP: 36
    Torso: 9 sitting

    Which corset would you recommend for purchase and what size?

  3. Sara-Jo

    Hi! Love the informative videos and post you do πŸ™‚
    I have been wanting to buy an UB corset that fits (as opposed to the OB ones I have bought second hand in sizes 24-28). I’m interested in the 411 or 426-short, but unsure of the size and suitability. I’m asking for your kind guidance!
    My (vital) stats are
    UB: 32,5
    UH: 42,5

    My waist is extremely soft and fluffy, and my tummy is a work in progress.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the gorgeous work!

    1. Hi Sara-Jo

      Welcome! You should just be long enough for 426 short (if not you will need to try the 201). I think a size 26 will work well for you. You are squishy, which might make a 24 doable-but I worry with your shorter torso that you won’t have anywhere to redistribute weight which makes sizing down more difficult.

  4. Fabiola

    Waist 26, after wearing the cs 301 size 22 since December 4, 2014. I would like to try the cs 426 short. what size should I order?. I don’t go to the gym, no abs.

  5. doeec23

    Hello! I love your corset line, and I’m thinking of ordering a corset from you guys very soon but I just have a few questions. My objective for corset training is to see dramatic results along with diet and exercise. I am 5’5, My measurements are: underbust : 37 waist: 38-39 and hips: 49. I have a lower stomach pooch that slightly hangs but I did do the alternate torso test with a magazine and it does buckle so I have a short torso. I see that the longlines are for taller women but I also heard its for women that have a lower pooch and are more curvy. With my measurements which corset type and size would you say is best? thank you! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi there!

      It sounds like you are right on the border for the longline. Some women find wearing a piece of shapewear (shaping briefs) under their corset corset helps with the lower tummy. I do think you can wear the 426 short (even if the standard length is too much for you). If the magazine buckle was minimal-the standard length might be worth a try.

      I would like to verify that the 49″ is your upper hip and not your full hip. If that is an upper hip-the hip tie version will be a better fit (the 426 hip ties should be here very soon). I think a size 32 is probably what you will want to begin with (in any of those options).

  6. Carol

    I’m looking for a corset that will give me back support, uplift the girls, and hold in my stomach especially the lower belly. Which is causing me most of my back pain anyway. The CS 411 in mesh looks interesting but I don’t know if it will be too short.

    My measurements are

    Underbust: 37
    Waist: 39
    Upper Hip: 46
    Torso: 10

    Thank You

    1. Hi Carol,

      I think you will find a considerable “A” in your laces in the 411. The 426 short will work better-but really the soon to be here 426 short with hip ties will be your best bet-probably a size 32. Corsets are designed to give you an hourglass shape (and yes-they can do wonders for your back)-but are not really suited for holding in the lower tummy. Shapewear works better for that purpose.

  7. hart

    Hi can you help me in choosing the best for me i’m 5′ ft tall i carry most of weight in my belly and bust (38 dd bra). My measurements are under bust: 32, waist: 34/36 (between it depends) and upper hip: 39/40. My torso is very short 10 and less. I ant something to give me a level 3 waist and cover up my muffin top. thank you

  8. Sonora

    Oh yes I’m 5’9″tall I carry my weight well! I wear 10 and 12 in pants depending on designer. I have I have no butt and no hips not curvy in the least.

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