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Welcome the Newest Addition to Our Full Figure Bras

“Sophia” from Parfait by Affinitas

full-figure-bra-prettyHello OC Blog readers! I am super excited to announce the arrival the Sophia T-shirt bra by Affinitas. I have been wearing mine for several months now and I love it! It offers superior coverage, comfort and support. I had ordered my sample in a size 32F as that is what I needed in the “Charlotte” pin up bra style #6901-and in the pearl white.

As I suspected in the fuller coverage model I only needed a 32E (my measurements are underbust 30″, full bust 37″). We now carry the #7416 in European Nude, but will add black next if this style is well received. Danielle also found she was able to drop a cup size in this model with the fuller coverage (the Sophia fits more how both would expect a bra to fit, the #6901 pinup is a push up bra with a little less coverage). She wears the #7416 in a 32D with an underbust measurement of 29.5″ and full bust at 35″.

I have included pictures of how well this bra works even under a very fitted white top. The under carriage is 3.75″ wide with added elastic for a comfortable, secure fit. The cups are smooth and lightly padded for modesty without adding any unnecessary size to an already ample bosom. Using the European sizing methods, it is recommended that you order the band size based on your actual underbust measurement-not the traditional +4 method we had all learned. I tried the 30 and it simply is just too tight and not at all comfortable for me, but that is just one woman’s experience! Here is great, albeit lengthy, blog on bra sizing and how it has changed over the years from an industry expert.

I just love that I can find a bra that works for women with smaller band sizes and larger breasts!

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  3. Hi Cheri
    Congratulations for beeing on the correct way for wearing better fitting bras for you and all women in US.
    On the picture named affinitas-7416-nude you show us the new Sophia bra in size 32E from your collection.
    Due to you are the opinion that size 30 is too short for you, I’m convinced that your choosen size 32E gives you the best fitting within a Sophia bra.

    But you could still improve the wear:
    The right bow is digging into your center breast tissue and the center of the bra doesn’t come to lie on your breastbone. Due to you have a narrow breast base you should do a short “collecting” of your inner breast tissue after putting the bra on by spreading the center breast tissue a little bit from the center to the outside. The center of your bra is then slipping past the breast tissue and will now lie flat on your sternum. This means no squeezing and more wearing comfort than before.

  4. Dawn

    I have a 30 underbust and 36.5 or 37 bust. Normally I wind up in a 34DD in Victoria Secret Perfect shape bra, but they are loose on the smallest hooks when new. So you think a 32E?

    I’m in my late 40’s, so they are a bit droopy from having children and breast feeding.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      You nearly identical measurements to me, and when I buy here locally I have to buy 34DD as that is all that is available. The 34E works great for me. I love the snug band…which while the bra is new I can wear on the loosest notch 🙂

  5. Kylie

    Question, I’d love to wear one of these, I’m a 32D but I’m afraid that I’ll end up being a C with this. Does the ‘go down a band size go up a cup size’ (so that if actually be a D) work with these?

    1. Hi Kylie,

      What that means is if you have been wearing a 32D (and say your underbust actually measures 28 and you have using the +4) that if you drop to a 30 you will need to size up to a DD. What are your underbust and full bust measurements? When I shop locally I have to settle for a 34DD..but the cup only sort of fits and I have to pull it down constantly because a 34 band rides up when you have that much weight pulling on the bra. The 32E works perfect for me in the 7416

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