How Many Corsets Do I Need?

Can You Ever Have Too MANY Corsets?

NO! But perhaps you have too few…


Hello OC Bog Readers! Another question from our FAQ customer service file here at Orchard Corset. With so many women wearing corsets for daily waist training-not just occasional wear-I thought it was time to write this quick blog.


Black Cotton CS-411

If you plan to wear your corset every day, then you need to have more than one. The all cotton corsets are now my go-to corset when helping customers looking for a daily wear corset. The cotton is sturdier than satin and more comfortable (for most people) than the brocades or leather (which can be warm). And if you are waist training daily, chances are your corset is under your clothing so you don’t necessarily need a fancy print.

But let’s face it ladies (and gents)-if you are wearing your corset EVERY DAY for 6, 8, 10 or more hours every day your corset needs a break! Corsets cannot be washed (dry cleaned or spot cleaning) so they really need some time to “breath”.  Hang it up every couple of days and let it rest for at least a day and wear your other corset.

Now if you want a little variety, then pick out one of our gorgeous brocade, sumptuous leather or shimmering satin corsets for your second (or third…or fourth). Choose a day or two each week when you want to maybe show your corset off! Also, hold onto to your corsets that have sized down out of. Should you ever decide to try sleeping in your corset, or maybe some other more rigorous activity (like housecleaning), that well worn not-too-tight corset will be perfect.

gold-laces-4-yards-closedIf you only wear your corset occasionally, then one corset at a time should satisfy your needs (but if you’re like me, options are always nice).  And at our prices-just about everybody can have more than one corset! Many of our customers also like to have different corset styles for different uses. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. Check out our weekly corset giveaway every weekend on our Facebook page for a chance to pick up another corset.

23 thoughts on “How Many Corsets Do I Need?

  1. LaRonda

    I am really enjoying my cs-411 (28) corset. I feel so so sexy when I lace up..that I dont wanna take it off. Ive been training for four weeks now along with exercise anddiet and the first great thing I noticed ..besides a 1 inch loss under bust and a three inch loss at my natural waist is that I was able to sleep on my stomach for the first time since my pregnancy 20 yrs ago. Prior to that id always slept on my tummy, but since giving birth I had to sleep on my side…I usually always wake up with aches and pains b.c. I cannot sleep on my back at all due to breathing constriction. So my next wuestion is…once im fully do I determine my next sixe corset. Presently I am in a size 28 corset

    1. Cheri Dudek Post author

      Hi LaRonda,

      Wow! Thanks for sharing-that is awesome :). Usually you just drop one size (so for you a 26), unless you are experiencing rapid waist loss from diet and exercise.

  2. Carroll

    i have a straight waistline w 32 ” short torso and a not so big tummy as i exercise real hard…can you recommend what size corsett to buy…also do you ship worldwide ?

    1. Cheri Dudek Post author

      Hi Carroll,

      Yes we do ship worldwide. If you have a REALLY short torso, you will likely need the cs-301. It is helpful to have your underbust and upper hip measurement as well, but with a 32″ waist you will probably need that in a size 26.

  3. Amy Tscharner

    I am new to wearing corsets (in fact, I am waiting for the mail to arrive with my first ones!) and I am going to start waist training. I wanted to have two, so I ordered the 411 and the 345 in the same size. How can I season both corsets while I am waist training? Will wearing them every other day work, or should I break in the first one and then the other before I start trying to train with them?

    1. Cheri Dudek Post author

      You can season both, Amy. Just give yourself a few hours between when you have one on and then the other. Just only wear each for short periods of time (90-120 minutes to begin with) and not all cinched tight.

  4. Charlie

    I measure UB: about 30, W: about 28, UH: about 38. I am 5’4″ with a short torso. I believe my midsection is quite squishy. What corset do you recommend for waist training?

  5. Rita

    How long and often do you wear a corset to waist train after seasoning? By the way thank you for your extremely informative website.

    1. Cheri Dudek Post author

      As long as you are comfortable (and thank you :). Some folks wear a corset for 23 hours each day and others only 5-6 hours. It totally depends on what works for you and what your goals are.

  6. Melissa

    hahah… cotton., I wish i had read this before i bought my first corset today.

    Darnit :/ Gonna have to wait till next paycheck haha…

  7. Kim

    I measure UB: 32 1/2″, W: 32″, UH: 38″. I am 5’8″ with a short torso. Also have less squishy in midsection due to tummy tuck in 2012. I did not get hourglass results I was seeking then and it is not here now. What do you recommend for corset?

  8. kevin

    is your store in Wenatchee “friendly” to both sexes? I’m in Tacoma and would love to get fitted some day, but I’m wary of letting any of my friends know this side of me

      1. Lindsey

        I recently bought a cotton cs426 in a size 26 (the 24 was out of stock and I was eager to get started). My measurements are UB 31, W 30, UH 36. I am ending my 2nd week of seasoning and can fully lace the corset closed with quite a bit of room at the top. My goal is to close a 22″… Do you think I could go for a 22″ or should I work on the 24″ first? Thanks!!

        1. Cheri Dudek Post author

          Hi Lindsey,

          The 24 would have been ideal…I am not sure jumping all the way down to the 22 is wise. Unless you are actively also loosing weight it will be awhile before you are ready for that.

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