Video Blog: Can I Wear a CS-426 Steel Boned Corset?

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Am I Long Enough for the CS-426?

CS-426 Longline

CS-426 Longline

Hello OC Blog Readers! This must be one of our top 3 questions asked of our sizing experts at Orchard Corset. It’s not as simple as knowing your height, as very tall people can have very short torsos, and vice-verse. Our own Skylar is only 5’1″, but can wear a 426 (but prefers the 411). I have a very good friend who is 5’9″ and can barely wear the 411 she has such a short waist.

In this video, I show a simple test you can do at home to help determine if the 426 will work for you. Simply drop a tape measure from right under the center of your breast and see where that hits you at the 11″ mark. This is wear the corset will land on your body. Now try sitting down and imagine having a rigid steel boned corset resting there. As long as the corset doesn’t ride down below where your thighs, you should be alright.

Many women find that they like to have both corsets in their collection and use them for different purposes. The 411 allows most people a little more freedom of movement, so they choose to wear to work, do chores, etc. The 426 is longer with an exaggerated hip curve that provides a striking hourglass, so it gets worn either when just hanging around the house or to really make a statement at an event.ย  We have a blog that compares the 411 and the 426ย and one that details the dimensions of the CS-426.

UPDATE: If you just don’t have the torso length for the CS-426, be sure to have a look at the CS-426 Short!

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130 Responses

  1. Sarah Beatrice

    Thank you so much for your recommendation Brit; ohh well, when you say firm or squishy in what terms are you refering to? My body type is the tofu type. I can easyly loose and gain weight. I would like to apologise in advance because I am really blind in the word of corset. Thank you Brittany.

    1. Sarah Beatrice

      Hi Brittney, thank you for the reply,you are being super helpful. Okay, so I checked out the link you sent me. And it turns out I am a squishy one. I kinda work on my abs alot. So I am rather confused about which one of the size 22 should I get.. I want my Pear shaped body to be more of an hourglass shape. Thanks beforehand. Hope you’ll have a great day today. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Sarah Beatrice

        And one more thing Brit, I live in a tropical country. But, I am mostly surrounded in air conditioned rooms and places. I am quite interested in CS 201; would it match me? I am not trying to be show off but, I have flat abs. Will corsetting help me getting my hour glass shape?

      2. Hi again, I think you can wear the 411 & 201 in a size 22- I think that you could also try out the short 426 as well. The 201 & the 411 are both available in mesh, that might be great for you in your tropical climate. It’s still comfortable, even in a lot of A/C ๐Ÿ˜€ Corseting will absolutely assist you in pulling in your natural waistline which will in turn give that shape you are looking for. Hope that helps dear! Have a great day!

    2. Sarah Beatrice

      Thank you so much for your assistance of measurements and kind understanding Brit. Can’t wait to have them delivered to my country.

  2. Sarah Beatrice

    Hi Cheri. I am about to purchase my first corset, and i am super excited to purchase one from Orchard’s. Well I am not familiar with US size charts but however. I saw the video and took my measurements. I am 168 cm in height.
    My underbust is 29″ (+- 75 cm) ; my waist is 27″ (+-71) , and my upper hip is 34.5″ (87.5cm). My torso is 10.2″ ( +-26 cm) i tend to be slouched when i sit down. So which type of corset would you recommend me? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for those measurements. I’m excited for you to get your first corset! I think you have a few different options… if your midsection is more firm, I would go with a size 22 in the 411 or the 201; but, if you are more squishy I think that you could do the short 426 as well as the 201 style in a size 22. Even though your measurements indicate that you can wear the short 426 style, you are rather petite and I want you to check to see if you are squishy or firm to see if you’ll have enough squish to fill out the curvy short 426. I hope that helps, feel free to ask any other questions that you may have ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kate

    Hi Cheri,

    Just to let you that I absolutely love the curvy silhouette of CS-426. But unfortunately I was quite petite with just the height of 5’3, so I don’t exactly have the torso long enough to fit into CS-426. When I finally saw the release of short version of CS-426, I was excited that I can finally get the extreme curves that I adore.

    Just a few questions though, am I suited to wear the CS-426? I don’t have much curves on me, I’m more to the “meaty” side at my tummy area, which is why I’m planning to get a corset to slowly shape a narrow waist while practising a healthy diet.

    My measurements are,
    Underbust: 31
    Waist: 31
    Hips: 36
    Torso: 10

    Am I able to wear CS-426? If yes, can I wear a size 24? My concern is that because of the extreme curves of the corset, it might be a bit difficult for me to breathe in it. If it’s not the right corset for me, can you please suggest a corset and size for me?

    And also just one last question though, I always wonder when sitting down with a corset on, where does the extra meat/fluff on the tummy area go? Previously I wore a underbust shapewear (85% nylon and 15% spandex), it did fairly well in compressing the extra fluff on my tummy. It didn’t exactly give me a curvy figure, more like just making me suck in my tummy. It looks fine while I’m standing, but as soon as I sit down, it creates a bulging fat centred at my tummy, it’s like pushing the fat at my side torso to my tummy. So now I’m kinda wondering will it be be same case with wearing a corset?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m desperate for answers as wearing corset is not common at all in my country, so it’s very hard for me to consult anyone for advises. Hopefully you can help me.

    And lastly a huge thank you to Orchard Corsets for creating such wonderful solutions for women to obtain their desired curves. What you guys do are phenomenal!

    1. Hi Kate!

      Is the 36″ your full hip or your upper hip? If that is your upper hip than you should be able to make the 426 short work for you (especially if you are more soft than firm and have some squish to work with :). With those measurements I think you are spot on sizing yourself in the 24!

      With a corset, if you don’t have any bulging while standing-you generally won’t while seated either. Corsets tend to pull everything in (think pregnancy in reverse-where the baby pushes everything out-a corset pushes and moves you inward). The steel front busks won’t allow for any bulging-so unless the corset is short on you-and you have some bulging coming out under the corset (and you will know right away when you put your corset on if that is the case)-you shouldn’t have any problems. Be sure to follow the guidelines under the corset guarantee button on the product page when trying on your corset.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions! Go forth and cinch!

  4. Sierra

    Hi! I would love some help with choosing the right size corset. I’ve never owned one before but I absolutely love the CS-426 long. I have triple checked and my torso is long enough to fit comfortably while sitting. I do have a bit of squish room, however I am in the process of toning up a bit.

    34 under bust
    34 natural waist
    42 hips
    11 torso

    I look forward to hearing back from you!
    Thank you!

  5. Successful

    Hello, I need help finding the right size corset. here are my measurements.

    underbust 40
    waist 49
    upperhip 45
    Torso 14

    I was looking at the cs 426 because of my torso. My only concern is finding the right size for my underbust. I’ve tried several from different companies but I always have space around my underbust. Any suggestion please?

    1. Hello! I suggest a size 42 for you if you’re more firm or a size 40 if you’re more squishy (we have a video about that here!) in the styles CS-305, CS-301 or the CS-201 (in the 201 only up to size 40 unfortunately). It’s very likely that you will have a fair amount of flaring or gapping in the underbust of these styles, corsets want you to have your underbust be close to the same, if not bigger, than your waistline… with a 9″ difference you’ll likely need to lace up tighter in the underbust than the hips to get a good fit. By design corsets work by cinching in your waist and redistributing your soft tissue up and down into the corset- so it should help to fill out the top portion a bit.
      I know you were interested in the 426 style, which you could absolutely try out if you are in love with that one, my concern with that style is that you would have a considerable amount of flaring in the top and the bottom of that corset that wouldn’t want to go away. We do have an easy return policy though, you could always give that one a try and if you don’t love it you could do a return or exchange.
      I hope that helps, feel free to come back if you have more questions!

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