How Many Corsets Do I Need?

Can You Ever Have Too MANY Corsets?

NO! But perhaps you have too few…


Hello OC Bog Readers! Another question from our FAQ customer service file here at Orchard Corset. With so many women wearing corsets for daily waist training-not just occasional wear-I thought it was time to write this quick blog.


Black Cotton CS-411

If you plan to wear your corset every day, then you need to have more than one. The all cotton corsets are now my go-to corset when helping customers looking for a daily wear corset. The cotton is sturdier than satin and more comfortable (for most people) than the brocades or leather (which can be warm). And if you are waist training daily, chances are your corset is under your clothing so you don’t necessarily need a fancy print.

But let’s face it ladies (and gents)-if you are wearing your corset EVERY DAY for 6, 8, 10 or more hours every day your corset needs a break! Corsets cannot be washed (dry cleaned or spot cleaning) so they really need some time to “breath”.  Hang it up every couple of days and let it rest for at least a day and wear your other corset.

Now if you want a little variety, then pick out one of our gorgeous brocade, sumptuous leather or shimmering satin corsets for your second (or third…or fourth). Choose a day or two each week when you want to maybe show your corset off! Also, hold onto to your corsets that have sized down out of. Should you ever decide to try sleeping in your corset, or maybe some other more rigorous activity (like housecleaning), that well worn not-too-tight corset will be perfect.

gold-laces-4-yards-closedIf you only wear your corset occasionally, then one corset at a time should satisfy your needs (but if you’re like me, options are always nice).  And at our prices-just about everybody can have more than one corset! Many of our customers also like to have different corset styles for different uses. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new. Check out our weekly corset giveaway every weekend on our Facebook page for a chance to pick up another corset.

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37 Responses

  1. Jessa

    Hi Cheri. First off, thank you so much for your responses and the great videos on Youtube! I ordered a CS-426 (satin) 28″ a couple of months ago for waist training and am about 1″ from closing. I’m looking into getting 2 more corsets so when I close the 28, I can have them seasoned and ready to go. I am a big fan of the 426 since it is a longline and I have a lower belly pouch, and squish. I planned on getting the CS-426 with hip ties, and the mesh CS-426. I wanted to know if I should stick to the same corset style, and if there’s any other styles you would recommend. Also would I be able to waist train as effectively with the mesh as the satin? Thank you again.

    1. Hi Jessa,

      Congratulations! You will not get the same feel from any other corset as the 426 is unique in it’s length and curve. You could get great waist training results out of any of the styles that work with your measurements-but aside from the CS-511 (which is the overbust version of the 426)-none of the others will come down over your “pooch” :). I recommend the hip ties in a size 26 and probably the same for the mesh (although it is a little more forgiving). And yes…you can definitely waist train in the mesh! It is a favorite here for that!

  2. zee

    just wanting to know what size to order. This will be my first corset and based on the size guide and my measurements i would need to order a size 36….(45”waist). My only concern is that i will go down in size rather quickly… and will need a new corset in a couple week of ordering. What would be your recommendation?

  3. adriana

    Hi I was wandering what the best corset would be for me I am wanting to start waist training

    Measurements : ub- 36″ waist- 39″

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