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Hello OC Blog Readers! As many of you know, we offer a stunning array of double sided satin and paracord corset laces. And we do offer guidelines for what is an appropriate length for each of our corsets. But maybe you don’t want any extra lace..or perhaps you are BBW and need a little extra lace to make sure you are able to safely don and doff your corset.

With my 411’s (which I wear in a size 22) I find that 4.5-5 yards is about

4 yards open in CS-411 size 22
4 yards in CS-411 size 22

perfect. It’s long enough to open the corset up (check out the video) and to allow a bow that drapes, but not excessive. Five yards ensures that I can tuck the laces up and out of the way if I am wearing my corset under clothing and don’t want it to be visible.  With my 426 I need just a little bit more as the longline as an additional two sets of grommets and three more inches in length. We recommend 7 yards on our site, which should work for just about everyone. I only need 5 yards as I don’t like too much leftover lace. But the ribbon is so gorgeous that I can see why many women would want to have the laces dangle, especially with a long skirt or dress.

Our Overbust 511 will need about 8 yards for most people, but if you like less you can drop down to 7 or up to 9 if you need some extra room to hook your corset. As long as you meet minimum length requirements to fully loose the corset before clasping (or unclasping) the front busk, lace length comes down to personal preference.

It’s important to note that if you lace a CS-411 corset size 22 and a size 38 with 5 yards of ribbon or paracord and are able to close both corsets to the same extend-the length of the leftover lace to tie up will be the same. The corsets are the same length regardless of size. However, that does not mean that both corsets would work with a very short (say 4 yards) lace length because it is important to fully loosen the corset and that is why some people will need additional length.

Corset 101 Video: Lace Length

Laces are a necessary part of corsetry, but they can serve as a fashion accessory as well. Play around with length and color and express yourself!

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